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Gwen Stacy

11/8/2010 Gwen Stacy breaking up
6/11/2010 Gwen Stacy, Lower Definition tour
4/23/2010 Gwen Stacy, Inhale Exhale tour dates
1/14/2010 Kittie, God Forbid tour dates
1/14/2010 Gwen Stacy, Dead & Divine, Vanna, Oceana tour
11/3/2009 Gwen Stacy, Amarna Reign tour dates
10/11/2009 Gwen Stacy video shoot rescheduled
9/19/2009 Gwen Stacy, LoveHateHero, Ice Nine Kills tour
9/18/2009 Gwen Stacy video shoot postponed
9/13/2009 Gwen Stacy seeks extras for video shoot
8/24/2009 Solid State Records signs Gwen Stacy
7/10/2009 Gwen Stacy seeks new guitarist
4/23/2009 Scream The Prayer Tour 2009 details
3/18/2009 Gwen Stacy, Eyes Set To Kill tour dates
12/26/2008 Gwen Stacy finds new singer
11/22/2008 Gwen Stacy singer leaves band
11/11/2008 Gwen Stacy, Vanna, In Fear And Faith tour
10/31/2008 Stick To Your Guns, Gwen Stacy, etc. tour
10/27/2008 Gwen Stacy drops off tour
7/28/2008 Unearth, The Acacia Strain, Whitechapel tour
6/24/2008 Gwen Stacy tour dates
4/13/2008 Gwen Stacy robbed in Los Angeles
3/3/2008 A Girl A Gun A Ghost drops off tour
2/12/2008 Still Remains, Gwen Stacy tour
2/4/2008 Gwen Stacy recruiting fans for video shoot
2/1/2008 Gwen Stacy, Inhale Exhale, etc. tour
1/23/2008 The Devil Wears Prada, Gwen Stacy, etc. tour
12/4/2007 Haste The Day, Gwen Stacy, etc. tour
10/29/2007 Ferret Music signs Gwen Stacy
5/5/2007 It Prevails, Once Nothing, Gwen Stacy tour
2/2/2007 Twelve Gauge Valentine drops off tour
1/28/2007 Twelve Gauge Valentine, Gwen Stacy, etc. tour

News Tidbits
1/4/2010 Gwen Stacy's new video for "The First Words" is now online.
10/19/2009 Gwen Stacy's new album can currently be streamed in its entirety.
9/4/2009 Gwen Stacy has debuted a track from their forthcoming Solid State Records debut.
4/25/2008 Gwen Stacy's video for "The Fear In Your Eyes" can be seen online here.
1/18/2008 Gwen Stacy has posted another song from their new album.
12/25/2007 Gwen Stacy has posted another track from their upcoming album.
11/30/2007 Gwen Stacy has posted a track from their forthcoming Ferret debut.

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