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7/6/2017 Scorched Tundra VIII to take place in September
5/15/2016 Minsk, Kowloon Walled City tour (Europe)
5/13/2016 Minsk, Bloodiest tour dates
8/6/2015 Minsk tour dates
6/30/2015 Cult Of Luna announces North America tour dates
1/27/2015 Minsk announces new album
12/18/2014 Floor, Minsk to tour Europe
7/29/2014 Minsk begins recording new album
7/11/2013 Neurot Recs signs Corrections House (Eyehategod)
3/17/2013 Minsk ends two-year hiatus
6/18/2009 Minsk, A Storm Of Light tour (Europe)
6/2/2009 Minsk, Wolves In The Throneroom mini-tour
4/16/2009 Minsk tour dates (Europe)
1/29/2009 Minsk recording new album
8/14/2008 Trouble, Minsk tour schedule
1/30/2008 Minsk, Zoroaster tour dates
4/30/2007 Minsk and Middian tour dates

News Tidbits
9/25/2018 Minsk unveils new song
4/2/2015 Minsk is streaming their upcoming album in its entirety.
3/25/2015 Another new Minsk song is available online.
3/11/2015 Another new Minsk track is online.
2/15/2015 Minsk has posted a trailer for their upcoming album.
11/20/2013 Corrections House (Neurosis, Eyehategod) has unveiled their new music video for "Bullets and Graves."
8/8/2013 Corrections House (Eyehategod, Neurosis) has unveiled the first new track from their debut.
5/14/2009 Minsk has posted a second song from their forthcoming release.
4/1/2009 Minsk has uploaded a song from their upcoming Relapse Records release.
6/10/2007 Minsk's new video for "White Wings" has been posted.
1/15/2007 Ecards for the new Minsk and Rwake albums are available online here and <a href="http://www.Relapse.com/ecards/Rwake" ta

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