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9/20/2019 Ramallah announce new album, premiere first single
3/28/2019 Ramallah complete new EP
1/21/2019 Ramallah finishes recording new EP
7/19/2018 Ramallah guitarist hospitalized, tour dates canceled
12/29/2017 Ramallah releases new single
10/7/2017 For The Children 2017 announced
3/27/2017 This Is Hardcore 2017 announced
9/13/2016 Fallcore 2016 lineup announced
3/28/2016 Ramallah working on new music
3/25/2015 Ramallah, Sinners & Saints set to release split
12/12/2013 Keystone Hardcore Jam 2014 lineup announced
11/26/2013 New England Metal & Hardcore Fest initial lineup
7/29/2008 Ramallah song to appear in new Punisher film
3/14/2007 Ramallah cancels tour, maybe breaking up
3/9/2007 Michigan Invasion Fest details
2/20/2007 Ramallah, Since The Flood, 7th Star tour
12/20/2006 Ramallah tour schedule
10/11/2006 Ramallah, Death Before Dishonor European tour
10/10/2006 Ramallah prepares to record new EP
3/28/2006 Ramallah cancel European tour
1/4/2006 Remembering Never, Ramallah, DBD, etc. tour
12/5/2005 Death Before Dishonor and Ramallah tour
9/15/2005 Ramallah news and notes
6/1/2005 Shattered Realm, Ramallah, etc. tour
5/5/2005 Downset and Ramallah tour cancelled
2/8/2005 Ramallah, The Unseen, Brain Failure tour
8/28/2004 Ramallah set to record new album
3/16/2004 Ramallah signs w/ Thorp Records
3/24/2003 Terror, Ramallah, Ringworm mini-tour
2/4/2003 Ramallah lines up debut shows
9/2/2002 Ramallah records material for Bridge Nine

News Tidbits
7/15/2020 Ramallah release new video
2/7/2018 A new Ramallah song titled "For All My Dead Girls" is now online.
7/19/2017 Adam22 interviewed White Trash Rob (Blood For Blood, Ramallah) and it's worth checking out (especially the part about Lambgoat).
5/20/2016 A new Ramallah song is available for streaming and free download.
3/31/2015 Ramallah has premiered a track from their new split with Sinners & Saints.
9/21/2005 Ramallah's video for "The Horror And The Gag" is now online.
8/29/2005 Thorp Records has posted an ecard for the upcoming Ramallah albumm (out on 10/11).
9/7/2004 Ramallah have been removed from the upcoming Eastpak Resistance Tour (Europe) for failing to provide 100% confirmation of their involvement.

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