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12/7/2013 Catalepsy breaks up
12/28/2011 Catalepsy prepares new album, seeks label
11/1/2011 Catalepsy rejoined by ex-singer
7/1/2011 Catalepsy, Fallujah tour
4/20/2011 Deception Of A Ghost, Catalepsy tour dates
3/15/2011 Catalepsy announces video shoot
1/10/2011 Catalepsy, Ender tour dates
12/15/2010 Catalepsy, Suspect Terror tour
9/21/2010 Eulogy Recordings signs Catalepsy
7/24/2010 Catalepsy members arrested in North Carolina
4/4/2010 Catalepsy singer to miss tour
3/12/2010 Catalepsy, Abolish tour
11/20/2009 Abolish, Catalepsy tour dates
10/27/2009 Catalepsy parts with vocalist, record label
7/1/2009 The World We Knew, Endwell, Catalepsy dates
4/6/2009 Catalepsy prepares new album
3/19/2009 For Today, After The Burial tour dates
2/16/2009 Catalepsy, Antagonist, Fate tour
1/29/2009 Psyopus, ABACABB, Catalepsy tour dates
12/11/2008 Too Pure To Die, Catalepsy, Oceano tour
11/13/2008 Catalepsy tour (Florida)
10/9/2008 Catalepsy tour dates
10/3/2008 Catalepsy announces line-up changes
7/28/2008 Hatebreed, Soilent Green, Emmure tour dates
6/4/2008 Rose Funeral, Waking The Cadaver, etc. tour
6/2/2008 Catalepsy, American Me tour dates
4/28/2008 The Red Death, Catalepsy, Left to Vanish tour
12/24/2007 Dance Club Massacre, Catalepsy, Fate tour
11/3/2007 Stillborn Records signs Catalepsy

News Tidbits
6/9/2011 Catalepsy's music video for the song "Bleed" is available online.
4/7/2011 Catalepsy has posted another song from their new album.
12/4/2010 A track from Catalepsy's forthcoming Eulogy Recording debut is available online.
10/9/2009 Catalepsy has uploaded a song from their next release.
5/18/2009 A track from Catalepsy's next album has been made available online.

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