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King Conquer

4/5/2022 ex-King Conquer bassist Adam Whited dies
9/27/2016 ex-King Conquer guitarist Brodie Wheeler dies
5/17/2016 King Conquer issues update on new record
4/6/2016 ex-King Conquer guitarist John Byrd dies
9/8/2015 King Conquer drummer attacked in mosh pit, hospitalized
8/18/2015 King Conquer bassist exits tour due to illness
7/1/2015 King Conquer rejoined by guitarist
4/21/2015 King Conquer, Here Comes The Kraken, Adaliah tour
12/13/2014 King Conquer return, denounce ex-guitarist
10/13/2013 King Conquer announces new members
10/11/2013 King Conquer vocalist, drummer quit band
6/28/2013 King Conquer, Betrayal announce co-headline tour
6/10/2013 King Conquer: release of new album delayed
4/1/2013 Rings of Saturn, King Conquer tour dates (Canada)
3/12/2013 King Conquer, Surrounded By Monsters tour dates
12/12/2012 King Conquer, Adaliah, Sworn In tour
10/7/2012 King Conquer, Towers tour dates
9/17/2012 King Conquer, Aegaeon, Legion tour dates (Canada)
9/7/2012 Thick As Blood, King Conquer, Delusions tour dates
7/16/2012 The World We Knew, Sirens and Sailors tour dates
6/27/2012 The Devastated not touring with King Conquer
6/20/2012 King Conquer, Bermuda, The Devastated tour
5/18/2012 King Conquer, The World We Knew, Abiotic tour
5/3/2012 Wretched, King Conquer tour dates
4/30/2012 King Conquer, The World We Knew tour (Canada)
3/20/2012 King Conquer, Abiotic, Forty Winters mini-tour
2/14/2012 Lionheart, Volumes, No Bragging Rights, etc. tour
11/17/2011 Sovereign Strength, King Conquer, Gideon tour
4/5/2011 Murder Death Kill, King Conquer, Bermuda tour
2/4/2011 Molotov Solution, Burning The Masses, etc. tour
10/29/2010 As Blood Runs Black, Thick As Blood tour
6/28/2010 Suffokate, Red Shore, Murder Death Kill tour
3/26/2010 King Conquer seeks new guitarist
2/12/2010 Mediaskare Records signs King Conquer

News Tidbits
8/13/2015 King Conquer's new video for "Death Bed" has made its online debut.
7/21/2015 For the first time in roughly two years, King Conquer has unveiled a new song.
1/26/2015 Lost Fortune, featuring members of King Conquer and Dealey Plaza, have premiered a new song.
6/11/2013 King Conquer has premiered a new song called "Side Effects."
4/26/2013 King Conquer ex-guitarist: "I was left stranded on the side of the road in the middle of Texas over a minor argument."
1/28/2013 King Conquer has debuted a track from their forthcoming album.
2/10/2012 King Conquer's video for "6 Gallon Gasoline Stomach" has made its online debut.
10/20/2011 A pre-production version of a new King Conquer track can be heard here (Facebook 'Like' required).
9/30/2010 King Conquer has uploaded another new track.
6/30/2010 King Conquer has unveiled a track from their upcoming release.

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