Exhumed news


5/12/2020Exhumed debut new track
9/26/2017Exhumed has unveiled a video for new song "Night Work."
9/6/2017Exhumed has debuted a new song and video.
11/22/2014Yes, it's true, Exhumed and The Supremes did perform together.
12/19/2013The forthcoming split 12" from Exhumed and Iron Reagan can now be streamed in its entirety.
7/2/2013Exhumed's new video for "Coins Upon The Eyes" has made its online debut.
4/27/2011Exhumed has debuted a track from their forthcoming album.


4/2/2021Exhumed recording new album
4/8/2020Exhumed and Gruesome announce split EP
2/25/2020Exhumed, King Parrot to tour Australia, New Zealand
10/5/2019Exhumed release new video for 6-second song
9/10/2019Exhumed premiere new song and NSFW video
8/22/2019Gatecreeper, Exhumed co-headlining fall tour
3/28/2019Exhumed recording new album
3/9/2019Exhumed announce West Coast tour dates
2/12/2019Exhumed, Beyond Creation to tour Latin America
11/13/2018Exhumed replaces guitarist
6/5/2018Revocation, Exhumed, Rivers Of Nihil tour announce
4/25/2018Mortuous (Exhumed, Necrot) set to release new album
1/24/2018Exhumed, Incantation, Phobia tour dates
1/15/2018Exhumed, Rotten Sound announce European tour
10/20/2017Denver Black Sky 2017 announced
10/10/2017Exhumed, Arkaik announce tour
8/23/2017The Black Dahlia Murder, Suffocation, Decrepit Birth tour
8/9/2017Exhumed announce new album, premiere song
5/16/2017Expulsion (Repulsion, Exhumed) sign with Relapse, debut song
4/4/2017Exhumed tour dates (Europe)
4/3/2017Exhumed recording new album
1/12/2017Modified Ghost Festival 2017 lineup announced
8/17/2016Denver Black Sky 2016 announced
2/18/2015Gruesome (Exhumed, more) set to release debut LP
12/17/2014Exhumed releasing re-recorded debut; premiere song
11/4/2014Napalm Death, Voivod, Exhumed, more announce tour
10/31/2014Napalm Death, Voivod, Exhumed, Iron Reagan tour
10/9/2014Exhumed announces new bassist
8/11/2014Carcass, Obituary, Macabre, Exhumed, Noisem tour
6/11/2014Prosthetic Records to release Black Trip album
5/22/2014Aborted, Origin, Exhumed announce European tour
3/18/2014Scion Rock Fest 2014 lineup takes shape
12/12/2013Toxic Holocaust, Exhumed, Ramming Speed tour
11/18/2013Toxic Holocaust, Exhumed tour (Europe)
10/24/2013Exhumed, Iron Reagan announce split 12"
10/21/2013Exhumed, Iron Reagan tour dates
8/19/2013Denver Black Sky lineup announced
8/9/2013Delaware Deathfest 2013 lineup announced
6/13/2013Exhumed to release new album in August
6/12/2013Dying Fetus, Exhumed, Devourment, Abiotic tour
2/23/2013Suffocation, Exhumed, Jungle Rot tour
2/20/2013Relapse Recs release tribute sampler to Pat Egan
1/7/2013Exhumed, Phobia tour dates
11/3/2012Exhumed forced to cancel Canadian shows
10/28/2012Exhumed completes new album
10/5/2012Exhumed recording new album
8/20/2012Napalm Death, Municipal Waste, Exhumed tour dates
8/17/2012Napalm Death, Municipal Waste, Exhumed tour
7/20/2012Exhumed replaces guitarist with former member
6/26/2012Exhumed frontman added to Death To All Tour
4/23/2012Summer Slaughter Tour 2012 dates
3/23/2012The Black Dahlia Murder, Exhumed tour
2/15/2012Exhumed cancels Brazil tour dates
2/13/2012Exhumed added to Summer Slaughter 2012
2/7/2012Cannibal Corpse, Exhumed, Abysmal Dawn tour
1/18/2012Relapse Records announces Scion Label Showcase
1/15/2012Exhumed, Anaal Nathrakh tour (UK)
1/6/2012Exhumed, Rotten Sound, Magrudergrind tour (Europe)
12/15/2011Exhumed, Aborted tour dates (Brazil)
12/12/2011Murder Construct recording debut full-length