Dead To Fall news


12/18/2019Dead To Fall announce first show in more than a year
1/30/2016Ass Life (Dead To Fall) has put out a new music video. It's interesting.
6/12/2015Dead To Fall has uploaded a promo video for their forthcoming reunion tour dates.
1/25/2015Dead To Fall's bassist has unveiled a baffling music video. Watch it.
2/20/2012Children (ex-Dead To Fall, Nehemiah) has debuted a new song and video.
3/13/2009Dead To Fall will reportedly play a final show on May 24th at the Metro in Chicago, IL.
2/8/2008Another song from Dead To Fall's new album is online.
1/18/2008A track from Dead To Fall's upcoming Victory Records release is now online.
12/4/2007A new Dead To Fall in-studio episode is available online.
2/2/2007Dead To Fall, Ion Dissonance, and Through The Eyes Of The Dead will tour Europe together in May.
11/15/2006Dead To Fall's video for "Chum Fiesta" is now online.
3/4/2006Two tracks from Dead To Fall's upcoming album are now online.
12/7/2004Dead To Fall recently replaced departed drummer Evan Kaplan with Tim Java, of With Dead Hands Rising.
8/2/2004Click here to download a new Dead To Fall track, from their upcoming album, "Villainy & Virtue."


10/2/2020Dead To Fall working on new music, share tease
8/2/2020Dead To Fall premiere first new song in 12 years
4/28/2018Radiation Fest 2018 announced
4/5/2017Dead To Fall back together, working on new record
9/1/2015Darkest Hour, Dead To Fall, Light This City tour dates
4/1/2015Darkest Hour, Dead To Fall tour dates
3/26/2011Creator-Destructor signs Enabler (ex-Dead To Fall)
4/8/2008Dead To Fall breaks up
2/29/2008Dead To Fall, Arsonists Get All The Girls tour
2/17/2008Dead To Fall update
1/23/2008Belay My Last drops off Dead To Fall tour
12/4/2007Dead To Fall, Winds Of Plague, etc. tour
11/30/2007Dead To Fall in the studio
9/10/2007Dead To Fall, At All Cost, etc. tour
5/6/2007Dead To Fall, Stick To Your Guns dates (Canada)
2/9/2007Dead To Fall, TTEOTD, Ion Dissonance tour (Europe)
12/13/2006Dead To Fall, Too Pure To Die, etc. tour
12/7/2006Kittie, Walls Of Jericho, Dead To Fall tour
7/12/2006Shai Hulud, Dead To Fall, 12 Tribes, etc. tour
7/12/2006Dead To Fall, Misery Signals, Arsis tour
3/5/2006Dead To Fall, FASSW, Ed Gein, Ligeia dates
2/21/2006FASSW, Dead To Fall, Ed Gein, Ligeia tour
11/21/2005Ion Dissonance and Dead To Fall tour
11/18/2005Dead To Fall set to enter studio
8/8/2005Dead To Fall update
8/7/2005Napalm Death, Obituary, etc. tour
3/5/2005 12 Tribes, Dead To Fall, etc. tour
2/11/2005Martyr AD and Dead To Fall dates (Europe)
1/13/2005Dead To Fall and The Minor Times dates
7/8/2004Dead To Fall tour dates
5/2/2004A Life Once Lost and Dead To Fall tour
4/22/2004Dead To Fall enters studio
3/5/2004Dead To Fall prepares new release
11/30/2003Dead To Fall returns
9/2/2003Dead To Fall loses members
4/9/2003Dead To Fall, Remembering Never dates
12/10/2002Dead To Fall losing drummer
11/24/2002Dead To Fall tour schedule
11/1/2002Dead To Fall and Welcome To Your Life tour
10/3/2002Dead To Fall tour schedule
8/16/2002Dead To Fall to join One Nation Under tour
7/14/2002Dead To Fall, Incantation, etc. tour dates
5/25/2002Dead To Fall to record w/ Barry Poynter
4/30/2002Dead To Fall losing guitarist
1/10/2002Victory Records signs Dead To Fall