Our Last Night news


8/8/2019Our Last Night, I See Stars, The Word Alive tour
6/24/2019Our Last Night respond to unseemly allegation
8/17/2016Our Last Night, Hands Like Houses, Color Morale tour
5/20/2015Our Last Night album set for release
1/21/2015Warped Tour 2015 announces five more bands
9/9/2014The Word Alive, Color Morale, Our Last Night tour
2/18/2014Chiodos, Emarosa, Our Last Night tour
11/23/2013Our Last Night, A Loss For Words tour dates
9/11/2013Chiodos, Our Last Night, Set It Off tour?
9/6/2013Our Last Night launches campaign to fund new EPs
8/5/2013Sleeping With Sirens, Memphis May Fire, etc. tour
7/23/2013Our Last Night, Lions Lions, SycAmour tour
11/25/2012Color Morale, Our Last Night, Your Memorial tour
8/20/2012Woe Is Me, Chunk! No Captain Chunk!, etc. tour
5/18/2012I Set My Friends On Fire, The Color Morale tour
5/6/2012Our Last Night, Palisades, Lions Lions, etc. tour
11/22/2011I See Stars, Stick To Your Guns, etc. tour
1/26/2011Attila, Vanna, Arsonists Get All The Girls tour
10/13/2010Haste The Day, Oh Sleeper, Conditions tour
9/27/2010Alesana, Our Last Night, etc. tour dates
5/20/2010I Am Abomination, The Bled, etc. dates
3/2/2010Asking Alexandria, We Came As Romans tour
8/18/2009Attack Attack!, Miss May I, etc. tour
4/29/2009I See Stars, Burden Of A Day, etc. tour
1/27/2009The Number Twelve Looks Like You tour
11/11/2008Gwen Stacy, Vanna, In Fear And Faith tour
2/4/2008Alesana, The Chariot, Sky Eats Airplane tour
1/5/2008Life In Your Way, Oh Sleeper, Once Nothing tour
8/17/2007Our Last Night signs w/ Epitaph Records