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Shattered Realm

9/15/2021 Holiday Jam 2021 lineup announced
3/30/2018 This Is Hardcore 2018 lineup announced
12/18/2017 The Rumble 2018 announced
7/30/2017 East Coast Tsunami Fest 2017 lineup announced
7/8/2014 ex-Shattered Realm guitarist passes away
10/11/2008 Shattered Realm, Toetag split set for release
6/9/2008 Shattered Realm update
12/5/2007 Shattered Realm update
12/3/2006 Holiday of Hardcore (NY) info
1/20/2006 Shattered Realm tour schedule (Europe)
12/8/2005 Man killed at Donnybrook/Shattered Realm show
9/21/2005 Shattered Realm stranded in Utah
8/29/2005 Donnybrook, Shattered Realm, Hoods, etc. tour
7/11/2005 Shattered Realm record new full-length
6/15/2005 Shattered Realm announce new bassist
6/1/2005 Shattered Realm, Ramallah, etc. tour
4/11/2005 Shattered Realm seek new bassist
6/27/2004 Eulogy Recordings Showcase Tour
2/29/2004 Terror, The Promise, etc. dates
1/13/2004 Terror news and notes
1/11/2004 Remembering Never, Calico System, etc. tour
12/13/2003 Shattered Realm update
12/8/2003 Remembering Never, On Broken Wings tour
9/10/2003 Shattered Realm set to tour Europe
8/1/2003 Shattered Realm cancels tour
7/11/2003 Ringworm, Punishment, Shattered Realm tour
5/28/2003 Figure Four and Shattered Realm tour
3/27/2003 Shattered Realm and Bad Luck 13 mini-tour
3/11/2003 Misery Signals, Shattered Realm, etc. tour
7/25/2002 Shattered Realm news and notes
7/15/2002 Out To Win drops off Shattered Realm tour
5/8/2002 Shattered Realm and Out To Win dates
5/6/2002 Shattered Realm set to enter studio
3/9/2002 Alveran Records signs Shattered Realm

News Tidbits
2/14/2008 Shattered Realm will release a new album this summer titled "Decimate The Opposition."
10/16/2005 Shattered Realm have returned home early from their Canadian tour after being forced to leave the country, accused of "working illegally."
10/12/2005 An ecard for the new Shattered Realm album is now online.
2/27/2005 Shattered Realm are currently writing material for their next album.
3/11/2004 This past week in Salt Lake City, Shattered Realm lost (or had stolen) their video camera along with nearly ten hours of tour footage. If you have any information about this, send an email <a h

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