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2/16/2017 Seeker, Inanimate Existence, Aethere tour dates
2/10/2017 Cryptopsy, Decrepit Birth, Rivers of Nihil tour dates
1/24/2017 Cryptopsy, Decrepit Birth, Rivers of Nihil tour
1/12/2017 Seeker, Grindmother, Cognitive, Wvrm tour
1/6/2017 Psycroptic, Archspire, Seeker to tour Canada
10/20/2016 Seeker, Hollow Earth tour dates
9/10/2016 Seeker detail new album, premiere new song
7/21/2016 Malevolent Creation announces headlining U.S. tour
3/31/2016 Here Comes The Kraken, Gorod, Seeker tour
2/25/2016 Seeker, WRVTH, Forty Winters tour dates
11/26/2015 Seeker, Left Behind, Great American Ghost tour
1/15/2015 Seeker writing new album
6/1/2014 Seeker, Kingmaker, Widow tour dates
5/19/2014 Seeker drops off tour
4/8/2014 Shai Hulud, Seeker, One Year Later tour announced
2/17/2014 Bermuda, Seeker, Set To Reflect tour
1/28/2014 Arsonists Get All The Girls, TLTSOL, Seeker tour
11/19/2013 Death Before Dishonor, Betrayal, Seeker tour
10/21/2013 Seeker, Silence The Messenger tour dates
8/15/2013 Last Ten Seconds Of Life, Deserters, Seeker tour
7/1/2013 Aegaeon, Ark Of The Covenant, Seeker tour
6/28/2013 King Conquer, Betrayal announce co-headline tour
5/10/2013 Victory Records signs Seeker
5/4/2013 Bermuda, Legion, Seeker tour dates
3/5/2013 Seeker, Forty Winters tour dates
1/22/2013 Corelia, I Omega, Seeker tour dates
10/11/2012 We Are Triumphant Records signs Seeker
9/18/2012 Harp And Lyre, Ark Of The Covenant tour dates
5/10/2012 Destruction of a Rose, Seeker tour dates
1/14/2012 Destruction of a Rose, Seeker, etc. tour

News Tidbits
9/10/2017 Seeker has released a new music video.
12/7/2016 Seeker's new video for "Submit" has made its online debut.
10/5/2016 Seeker has premiered a new music video.
10/30/2013 Seeker's brand new album can be currently be streamed in its entirety.
8/13/2013 Seeker's new music video for "Unloved" has made its online debut.

10/28/2013 Seeker 'Unloved' album stream
2/6/2013 Seeker "Alone" song premiere

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