InVogue Records news


1/23/2018InVogue Records signs Discrepancies
2/22/2017Kingdom Of Giants announce new album, premiere song
1/6/2017Ghost Key announce new album, premiere song
7/25/2016InVogue Records signs Conspire
4/11/2016InVogue Records signs Follow My Lead
1/28/2016Convictions sign with InVogue Records, premiere video
1/16/2016Glass Houses sign with InVogue Records
12/8/2015Everyone Dies In Utah signs with InVogue Records
9/23/2015Shreddy Krueger announce new album, premiere song
7/15/2015InVogue Records signs Motives
5/7/2015Being As An Ocean announce new album, debut song
2/27/2015InVogue Records signs Dependence
11/25/2014Kingdom Of Giants drops off Invogue Records tour
9/16/2014For All I Am signs with InVogue Records
9/9/2014Kingdom Of Giants album set for release
8/22/2014The Bad Chapter signs with InVogue Records
7/7/2014Famous Last Words to release new album in August
6/17/2014Kingdom Of Giants sign with InVogue Records
3/5/2014InVogue Records signs Until We Are Ghosts
8/21/2013The Illumination set to release new album
7/22/2013InVogue Records signs akissforjersey
7/9/2013Shreddy Krueger announces debut, premieres single
4/8/2013Liferuiner signs with InVogue Records, debuts song
3/20/2013Famous Last Words album set for release
10/1/2012Sienna Skies signs with InVogue Records
7/19/2012Shreddy Krueger signs with InVogue Records
6/28/2012InVogue Records signs Being As An Ocean
6/14/2012That's Outrageous! signs with InVogue Records
1/6/2012Legacy debut set for release
12/17/2011InVogue Records signs Famous Last Words
12/6/2011Before Their Eyes album set for release
10/24/2011From Atlantis signs with InVogue Records
10/16/2011InVogue Records signs deal with Warner Music
9/30/2011Legacy signs with InVogue Records
5/30/2011InVogue Records signs City Lights