Stretch Arm Strong news


9/4/2005Stretch Arm Strong's new album can be streamed in its entirety here.
7/29/2005Stretch Arm Strong have posted a track from their upcoming album.
7/23/2005An unmastered and roughly mixed Stretch Arm Strong track from their ucpoming album is now online.
4/19/2005A demo from Stretch Arm Strong's upcoming album has been posted here.
7/16/2004Stretch Arm Strong has posted a new demo track here. The band is currently in search of a new record label.


2/6/2020Stretch Arm Strong, END, more added to Furnace Fest
11/4/2009Stretch Arm Strong announces two shows
12/14/2005Silverstein, Stretch Arm Strong, etc. dates
12/5/2005Stretch Arm Strong and Story Of The Year dates
11/5/2005Suicide Machines, Stretch Arm Strong, etc. dates
11/2/2005Stretch Arm Strong and With Honor dates (Europe)
9/16/2005Stretch Arm Strong perform w/ George Clinton
9/7/2005Stretch Arm Strong issue update
8/30/2005Stretch Arm Strong and Strung Out tour
8/15/2005Stretch Arm Strong record release shows
5/20/2005Stretch Arm Strong tour (Europe)
5/17/2005Stretch Arm Strong reveal track listing
2/7/2005Stretch Arm Strong sign w/ Warner Bros.
12/8/2004Stretch Arm Strong, With Honor, H20 dates
8/8/2004Stretch Arm Strong tour schedule
3/14/2004Stretch Arm Strong, Terror, BTBAM tour
3/7/2004Stretch Arm Strong losing founding member
11/18/2003Stretch Arm Strong, The Bled, etc. dates
6/9/2003Stretch Arm Strong tour schedule
3/29/2003Stretch Arm Strong, New Found Glory, etc. dates
1/6/2003Stretch Arm Strong update
10/7/2002S.A.S. to enter studio in late-Spring
9/30/2002Stretch Arm Strong writing new record
4/30/2002Stretch Arm Strong and Hope Conspiracy dates
4/15/2002Stretch Arm Strong & Hope Conspiracy tour
1/21/2002Stretch Arm Strong heading to Puerto Rico
5/12/2001Stretch Arm Strong & Brother's Keeper dates
4/10/2001Stretch Arm Strong upcoming shows
3/28/2001Stretch Arm Strong news & notes
3/10/2001Stretch Armstrong finish recording
2/24/2001Stretch Arm Strong studio update
1/18/2001New Stretch Arm Strong update
1/13/2001Stretch Arm Strong album update
1/8/2001Stretch Arm Strong's new album