Scale The Summit news


6/3/2021Scale The Summit team up with Courtney LaPlante (Spiritbox) for new song
11/7/2017Scale The Summit has issued a new music video.
4/19/2017Scale The Summit has unveiled a new track from their upcoming LP.
9/9/2015Scale The Summit has unveiled a new song and video.
8/11/2015Scale The Summit has unveiled a song from their upcoming LP.
6/4/2014Chris Letchford (Scale The Summit) has released the first single from his forthcoming jazz fusion album.
6/4/2013Scale The Summit has premiered a new song from their upcoming album.
5/22/2013Scale The Summit has uploaded a second track from their upcoming album.
5/14/2013Scale The Summit has uploaded a play-through video for the song "Odyssey."
4/16/2013Scale the Summit has debuted a new song.
11/12/2012Scale The Summit has posted a teaser for their new album.
2/14/2011Another new Scale The Summit song is now online.
1/26/2011Scale The Summit has uploaded some behind-the-scenes studio footage.
12/4/2008A song from Scale The Summit's Prosthetic Records debut can be heard here.
10/23/2008Scale The Summit has posted a detailed blog relative to the recording of
5/25/2007Scale The Summit has self-released a new album.
4/12/2007Experimental metal outfit Scale The Summit has posted a new song.


5/25/2021Scale The Summit premiere first single from new album
5/19/2021Scale The Summit to release new album in June
5/1/2019Scale The Summit recording new album
9/27/2017Scale The Summit, Angel Vivaldi, Andy James tour
6/13/2017Marty Friedman, Scale The Summit, Fine Constant tour
12/20/2016Scale The Summit set to record new album
10/27/2016Scale The Summit ousts drummer, bassist over pay
8/25/2016Entheos adds Scale The Summit guitarist to lineup
4/18/2016Scale The Summit drops off tour as a result of flooding
4/2/2016Scale The Summit announces headline tour dates
2/29/2016The Faceless, Scale The Summit, Rivers of Nihil tour dates
1/21/2016The Ocean cancels North American tour
6/29/2015Scale The Summit announce new album, preview song
3/17/2015Scale The Summit replaces drummer
2/25/2015Free Press Summer Festival 2015 lineup announced
1/8/2015Scale The Summit recording new album
8/8/2014Scale The Summit guitarist sidelined by finger cut
5/28/2014Scale The Summit, Glass Cloud, Erra, etc. tour
1/14/2014The Ocean, Scale The Summit, The Atlas Moth tour
12/4/2013Scale The Summit, Hail The Sun tour dates
9/27/2013Intronaut, Scale The Summit tour (Europe)
9/9/2013Scale The Summit announces headline tour
8/1/2013Tesseract, Scale The Summit, Anciients tour
3/20/2013Intronaut, Scale The Summit, MOTA tour
10/25/2012Scale the Summit working on new album
7/18/2012Scale The Summit, Trioscapes tour dates
4/3/2012Scale The Summit replaces bass player
4/3/2012Scale The Summit to headline spring tour
12/14/2011Scale The Summit announces headline tour
10/11/2011Cynic, 3, Scale The Summit tour
10/4/2011Protest The Hero, Scale The Summit tour
9/19/2011Scale The Summit tour dates
5/31/2011The Human Abstract drops off tour
5/24/2011CFTG, Contortionist, Scale The Summit tour
3/30/2011Human Abstract, Scale The Summit, TOTA tour
1/19/2011Scale The Summit album set for release
1/17/2011Fair To Midland, Periphery, Scale The Summit tour
10/4/2010Scale The Summit recording new album
5/26/2010Scale The Summit mini-tour
10/27/2009BTBAM, Cynic, Devin Townsend, etc. tour
6/22/2009Scale The Summit added to Dream Theater tour
8/29/2008Scale The Summit recording new album
3/15/2008Scale The Summit cancels tour
2/20/2008Scale The Summit tour
12/7/2007Prosthetic Records signs Scale The Summit
9/15/2006Scale The Summit relocating