Doomriders news


4/28/2014What happened to the missing This Is Boston money?
9/23/2013The new Doomriders album can now be streamed in its entirety.
9/19/2013Doomriders have premiered a track from their new album, Grand Blood.
8/8/2009Saviours has replaced Doomriders on Kylesa's upcoming tour.
7/24/2009An audio player for the new Doomriders album can be found here.
6/20/2009Doomriders has cancelled their weekend shows due to a neck injury sustained by drummer JR Conners.
12/24/2008Doomriders have unveiled a new track titled "A Crooked Path." The song appears on their new split with Disfear and will also be o
10/17/2008Material from the upcoming Doomriders and Disfear split EP can be heard here.
6/3/2006Doomriders have posted several songs from a live performance on WMBR.
11/6/2005Doomriders will be touring Europe with Rise And Fall and November Coming Fire for four weeks beginning in late-February.
8/24/2005Cave In's October tour will now take place with Doomriders.
7/11/2005An audio player for the new Doomriders album is now online.
6/14/2005The vinyl-only bonus track "Wolves At My Door" from Converge's "You Fail Me" and a new Doomriders song are both available on
5/2/2005Preview the new Doomriders album here.


4/22/2020The Red Chord, Deafheaven, etc. launch new band
1/29/2019Deafheaven, Doomriders bassist injured in bicycle accident
12/14/2018Modified Ghost Festival 2019 takes shape
5/16/2016Doomriders part ways with bassist
4/16/2015Converse Rubber Tracks Live with Slayer, more
12/1/2014Cave In announces first show in three years
8/25/2014Doomriders, Coliseum tour dates (Europe)
2/25/2014Doomriders, Beastmilk, Herder tour (Europe)
12/4/2013Doomriders, Beastmilk, Herder tour dates (Europe)
9/3/2013High On Fire, Kvelertak, Doomriders, Windhand tour
7/31/2013Doomriders new album Grand Blood set for release
1/23/2013Doomriders prepare new album
4/10/2012Doomriders, Swarm tour dates (Europe)
9/29/2011Kvelertak, Doomriders, etc. dates (Europe)
5/18/2011Doomriders tour (Australia, New Zealand)
12/30/2010Doomriders add new drummer
8/25/2010Doomriders drummer leaves band
2/3/2010Red Sparowes, Doomriders, Caspian tour
10/15/2009Clutch, Doomriders mini-tour
8/10/2009Doomriders comments on tour cancellation
7/29/2009Kylesa, Doomriders, Tombs tour dates
5/13/2009Doomriders completes new album
2/17/2009Doomriders recording new album
10/7/2008Doomriders, Disfear to release split EP
8/17/2008Disfear, Doomriders tour dates (Europe)
1/3/2008Doomriders prepares new album
9/7/2007Doomriders, Danzig mini-tour
7/21/2007Disfear and Doomriders mini-tour
3/5/2007An Albatross, Blue Cheer tour
6/2/2006Doomriders, Coliseum, Saviours, etc. dates
1/26/2006Doomriders recruit ex-Cave In drummer
12/4/2005Doomriders, Rise And Fall, etc. dates (Europe)
9/9/2005Cave In and Doomriders tour
4/30/2005Daughters tour schedule
12/15/2004Doomriders (Converge, etc.) join Deathwish lineup
8/1/2004Doom Riders (Converge, etc.) first show