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He Is Legend "Something Witchy" song premiere

North Carolina rockers He Is Legend unveil their first new track in nearly five years.

He Is Legend premiere

It's been a long time since you've heard new music from Wilmington, North Carolina band He Is Legend. Shortly after releasing their third full-length, It Hates You, in July 2009, the band went on a hiatus that lasted more than two years. Regrouping to play sporadic shows in late-2011, He Is Legend eventually began putting the pieces together for a new album. But it's been slow going, and fans have waited patiently (or impatiently) for some new material from the band.

Now, nearly five years since the release of their last album, He Is Legend is ready to let everybody hear some of the stuff they've been working on. Today, we are thrilled (stoked, even) to premiere the band's brand new single "Something Witchy" below. The track will ultimately appear on the band's next Tragic Hero Records release. Listen to the song now, then buy it online. And when you're done with that, hop on the band's Facebook and tell em how much you dig it.


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anonymous 1/31/2014 11:05:28 AM

It's catchy, but it's less He Is Legend and more radio rock.

anonymous 1/31/2014 11:05:55 AM

Stoked for the new album

anonymous 1/31/2014 11:13:08 AM

Schuylar sounds like a girl at the beginning.

anonymous 1/31/2014 11:18:36 AM

It is a girl on the intro.

anonymous 1/31/2014 11:20:11 AM

I would have hated it 7 years ago when I was 20, but i'm digging the new sound now

anonymous 1/31/2014 11:20:38 AM

Pure Awesomeness

anonymous 1/31/2014 11:32:11 AM

Right in line with Suck Out The Poison and It Hates You. Love it!

anonymous 1/31/2014 11:42:24 AM

anonymous posted 18 minutes ago I would have hated it 7 years ago when I was 20, but i'm digging the new sound now Perfect

anonymous 1/31/2014 11:49:26 AM


anonymous 1/31/2014 11:57:05 AM


anonymous 1/31/2014 12:02:07 PM

Definitely Bibis Ellison at the beginning again. Great track, and put that design on some clothes!

anonymous 1/31/2014 12:06:30 PM

its chilling to hear new he is legend

anonymous 1/31/2014 12:19:38 PM

this band is like a breath of fresh air in a stagnant industry. i wish music this creative and passionate would become a normal thing again. HIL is seriously one of the best bands on the planet and I'm SO happy they're still at it - can't wait for the new album.

anonymous 1/31/2014 12:21:52 PM

Amazing!! I want this album NOW! will pay any amount!

anonymous 1/31/2014 12:23:24 PM


ash_ketchum 1/31/2014 12:32:43 PM

f*ck yeah

anonymous 1/31/2014 12:34:27 PM

Can't wait for this new album. Everything these guys do is genius.

anonymous 1/31/2014 12:45:33 PM

Don't post your anonymous comments with your negativity. This song is absolutely thrilling. I got chills down my spine at the intro.

anonymous 1/31/2014 1:00:21 PM

It's awesome to see a band grow. I'm really digging the new stuff.

anonymous 1/31/2014 1:04:42 PM

This band is absolutely incredible. New album is gonna be amazing. I'm loving this.

anonymous 1/31/2014 1:29:55 PM

He Is Legend could record the sound of elephants shitting and I would still worship every note. They always release a little more bland song as a teaser it seems.

anonymous 1/31/2014 1:40:41 PM

they played this live when I saw them a few months back. bad ass band. come back to Illinois soon.

anonymous 1/31/2014 1:43:11 PM

So glad to watch and hear HIL grow as ive grown cant wait for this shit!

anonymous 1/31/2014 2:12:49 PM

Take my fu*#ing money now! amazing.

anonymous 1/31/2014 2:34:38 PM

band rules. super stoked to have new music from them

anonymous 1/31/2014 2:52:38 PM

Awesome! Was lucky enough to here that song live! Great! Can't wait for new Cd!

lordzedd 1/31/2014 3:41:29 PM

This is f*cking gay

anonymous 1/31/2014 4:35:11 PM

I love the "Something Witchy." I love the overall feel of the song and that chorus is very catchy! So glad to hear a new song from you guys. I am a huge and long-time fan here. I can't wait for the album to drop!

anonymous 1/31/2014 5:10:37 PM

HE is Legend until death LOVE THESE GUYS AND STOKED FOR TH RECORD!!! that is all

anonymous 1/31/2014 5:40:41 PM

What a disappointment. So Radio-rock...

anonymous 1/31/2014 6:13:51 PM

i really don't like their new sound...too mainstream, they need to go back to the jazz/blues metal and more melodic voice stuff they used to be, that was REAL He Is Legend...now they just sound like another sell-out band...sadly, dissapointed...

anonymous 1/31/2014 6:15:42 PM

schuylar, I love how you record the vocals on your songs, but PLEASE!!! practice more your vocals and stop smoking and drinking whisky! that can be seen when you play live and it sucks sometimes just because for the vocals :( It's just a comment from a Chilean He Is Legend FAN, who loves your music since 2004! I would like to see you playing live in my country and it's nice to know that you'll release a new album!!! This made my day!! cheers!! |m|

anonymous 1/31/2014 6:25:44 PM

Come on, name one song on the radio that this compares to.

anonymous 1/31/2014 7:55:22 PM

one of my favourite bands!! so pumped on this release!

anonymous 1/31/2014 8:07:57 PM

yeah they should have stayed broken up

anonymous 1/31/2014 9:28:47 PM

chorus kinda has a cky vibe

anonymous 1/31/2014 9:38:29 PM

This is classic He Is Legend badass awesomeness. If you don't like it, get the f*ck off this web site and stop wasting your time commenting about it. I for one am stoked as hell for the new album!!!

anonymous 1/31/2014 10:39:41 PM

I gots me a poster & shirt. Dem arts is nice. I'll wait for the full album to buy the media, though.

anonymous 2/1/2014 12:04:36 AM

I stay pretty loyal to you guys, before Schuylars beard, and before it was its own entity. You brought life to the midwest when you decided not to follow the trend of swoop haired girl jean hxc music that had plagied me for most of my adolescence, and I thank/praise you for that. You keep making music the way you want to, and well, it'll grow on me as it has since suck out the poison. I do however hope this is the popiest song on the album. Long live HIL

anonymous 2/1/2014 6:59:45 AM

Good to hear you guys! Sounds Awesome!

anonymous 2/1/2014 7:52:21 AM

I bet the people saying this is "radio rock" don't even understand the underlying stories HIL continue on every cd and how each story is progressing.

anonymous 2/1/2014 8:15:16 AM

I'm so stoked to hear new He is Legend

anonymous 2/1/2014 8:24:20 AM

Sounds like STP… And I like that. Good one boys!

anonymous 2/1/2014 8:34:36 AM

I am in love with this band's music. Never have they released something that didn't give me absolute CHILLS! Great job, boys! You never cease to make Wilmy proud of you.

anonymous 2/1/2014 8:52:35 AM

I love HIL. New track is really good, especially if you've learned to set aside wishing for an "old" HIL sound. Having said that there's no way all these positive LG comments are real lol

anonymous 2/1/2014 9:40:33 AM

something tells me most of these comments were made by band members

anonymous 2/1/2014 9:48:46 AM

It's Bibis Ellison at beginning.

anonymous 2/1/2014 9:53:33 AM

Rocks Songs doesn't mean aggressive or more heavy but the way you feel! I feel "Something Witchy" :) LOVE U YOU GUYS HIL Ass: JOao Arroja http://www.youtube.com/wat ch?v=Q-q8qYZScQs

anonymous 2/1/2014 10:48:47 AM

What f*cking "radio" are these people listening to? This song, band and vision are incredible.

anonymous 2/1/2014 12:11:29 PM

I would love to know what radio station all of the radio complainers are listening to. I've never heard ANYTHING like this on alternative radio stations. Morons just want screams and breakdowns. This isnt 2005 anymore. Like thrice, BMTH, Beartooth, ect.... Musicians mature with their taste as they become adults. As should you.....

anonymous 2/1/2014 12:19:34 PM

f*ck YEA!

anonymous 2/2/2014 8:11:13 AM

accessible =/= radio rock

anonymous 2/2/2014 8:23:36 AM

This song kicks ass! Great extension from the last album. Can't wait to hear the rest! Also... I am VERY doubtful that I will ever hear this on the radio LOL.

anonymous 2/2/2014 10:09:53 AM

Accesable radio rock? Get real man. This band is probably the most talented and underrated band I've ever heard. Tell me what other music you can listen to for hours on end and never get tired of? Now if you guys want to hear "radio rock" then go listen to maylene and the sons of disasters last album. He is Legend has been making the best and most consistent music since 91025, and even before they were He is Legend. you're obviesly not a true He is Legend fan.

anonymous 2/2/2014 6:25:30 PM

Radio rock, its he is legend are you a fan, no a believer of the bunch? If they could sound this good sounding like ehh its ok the album may be as good as it hates you which it does, expand man try to ...understand

anonymous 2/3/2014 6:48:31 AM

They sampled a muse song

anonymous 2/3/2014 10:34:43 AM

the dude who said the singer sounded like a girl at the beginning is a retard. its obviously the girl who does the vocals of (((louds

anonymous 2/3/2014 1:25:17 PM

Coon dix, Tailgates, Chinpoaquian NC

anonymous 2/3/2014 2:10:29 PM

This lives up to everything this band has become over the last hears, production is awesome, vocals are killer, hell yeah

gorillatriscuits 2/3/2014 4:46:54 PM

He Is Legend, thank you. f*cking finally. thank you. this time around just keep doing it and DONT stop.

anonymous 2/4/2014 1:12:57 AM

Can I get a heeeeeeeeeeelllll yeeeeeaaaaaaaa! So worth the wait.

anonymous 2/4/2014 12:12:13 PM

Love the Legend since they were Uriah Omen, but I gotta' say, ETID has progressed better and grown Southern Metal more than any band in the past 10 years. Kinda like the new HIL song. But I felt that way about It Hates You when the first couple of songs leaked. Then after listening to the album, it grew on me. Can't wait to hear the new album.

anonymous 2/5/2014 4:09:53 PM

I dig it - need a few more listens. Was going to buy a shirt until I was checking out and it's $10.00 shipping for something that costs $4 tops to mail. C'mon guys. You're losing sales upcharging shipping like that.

anonymous 2/5/2014 8:21:57 PM

I still have my original Uriah Omen cd... Can't wait for the new one to be released!

anonymous 2/7/2014 4:25:09 PM

Anyone negatively dubbing this song "radio rock" can eat a big ol' d*ck.

anonymous 2/8/2014 3:16:51 AM

trying to get HIL played on radio in Australia. help me out - http://voteheislegend.blog spot.com.au/

anonymous 2/8/2014 12:06:53 PM

good work guys, everyone is really excited for this release! See you in Toronto? ya?

anonymous 2/11/2014 5:22:32 PM

It's filthy good.

anonymous 2/13/2014 5:15:24 PM

YESSSSS this sounds great. Here's to He Is Legend rocking it like the good ol days

anonymous 2/26/2014 9:03:45 AM

Chelsea Dove is the girl who does all the female vocal tracks. Like in the song (((louds on suck out the poison. her voice is awesome!

anonymous 3/4/2014 12:53:50 PM

I thought this was the new He Is Legend song, not the new MUSE single.

anonymous 3/27/2014 8:07:29 PM

I loved Suck Out The Poison, so this sounds like it'll freakin rock. I think the Hollywood days are gone, but with a sound like this I'm ok with that