Horse The Band news


11/27/2020Horse The Band release new EP; stream available
7/7/2011Horse The Band guitarist David Isen has made some of his solo material available online.
3/16/2011Horse The Band has posted a torrent of their "Earth Tour" movie.
5/24/2010Today is the last day to order Horse The Band's Earth Tour Photobook/6 DVD set. You'll get no second chances. Do it.
12/12/2009A trailer for Horse The Band's "48 Hours in Ukraine" DVD release is available online.
9/10/2009Horse The Band has uploaded their new song, "Arrive."
7/29/2009Horse The Band has unveiled a track from their forthcoming album.
7/27/2008Horse The Band has uploaded a video highlighting the Japanese portion of their recent "Earth Tour."
7/23/2007Horse The Band's new video for "New York City" is now online.
5/16/2007Horse The Band has posted a new song.
5/22/2006Horse The Band has been added to the first few weeks of the Sounds Of The Underground tour.
10/7/2005Combat Records has posted an ecard for the new Horse The Band album, "The Mechanical Hand."


11/15/2020Horse The Band announce new EP
10/28/2020Horse The Band set to release new EP
11/5/2019Horse The Band announce shows
1/30/2017Horse The Band, Infinity Shred, Graf Orlock tour dates
7/27/2015Horse The Band tour dates (Europe)
7/12/2014Horse The Band announces U.S. tour dates
11/3/2012Horse The Band tour dates (Latin America, Japan)
5/10/2010Horse The Band cancels shows
4/4/2010Horse The Band, Endless Hallway dates
2/9/2010Horse The Band tour (South Africa)
12/23/2009Horse The Band releases DVD
9/16/2009Horse The Band debuts "Rape Escape"
9/9/2009Norma Jean, Horse the Band, Chariot tour
9/3/2009Iwrestledabearonce, Horse The Band dates
7/20/2009Horse The Band album set for release
4/16/2009Horse The Band announces limited 7"
3/30/2009Horse The Band recording new album
2/2/2009Horse The Band signs with Vagrant Records
12/4/2008Horse The Band losing bassist
9/6/2008Horse The Band tour dates (Europe)
8/4/2008Horse The Band, Heavy Heavy Low Low tour
7/28/2008Horse The Band announces new drummer
6/24/2008Horse The Band splits with Koch Records
5/4/2008Horse The Band seeks new drummer
2/20/2008Horse The Band "Earth Tour" dates
2/19/2008Horse The Band parts ways with drummer
12/21/2007Horse The Band, Taken tour (Japan)
9/19/2007Gwar, The End, Horse The Band tour
8/8/2007Horse The Band, Mikoto, Thriller tour dates
6/5/2007Horse The Band, Black Light Burns tour
3/22/2007Horse The Band prepares new album
3/6/2007The Number Twelve, Horse The Band dates
2/2/2007Horse The Band, Heavy Heavy Low Low tour
12/10/2006Horse The Band tour dates (Mexico)
9/25/2006Horse The Band singer jailed
8/30/2006Horse The Band parts with drummer
8/23/2006Horse The Band posts track from new EP
5/10/2006Horse The Band, etc. tour
2/16/2006Poison The Well, Horse The Band, etc. tour
1/19/2006Horse The Band tour dates (UK)
1/14/2006Poison The Well, Horse The Band, etc. tour
7/12/2005Horse The Band tour schedule
6/4/2005Horse The Band tour schedule
5/13/2005Horse The Band sign w/ Combat Records
4/16/2005Horse The Band to record w/ Matt Bayles
4/14/2005Horse The Band dates
1/6/2005Horse The Band prepare new album
7/6/2004Horse The Band tour schedule
3/24/2004Horse The Band seeking drummer, booking tour
11/4/2003Horse The Band in need of drummer
7/10/2003Pluto Records signs Horse The Band
8/14/2002Horse The Band tour schedule