The Warriors news


11/6/2019The Warriors share new track
7/22/2007The Warriors broke down in Maryland yesterday and will miss several shows on their current tour.
7/6/2007A track from The Warriors' upcoming album is now online.
5/9/2006An ecard for The Warriors' upcoming album is now online.
12/28/2005Blacklisted and The Warriors will be touring the U.S. for six weeks beginning in mid-February. Additionally, The Warriors will reportedly be touring with the Deftones this summer.
1/7/2005The Warriors new video for the song "Set the Stage" has been posted here.
7/31/2004Check out two songs from The Warriors' upcoming Eulogy Recordings debut here.


1/16/2020Terror, The Warriors tour dates
12/11/2019The Warriors debut new track featuring Parkway Drive singer
10/9/2019The Warriors debut new song, sign with Pure Noise Records
5/16/2019The Warriors complete new album
10/28/2018The Warriors recording their first new album since 2011
10/31/2016For The Children Fest 2016 lineup announced
5/1/2015Weirdo Fest III lineup announced
4/30/2015The Warriors returning with new shows, music
7/11/2010The Warriors begin tracking new album
1/8/2010The Warriors writing new album
1/7/2010The Warriors tour dates
8/10/2008The Warriors, The Banner, etc. tour (Europe)
6/4/2008Terror, Warriors, Death Before Dishonor tour
2/8/2008The Warriors, Fate, The Ghost Inside tour
2/2/2008Bury Your Dead, The Warriors, Emmure tour
10/12/2007As Blood Runs Black, WOJ, The Warriors tour
7/5/2007Comeback Kid, Warriors, etc. tour (Europe)
6/24/2007The Warriors recruiting fans for video shoot
5/15/2007The Warriors prepare to release new album
4/25/2007The Warriors, First Blood, Too Pure To Die tour
1/8/2007The Warriors cancel European tour
12/19/2006Terror, Warriors, All Shall Perish, etc. dates
12/13/2006Terror, The Warriors, All Shall Perish tour
11/16/2006Throwdown, Warriors, All Shall Perish, mini-tour
10/28/2006Parkway Drive, The Warriors, etc. tour (Europe)
9/29/2006Victory Records signs The Warriors
9/13/2006The Warriors dates
8/21/2006The Warriors loses two members
7/30/2006Sick Of It All, The Warriors, etc. tour
6/28/2006The Warriors and Nodes Of Ranvier tour
4/10/2006Hatebreed, etc. cancel Canadian tour
3/8/2006Kittie, The Warriors, and Calico System dates
1/24/2006Warriors, Blacklisted, Embrace The End tour
8/11/2005The Warriors, Summer's End, etc. tour
7/14/2005Turmoil, The Warriors, etc. tour
6/28/2005Comeback Kid, The Warriors dates (Canada)
5/9/2005The Warriors prepare to film show
1/18/2005The Warriors and The Judas Cradle tour
12/29/2004The Warriors, Reflux, Calico System tour
12/5/2004The Warriors and Make Move tour
11/22/2004The Warriors, Reflux, Deadsoil, etc. tour
11/8/2004The Warriors, Day Of Contempt, etc. tour
4/20/2004The Warriors sign with Eulogy Recordings