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12/9/2021 Daughters vocalist Alexis Marshall accused of abuse by Lingua Ignota's Kristin Hayter
10/16/2020 Daughters begin work on new album
5/16/2019 Daughters to tour Europe, UK this fall
2/20/2019 Daughters announce June shows
11/16/2018 Daughters announce North American tour
10/16/2018 Daughters announce tour of Europe, Russia
8/2/2018 Daughters extend North American tour
7/13/2018 Daughters premiere first new song in 8 years
4/11/2018 Daughters finishing up new record
2/22/2017 Daughters, Dalek, Odonis Odonis tour dates
2/14/2017 Sled Island 2017 lineup takes shape
8/2/2016 Daughters tour dates
6/6/2016 Daughters announce New York City show
3/21/2016 Defeater, Daughters appear on new Nirvana tribute
5/27/2015 Daughters in the studio
7/17/2014 Daughters working on new music?
3/11/2014 Robotic Empire announces Nirvana covers album
9/21/2013 Daughters tour (Australia)
6/11/2013 Daughters to reunite for September show
4/14/2013 Fucking Invincible announces new tour, EP
11/18/2009 Daughters album to surface this winter
4/1/2009 Daughters set to record new album
8/22/2008 Daughters seeks new guitarist
4/25/2008 Daughters adds touring guitarist
4/24/2008 Russian Circles, Daughters tour
1/16/2008 Daughters writing new album
8/8/2007 Daughters, The Fall of Troy tour (Europe)
4/3/2007 Daughters tour dates
10/2/2006 Daughters forced to leave show following "stunt"
8/31/2006 Pelican, Daughters, Ken Mode dates (Canada)
8/21/2006 Daughters, Lords, Russian Circles dates
8/1/2006 Daughters solidifies European tour
7/21/2006 Daughters tour dates (Europe)
7/6/2006 Red Sparowes, Daughters, Versoma dates
5/16/2006 Daughters announce album details
3/15/2006 Daughters enter studio
12/15/2005 Daughters recording new album
5/6/2005 Daughters sign w/ Hydra Head Records
12/26/2004 Daughters replace guitarist
9/14/2004 Daughters and The Blood Brothers mini-tour
6/24/2004 Daughters and Mare tour dates
6/10/2004 Daughters European dates
5/26/2004 Daughters, The Blood Brothers, etc. dates
1/29/2004 Daughters and Ex Models split
1/28/2004 Daughters and Chinese Stars tour
8/12/2003 Daughters tour schedule
11/18/2002 Daughters line up Winter tour
10/16/2002 As The Sun Sets debut to be reissued
10/1/2002 Daughters sets plans for debut full-length

News Tidbits
11/29/2019 Daughters unveil new video
1/14/2019 Daughters issue new music video
10/30/2018 Daughters partner with artist for short film
9/28/2018 Daughters premiere new track
8/17/2018 Daughters has issued a new track.
6/5/2015 Watch Daughters burn a $1400 royalty check.
3/11/2010 The new Daughters album can currently be streamed here.
12/26/2009 Daughters' new album will hit streets on March 9th via Hydra Head Records.
3/3/2009 Daughters will begin recording a new album in late-April.
5/14/2006 Daughters have posted a track from their forthcoming Hydra Head debut.
3/1/2005 Somehow we missed this one, but the Daughters and Chinese Stars split has been postponed indefinitely due to an apparent falling out between the groups.
7/15/2004 Daughters have posted an unreleased track here.
5/4/2004 Some Girls, Daughters, and Sex Positions will be touring together this summer.

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