Becoming the Archetype news


1/25/2017Death Therapy (ex-Becoming The Archetype) has premiered a new track.
9/19/2012Becoming the Archetype has unveiled yet another new song.
8/27/2012Becoming The Archetype has unveiled another track from their upcoming album.
3/28/2011Becoming The Archetype's new album can currently be streamed in its entirety.
3/3/2011Becoming The Archetype has unveiled another song from their upcoming album.
2/14/2011Becoming The Archetype has debuted a song from their upcoming album.
11/10/2008Becoming The Archetype has debuted another new song.
10/20/2008Becoming The Archetype has unveiled a track from their forthcoming album.
8/8/2008Becoming The Archetype has uploaded a second "studio webisode," which can be seen here.
4/10/2007Becoming The Archetype has posted another track from their upcoming album.
4/10/2006Becoming The Archetype and Purified In Blood will tour Europe together in late-July and early-August.


11/21/2014August Burns Red, For Today, more set for Xmas LP
4/9/2013Becoming The Archetype, Bermuda, Burial tour dates
10/23/2012Outrage Festival lineup announced
8/14/2012Becoming the Archetype album set for release
6/7/2012Becoming The Archetype, Wolves At The Gate tour
5/9/2012Becoming the Archetype tour dates
4/10/2012Becoming the Archetype to enter studio in May
3/19/2012Becoming the Archetype set to release remix EP
9/26/2011Becoming The Archetype tour (Europe)
5/10/2011Becoming The Archetype, Inhale Exhale tour
12/2/2010Becoming The Archetype completes new album
10/18/2010Living Sacrifice, The Showdown, etc. dates
9/13/2010Becoming The Archetype set to enter studio
6/28/2010Becoming the Archetype, etc. dates
3/23/2010Becoming The Archetype tour dates
8/15/2008Becoming The Archetype, etc. tour dates
7/17/2008Becoming The Archetype recording new album
6/29/2008Becoming The Archetype replaces guitarist
5/17/2008Becoming The Archetype, Beneath The Sky tour
4/13/2008Becoming The Archetype recording in July
11/2/2007Becoming The Archetype, Once Nothing tour
3/19/2007Becoming The Archetype completes new album
2/3/2007Becoming The Archetype album nearing completion
10/25/2006The Chariot, Becoming The Archetype tour (Europe)
9/22/2006Becoming The Archetype set to enter studio
8/2/2006Himsa, Demiricous, Parkway Drive, etc. dates
7/19/2006Arsis and Becoming the Archetype tour
3/14/2006Demon Hunter, Zao, August Burns Red, etc. tour
2/14/2006Demon Hunter, Zao, etc. tour announced
10/31/2005Scarlet, Nodes Of Ranvier, etc. tour
2/17/2005Solid State Rec signs Becoming The Archetype