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Metal and Hardcore Albums Released in 2022

While we make no warranty as to the accuracy of our album releases information, we do strive to maintain a reliable database. If you are aware of any inaccurate information or glaring omissions, please let us know.
1/7/2022 Aethereus Leiden The Artisan Era
1/7/2022 APES Lullabies For Eternal Sleep EP Translation Loss Records
1/7/2022 Infected Rain Ecdysis Napalm Records
1/7/2022 Nocturnal Graves An Outlaw's Stand Season Of Mist
1/7/2022 VoidCeremony At The Periphery Of Human Realms 20 Buck Spin
1/7/2022 Wilderun Epigone Century Media Records
1/14/2022 Enterprise Earth The Chosen MNRK Music Group
1/14/2022 Fit For An Autopsy Oh What The Future Holds Nuclear Blast Records
1/14/2022 Lee McKinney In the Light of Knowledge Sumerian Records
1/14/2022 Pridelands Light Bends SharpTone Records
1/14/2022 Shadow Of Intent Elegy Blood Blast Distribution
1/14/2022 Slowbleed A Blazing Sun, The Fiery Dawn Creator Destructor Records
1/14/2022 Underoath Voyeurist Fearless Records
1/14/2022 Wiegedood There’s Always Blood At The End Of The Road Century Media Records
1/14/2022 Worm Shepherd Ritual Hymns Unique Leader Records
1/20/2022 Great American Ghost Torture World EP MNRK Music Group
1/21/2022 Comeback Kid Heavy Steps Nuclear Blast Records
1/21/2022 Druid Lord Relics of the Dead Hells Headbangers
1/21/2022 SETYØURSAILS Nightfall Napalm Records
1/21/2022 SOM The Shape Of Everything Pelagic Records
1/21/2022 VRSTY Welcome Home Spinefarm Records
1/28/2022 Aegrus The Carnal Temples EP Osmose Productions
1/28/2022 Celeste Assassine(s) Nuclear Blast Records
1/28/2022 Cloakroom Dissolution Wave Relapse Records
1/28/2022 Earthless Night Parade of One Hundred Demons Nuclear Blast Records
1/28/2022 Krosis E.V.I.L. EP Seek and Strike
1/28/2022 Malefic Throne Malefic Throne EP Hells Headbangers
1/28/2022 The Last Ten Seconds Of Life The Last Ten Seconds of Life Unique Leader Records
1/28/2022 Toxpack Zwanzig. Tausend Volt Napalm Records
2/4/2022 Abhoria Abhoria Prosthetic Records
2/4/2022 Abysmal Dawn Nightmare Frontier EP Season Of Mist
2/4/2022 Circa Survive A Dream About Death EP Rise Records
2/4/2022 Cold Night For Alligators The Hindsight Notes Arising Empire
2/4/2022 Kill Your Idols / Rule Them All split EP Flatspot Records
2/4/2022 Korn Requiem Loma Vista Recordings
2/4/2022 Mass Worship Portal Tombs Century Media Records
2/4/2022 Mystic Circle Mystic Circle Atomic Fire Records
2/4/2022 Persefone metanoia Napalm Records
2/4/2022 Rolo Tomassi Where Myth becomes Memory MNRK Music Group
2/4/2022 Venom Prison Erebos Century Media Records
2/11/2022 Amorphis Halo Atomic Fire Records
2/11/2022 Author & Punisher Krüller Relapse Records
2/11/2022 Cult Of Luna The Long Road North Metal Blade Records
2/11/2022 Dead American New Nostalgia Equal Vision Records
2/11/2022 Hammr Eternal Possession Hells Headbangers
2/11/2022 Hangman's Chair A Loner Nuclear Blast Records
2/11/2022 Napalm Death Resentment is Always Seismic - A Final Throw of Throes EP Century Media Records
2/11/2022 Near Death Condition Ascent from the Mundane Unique Leader Records
2/11/2022 Take Life You Are Nowhere self-released
2/11/2022 The Devils Of Loudun Escaping Eternity The Artisan Era
2/11/2022 Voivod Synchro Anarchy Century Media Records
2/11/2022 WAIT The End of Noise The Artisan Era
2/18/2022 Burn Down Eden Sermonize EP Seek and Strike
2/18/2022 Dagoba By Night Napalm Records
2/18/2022 Hiv The Bright Side Of Everything Selfmadegod Records
2/18/2022 Immolation Acts of God Nuclear Blast Records
2/18/2022 Matt Pike Pike vs. the Automaton MNRK Music Group
2/18/2022 Prayer Group Michael Dose Reptilian Records
2/18/2022 Pure Wrath Hymn To The Woeful Hearts Debemur Morti Productions
2/22/2022 Mountaineer Giving Up The Ghost Lifeforce Records
2/25/2022 Abraham Debris de Mondes Perdus Pelagic Records
2/25/2022 Allegaeon Damnum Metal Blade Records
2/25/2022 Bitter Branches Your Neighbors Are Failures Equal Vision Records
2/25/2022 Darkness Everywhere The Seventh Circle EP Creator Destructor Records
2/25/2022 Deathhammer Electric Warfare Hells Headbangers
2/25/2022 Eight Bells Legacy of Ruin Prophecy Productions
2/25/2022 Embryonic Devourment Heresy Of The Highest Order Unique Leader Records
2/25/2022 Fetal Blood Eagle Indoctrinate Listenable Records
2/25/2022 Hammerfall Hammer of Dawn Napalm Records
2/25/2022 Shape Of Despair Return to the Void Season Of Mist
3/3/2022 Smash Your Enemies Genocide Upstate Records
3/4/2022 Crowbar Zero and Below MNRK Music Group
3/4/2022 Deserted Fear Doomsday Century Media Records
3/4/2022 Endtime Impending Doom Heavy Psych Sounds
3/4/2022 Hath All That Was Promised Willowtip Records
3/4/2022 Midnight Let There Be Witchery Metal Blade Records
3/4/2022 Oh Hiroshima Myriad Napalm Records
3/4/2022 Sabaton The War To End All Wars Nuclear Blast Records
3/4/2022 Shock Withdrawal Shock Withdrawal EP Brutal Panda Records
3/4/2022 Slob Deepwoods Shack Of Sodomy Comatose Music
3/4/2022 Troglodyte The Hierarchical Ecological Succession: Welcome to the Food Chain Blood Blast Distribution
3/4/2022 Vein.fm This World Is Going To Ruin You Closed Casket Activities
3/4/2022 Vio-lence Let The World Burn EP Metal Blade Records
3/11/2022 AngelMaker Sanctum Blood Blast Distribution
3/11/2022 Arkaik Labyrinth of Hungry Ghosts The Artisan Era
3/11/2022 Drug Church Hygiene Pure Noise Records
3/11/2022 Ghost Impera Loma Vista Recordings
3/11/2022 Haunted Shores Void 3DOT Recordings
3/11/2022 Konvent Call Down The Sun Napalm Records
3/11/2022 SYK Pyramiden Housecore Records
3/11/2022 Wolves At The Gate Eulogies Solid State Records
3/18/2022 Aeviterne The Ailing Facade Profound Lore Records
3/18/2022 Agathodaimon The Seven Napalm Records
3/18/2022 Berthold City When Words Are Not Enough War Records
3/18/2022 Breathe Atlantis Overdrive Arising Empire
3/18/2022 Dark Funeral We Are The Apocalypse Century Media Records
3/18/2022 Extinction A.D. Culture of Violence Unique Leader Records
3/18/2022 Hell Militia Hollow Void! Season Of Mist
3/18/2022 Joshua Travis No Rest EP SharpTone Records
3/18/2022 Ritual Earth MMXX Iodine Recordings
3/18/2022 Savage Necromancy Feathers Fall To Flames 20 Buck Spin
3/18/2022 Slaegt Goddess Century Media Records
3/18/2022 Space of Variations IMAGO Napalm Records
3/18/2022 Without Waves Comedian Prosthetic Records
3/25/2022 8 Kalacas Fronteras Atomic Fire Records
3/25/2022 Abbath Dread Reaver Season Of Mist
3/25/2022 Absent In Body Plague God Relapse Records
3/25/2022 Animals As Leaders Parrhesia Sumerian Records
3/25/2022 Bâ'a Egrégore Osmose Productions
3/25/2022 Crown Magnetar Alone In Death EP Unique Leader Records
3/25/2022 Desolate Shrine Fires of the Dying World Dark Descent Records
3/25/2022 Falls Of Rauros Key to a Vanishing Future Gilead Media
3/25/2022 Ignite Ignite Century Media Records
3/25/2022 Lucifer's Child / Mystifier Under Satan's Wrath split Agonia Records
3/25/2022 Nite Voices of the Kronian Moon Season Of Mist
3/25/2022 Soul Glo Diaspora Problems Epitaph Records
3/25/2022 Witchpit The Weight of Death Heavy Psych Sounds
4/1/2022 Centinex The Pestilence EP Agonia Records
4/1/2022 Evil Invaders Shattering Reflection Napalm Records
4/1/2022 Kublai Khan TX Lowest Form of Animal EP Rise Records
4/1/2022 Meshuggah Immutable Atomic Fire Records
4/1/2022 Misfire Sympathy For The Ignorant MNRK Music Group
4/1/2022 Nekrogoblikon The Fundamental Slimes and Humours self-released
4/1/2022 Satan Earth Infernal Metal Blade Records
4/1/2022 Windrunner Tan Famined Records
4/1/2022 Wolf Shadowland Century Media Records
4/8/2022 Destruction Diabolical Napalm Records
4/8/2022 Incite Wake Up Dead Atomic Fire Records
4/8/2022 Mors Principium Est Liberate the Unborn Inhumanity AFM Records
4/8/2022 Skumstrike Deadly Intrusions Selfmadegod Records
4/15/2022 Abstracted Atma Conflux M-Theory Audio
4/15/2022 Analepsy Quiescence Agonia Records
4/15/2022 Atoll Prepuce EP Unique Leader Records
4/15/2022 Cancer Bats Psychic Jailbreak self-released
4/15/2022 Darkher The Buried Storm Prophecy Productions
4/15/2022 Egregore The Word Of His Law 20 Buck Spin
4/15/2022 Greyhaven This Bright and Beautiful World Equal Vision Records
4/15/2022 Hostilities NØ COWARDS Bullet Tooth
4/15/2022 Månegarm Ynglingaättens Öde Napalm Records
4/15/2022 Monuments In Stasis Century Media Records
4/22/2022 Bodysnatcher Bleed-Abide MNRK Music Group
4/22/2022 Corpsessed Succumb to Rot Dark Descent Records
4/22/2022 Huntsmen The Dying Pines EP Prosthetic Records
4/22/2022 Northlane Obsidian Believe
4/22/2022 Primus Conspiranoid EP ATO Records
4/22/2022 Somali Yacht Club The Space Season Of Mist
4/22/2022 Undeath It's Time... To Rise from the Grave Prosthetic Records
4/23/2022 Kirk Hammett Portals EP Blackened Recordings
4/25/2022 Inanna Void of Unending Depths Memento Mori
4/25/2022 Intolerance Dark Paths of Humanity Memento Mori
4/29/2022 Abhomine Demonize Destroy Delete Hells Headbangers
4/29/2022 Candelabrum Nocturnal Trance Hells Headbangers
4/29/2022 Devil Master Ecstasies of Never Ending Night Relapse Records
4/29/2022 Helms Alee Keep This Be The Way Sargent House
4/29/2022 Lament Cityscape A Darker Discharge Lifeforce Records
4/29/2022 Meyhnach Miseria de profundis Osmose Productions
4/29/2022 No/Más Consume/Deny/Repent Closed Casket Activities
4/29/2022 Pyrithe Monuments To Impermanence Gilead Media
4/29/2022 Rammstein Zeit Capitol Records
4/29/2022 Vagrants Be Consumed Equal Vision Records
4/29/2022 Void Of Vision Chronicles II: Heaven EP UNFD
4/29/2022 Watain The Agony & Ecstasy Of Watain Nuclear Blast Records
4/30/2022 Goldilush Fragile Zombies self-released
5/4/2022 Chamber Carved in Stone EP Pure Noise Records
5/6/2022 Cosmic Putrefaction Crepuscular Dirge For The Blessed Ones Profound Lore Records
5/6/2022 Demonical Mass Destroyer Agonia Records
5/6/2022 Haunter Discarnate Ails Profound Lore Records
5/6/2022 Ibaraki Rashomon Nuclear Blast Records
5/6/2022 OU one InsideOut Music
5/6/2022 Praise All in a Dream Revelation Records
5/6/2022 Silverstein Misery Made Me UNFD
5/6/2022 Stoner totally... Heavy Psych Sounds
5/6/2022 Terror Pain Into Power Pure Noise Records
5/6/2022 This Is Oblivion This Is Oblivion Silent Pendulum Records
5/6/2022 Tómarúm Ash in Realms of Stone Icons Prosthetic Records
5/6/2022 Ufomammut Fenice Neurot Recordings
5/6/2022 Upon A Burning Body Fury Seek and Strike
5/6/2022 Windwaker Love Language Fearless Records
5/13/2022 Aara Triade II: Hemera Debemur Morti Productions
5/13/2022 Cage Fight Cage Fight Candlelight Records
5/13/2022 Cartilage The Deader The Better Creator Destructor Records
5/13/2022 Cavernlight As I Cast Ruin Upon The Lens That Reveals My Every Flaw Translation Loss Records
5/13/2022 Demiricous III: Chaotic Lethal self-released
5/13/2022 Ecstatic Vision Elusive Mojo Heavy Psych Sounds
5/13/2022 Glassbone Spirals EP Blood Blast Distribution
5/13/2022 Jungle Rot A Call to Arms Unique Leader Records
5/13/2022 Katharos Of Lineages Long Forgotten Willowtip Records
5/13/2022 Master Boot Record Personal Computer Metal Blade Records
5/13/2022 Misery Index Complete Control Century Media Records
5/13/2022 Moon Tooth Phototroph Pure Noise Records
5/13/2022 Primitive Man Insurmountable EP Closed Casket Activities
5/13/2022 Steaksauce Mustache All Juice No Noise Silent Pendulum Records
5/13/2022 Woorms Fatalismo SuperNova Records
5/20/2022 Be Well Hello Sun EP Revelation Records
5/20/2022 Blut Aus Nord Disharmonium – Undreamable Abysses Debemur Morti Productions
5/20/2022 Bog Body Cryonic Crevasse Cult Profound Lore Records
5/20/2022 Cave In Heavy Pendulum Relapse Records
5/20/2022 Come To Grief When The World Dies Translation Loss Records
5/20/2022 D Bloc D Bloc Unbeaten Records
5/20/2022 Evergrey A Heartless Portrait (The Orphean Testament) Napalm Records
5/20/2022 Gronibard Regarde Les Hommes Sucer Season Of Mist
5/20/2022 Helsott Will and The Witch M-Theory Audio
5/20/2022 Imonolith Progressions self-released
5/20/2022 Luminous Vault Animate The Emptiness Profound Lore Records
5/20/2022 Malevolence Malicious Intent Nuclear Blast Records
5/20/2022 Predatory Light Death and the Twilight Hours 20 Buck Spin
5/20/2022 Rottenness Violentopía Selfmadegod Records
5/20/2022 Sadist Firescorched Agonia Records
5/20/2022 Sadistic Ritual The Enigma, Boundless Prosthetic Records
5/20/2022 Septicflesh Modern Primitive Nuclear Blast Records
5/20/2022 Texas Murder Crew Wrapped in Their Blood Comatose Music
5/20/2022 The Dark Alamorté Lunacrium Thepsis Unique Leader Records
5/27/2022 Baest Justitia EP Century Media Records
5/27/2022 Black Void Antithesis Nuclear Blast Records
5/27/2022 Church of Disgust Weakest is the Flesh Hells Headbangers
5/27/2022 Coheed and Cambria Vaxis II: A Window of the Waking Mind Elektra Entertainment
5/27/2022 Decapitated Cancer Culture Nuclear Blast Records
5/27/2022 Healing Magic Volume I: Fire Blood Blast Distribution
5/27/2022 Hollow Front The Price of Dreaming UNFD
5/27/2022 Holocausto Canibal Crueza Ferina Selfmadegod Records
5/27/2022 Mournful Congregation The Exuviae Of Gods - Part I EP 20 Buck Spin
5/27/2022 Sacrifizer Le Diamant De Lucifer Osmose Productions
5/27/2022 Shed The Skin Thaumogenesis Hells Headbangers
5/27/2022 Trollfest Flamingo Overlord Napalm Records
6/3/2022 Artificial Brain Artificial Brain Profound Lore Records
6/3/2022 Astronoid Radiant Bloom 3DOT Recordings
6/3/2022 Bleed From Within Shrine Nuclear Blast Records
6/3/2022 Druids Shadow Work Pelagic Records
6/3/2022 Gwar The New Dark Ages self-released
6/3/2022 Kreator Hate Über Alles Nuclear Blast Records
6/3/2022 Memphis May Fire Remade in Misery Rise Records
6/3/2022 Origin Chaosmos Nuclear Blast Records
6/3/2022 orphantwin Future Classic Solid State Records
6/3/2022 Sijjeel Salvation Within Insanity Comatose Music
6/3/2022 Storm Beautiful Pain EP Indie Recordings
6/3/2022 Temple Of Void Summoning the Slayer Relapse Records
6/3/2022 Terminal Nation / Kruelty The Ruination Of Imperialism 20 Buck Spin
6/3/2022 The Oklahoma Kid Tangerine Tragic Arising Empire
6/10/2022 Berator Elysian Inferno EP Dark Descent Records
6/10/2022 Downset Maintain Nuclear Blast Records
6/10/2022 Future Palace Run Arising Empire
6/10/2022 Inanimate Existence The Masquerade The Artisan Era
6/10/2022 Kardashev Liminal Rite Metal Blade Records
6/10/2022 Moodring Stargazer UNFD
6/10/2022 Motionless In White Scoring the End of the World Roadrunner Records
6/10/2022 Rise Against Nowhere Generation II EP Loma Vista Recordings
6/10/2022 Secrets The Collapse Velocity Records
6/10/2022 Severe Torture Fisting the Sockets EP Season Of Mist
6/10/2022 Silent Drive Fairhaven Equal Vision Records
6/10/2022 Soreption Jord Unique Leader Records
6/10/2022 Yatra Born into Chaos Prosthetic Records
6/17/2022 Denouncement Pyre Forever Burning Agonia Records
6/17/2022 Executioner's Mask Winterlong Profound Lore Records
6/17/2022 Exocrine The Hybrid Suns Unique Leader Records
6/17/2022 Inexorum Equinox Vigil Gilead Media
6/17/2022 ONI Loathing Light Ironshore Records
6/17/2022 Tungsten Bliss Arising Empire
6/17/2022 Vatican Ultra UNFD
6/17/2022 White Ward False Light Debemur Morti Productions
6/23/2022 Venom Inc. There’s Only Black Nuclear Blast Records
6/24/2022 Alexisonfire Otherness Dine Alone Records
6/24/2022 Axioma Sepsis Translation Loss Records
6/24/2022 Belphegor The Devils self-released
6/24/2022 Betraying The Martyrs Silver Lining EP Out of Line Music
6/24/2022 Candy Heaven is Here Relapse Records
6/24/2022 Darkane Inhuman Spirits Massacre Records
6/24/2022 Emery Rub Some Dirt on It Tooth & Nail Records
6/24/2022 Fairweather Deluge EP Equal Vision Records
6/24/2022 LIMBS Coma Year EP UNFD
6/24/2022 Philosophobia Philosophobia Sensory Records
6/24/2022 Porcupine Tree Closure / Continuation Music For Nations
6/24/2022 Solipsism Cruelty & Necrospection Hells Headbangers
6/24/2022 Spiritbox Rotoscope EP Rise Records
6/24/2022 Volcandra Border World EP Prosthetic Records
6/24/2022 Werewolves From the Cave to the Grave Prosthetic Records
7/1/2022 Conjurer Páthos Nuclear Blast Records
7/1/2022 Downfall Behind The Curtain Triple B Records
7/1/2022 Horizon Ignited Towards The Dying Lands Nuclear Blast Records
7/1/2022 Kings Never Die The Good Times And The Bad EP Fast Break! Entertainment
7/1/2022 Municipal Waste Electrified Brain Nuclear Blast Records
7/1/2022 The Bearer Chained to a Tree Silent Pendulum Records
7/8/2022 Blackwater Drowning Sonder//Satori Blood Blast Distribution
7/8/2022 End It Unpleasant Living EP Flatspot Records
7/8/2022 Greylotus Dawnfall The Artisan Era
7/8/2022 Left To Suffer And Dying Forever EP self-released
7/8/2022 Lord Elephant Cosmic Awakening Heavy Psych Sounds
7/8/2022 Organectomy Nail Below Nail Unique Leader Records
7/8/2022 Pestilent Hex The Ashen Abhorrence Debemur Morti Productions
7/8/2022 Vomit Forth Seething Malevolence Century Media Records
7/8/2022 Wormrot Hiss Earache Records
7/10/2022 Begrime Exemious Rotting in the Aftermath Dark Descent Records
7/15/2022 Antigama Whiteout Selfmadegod Records
7/15/2022 Deathbringer IT Unique Leader Records
7/15/2022 Hissing Hypervirulence Architecture Profound Lore Records
7/15/2022 Mantar Pain Is Forever and This Is the End Metal Blade Records
7/15/2022 Manticore Endless Scourge of Torment Hells Headbangers
7/15/2022 Molder Engrossed in Decay Prosthetic Records
7/15/2022 Rain City Drive Rain City Drive Thriller Records
7/15/2022 Scarcity Aveilut Flenser Records
7/15/2022 Senses Fail Hell Is In Your Head Pure Noise Records
7/15/2022 Xenoglyph Spiritfraud Translation Loss Records
7/21/2022 Oceans Of Slumber Starlight and Ash Century Media Records
7/22/2022 Castrator Defiled in Oblivion Dark Descent Records
7/22/2022 Imperial Triumphant Spirit of Ecstasy Century Media Records
7/22/2022 Karl Sanders Saurian Apocalypse Napalm Records
7/22/2022 Northless A Path Beyond Grief Translation Loss Records
7/22/2022 Palisades Reaching Hypercritical Rise Records
7/22/2022 Panzerfaust The Suns of Perdition, Chapter III: The Astral Drain Eisenwald Records
7/22/2022 Villain of the Story Divided Out of Line Music
7/22/2022 Wailin Storms The Silver Snake Unfolds Gilead Media
7/22/2022 Wake Thought Form Descent Metal Blade Records
7/22/2022 Witchery Nightside Century Media Records
7/25/2022 Rotheads Slither in Slime Memento Mori
7/29/2022 Beach Rats Rat Beat Epitaph Records
7/29/2022 Black Magnet Body Prophecy 20 Buck Spin
7/29/2022 Chat Pile God's Country The Flenser
7/29/2022 Daidalos The Expedition self-released
7/29/2022 Dance Gavin Dance Jackpot Juicer Rise Records
7/29/2022 Ithaca They Fear Us Hassle Records
7/29/2022 Reeking Aura Blood And Bonemeal Profound Lore Records
7/29/2022 Stick To Your Guns Spectre Pure Noise Records
7/29/2022 The Lord Forest Nocturne Southern Lord Records
8/5/2022 Amon Amarth The Great Heathen Army Metal Blade Records
8/5/2022 Disconnected Souls Kintsukuroi self-released
8/5/2022 Ether Coven The Relationship Between the Hammer and the Nail Good Fight Music
8/5/2022 Liminal Shroud All Virtues Ablaze Willowtip Records
8/5/2022 Psycroptic Divine Council Prosthetic Records
8/5/2022 Soulfly Totem Nuclear Blast Records
8/12/2022 Arch Enemy Deceivers Century Media Records
8/12/2022 Aronius Irkalla The Artisan Era
8/12/2022 Boris Heavy Rocks (2022) Relapse Records
8/12/2022 Carrion Vael Abhorrent Obsessions Unique Leader Records
8/12/2022 Norma Jean Deathrattle Sing For Me Solid State Records
8/12/2022 Seventh Storm Maledictus Atomic Fire Records
8/12/2022 Take It To Heart Hymns for the Hopeless Safe Inside Records
8/12/2022 The Halo Effect Days of the Lost Nuclear Blast Records
8/15/2022 Alpha Wolf / Holding Absence The Lost & The Longing EP SharpTone Records
8/15/2022 Constellatia The Language Of Limbs Season Of Mist
8/19/2022 Concrete Ties Unrecognizable Upstate Records
8/19/2022 Dawnwalker House of Sand self-released
8/19/2022 I Prevail True Power Fearless Records
8/19/2022 Morbid Evils Supernaturals self-released
8/19/2022 Orthodox Learning To Dissolve Century Media Records
8/19/2022 Russian Circles Gnosis Sargent House
8/19/2022 Soilwork Övergivenheten Nuclear Blast Records
8/19/2022 Spirit Adrift 20 Centuries Gone EP Century Media Records
8/19/2022 Spite Dedication to Flesh Rise Records
8/26/2022 Align The Tide Hollow Cleopatra Records
8/26/2022 Becoming The Archetype Children of the Great Extinction Solid State Records
8/26/2022 Bleed Somebody's Closer 20 Buck Spin
8/26/2022 Brymir Voices In The Sky Napalm Records
8/26/2022 Consumption Necrotic Lust Hammerheart Records
8/26/2022 Eaten By Sharks Eradication Clean Kill Records
8/26/2022 fallfiftyfeet Lonely If You Go self-released
8/26/2022 Hierophant Death Siege Season Of Mist
8/26/2022 Machine Head Of Kingdom and Crown Nuclear Blast Records
8/26/2022 Manifest The Sinking Sound Pollution
8/26/2022 Pianos Become The Teeth Drift Epitaph Records
8/26/2022 Red Rot Mal de Vivre Svart Records
8/26/2022 Thoughtcrimes Altered Pasts Pure Noise Records
8/27/2022 Imperathron Mors Est Veritas Vargheist Records
9/1/2022 Oceans Ate Alaska Disparity Fearless Records
9/2/2022 156/Silence Narrative SharpTone Records
9/2/2022 Blind Guardian The God Machine Nuclear Blast Records
9/2/2022 Defacing God The Resurrection of Lilith Napalm Records
9/2/2022 Mantic Ritual Heart Set Stone M-Theory Audio
9/2/2022 Megadeth The Sick, The Dying… And The Dead! Universal Music Group
9/2/2022 Miss May I Curse of Existence SharpTone Records
9/2/2022 Sunflo'er All These Darlings And More Dark Trail Records
9/2/2022 The Callous Daoboys Celebrity Therapist MNRK Music Group
9/2/2022 Vermin Womb Retaliation Closed Casket Activities
9/9/2022 An Abstract Illusion Woe Willowtip Records
9/9/2022 Bloodbath Survival of the Sickest Napalm Records
9/9/2022 Crippled Black Phoenix Banefyre Season Of Mist
9/9/2022 Demon Hunter Exile self-released
9/9/2022 Electric Callboy Tekkno Century Media Records
9/9/2022 END / Cult Leader Gather & Mourn EP Closed Casket Activities
9/9/2022 Fallujah Empyrean Nuclear Blast Records
9/9/2022 Greber Fright Witout Hibernation Release
9/9/2022 I AM Eternal Steel MNRK Music Group
9/9/2022 Ozzy Osbourne Patient Number 9 Epic Records
9/9/2022 Parkway Drive Darker Still Epitaph Records
9/9/2022 Revocation Netherheaven Metal Blade Records
9/9/2022 Revocation Netherheaven Metal Blade Records
9/9/2022 Slugcrust Ecocide Prosthetic Records
9/9/2022 Stray From The Path Euthanasia UNFD
9/9/2022 Tallah The Generation of Danger Earache Records
9/9/2022 Until I Wake Inside My Head Fearless Records
9/15/2022 Hegemone Voyance Brucia Records
9/16/2022 Aviana Corporation Arising Empire
9/16/2022 Behemoth Opvs Contra Natvram Nuclear Blast Records
9/16/2022 Clutch Sunrise On Slaughter Beach Weathermaker Music
9/16/2022 Confessions Of A Traitor Punishing Myself Before God Does Facedown Records
9/16/2022 Destrage SO MUCH. too much. 3DOT Recordings
9/16/2022 Epoch of Unlight At War With The Multiverse Dark Horizon Records
9/16/2022 Industrial Puke Where Life Crisis Starts self-released
9/16/2022 Irist Gloria Nuclear Blast Records
9/16/2022 Lybica Oktavist Metal Blade Records
9/16/2022 Mindforce New Lords Triple B Records
9/16/2022 Phobophilic Enveloping Absurdity Prosthetic Records
9/16/2022 Sinnery Exitus Stratagem Records self-released
9/16/2022 The Devil Wears Prada Color Decay Solid State Records
9/16/2022 Weeping Wound idontbelonghere Blood Blast Distribution
9/16/2022 Wolfheart King Of The North Napalm Records
9/23/2022 Abhor Sex Sex Sex (Ceremonia Daemonis Anticristi) Iron Bonehead Productions
9/23/2022 Crone Gotta Light? Prosthetic Records
9/23/2022 Eternal Closure At The Centre Of It All - Chapter I self-released
9/23/2022 Gaerea Mirage Season Of Mist
9/23/2022 Invictus Unstoppable MNRK Music Group
9/23/2022 KEN mode NULL self-released
9/23/2022 Petbrick Liminal Neurot Recordings
9/23/2022 Razor Cycle Of Contempt Relapse Records
9/30/2022 Acephalix Theothanatology 20 Buck Spin
9/30/2022 All Else Fails The Incident at Black Lake self-released
9/30/2022 Gutsaw All Lives Splatter self-released
9/30/2022 Lost Society If the Sky Came Down Nuclear Blast Records
9/30/2022 Slipknot The End, So Far Roadrunner Records
9/30/2022 Umbilicus Path Of 1000 Suns Listenable Records
10/7/2022 Armed for Apocalypse Ritual Violence Candlelight Records
10/7/2022 Counterparts A Eulogy for Those Still Here Pure Noise Records
10/7/2022 Faustian Faustian Black Lion Records
10/7/2022 Fucked Up Oberon Tankcrimes
10/7/2022 Get The Shot Merciless Destruction New Damage Records
10/7/2022 Goatwhore Angels Hung From The Arches Of Heaven Metal Blade Records
10/7/2022 Keiji Haino & Sumac Into this juvenile apocalypse our golden blood to pour let us never Thrill Jockey Records
10/7/2022 Lamb Of God Omens Epic Records
10/7/2022 Languish Feeding The Flames Of Annihilation Prosthetic Records
10/14/2022 Alter Bridge Pawns & King Napalm Records
10/14/2022 Avoid Cult Mentality Thriller Records
10/14/2022 Boundaries Burying Brightness 3DOT Recordings
10/14/2022 Catalyst A Different Painting For A New World Non Serviam Records
10/14/2022 Lacuna Coil Comalies XX Century Media Records
10/14/2022 Ripped To Shreds 劇變 (Jubian) Relapse Records
10/14/2022 Sleeping With Sirens Complete Collapse Sumerian Records
10/14/2022 Sleeping With Sirens Complete Collapse Sumerian Records
10/14/2022 Varials Scars For You To Remember Fearless Records
10/14/2022 We Came As Romans Darkbloom SharpTone Records
10/21/2022 A Wake In Providence Eternity Unique Leader Records
10/21/2022 Crooked Royals Quarter Life Daydream 3DOT Recordings
10/21/2022 Exhumed To The Dead Relapse Records
10/21/2022 Inclination Unaltered Perspective Pure Noise Records
10/28/2022 Cinderblock Breathe The Fire EP War Records
10/28/2022 Darkthrone Astral Fortress Peaceville Records
10/28/2022 Dead Cross II Ipecac Recordings
10/28/2022 Defleshed Grind Over Matter Metal Blade Records
10/28/2022 Devin Townsend Lightwork InsideOut Music
10/28/2022 Fit For A King The Hell We Create Solid State Records
10/28/2022 Ground Habitual Self-Abuse Hibernation Release
10/28/2022 Nostromo Bucephale Hummus Records
10/28/2022 Show Me The Body Trouble The Water Loma Vista Recordings
10/28/2022 The Gloom In The Corner Trinity SharpTone Records
10/28/2022 Thotcrime D1G1T4L_DR1FT Prosthetic Records
11/4/2022 Ingested Ashes Lie Still Metal Blade Records
11/4/2022 R.A.M.B.O. Defy Extinction Relapse Records
11/5/2022 Mara Loka Maer Immortal Frost Productions
11/11/2022 Chelsea Grin Suffer In Hell self-released
11/11/2022 Encryptment Dödens Födsel Nuclear Winter Records
11/18/2022 Candlemass Sweet Evil Sun Napalm Records
11/25/2022 Black Lava Soul Furnace Season Of Mist
12/9/2022 Ready For Death Ready For Death Translation Loss Records
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