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12/18/2023 Antagonist to disband following final show in February 2024
11/12/2015 Suicide Silence announce benefit concert
11/21/2014 Antagonist enters studio
5/26/2014 Antagonist and Prosthetic Records part ways
2/17/2011 Antagonist, Picture It In Ruins tour
7/7/2010 Wretched, Antagonist, Diskreet tour
7/1/2010 Antagonist album set for release
6/14/2010 Antagonist completes new album
4/15/2010 Antagonist set to enter studio
11/29/2009 Arsonists Get All The Girls, Antagonist dates
9/10/2009 Antagonist announces new bassist
7/13/2009 Antagonist news and notes
4/27/2009 Antagonist seeks new bassist
4/10/2009 Antagonist cancels tour
3/21/2009 Antagonist announces new guitarist
2/16/2009 Catalepsy, Antagonist, Fate tour
1/7/2009 Antagonist guitarist leaves band
8/1/2008 Animosity, Decrepit Birth, Antagonist mini-tour
6/18/2008 Antagonist, The Funeral Pyre, etc. tour
3/12/2008 Parkway Drive, Have Heart, etc. tour (Australia)
2/2/2008 Prosthetic Records signs Antagonist
5/29/2007 Light This City, Antagonist, etc. dates
5/3/2007 Cerberus, Antagonist tour dates
2/7/2007 Light This City, The Faceless, Antagonist tour
12/24/2006 Antagonist and Moria tour
10/19/2006 A Love Ends Suicide, Antagonist tour dates
8/30/2006 The Funeral Pyre and Antagonist tour
8/8/2006 Antagonist signs w/ Dwell Records

News Tidbits
7/14/2010 Antagonist has unveiled a track from their forthcoming album.
7/6/2010 Antagonist has launched the first studio video documenting part of the recording process for their new album.
9/18/2009 Antagonist has unveiled a new demo track.
11/11/2008 Antagonist and Animosity were on The Price Is Right.
7/28/2008 A track from Antagonist's forthcoming Prosthetic Records release is available online.
9/15/2006 The new video (directed by Richie Valdez) for Antagonist's "The Chaos We Breathe" is now online.

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