This Is Hell news


12/2/2013This Is Hell has posted a music video for "The Enforcer."
1/14/2013This Is Hell has premiered a track from their forthcoming EP.
7/24/2012This Is Hell has debuted their new music video for "Acid Rain."
3/15/2012This Is Hell has debuted their new video for the song "Demons."
5/26/2010This Is Hell has uploaded another song from their upcoming full-length.
4/29/2010This Is Hell has unveiled two tracks from their forthcoming album.
2/7/2010More footage of This Is Hell recording their new album is available online.
1/21/2010This Is Hell will begin recording their Rise Records debut on February 2nd in Los Angeles.
12/18/2009This Is Hell has posted their new cover of Pantera "Rise."
11/29/2009This Is Hell is broken down on the Maryland/Delaware border. If you're going to see them during the next few days, check with the venue.
6/25/2009This Is Hell has debuted a song from their new 7" release.
7/13/2008This Is Hell has uploaded a track from their upcoming split with Nightmare of You.
1/23/2008This Is Hell has posted a track from their upcoming full-length.
1/6/2008An ecard for This Is Hell's upcoming album is online.
11/21/2006This Is Hell's video for "The Polygraph Cheaters" is available online.
5/1/2005This Is Hell have posted a new song here.
4/5/2005This Is Hell have posted a track from their upcoming EP here.


6/18/2018This Is Hell to play first shows in 5 years
5/16/2016This Is Hell release new album, stream online
7/8/2014Good Fight Music signs Extinction A.D.
7/23/2013This Is Hell, Soldiers members form Extinction AD
2/12/2013Hatebreed, Every Time I Die, Terror tour dates
1/18/20132013 Jamboree Ohio lineup takes shape
12/12/2012Letlive, This Is Hell tour dates
12/10/2012This Is Hell announces January tour dates
11/21/2012This Is Hell set to record new EP
9/25/2012Stillborn Fest 2012 announced
4/26/2012This Is Hell no longer on Rise Records
4/25/2012This Is Hell summer tour
3/22/2012This Is Hell, Feed The Rhino tour (Europe)
2/13/2012This Is Hell tour dates
8/31/2011This Is Hell debuts new song
8/28/2011This Is Hell to release "Black Mass" in October
7/19/2011This Is Hell recording new album
7/4/2011Underoath, Comeback Kid, This Is Hell tour
6/2/2011This Is Hell, Endwell tour dates
4/2/2011This Is Hell writing new album
10/20/2010Deez Nuts, This Is Hell tour (Europe)
8/22/2010Architects, Comeback Kid, This Is Hell tour (AUS)
8/6/2010AP Tour Fall 2010 dates announced
8/3/2010BMTH, August Burns Red, This Is Hell tour
6/29/2010This Is Hell tour (UK)
5/19/2010This Is Hell tour dates
5/7/2010Think Fast! to release This Is Hell vinyl
12/8/2009Agnostic Front, This Is Hell tour (Europe)
11/30/2009This Is Hell cancels tour
10/30/2009This Is Hell signs with Rise Records
10/28/2009This Is Hell tour schedule
10/17/2009This Is Hell tour dates
7/17/2009This Is Hell, Grave Maker tour (Europe)
5/18/200910 for $10 hardcore summer tour
5/14/2009This Is Hell to release new EP
4/29/2009This Is Hell and Trustkill part ways
4/15/2009Death Before Dishonor, This Is Hell tour dates
2/22/2009This Is Hell announces new drummer
2/1/2009This Is Hell looking for new drummer
12/14/2008This Is Hell, Dead Swans, etc. tour (Europe)
11/2/2008The Sleeping, This Is Hell, Emarosa tour
10/22/2008Evergreen Terrace, Four Letter Lie, etc. dates
10/21/2008This Is Hell, Gravemaker tour dates
8/25/2008This Is Hell, Four Year Strong, etc. tour
5/18/2008Blacklisted, This Is Hell tour dates
4/29/2008Think Fast! Records signs Grave Maker
4/16/2008This Is Hell, Nightmare Of You split 7"
1/31/2008This Is Hell tour dates (UK)
1/15/2008This Is Hell, Soldiers, Elysia, Ruiner tour
11/15/2007Gallows, This Is Hell, Cancer Bats tour
10/23/2007This Is Hell, Soldiers, Reign Supreme mini-tour
10/11/2007This Is Hell recording new album
9/5/2007This Is Hell announces new EPs
7/30/2007Trustkill Records signs Soldiers
7/5/2007Comeback Kid, Warriors, etc. tour (Europe)
5/15/2007Blacklisted, This Is Hell tour
4/11/2007Sounds Of The Underground 2007 details
2/12/2007Comeback Kid, It Dies Today, This Is Hell tour
2/6/2007This Is Hell demos new material
1/22/2007Poison The Well, The End, This Is Hell dates
10/19/2006Soldiers signs w/ Eulogy Recordings
10/19/2006This Is Hell tour dates (UK)
9/30/2006This Is Hell shoot new video
8/23/2006This Is Hell, Bane, Strike Anywhere tour
8/13/2006This Is Hell and Cancer Bats split 7"
8/9/2006This Is Hell replaces bassist, guitarist
7/18/2006This Is Hell and guitarist part ways
3/30/2006Bane, Modern Life Is War, etc. tour
3/7/2006Deathwish Inc. to release This Is Hell vinyl
12/19/2005This Is Hell sign w/ Trustkill Records
12/1/2005Alove For Enemies, This Is Hell, etc. tour
10/7/2005Most Precious Blood, With Honor, etc. tour
6/23/2005This Is Hell and Crime In Stereo tour
6/1/2005Another Breath and This Is Hell tour
3/13/2005This Is Hell EP update, tour dates
1/3/2005This Is Hell signs w/ State Of Mind Recs