Take Offense news


10/17/2019Take Offense unveil new song and video
10/8/2018Take Offense issues new video
3/28/2018The new Take Offense EP can now be streamed in its entirety.
4/18/2016Check out some fans moshing at a Take Offense show while their clothes are on fire.
1/15/2012A track from Take Offense's forthcoming 12" is now online.


12/4/2019Take Offense, Higher Power tour dates
9/18/2019Take Offense sign with Pure Noise Records, announce new LP
6/5/2019Municipal Waste, Napalm Death co-headlining fall tour
10/9/2018Cruel Hand, Take Offense, Blind Justice mini-tour
3/14/2018Take Offense detail new EP, premiere song
1/26/2018United Blood Fest 2018 lineup announced
1/13/2018Sheer Terror, Take Offense, Easy Money mini-tour
9/21/2017Agnostic Front, Take Offense mini-tour
10/31/2016For The Children Fest 2016 lineup announced
9/6/2016FYA Fest 2016 lineup announced
9/8/2015Terror, Code Orange, Take Offense, Malfunction tour
11/11/2014Superheaven, Turnstile, Take Offense tour dates
9/29/2014Madball, Turnstile, Take Offense, etc. tour dates
4/4/2014Bane, Turnstile, Take Offense tour dates
9/26/2013Expire, Take Offense, Fire & Ice, Bent Life tour
7/26/2013Take Offense album set for release
6/24/2013Rotting Out, Take Offense, Minus tour
3/26/2013Take Offense, Downpresser tour
6/19/2012Agnostic Front, The Mongoloids tour (Europe)
3/27/2012Take Offense, Twitching Tongues, Harness dates
2/11/2012Take Offense, Xibalba, Soul Search tour
9/19/2011Trapped Under Ice, Hundredth, Betrayal tour
7/30/2011Trapped Under Ice, Hundredth, Betrayal, etc. tour
6/6/2011Downpresser, Take Offense, New Morality tour
10/20/2010Reaper Records to release Take Offense LP