Merauder news


8/11/2018If you don't love this seminal metallic hardcore album, you either haven't heard it, or you suck.
5/20/2009Regain Records has debuted a track from Merauder's forthcoming full-length.
10/29/2007Merauder has posted a new demo track.


11/24/2019Merauder to release new music in 2020
2/16/2019United Blood Festival 2019 lineup announced
3/30/2018This Is Hardcore 2018 lineup announced
5/10/2016Merauder announces final U.S. tour
2/17/2016New England Metal & Hardcore Fest announce new bands
1/8/2016Merauder breaking up
3/10/2015Merauder to reissue 'God Is I' album
8/25/2014Oneonta Punk 2014 lineup takes shape
3/18/2014Akani (At The Gates, Merauder) announce debut
1/12/2014Merauder, Eighty Six tour dates
12/21/2012Tough Love Fest II lineup announced
12/2/2012Merauder, Murder Death Kill, Brawl tour dates
8/5/2012Merauder to record new EP
8/4/2012Merauder, Murder Death Kill, War Hound tour
4/18/2011Merauder tour dates
4/20/2010Merauder tour schedule
2/10/2010Entombed, Merauder tour dates
3/25/2009Merauder signs with Regain Records
5/16/2008Merauder tour dates (Japan)
4/22/2008Merauder to enter studio in June
9/25/2007Bloodclot! (Biohazard, etc.) seeks record label
8/2/2007Merauder's SOB to be honored posthumously
5/1/2006Merauder guitarist dies
1/18/2005Merauder, Hoods, The Risk Taken, etc. tour
7/23/2002Merauder, Skarhead, etc. members form project
3/15/2002New Merauder album to be out this Summer
1/10/2002Merauder finishes recording new album
8/8/2001Brooklyn Fest to include Candiria, etc.
2/14/2001Merauder to enter studio soon
8/21/2000Merauder update