Reign Supreme news


10/31/2013Vengeance, a new hardcore band featuring members of Reign Supreme and Floorpunch, have posted some demo material.
3/28/2013Reign Supreme has unveiled a music video for their song "Stuck Pig, Bled Dry."
3/18/2013Reign Supreme's new EP can now be streamed online.
1/25/2010Reign Supreme will enter the studio this weekend to record material for both an upcoming benefit and a compilation release.
3/13/2009Material from Reign Supreme's new album can be heard here.
2/4/2009Another video of Reign Supreme in the studio is online.
11/19/2008Reign Supreme has issued a "the making of..." video for their new album.
11/23/2007Two tracks from Reign Supreme's upcoming EP have been posted online.
1/27/2007Reign Supreme (ex-Blacklisted) has posted several demo tracks.


10/16/2016Counterparts, Fit For An Autopsy, Structures 'supergroup'
2/28/2016Reign Supreme breaking up
10/12/2013Reign Supreme writing new album
6/28/2013The Ghost Inside, Xibalba, Reign Supreme mini-tour
6/10/2013Reign Supreme tour dates
4/29/2013Reign Supreme guitarist stabbed; still plays show
4/9/2013Sound and Fury Fest 2013 lineup takes shape
2/5/2013Beatdown Fest 2013 (NY) announced
1/16/2013Reign Supreme announces EP, debuts new song
5/27/2012Reign Supreme, Hollow Earth, Knuckle Up tour
4/19/2012Shai Hulud, Reign Supreme tour (Europe)
2/27/2012Reign Supreme announces video shoot
1/31/2012Heart Fest 6 (QC) announced
11/14/2011Reign Supreme mini-tour
10/25/2011Reign Supreme, Betrayal mini-tour
10/22/2011Reign Supreme announces new drummer
7/15/2011Reign Supreme signs with Mediaskare Records
10/29/2010Reign Supreme to record new EP
7/2/2010Reign Supreme adds new guitarist
5/31/2010The Ghost Inside, Betrayal tour dates
11/6/2009Reign Supreme tour (Japan)
10/7/2009Reign Supreme tour dates
9/14/2009Reign Supreme undergoing line-up changes
8/4/2009Death Before Dishonor, Reign Supreme dates
5/29/2009Shai Hulud, Reign Supreme, Carrier tour
3/12/2009Earth Crisis, WOJ, Reign Supreme tour
3/10/2009Reign Supreme, Endwell, Ambush tour
2/8/2009Madball, Reign Supreme tour dates
1/23/2009Reign Supreme, 50 Lions tour (Europe)
10/31/2008Full Blown Chaos, Reign Supreme, etc. tour
10/1/2008Reign Supreme writing new album
8/6/2008Reign Supreme, Advent, Heavy Hearted tour
5/1/2008Reign Supreme, Furious Styles, Living Hell tour
4/6/2008Reign Supreme, Colin Of Arabia, Letdown tour
3/3/2008Bitter End, Meltdown, Reign Supreme tour (Europe)
11/23/2007Killing The Dream, Reign Supreme tour
10/23/2007This Is Hell, Soldiers, Reign Supreme mini-tour
10/11/2007Reign Supreme, Steel Nation tour