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Too Pure To Die

3/2/2024 Ingrown, Too Pure To Die, With Dead Hands Rising & more booked for CS Jam 2024 (Minneapolis)
5/26/2023 Bleeding Through to play album anniversary show w/ Dead To Fall, Walls Of Jericho, and more
11/2/2018 Pyralis (Disembodied, ex-Too Pure To Die) premieres new song
10/15/2018 Snow And Flurry Fest 2018 lineup announced
8/7/2018 East Coast Tsunami Fest 2018 lineup takes shape
6/9/2018 Too Pure To Die vocalist undergoes emergency surgery
2/15/2018 Too Pure To Die debut their first new song in 10 years
2/14/2018 Too Pure To Die back together, to release new EP
9/2/2009 Too Pure To Die breaks up
2/15/2009 Too Pure To Die leaves tour early
2/2/2009 Oh Sleeper, Too Pure To Die tour dates
12/11/2008 Too Pure To Die, Catalepsy, Oceano tour
9/22/2008 Too Pure To Die, For Today tour dates
8/27/2008 Too Pure To Die recording new album
8/20/2008 Emmure, Too Pure To Die tour dates cancelled
8/8/2008 Emmure, Too Pure To Die tour dates (Canada)
5/31/2008 Too Pure To Die, WBCC, etc. tour
11/30/2007 Himsa, Agony Scene, Too Pure To Die tour (Europe)
10/16/2007 Too Pure To Die, Beneath The Sky, etc. tour
8/29/2007 Too Pure To Die signs w/ Trustkill Records
7/31/2007 All That Remains, Acacia Strain, etc. tour
4/25/2007 The Warriors, First Blood, Too Pure To Die tour
12/13/2006 Dead To Fall, Too Pure To Die, etc. tour
12/8/2006 Sworn Enemy, Kataklysm, As Blood Runs Black tour
9/28/2006 Too Pure To Die, Stick To Your Guns, etc. tour
5/15/2006 Suicide Silence, All Shall Perish, etc. tour
2/7/2006 Black My Heart, Too Pure To Die, etc. tour
7/14/2005 With Dead Hands Rising, Too Pure To Die tour
3/28/2005 Too Pure To Die and WDHR tour
11/22/2004 Too Pure To Die loses two members
6/17/2004 Too Pure To Die tour schedule
1/20/2004 Too Pure To Die enters studio

News Tidbits
5/25/2018 Too Pure To Die has unveiled a new music video.
6/7/2013 IVA (featuring ex-members of Bury Your Dead, Too Pure To Die, FTFD), have uploaded a new song.
12/13/2008 A full album ecard for Too Pure To Die's upcoming release is now online.
11/18/2008 Too Pure To Die has uploaded a song from their new album.
9/26/2007 A complete album preview of Too Pure To Die's forthcoming Trustkill debut is online.
11/10/2006 Several tracks from Too Pure To Die's upcoming album are now online.
1/11/2006 Too Pure To Die have posted some new pre-production material online.

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