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Hiretsukan End States

Hiretsukan - End States
01. Circling Boy
02. Manual Function MP3
03. Song for Wilhelmina Vautrin
04. Her Article
05. Wellwisher
06. Click and Repeat
07. Hauling Sharp
08. 9 Year Barrier
09. Placement Services
10. Tight Not Touching
2005 G7 Welcoming Committee

Reviewed by: Cory   //   Published: 10/30/2005

I'm not really sure where or when I first heard about Hiretsukan, but after hearing them I honestly couldn't believe I hadn't heard of them before. After taking a few years off since their Invasive//Exotic EP, the band returned in 2005 with their first full-length, End States, one of the best, freshest hardcore CDs I've heard as of late. Hiretsukan plays relatively stripped-down melodic hardcore, but that description does them no justice. The marching pace of most of the songs is generally supplemented by a simple, yet effective guitar and bass line that quickly draws the listener into the songs. Once you're in though, vocalist Michelle Proffit's screams are relentless and razor sharp, spewing socially and politically conscious lyrics as devastating as the band's music.

While some hardcore and metal fans will immediately scoff at the idea of a band of this sort fronted by a female, but Michelle Proffit outshines the majority of her male counterparts in the sheer intensity of her screams. Like a slightly more coherent Jake Bannon, Proffit's vocals bear a slight resemblance to a rabid animal, but she can just as effectively rein them in, as with the beginning of "9 Year Barrier." For the most part though, her vocal consistency complements the relative simplicity of Hiretsukan's music. The band's straightforward approach to songwriting frequently reminded me of bands like Hot Cross or Black Cross. The success of these bands, as well as Hiretsukan, lies in their ability to convey emotion through intensity of performance and solid songwriting, as opposed to theatricality and technical showiness.

While it might have been nice for the band to mix things up a bit more, Hiretsukan delivers thirty minutes or so of excellent music that never wears out its welcome. The production is nearly as simplistic as the music itself, never becoming intrusive or showy. I had to Google some of the lyrics to get a grasp on the political situations they were referencing, but they were never convoluted, easily enlightening those curious enough to investigate the disc's liner notes.

Bottom Line: Hiretsukan have managed to be inventive without burying themselves in gimmickry or flashiness. Their music is impressive and powerful because there is genuine emotion and power emanating from their performance. End States is an excellent, no-frills record that really blew me away from the first listen and continues to after many more.

anonymous   posted 11/2/2005 1:15:17 PM
this shit blows.
Fur_Beach_   posted 11/1/2005 3:39:37 PM
Lambgoat reviewing a good band for once?? wow, I am surprised. Good Review Cory.
Rikethink_   posted 11/1/2005 10:26:33 AM
"Black Cross isn't straight forward... and Hot Cross is pushing it"

Agleed. Hiretsukan is good, though.
Sean Loiselle_   posted 10/31/2005 4:13:27 PM
Black Cross isn't straight forward...and Hot Cross is pushing it
goobercore_   posted 10/31/2005 12:35:45 PM
this band is f*cking awesome. REALLY surprised to see a review on lambgoat, but they rule. the old record had a creeping death cover. weird, but cool. but yea, they rule.

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