Look What I Did news


5/28/2013Look What I Did has debuted another new song.
4/15/2013Look What I Did has released a new, high quality version of their "Minuteman For The Moment" music video.
1/9/2013Look What I Did has debuted a track from their forthcoming "rock opera."
5/10/2010Look What I Did's new video for "Serf Song" is now online.
1/11/2010Look What I Did has uploaded a new video for the song "Fade to Daft."
10/13/2008New material from Look What I Did is now online.
7/9/2008Foxy Shazam and Look What I Did recently collaborated with singer Nikki Williams for a cover of "Everything's Alright" fro
6/30/2008If you're bored, you can watch Look What I Did's drummer break his ankle.
12/17/2007Look What I Did has posted another new demo track.
11/5/2007Look What I Did has unveiled a new demo track.
11/30/2005Combat Records has posted a new video for Look What I Did's "Minuteman For The Moment."
9/8/2005Two tracks from Look What I Did's upcoming Combat Records release are now online.


9/15/2020Look What I Did add bassist Evan Brewer to band
10/2/2019Look What I Did return with new album and video
9/2/2011Look What I Did update
11/22/2010Look What I Did update
6/2/2010Look What I Did, Psychostick tour
9/14/2009Look What I Did album set for release
3/22/2009Look What I Did, She Rides tour
3/2/2009Look What I Did, She Rides tour dates
12/24/2008Look What I Did update
9/19/2008Look What I Did, Born Empty tour dates
3/17/2008Look What I Did signs deal with new label
2/26/2008Look What I Did update
1/13/2008The_Network, Look What I Did dates
11/19/2007Look What I Did, Forever In Terror tour dates
8/25/2007Look What I Did, Lye By Mistake tour
7/14/2006Animosity, Look What I Did members form project
7/2/2006Folly, Look What I Did, etc. tour
10/13/2005Look What I Did and Contra tour