TidbitsFebruary 25, 2019 9:28 AM ET

woman accuses wrong Mastodon of scamming her son

Members of progressive metal titans Mastodon were seemingly perplexed this week when they checked their Facebook messages to find an unhappy South Carolina woman of accusing them of scamming her son and attempting "to ruin someone's fame." As you can see from the messages below (which have since been deleted from the Mastodon Facebook), after lashing out in a tirade of foul language, the woman explains that Mastodon offered her son a job in January but instead "sent him on a wild goose chase." After chiding her for using such uncouth language, guitarist Bill Kelliher informed her that the band was touring Europe in January and aren't even hiring in the first place. woman goes off on Mastodon woman says Mastodon scammed her son While we don't know this for a fact, it seems likely that the woman actually intended to contact makers of the social media software, Mastodon. Wikipedia states that Mastodon is an "online, self-hosted social media, and social networking service." Further research suggests that Mastodon hopes to function as a free, open source alternative to Twitter. If this is in fact the Mastodon she attempted to contact, it appears that the band Mastodon have nobody to blame but themselves for this case of mistaken identity, as they seem to have inspired the name of the software offering: Mastodon band inspired name of Mastodon software Of course, it could be some other company called Mastodon, like Mastodon Design or Mastodon Media. Who the hell knows. Regardless, we hope that she and her son find peace and prosperity.
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