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Metal and Hardcore Albums Released in 2023

While we make no warranty as to the accuracy of our album releases information, we do strive to maintain a reliable database. If you are aware of any inaccurate information or glaring omissions, please let us know.
1/7/2023 Somali Yacht Club The Sun Season Of Mist
1/13/2023 Admire The Grim Rouge Five EP Inverse Records
1/13/2023 Aelvica Corpsewyrm Grave Ritual self-released
1/13/2023 AHAB The Coral Tombs Napalm Records
1/13/2023 Antimozdebeast Vision self-released
1/13/2023 Anubis Decreation Day EP self-released
1/13/2023 Ashen Ritual of Ash Bitter Loss Records
1/13/2023 Azken Auzi Azken Auzi Argonauta Records
1/13/2023 Beyond The Black Beyond The Black Nuclear Blast Records
1/13/2023 Crom The Era Of Darkness From The Vaults
1/13/2023 Cursed Excruciation Arcane Diabolism Iron Bonehead Productions
1/13/2023 Dark Hunt Sapere Aude EP self-released
1/13/2023 Death Engine Ocean Throatruiner Records
1/13/2023 Defy The Curse Horrors Of Human Sacrifice Hammerheart Records
1/13/2023 Draken Book of Black Majestic Mountain Records
1/13/2023 Endtime/Cosmic Reaper Doom Sessions Vol. 7 EP Heavy Psych Sounds
1/13/2023 Fall Of Babylon War on the Existent self-released
1/13/2023 Fractures In The Sky The Otherside Pt II: The Mind self-released
1/13/2023 GRÁ Lycaon Avantgarde Music
1/13/2023 Guts Club Cliffs/Walls self-released
1/13/2023 Gyaos:Diabolical In Accordance With The Prophecy Csquared Music
1/13/2023 Haxprocess The Caverns of Duat self-released
1/13/2023 HolyName HolyName Facedown Records
1/13/2023 HØSTSOL L​ä​nge Leve Dö​den Avantgarde Music
1/13/2023 Invertia Through The Black Bubble self-released
1/13/2023 Kohnerah Ominous Ubiquitous self-released
1/13/2023 KOLLAPS\E Phantom Centre self-released
1/13/2023 Lattermath Winter's Painting self-released
1/13/2023 Leipa Reue Avantgarde Music
1/13/2023 Leper Colony Leper Colony Transcending Obscurity
1/13/2023 Moonlight Sorcery Nightwind: The Conqueror From The Stars Avantgarde Music
1/13/2023 Necrodeath Singin' In The Pain Time To Kill Records
1/13/2023 Ninth Circle Dis, Emerge self-released
1/13/2023 Obituary Dying of Everything Relapse Records
1/13/2023 Occult Dawn Psalms I EP self-released
1/13/2023 Phal:Angst Whiteout Earsplit PR
1/13/2023 Pnakoptic Manuscript Dark Prometheus Symbol Of Domination
1/13/2023 Polar Everywhere, Everywhere Arising Empire
1/13/2023 Scalp Black Tar Closed Casket Activities
1/13/2023 Slog Divination Morbid and Miserable Records
1/13/2023 ten56. Downer Part.2 Out of Line Music
1/13/2023 The Wise Man's Fear Atlas Ruinica self-released
1/13/2023 Turmion Katilot Omen X Nuclear Blast Records
1/13/2023 Unarmed It's Like That EP self-released
1/13/2023 Ville Valo Neon Noir Spinefarm Records
1/13/2023 Wothrosch Odium Hammerheart Records
1/16/2023 Primitive Rage Enemies Left To Crush self-released
1/17/2023 Noisy Neighbors Derailing the Hype Train self-released
1/19/2023 Silent Whale Becomes a Dream North self-released
1/20/2023 Apokatastasis The Consecratory Secretion self-released
1/20/2023 Ashen Tomb Ashen Tomb EP Godz of War Productions
1/20/2023 Atrocity Okkult III Massacre Records
1/20/2023 Celestial Scourge Dimensions Unfurled Time To Kill Records
1/20/2023 Celestial Wizard Winds Of The Cosmos Scarlet Records
1/20/2023 C-Gate NO FUTURE self-released
1/20/2023 Cincinatti Bowtie Incantation self-released
1/20/2023 Deiquisitor Apotheosis self-released
1/20/2023 Designer Disguise Elswaer InVogue Records
1/20/2023 Dyrad The Abyssal Plain Prosthetic Records
1/20/2023 Faithxtractor Contempt for a Failed Dimension Redefining Darkness
1/20/2023 Fatalismo Dominate to Exterminate EP self-released
1/20/2023 For I Am King Crown Prime Collective
1/20/2023 Heaven's Gate Heaven's Gate Beach Impediment
1/20/2023 Hollow Hour Till The Grey Skies Are Gone Prime Collective
1/20/2023 Imperium Dekandez Into Sorrow Evermore Napalm Records
1/20/2023 Inherits The Void The Impending Fall Of The Stars Avantgarde Music
1/20/2023 JEFFK Tar Golden Antenna
1/20/2023 Katatonia Sky Void of Stars Napalm Records
1/20/2023 Kommandant Titan Hammer self-released
1/20/2023 Liongeist Liongeist self-released
1/20/2023 Lord Mountain The Oath self-released
1/20/2023 Moonscape The Continuum Synergy self-released
1/20/2023 No Business Snitch self-released
1/20/2023 No Option I Hope This Finds You Well EP self-released
1/20/2023 Nothingness Supraliminal Everlasting Spew Records
1/20/2023 Oak Pantheon The Absence self-released
1/20/2023 Olēka Driftwood Wormholedeath
1/20/2023 Our Last Crusade Death Wins Shattered Earth Records
1/20/2023 Overlord Fake Salvation Great Dane Records
1/20/2023 Polterguise Eurydice Theoria Records
1/20/2023 Pyramid Mass Monolith self-released
1/20/2023 Re-Buried Repulsive Nature Translation Loss Records
1/20/2023 Riot Stares Sounds of Acceleration DAZE Records
1/20/2023 Riverside ID: Entity InsideOut Music
1/20/2023 Slegest Avstand Dark Essence Records
1/20/2023 Thaumaturgy Tenebrous Oblations Adirondack Black Mass
1/20/2023 Tidal Wave The Lord Knows Ripple Music
1/20/2023 Tribunal The Weight Of Remembrance 20 Buck Spin
1/20/2023 Turbid North The Decline self-released
1/20/2023 Twilight Force At The Hear Of Wintervale Nuclear Blast Records
1/20/2023 Uburen Usurp The Throne Dusktone
1/20/2023 Vitrail Le m​é​pris du monde EP self-released
1/23/2023 Conjureth The Parasitic Chambers Memento Mori
1/23/2023 King 810 Follow My Tears EP self-released
1/24/2023 Exit Existence Noctis self-released
1/24/2023 Sarkasm As Empires Decay Xtreem Music
1/24/2023 Still_bloom Euphoria_ EP self-released
1/26/2023 Shallow Truths Bury Yesterday EP self-released
1/27/2023 ...And Oceans As In Gardens, So In Tombs Season Of Mist
1/27/2023 Ablaze My Sorrow The Loss of All Hope EP Black Lion Records
1/27/2023 Anachronism Meanders Avantgarde Music
1/27/2023 Anzillu Ex Nihilo M-Theory Audio
1/27/2023 Ashen Horde Antimony Transcending Obscurity
1/27/2023 BizarreKult Den Tapte Krigen Season Of Mist
1/27/2023 Bloody Falls Dying Is Easy EP Art Gates Records
1/27/2023 Cancervo II Electric Valley Records
1/27/2023 Cerbere Cendre Chien Noir
1/27/2023 Cronenberg Grandiose Throne of Grotesque Flesh Blackened Death
1/27/2023 Daevar Delirious Rites EP The Lasting Dose Records
1/27/2023 Dead Will Walk A New Day of Dawning EP Dawnbreed Records
1/27/2023 Dust Prophet One Last Look Upon The Sky Csquared Music
1/27/2023 Emarosa Sting Out of Line Music
1/27/2023 Flatspot Records The Extermination Vol. 4 Flatspot Records
1/27/2023 Flidais Pathogen self-released
1/27/2023 Fucked Up One Day Merge Records
1/27/2023 Glyph The Time of Peril WereGnome Records
1/27/2023 Grief Symposium ...In The Absence Of Light Church Road Records
1/27/2023 Hammock Love in the Void self-released
1/27/2023 Iron Void IV Shadow Kingdom Records
1/27/2023 Knogjärn Mera Bedövning Indie Recordings
1/27/2023 Le Temps Du Loup Leteo Dunk!Records
1/27/2023 Love Gang Meanstreak Heavy Psych Sounds
1/27/2023 Lumen Ad Mortem Upon The Edge Of Darkness Bitter Loss Records
1/27/2023 Malice Divine Everlasting Ascendancy self-released
1/27/2023 Malleus The Fire of Heaven self-released
1/27/2023 Mask of Prospero Hiraeth ViciSolum Records
1/27/2023 Methane Kill It With Fire self-released
1/27/2023 Moment of Madness At A Time self-released
1/27/2023 Nephilim's Noose Blood Chants of Impiety Life After Death Productions
1/27/2023 New Miserable Experience Philosophy On Pessimism Translation Loss Records
1/27/2023 Obelyskkh The Ultimate Grace of God Earsplit PR
1/27/2023 Olympus Lenticular When the Silence of Absence Deepens self-released
1/27/2023 Ominous Scriptures Rituals Of Mass Self-Ignition Willowtip Records
1/27/2023 Oozing Wound We Cater To Cowards Thrill Jockey Records
1/27/2023 Raum Kingdom Monarch self-released
1/27/2023 Redsphere Regnus Lupus EP self-released
1/27/2023 Schavot Kronieken Uit de Nevel War Productions
1/27/2023 Seer Of The Void Mantra Monolith Venerate Industries
1/27/2023 Sequestrum Pickled Preservation Extremely Rotten Productions
1/27/2023 Serotonin Syndrome Seed of Mankind self-released
1/27/2023 Seven Doors Feast of the Repulsive Redefining Darkness
1/27/2023 Sheogorath Winterhold EP Art Gates Records
1/27/2023 Signo Rojo There Was A Hole Here self-released
1/27/2023 Solar Eruption The Demon's House self-released
1/27/2023 Sonic Poison Eruption Pulverised Records
1/27/2023 Sorrowful Land Faded Anchors of the Past Black Lion Records
1/27/2023 Suasion The Infinite Atomic Fire Records
1/27/2023 Superterrestrial The Fathomless Decay self-released
1/27/2023 The Enigma Division The Enigma Division self-released
1/27/2023 The World Is Quiet Here Zon Silent Pendulum Records
1/27/2023 Third Eye Vengeance Fulfilled self-released
1/27/2023 Torso A Crash Course in Terror APF Records
1/27/2023 Trastorned Into The Void Dying Victims Productions
1/27/2023 Zac Leaser Libera self-released
1/27/2023 Zombie Riot World Epitaph Kernkraftritter Records
2/1/2023 Conspiracy of Zero Ahthos Arouris self-released
2/1/2023 Warp Bound By Gravity Nasoni Records
2/2/2023 Dead Sun Soul Diseased self-released
2/3/2023 A Diadem of Dead Stars Emerald Sunsets self-released
2/3/2023 Act of Impalement Infernal Ordinance Caligari Records
2/3/2023 Alcoholica F.E.A.R. self-released
2/3/2023 All Out War Celestial Rot Translation Loss Records
2/3/2023 Annos Cinere The Path to Descend Inside self-released
2/3/2023 Blackwater Sunset Engraved Spectral Aeons self-released
2/3/2023 Blackwulf Thieves and Liars Ripple Music
2/3/2023 Boiled Angel To Kill For Creed EP self-released
2/3/2023 Calderum Lord Cramridor Death Prayer Records
2/3/2023 Carathis Moonstone & Amethyst Double EP Personal Records
2/3/2023 Clouds Taste Satanic Tales of Demonic Possession self-released
2/3/2023 Coffin Nail The Hanged Man EP self-released
2/3/2023 Crawl Damned Profound Lore Records
2/3/2023 Deer Lord Dark Matter Pt.1 self-released
2/3/2023 Dysmal Gates To Apperception Apostasy Records
2/3/2023 Elderseer Drown In The Shallowness Imperative PR
2/3/2023 Eyes Congratulations Indisciplinarian
2/3/2023 FVNERALS Let the Earth Be Silent Prophecy Productions
2/3/2023 Godiva Hubris self-released
2/3/2023 Iron Asparagus To Whom It May Concern...Fuck You! EP self-released
2/3/2023 Leprous Aphelion Tour Edition self-released
2/3/2023 Memoriam Rise To Power Reaper Entertainment
2/3/2023 Misothronos Unimaginable Darkness EP self-released
2/3/2023 Mithridatum Harrowing Willowtip Records
2/3/2023 My City, My Secret Holographic self-released
2/3/2023 Necrotic Divinity Death Ritual EP self-released
2/3/2023 Nervochaos Chthonic Wrath Emanzipation Records
2/3/2023 Ophiocordyceps Anthropocene Amputated Vein Records
2/3/2023 Osiah Chronos EP Unique Leader Records
2/3/2023 Palace of Worms Cabal Acephale Winter Productions
2/3/2023 Phoenix Freed How Could You Trust Us self-released
2/3/2023 Polymerase Dreams & Realities Pt. I EP Electric Talon Records
2/3/2023 Red Soil Red Soil self-released
2/3/2023 Rotting Demise My Whole Wrath self-released
2/3/2023 Sanguisugabogg Homicidal Ecstasy Century Media Records
2/3/2023 Scath Na Diethe Virulent Providence Vendetta Records
2/3/2023 Skratte Akt II : Des Wolfes Klagen Northern Silence Productions
2/3/2023 Soulmass Let Us Pray self-released
2/3/2023 Summoning The Lich The Forest Feast Prosthetic Records
2/3/2023 Tension Prophecy Tribal Hatred Amputated Vein Records
2/3/2023 Tentacult Lacerating Pattern Transylvanian Recordings
2/3/2023 The Faith Hill Have Eyes The Riffth Element self-released
2/3/2023 The Freqs Poachers EP Earsplit PR
2/3/2023 Theatruum Triumphs Xenoglossy Productions
2/3/2023 WuW L'Orchaostre Pelagic Records
2/3/2023 Xandria The Wonders Still Awaiting Napalm Records
2/3/2023 Zebedy Waiting For The Tide self-released
2/8/2023 Of The Sun Pattern Rebirth self-released
2/10/2023 Big Laugh Consume Me Revelation Records
2/10/2023 Distant Heritage Century Media Records
2/10/2023 FLUB Dream Worlds EP The Artisan Era
2/10/2023 Frozen Dawn The Decline of the Enlightened Gods Transcending Obscurity
2/10/2023 In Flames Foregone Nuclear Blast Records
2/10/2023 Narrow Head Moments Of Clarity Run For Cover Records
2/10/2023 Oak Disintegrate Season Of Mist
2/10/2023 Pierce The Veil The Jaws Of Life Fearless Records
2/10/2023 Stormo Endocannibalismo Prosthetic Records
2/10/2023 Thin Dusk Twelve Gauge Records
2/10/2023 Veilcaste Precipice Wise Blood Records
2/10/2023 View From The Soyuz Immaculate EP DAZE Records
2/16/2023 AGLO Into The Maze Gutter Prince Cabal
2/17/2023 Anoxia Languish In Suffering EP Bitter Loss Records
2/17/2023 Avatar Dance Devil Dance self-released
2/17/2023 Child Vitriol EAT Heavy Records
2/17/2023 Depravation IV:LETVM Lifeforce Records
2/17/2023 Hellripper Warlocks Grim & Withered Hags Peaceville Records
2/17/2023 Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Land Of Sleeper Missing Piece Group Records
2/17/2023 Scars of Oblivion Misanthropy self-released
2/17/2023 See You Next Tuesday Distractions Good Fight Music
2/17/2023 Siege Of Power This Is Tomorrow Metal Blade Records
2/17/2023 The Abbey Word Of Sin Season Of Mist
2/17/2023 Tithe Inverse Rapture self-released
2/17/2023 Tramalizer Fumes of Funeral Pyres Soulseller Records
2/17/2023 Tulus Fandens Kall Soulseller Records
2/17/2023 Ulthar Anthronomicon 20 Buck Spin
2/17/2023 Ulthar Helionomicon 20 Buck Spin
2/23/2023 Crown of Madness Elemental Binding self-released
2/24/2023 BIG|BRAVE Nature Morte Thrill Jockey Records
2/24/2023 Hammerhedd Nonetheless self-released
2/24/2023 Host IX Nuclear Blast Records
2/24/2023 Hypno5e Sheol Pelagic Records
2/24/2023 Naut Hunt Season Of Mist
2/24/2023 Omega Infinity The Anticurrent Season Of Mist
2/24/2023 Sarcoptes Prayers To Oblivion Transcending Obscurity
2/24/2023 To The Grave Director's Cut Universal Music Group
2/24/2023 Venomous Concept The Good Ship Lollipop self-released
2/24/2023 Wretched Fate Carnal Heresy Redefining Darkness
3/2/2023 Zulu A New Tomorrow Flatspot Records
3/3/2023 .GIFFROMGOD Digital Red Prosthetic Records
3/3/2023 71TonMan Of End Time Transcending Obscurity
3/3/2023 Carma Ossadas Monumental Rex
3/3/2023 Carrion Morbid Nailgun Necropsy Wormholedeath
3/3/2023 Enslaved Heimdal Nuclear Blast Records
3/3/2023 Entheos Time Will Take Us All Metal Blade Records
3/3/2023 Fury Of Five Half Past Revenge EP Upstate Records
3/3/2023 Haken Fauna self-released
3/3/2023 Majesties Vast Reaches Unclaimed 20 Buck Spin
3/3/2023 Ocean of Grief Pale Existence Personal Records
3/3/2023 Stoned Jesus Father Light Season Of Mist
3/3/2023 Viscera Carcinogenesis Unique Leader Records
3/10/2023 Bastard Grave Vortex of Disgust Pulverised Records
3/10/2023 Demon King Vesania The Artisan Era
3/10/2023 Depraved Murder Unethical Terrestrial Collapse Comatose Music
3/10/2023 Dirge Dirge Immersive Sounds
3/10/2023 For The Fallen Dreams For The Fallen Dreams Arising Empire
3/10/2023 Judiciary Flesh + Blood Closed Casket Activities
3/10/2023 Unfelled Pall of Endless Perdition Season Of Mist
3/17/2023 Chelsea Grin Suffer In Heaven self-released
3/17/2023 Contrarian Sage of Shekhinah Willowtip Records
3/17/2023 Downfall of Gaia Silhouettes Of Disgust Metal Blade Records
3/17/2023 Foretoken Triumphs Prosthetic Records
3/17/2023 Invent Animate HEAVENER UNFD
3/24/2023 Angerot The Profound Recreant self-released
3/24/2023 August Burns Red Death Below SharpTone Records
3/24/2023 Choir Songs For A Tarnished World self-released
3/24/2023 Dawn Ray'd To Know The Light Prosthetic Records
3/24/2023 Ihsahn Fascination Street Sessions EP Candlelight Records
3/24/2023 Mariana's Rest Auer Napalm Records
3/24/2023 Ne Obliviscaris Exul Season Of Mist
3/24/2023 Ov Sulfur The Burden Ov Faith Century Media Records
3/24/2023 Whore of Bethlehem Ritual of Homicide Comatose Music
3/31/2023 Allfather A Violent Truth self-released
3/31/2023 Angelic Desolation Orchestrionic Abortion self-released
3/31/2023 Bury Tomorrow The Seventh Sun Music For Nations
3/31/2023 Dead End Finland Victory Inverse Records
3/31/2023 Lotan Lotan Uprising Records
3/31/2023 Rotten Sound Apocalypse Season Of Mist
3/31/2023 Sermonsound Of Golden Verse Prosthetic Records
3/31/2023 Spirit Possession Of The Sign... Profound Lore Records
4/7/2023 Raider Trial by Chaos self-released
4/7/2023 Stillbirth Homo Deus Distortion Music
4/7/2023 Sunrot The Unfailing Rope Prosthetic Records
4/7/2023 Tribulation Hamartia Century Media Records
4/14/2023 Jesus Piece ...So Unknown Century Media Records
4/21/2023 As Everything Unfolds Ultraviolet Long Branch Records
4/28/2023 Enforced War Remains Century Media Records
4/28/2023 Fires In The Distance Air Not Meant Prosthetic Records
5/5/2023 Currents The Death We Seek SharpTone Records
5/5/2023 Dawn of Existence Ancient Arts Csquared Music
6/1/2023 American Nightmare Dedicated To The Next World Heartworm Press
7/4/2023 Lo! The Gleaners Pelagic Records
11/25/2023 Mycelium Mycoticism (Disseminating The Propagules) Blood Harvest Records
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