Early Graves news


12/7/2012Early Graves has premiered their new video for "Red Horse."
10/10/2012The full schedule has been announced for the CMJ Music Marathon 2012 in NYC.
6/13/2012Early Graves has unveiled a demo version of a track from their forthcoming album.
8/3/2010We've posted an update regarding the Early Graves van crash. RIP Makh.
7/30/2008Early Graves (formerly Apiary) has posted another song from their upcoming album.


3/3/2016Bay Area Death Fest 2016 lineup announced
5/1/2015Weirdo Fest III lineup announced
4/9/2015Vattnet Viskar announces new album, tour dates
6/5/2014Early Graves, Theories tour dates
8/27/2013Southwest Terror Fest 2013 announced
6/13/2013The Power Of The Riff 2013 lineup announced
5/22/2013Shai Hulud tour dates
1/28/2013Nails, Xibalba, Early Graves tour dates
8/7/2012Early Graves complete new album
7/10/2012Skeletonwitch, Havok, Early Graves tour
6/5/2012Early Graves sign with No Sleep Records
2/2/2012Early Graves tour dates
11/16/2011Early Graves mini-tour
8/11/2011The Funeral Pyre singer joins Early Graves
8/6/2010Early Graves comments on singer's passing
8/4/2010Makh Daniels (Early Graves) benefit/memorial
8/2/2010Early Graves singer killed in van crash
5/19/2010The Funeral Pyre, Early Graves tour
5/1/2010Early Graves completes new album
10/8/2009Early Graves set to record new album
3/22/2009Early Graves adds bassist, writing new album
2/28/2009Early Graves, The Secret tour
10/7/2008The Funeral Pyre, Early Graves tour dates
7/12/2008Oblige, Early Graves, Kill What I Adore tour
6/20/2008Apiary changes name to Early Graves