Mychildren Mybride news


10/1/2017MyChildren MyBride has unveiled a new track.
9/18/2017MyChildren MyBride has unveiled a new track.
5/21/2012Mychildren Mybride has premiered their new video for "God of Nothing."
3/7/2012Yet another new Mychildren Mybride song has surfaced online.
2/23/2012Another new Mychildren Mybride song is available online.
2/11/2012Mychildren Mybride has debuted a song from their upcoming full-length.
6/7/2010A third song from the new Mychildren Mybride album is now online.
5/31/2010A third track from the new Mychildren Mybride album is now online.
5/24/2010Mychildren Mybride has uploaded another new song.
5/17/2010Mychildren Mybride has unveiled a track from their forthcoming release.
2/16/2010Mychildren Mybride's new video for "On Wings Of Integrity" can be seen here.
1/16/2008A song from Mychildren Mybride's upcoming Solid State Records debut is available online.


8/14/2018Mychildren Mybride, Secrets, Kingdom of Giants tour
3/1/2018Warped Tour announces final lineup
1/9/2018MyChildren MyBride, Capsize, Kingdom Of Giants tour dates
8/26/2017MyChildren MyBride detail new album, premiere song
11/20/2016MyChildren MyBride finish recording new album
9/2/2014Mychildren Mybride signs with eOne/Good Fight
6/24/2013Mychildren Mybride, Erra, Death Of An Era tour
6/11/2013Stand Together Fest 2013 lineup announced
8/6/2012Mychildren Mybride tour dates
7/3/2012Dead & Divine, Mychildren Mybride, Liferuiner tour
6/29/2012Dead & Divine farewell tour w/ Mychildren Mybride
6/20/2012Emery, Mychildren Mybride, To Speak of Wolves tour
5/18/2012Scream The Prayer 2012 second leg tour dates
4/26/2012Scream The Prayer 2012 lineup
1/25/2012Mychildren Mybride album set for release
1/3/2012For Today, Stick To Your Guns, etc. tour dates
12/23/2011For Today announces U.S. headlining tour
10/11/2011Mychildren Mybride, Within The Ruins, etc. tour
8/5/2011Mychildren Mybride tour (Australia)
4/26/2011Impending Doom, Mychildren Mybride, etc. tour
4/10/2011Mychildren Mybride guitarist leaves band
12/15/2010Haste The Day, Mychildren Mybride, Chariot tour
11/22/2010The Chariot, Mychildren Mybride tour (Europe)
8/13/2010Suicide Silence to headline fall tour
5/1/2010Haste The Day, Mychildren Mybride tour
4/8/2010Mychildren Mybride album set for release
2/17/2010Mychildren Mybride cancels European tour
1/6/2010The Red Chord, Mychildren Mybride dates
1/3/2010The Red Chord, Iwrestledabearonce, etc. tour
8/31/2009Mychildren Mybride shoots new video
1/19/2009Parkway Drive, Stick To Your Guns tour
12/15/2008Mychildren Mybride, For Today, etc. tour
11/24/2008As I Lay Dying, Human Abstract, etc. tour
10/31/2008Stick To Your Guns, Gwen Stacy, etc. tour
10/1/2008Mychildren Mybride dismisses guitarist
8/18/2008Norma Jean, Haste The Day, etc. tour
6/22/2008Impending Doom, Mychildren Mybride mini-tour
4/5/2008Scream The Prayer Tour announced
10/5/2007Mychildren Mybride signs w/ Solid State Recs
9/23/2007With Blood Comes Cleansing, etc. tour