Sirens and Sailors news


8/10/2015Sirens & Sailors have unveiled a video for the title track of their latest album.
7/4/2015Sirens & Sailors have debuted another track from their forthcoming album.
6/13/2015Sirens & Sailors have premiered a track from their forthcoming album.
10/24/2013The new Sirens & Sailors album can now be streamed in its entirety.


4/28/2017Vanna breaking up, announce farewell tour
3/27/2017New England Metal Fest 2017 adds four bands
3/25/2017Affiance announces farewell tour
9/2/2016The Plot In You, Sirens and Sailors, Ghost Key mini-tour
8/2/2016Souled Out Fest 2016 announced
1/18/2016The Plot In You, Sirens & Sailors, Lorna Shore mini-tour
12/8/2015Blessthefall, Miss May I, Plot In You, Sirens & Sailors tour
8/19/2015Escape The Fate, A Skylit Drive, Sworn In tour
1/19/2015Norma Jean, For The Fallen Dreams tour dates
1/14/2015Warped Tour 2015 adds five more bands
10/10/2014Vanna, Texas In July, Sirens & Sailors mini-tour
8/27/2014Sirens & Sailors lose everything in Europe robbery
8/13/2014Pittsburgh Metal & Hardcore Festival lineup
8/11/2014Beartooth, Vanna, Sirens & Sailors, Sylar tour
3/19/2014Fit For A King, Sirens & Sailors, Kublai Khan tour
1/9/2014Eat Your Heart Out Fest 2014 lineup takes shape
1/6/2014This Or The Apocalypse drummer hospitalized
11/12/2013TOTA, Shai Hulud, Sworn In, Sirens & Sailors tour
11/12/2013I The Breather, Erra, Sirens & Sailors tour dates
10/17/2013This Or The Apocalypse, Shai Hulud, Sworn In tour
9/13/2013Ice Nine Kills, Famous Last Words, ERRA tour
8/9/2013Oh, Sleeper tour dates
6/4/2013Sirens and Sailors sign with Artery Recordings
3/3/2013In Dying Arms, Sirens and Sailors, Mureau tour
1/3/2013The Air I Breathe announces farewell tour
10/15/2012Affiance, Faylene Sky, Sirens & Sailors mini-tour
10/4/2012Everyone Dies In Utah, Affiance, etc. tour dates
7/16/2012The World We Knew, Sirens and Sailors tour dates
6/23/2012Belie My Burial, Sirens & Sailors tour dates
12/7/2011Affiance, Serianna, Us From Outside tour
10/19/2011Tragic Hero Records signs Sirens and Sailors