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Rose Funeral

6/2/2022 Kentucky Irate Fest 2022 lineup takes shape
3/27/2022 Rose Funeral premiere first single from new album
12/14/2021 Rose Funeral rejoined by ex-vocalist Timmy Russel
11/29/2020 Rose Funeral to release new album in 2021
4/22/2018 The Faceless unveils new line-up
4/16/2012 Kataklysm, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Rose Funeral tour
3/2/2012 Pathology, Rose Funeral, World We Knew tour dates
2/25/2012 Pathology, Rose Funeral, The World We Knew tour
10/13/2011 Full Blown Chaos, Rose Funeral, Battlecross tour
8/1/2011 Rose Funeral album set for release
7/11/2011 Rose Funeral loses drummer
12/30/2010 Rose Funeral set to record new album
9/3/2010 Rose Funeral NOT breaking up
5/19/2010 Rose Funeral bassist quits band
4/2/2010 Rose Funeral drops off tour
2/12/2010 Rose Funeral loses guitarist, seeks replacement
2/10/2010 Rose Funeral, Wretched tour
8/17/2009 Rose Funeral, Whisteria Cottage tour
6/16/2009 Rose Funeral, At Rest, etc. tour dates
6/3/2009 Cryptopsy, Rose Funeral tour dates
5/5/2009 Rose Funeral seeks new singer
4/16/2009 Rose Funeral line-up changes
3/18/2009 Metal Blade Young Guns Tour announced
2/17/2009 Cattle Decapitation, Rose Funeral tour
12/24/2008 Full Blown Chaos, See You Next Tuesday tour
12/17/2008 Abigail Williams, Rose Funeral, etc. tour
11/29/2008 Architect, Rose Funeral tour dates
11/27/2008 Rose Funeral, Knives Exchanging Hands tour
10/23/2008 Once Nothing cancels tour
9/22/2008 Once Nothing, Rose Funeral tour dates
9/10/2008 Architect, Rose Funeral booking tour
7/30/2008 Rose Funeral, Red I Flight, etc. tour
6/17/2008 The Absence, Epicurean, etc. tour cancelled
6/4/2008 Rose Funeral, Waking The Cadaver, etc. tour
5/8/2008 Rose Funeral seeks monetary assistance
4/30/2008 The Absence, Epicurean, Rose Funeral tour
4/23/2008 Metal Blade Records signs Rose Funeral
2/11/2008 Salt The Wound, Rose Funeral tour schedule
9/8/2007 Salt The Wound, Rose Funeral tour

News Tidbits
9/12/2011 A new Rose Funeral track has made its online debut.
1/5/2010 Rose Funeral has uploaded some new pre-production material.

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