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Bury Your Dead Bury Your Dead

Bury Your Dead - Bury Your Dead
01. Sympathy Orchestra
02. Hands to Hide the Shame
03. Fever Dream
04. Womb Disease
05. Infidel's Hymn
06. Year One
07. Angel With a Dirty Face
08. Disposably Yours
09. A Devil's Ransom
10. Fools Gold
11. Dust to Dust
2008 Victory Records

Reviewed by: Nick   //   Published: 4/29/2008

Bury Your Dead are brilliant. They've secured a multi-record deal on a major independent label, managed to pack some decent sized venues, and developed into about as big of a household name possible for the metalcore genre. And they've accomplished all of this by stringing together track after track of mindlessly trite mosh-heavy mediocrity. Yet this feat shouldn't be a source of annoyance or frustration. I applaud these guys for turning breakdowns and two-steps into a paycheck. I really do.

But that doesn't change the fact that this is (and will always be) musical garbage. Bury Your Dead's excuse of light-heartedness is no longer to be found, as the band has ditched the song title themes of the past, desiring to put out a more serious release. Without the "joke band" excuse on their side, the result is exactly what was expected: a record of highly polished moshcore for simpletons.

Every track packs the standard metalcore fare into a predictably tight verse-chorus package. You want breakdowns Done. You want unimpressive metallic riffing Sure thing. You want melodic choruses You've got it. In fact, "Fever Dream" and "Hands to Hide the Shame" each advertise choruses with gritty, borderline nu-metal singing, courtesy of the band's new vocalist, ex-Cassius frontman Myke Terry. Other tracks provide more cringe-inducing moments, such as the hilariously unnecessary scream of "Fuck!" at the beginning of "Disposably Yours," and "Year One," the disc's metalcore ballad, complete with a cheesy guitar solo and lyrics like, "This is an uphill battle and I'm losing stride / Is there anyone who sees this"

Music like this won't go away as long as there are legions of kids still blissfully consuming the same song structures, the same breakdowns, and the same tacky melodies. So while this record is garbage through and through, Bury Your Dead deserve a little recognition for exploiting a genre for all its worth.Who knew that it was actually possible to make a living from something so mindless and formulaic

Bottom Line: It's Bury Your Dead. It's extremely polished, highly predictable, and awfully cheesy. No surprises here.

anonymous   posted 3/17/2009 12:21:54 PM
this album is the worst piece of shit i've ever heard, i had to go make a mountain in the toilet after hearing 1 song.
"you had me at hello" was generic and meant for simpletons, but still 10 times better than this shit.
tak_   posted 6/6/2008 8:11:17 PM
whatever. recognizing and understanding talent is different for everyone in who's the 10/10 of the moment and who's the 1/10.
devoured_   posted 6/3/2008 9:21:11 PM
slim aka brendan macdonald trys to hard. too bad he was and still is a fat little jewbag. go back to playing bass and learn how to play guitar you douce. maybe your "crew" can teach you.
Syracuse_   posted 5/19/2008 5:33:27 PM
bury your f*cking diamonds
yousuck_   posted 5/18/2008 2:54:20 PM
Most horrid album ever.
No balls.

Bitchcore for the masses.

But if it gets them laid.... hmmm*

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