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9/26/2023 Toto's "Africa" covered by members of Abiotic, Suicide Silence and Job For A Cowboy
4/18/2022 Abiotic, Burial In The Sky mini-tour
12/1/2021 Abiotic announce 10th anniversary re-release of debut EP
12/14/2020 Abiotic debut new track featuring Entheos vocalist
10/26/2020 Abiotic to release new album in February
5/26/2020 Abiotic set to record first new album in 5 years
2/4/2020 Abiotic sign with The Artisan Era
9/18/2019 Suffocation, Belphegor, Abiotic, Necronomicon tour
4/1/2019 Abiotic premiere first new song in 4 years
2/7/2019 Abiotic announce comeback tour
1/27/2019 Texas Independence Fest 2019 announced
9/8/2016 Abiotic breaks up
7/20/2016 Abiotic tour dates
6/20/2016 Necronomicon, Abiotic announce Canadian tour
9/10/2015 Cattle Decapitation, Abiotic tour dates
8/14/2015 Abiotic, Reaping Asmodeia tour dates
2/27/2015 Boris The Blade, Abiotic, Alterbeast tour
2/18/2015 Abiotic album set for release; new song online
9/17/2014 Abiotic recording new album
5/30/2014 Abiotic, Suffokate, Aegaeon, As They Sleep tour
11/6/2013 Abiotic announces headline tour dates
10/2/2013 Abiotic replaces frontman, previews new song
7/15/2013 Abiotic announces new drummer
6/20/2013 Wretched, Abiotic, Allegaeon, Rivers Of Nihil tour
6/12/2013 Dying Fetus, Exhumed, Devourment, Abiotic tour
5/17/2013 Within The Ruins, Abiotic tour dates
3/7/2013 Abiotic shoot new music video
2/26/2013 Abiotic, Dark Sermon tour dates
2/15/2013 Goatwhore, 3 Inches of Blood announce more dates
11/1/2012 Battlecross, Abiotic tour dates
9/5/2012 Abiotic album set for release
8/27/2012 Everything Is Bigger In Texas Fest lineup
8/17/2012 Sea of Treachery, Float Face Down, Abiotic tour
7/14/2012 Abiotic drops off tour following injury to bassist
5/18/2012 King Conquer, The World We Knew, Abiotic tour
4/17/2012 Abiotic set to record Metal Blade debut
4/2/2012 Metal Blade Records signs Abiotic
3/20/2012 King Conquer, Abiotic, Forty Winters mini-tour
3/1/2012 Enfold Darkness, Abiotic, Vale of Pnath tour

News Tidbits
2/9/2021 Abiotic stream new album
1/13/2021 Abiotic debut new song ft. ex-The Contortionist vocalist
11/18/2020 Abiotic share new single featuring The Black Dahlia Murder frontman Trevor Strnad
4/8/2015 A track from Abiotic's upcoming album is available for streaming.
5/27/2014 Abiotic has posted a teaser for their next album.
4/9/2013 Abiotic has posted their new music video for "Facades."

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