Genghis Tron news


3/16/2021Genghis Tron debut new song and video
2/16/2021Genghis Tron premiere new song
12/3/2008Genghis Tron's track "I Won't Come Back Alive" as remixed by Ulver can be heard here.
6/5/2008Genghis Tron's video for "Things Don't Look Good" can be seen here.
1/25/2008Yet another new Genghis Tron track has been uploaded.
12/18/2007Genghis Tron has posted another song from their upcoming Relapse Records debut.
11/12/2007Genghis Tron has uploaded a song from their forthcoming Relapse debut.
7/12/2007Genghis Tron has posted the first demo track, "Colony Collapse," from their forthcoming Relapse debut.
5/6/2006Genghis Tron have posted another song from their upcoming full-length.
4/3/2006A song from Genghis Tron's upcoming album is now online.


1/26/2021Genghis Tron debut song, to release first new LP in decade
8/10/2020Genghis Tron return from hiatus, recording new album
5/21/2020Genghis Tron set to return from hiatus?
10/15/2010Genghis Tron goes on hiatus
11/24/2009Converge, Genghis Tron tour dates (Australia)
10/1/2008Genghis Tron, Behold The Arctopus tour (Europe)
8/19/2008Genghis Tron, Yip Yip tour dates
7/29/2008Baroness, Genghis Tron tour dates
6/2/2008Genghis Tron announces remix series
3/21/2008Genghis Tron survives van accident
1/25/2008Genghis Tron tour schedule
1/17/2008Converge, The Red Chord, Baroness, etc. tour
1/5/2008Genghis Tron, Nachtmystium, etc. tour (Europe)
1/3/2008Genghis Tron announces CD release shows
11/6/2007Genghis Tron finishes new album
10/17/2007Dillinger Escape Plan, ALOL, etc. tour
8/23/2007Genghis Tron set to enter studio
8/21/2007Dillinger Escape Plan tour takes shape
8/19/2007Dillinger Escape Plan, A Life Once Lost tour
6/18/2007Genghis Tron to release tour-only EP
5/23/2007Ed Gein, Genghis Tron, Gaza tour
4/16/2007Genghis Tron mini-tour (Canada)
2/8/2007Relapse Records signs Genghis Tron
1/29/2007Kylesa and Genghis Tron tour
8/28/2006Genghis Tron announces more dates
6/14/2006Genghis Tron tour schedule
2/13/2006Plot To Blow Up The Eiffel Tower cancel tour
12/17/2005Genghis Tron set to enter studio
7/1/2005Genghis Tron tour schedule
4/30/2005Genghis Tron tour dates
9/17/2004Genghis Tron signs w/ Crucial Blast Records