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Metal and Hardcore Albums Released in 2023

Find the best metal music and hardcore music released in the selected yearw. While we make no warranty as to the accuracy of our album releases information, we do strive to maintain a reliable database. If you are aware of any inaccurate information or glaring omissions, please let us know.
1/7/2023 Somali Yacht Club The Sun Season Of Mist
1/13/2023 Admire The Grim Rouge Five EP Inverse Records
1/13/2023 Aelvica Corpsewyrm Grave Ritual self-released
1/13/2023 AHAB The Coral Tombs Napalm Records
1/13/2023 Antimozdebeast Vision self-released
1/13/2023 Anubis Decreation Day EP self-released
1/13/2023 Ashen Ritual of Ash Bitter Loss Records
1/13/2023 Azken Auzi Azken Auzi Argonauta Records
1/13/2023 Beyond The Black Beyond The Black Nuclear Blast Records
1/13/2023 Crom The Era Of Darkness From The Vaults
1/13/2023 Cursed Excruciation Arcane Diabolism Iron Bonehead Productions
1/13/2023 Dark Hunt Sapere Aude EP self-released
1/13/2023 Death Engine Ocean Throatruiner Records
1/13/2023 Defy The Curse Horrors Of Human Sacrifice Hammerheart Records
1/13/2023 Draken Book of Black Majestic Mountain Records
1/13/2023 Endtime/Cosmic Reaper Doom Sessions Vol. 7 EP Heavy Psych Sounds
1/13/2023 Fall Of Babylon War on the Existent self-released
1/13/2023 Fractures In The Sky The Otherside Pt II: The Mind self-released
1/13/2023 GRÁ Lycaon Avantgarde Music
1/13/2023 Guts Club Cliffs/Walls self-released
1/13/2023 Gyaos:Diabolical In Accordance With The Prophecy Csquared Music
1/13/2023 Haxprocess The Caverns of Duat self-released
1/13/2023 HolyName HolyName Facedown Records
1/13/2023 HØSTSOL L​ä​nge Leve Dö​den Avantgarde Music
1/13/2023 Invertia Through The Black Bubble self-released
1/13/2023 Kohnerah Ominous Ubiquitous self-released
1/13/2023 KOLLAPS\E Phantom Centre self-released
1/13/2023 Lattermath Winter's Painting self-released
1/13/2023 Leipa Reue Avantgarde Music
1/13/2023 Leper Colony Leper Colony Transcending Obscurity
1/13/2023 Moonlight Sorcery Nightwind: The Conqueror From The Stars Avantgarde Music
1/13/2023 Necrodeath Singin' In The Pain Time To Kill Records
1/13/2023 Ninth Circle Dis, Emerge self-released
1/13/2023 Obituary Dying of Everything Relapse Records
1/13/2023 Occult Dawn Psalms I EP self-released
1/13/2023 Phal:Angst Whiteout Earsplit PR
1/13/2023 Pnakoptic Manuscript Dark Prometheus Symbol Of Domination
1/13/2023 Polar Everywhere, Everywhere Arising Empire
1/13/2023 Scalp Black Tar Closed Casket Activities
1/13/2023 Slog Divination Morbid and Miserable Records
1/13/2023 ten56. Downer Part.2 Out of Line Music
1/13/2023 The Wise Man's Fear Atlas Ruinica self-released
1/13/2023 Turmion Katilot Omen X Nuclear Blast Records
1/13/2023 Unarmed It's Like That EP self-released
1/13/2023 Ville Valo Neon Noir Spinefarm Records
1/13/2023 Wothrosch Odium Hammerheart Records
1/16/2023 Primitive Rage Enemies Left To Crush self-released
1/17/2023 Noisy Neighbors Derailing the Hype Train self-released
1/19/2023 Silent Whale Becomes a Dream North self-released
1/20/2023 Apokatastasis The Consecratory Secretion self-released
1/20/2023 Ashen Tomb Ashen Tomb EP Godz ov War Productions
1/20/2023 Atrocity Okkult III Massacre Records
1/20/2023 Celestial Scourge Dimensions Unfurled Time To Kill Records
1/20/2023 Celestial Wizard Winds Of The Cosmos Scarlet Records
1/20/2023 C-Gate NO FUTURE self-released
1/20/2023 Cincinatti Bowtie Incantation self-released
1/20/2023 Deiquisitor Apotheosis self-released
1/20/2023 Designer Disguise Elswaer InVogue Records
1/20/2023 Dyrad The Abyssal Plain Prosthetic Records
1/20/2023 Faithxtractor Contempt for a Failed Dimension Redefining Darkness
1/20/2023 Fatalismo Dominate to Exterminate EP self-released
1/20/2023 For I Am King Crown Prime Collective
1/20/2023 Heaven's Gate Heaven's Gate Beach Impediment
1/20/2023 Hollow Hour Till The Grey Skies Are Gone Prime Collective
1/20/2023 Imperium Dekandez Into Sorrow Evermore Napalm Records
1/20/2023 Inherits The Void The Impending Fall Of The Stars Avantgarde Music
1/20/2023 JEFFK Tar Golden Antenna
1/20/2023 Katatonia Sky Void of Stars Napalm Records
1/20/2023 Kommandant Titan Hammer self-released
1/20/2023 Liongeist Liongeist self-released
1/20/2023 Lord Mountain The Oath self-released
1/20/2023 Moonscape The Continuum Synergy self-released
1/20/2023 No Business Snitch self-released
1/20/2023 No Option I Hope This Finds You Well EP self-released
1/20/2023 Nothingness Supraliminal Everlasting Spew Records
1/20/2023 Oak Pantheon The Absence self-released
1/20/2023 Olēka Driftwood Wormholedeath
1/20/2023 Our Last Crusade Death Wins Shattered Earth Records
1/20/2023 Overlord Fake Salvation Great Dane Records
1/20/2023 Polterguise Eurydice Theoria Records
1/20/2023 Pyramid Mass Monolith self-released
1/20/2023 Re-Buried Repulsive Nature Translation Loss Records
1/20/2023 Riot Stares Sounds of Acceleration DAZE Records
1/20/2023 Riverside ID: Entity InsideOut Music
1/20/2023 Slegest Avstand Dark Essence Records
1/20/2023 Thaumaturgy Tenebrous Oblations Adirondack Black Mass
1/20/2023 Tidal Wave The Lord Knows Ripple Music
1/20/2023 Tribunal The Weight Of Remembrance 20 Buck Spin
1/20/2023 Turbid North The Decline self-released
1/20/2023 Twilight Force At The Hear Of Wintervale Nuclear Blast Records
1/20/2023 Uburen Usurp The Throne Dusktone
1/20/2023 Vitrail Le m​é​pris du monde EP self-released
1/23/2023 Conjureth The Parasitic Chambers Memento Mori
1/23/2023 King 810 Follow My Tears EP self-released
1/24/2023 Exit Existence Noctis self-released
1/24/2023 Sarkasm As Empires Decay Xtreem Music
1/24/2023 Still_bloom Euphoria_ EP self-released
1/26/2023 Shallow Truths Bury Yesterday EP self-released
1/27/2023 ...And Oceans As In Gardens, So In Tombs Season Of Mist
1/27/2023 Ablaze My Sorrow The Loss of All Hope EP Black Lion Records
1/27/2023 Anachronism Meanders Avantgarde Music
1/27/2023 Anzillu Ex Nihilo M-Theory Audio
1/27/2023 Ashen Horde Antimony Transcending Obscurity
1/27/2023 BizarreKult Den Tapte Krigen Season Of Mist
1/27/2023 Bloody Falls Dying Is Easy EP Art Gates Records
1/27/2023 Cancervo II Electric Valley Records
1/27/2023 Cerbere Cendre Chien Noir
1/27/2023 Cronenberg Grandiose Throne of Grotesque Flesh Blackened Death
1/27/2023 Daevar Delirious Rites EP The Lasting Dose Records
1/27/2023 Dead Will Walk A New Day of Dawning EP Dawnbreed Records
1/27/2023 Dust Prophet One Last Look Upon The Sky Csquared Music
1/27/2023 Emarosa Sting Out of Line Music
1/27/2023 Flatspot Records The Extermination Vol. 4 Flatspot Records
1/27/2023 Flidais Pathogen self-released
1/27/2023 Fucked Up One Day Merge Records
1/27/2023 Glyph The Time of Peril WereGnome Records
1/27/2023 Grief Symposium ...In The Absence Of Light Church Road Records
1/27/2023 Hammock Love in the Void self-released
1/27/2023 Iron Void IV Shadow Kingdom Records
1/27/2023 Knogjärn Mera Bedövning Indie Recordings
1/27/2023 Le Temps Du Loup Leteo Dunk!Records
1/27/2023 Love Gang Meanstreak Heavy Psych Sounds
1/27/2023 Lumen Ad Mortem Upon The Edge Of Darkness Bitter Loss Records
1/27/2023 Malice Divine Everlasting Ascendancy self-released
1/27/2023 Malleus The Fire of Heaven self-released
1/27/2023 Mask of Prospero Hiraeth ViciSolum Records
1/27/2023 Methane Kill It With Fire self-released
1/27/2023 Moment of Madness At A Time self-released
1/27/2023 Nephilim's Noose Blood Chants of Impiety Life After Death Productions
1/27/2023 New Miserable Experience Philosophy On Pessimism Translation Loss Records
1/27/2023 Obelyskkh The Ultimate Grace of God Earsplit PR
1/27/2023 Olympus Lenticular When the Silence of Absence Deepens self-released
1/27/2023 Ominous Scriptures Rituals Of Mass Self-Ignition Willowtip Records
1/27/2023 Oozing Wound We Cater To Cowards Thrill Jockey Records
1/27/2023 Raum Kingdom Monarch self-released
1/27/2023 Redsphere Regnus Lupus EP self-released
1/27/2023 Schavot Kronieken Uit de Nevel War Productions
1/27/2023 Seer Of The Void Mantra Monolith Venerate Industries
1/27/2023 Sequestrum Pickled Preservation Extremely Rotten Productions
1/27/2023 Serotonin Syndrome Seed of Mankind self-released
1/27/2023 Seven Doors Feast of the Repulsive Redefining Darkness
1/27/2023 Sheogorath Winterhold EP Art Gates Records
1/27/2023 Signo Rojo There Was A Hole Here self-released
1/27/2023 Solar Eruption The Demon's House self-released
1/27/2023 Sonic Poison Eruption Pulverised Records
1/27/2023 Sorrowful Land Faded Anchors of the Past Black Lion Records
1/27/2023 Suasion The Infinite Atomic Fire Records
1/27/2023 Superterrestrial The Fathomless Decay self-released
1/27/2023 The Enigma Division The Enigma Division self-released
1/27/2023 The World Is Quiet Here Zon Silent Pendulum Records
1/27/2023 Third Eye Vengeance Fulfilled self-released
1/27/2023 Torso A Crash Course in Terror APF Records
1/27/2023 Trastorned Into The Void Dying Victims Productions
1/27/2023 Zac Leaser Libera self-released
1/27/2023 Zombie Riot World Epitaph Kernkraftritter Records
2/1/2023 Conspiracy of Zero Ahthos Arouris self-released
2/1/2023 Warp Bound By Gravity Nasoni Records
2/2/2023 Dead Sun Soul Diseased self-released
2/3/2023 A Diadem of Dead Stars Emerald Sunsets self-released
2/3/2023 Act of Impalement Infernal Ordinance Caligari Records
2/3/2023 Alcoholica F.E.A.R. self-released
2/3/2023 All Out War Celestial Rot Translation Loss Records
2/3/2023 Annos Cinere The Path to Descend Inside self-released
2/3/2023 Blackwater Sunset Engraved Spectral Aeons self-released
2/3/2023 Blackwulf Thieves and Liars Ripple Music
2/3/2023 Boiled Angel To Kill For Creed EP self-released
2/3/2023 Calderum Lord Cramridor Death Prayer Records
2/3/2023 Carathis Moonstone & Amethyst Double EP Personal Records
2/3/2023 Clouds Taste Satanic Tales of Demonic Possession self-released
2/3/2023 Coffin Nail The Hanged Man EP self-released
2/3/2023 Crawl Damned Profound Lore Records
2/3/2023 Deer Lord Dark Matter Pt.1 self-released
2/3/2023 Dysmal Gates To Apperception Apostasy Records
2/3/2023 Elderseer Drown In The Shallowness Imperative PR
2/3/2023 Eyes Congratulations Indisciplinarian
2/3/2023 FVNERALS Let the Earth Be Silent Prophecy Productions
2/3/2023 Godiva Hubris self-released
2/3/2023 Iron Asparagus To Whom It May Concern...Fuck You! EP self-released
2/3/2023 Leprous Aphelion Tour Edition self-released
2/3/2023 Memoriam Rise To Power Reaper Entertainment
2/3/2023 Misothronos Unimaginable Darkness EP self-released
2/3/2023 Mithridatum Harrowing Willowtip Records
2/3/2023 My City, My Secret Holographic self-released
2/3/2023 Necrotic Divinity Death Ritual EP self-released
2/3/2023 Nervochaos Chthonic Wrath Emanzipation Records
2/3/2023 Ophiocordyceps Anthropocene Amputated Vein Records
2/3/2023 Osiah Chronos EP Unique Leader Records
2/3/2023 Palace of Worms Cabal Acephale Winter Productions
2/3/2023 Phoenix Freed How Could You Trust Us self-released
2/3/2023 Polymerase Dreams & Realities Pt. I EP Electric Talon Records
2/3/2023 Red Soil Red Soil self-released
2/3/2023 Rotting Demise My Whole Wrath self-released
2/3/2023 Sanguisugabogg Homicidal Ecstasy Century Media Records
2/3/2023 Scath Na Diethe Virulent Providence Vendetta Records
2/3/2023 Skratte Akt II : Des Wolfes Klagen Northern Silence Productions
2/3/2023 Soulmass Let Us Pray self-released
2/3/2023 Summoning The Lich The Forest Feast Prosthetic Records
2/3/2023 Tension Prophecy Tribal Hatred Amputated Vein Records
2/3/2023 Tentacult Lacerating Pattern Transylvanian Recordings
2/3/2023 The Faith Hill Have Eyes The Riffth Element self-released
2/3/2023 The Freqs Poachers EP Earsplit PR
2/3/2023 Theatruum Triumphs Xenoglossy Productions
2/3/2023 WuW L'Orchaostre Pelagic Records
2/3/2023 Xandria The Wonders Still Awaiting Napalm Records
2/3/2023 Zebedy Waiting For The Tide self-released
2/8/2023 Of The Sun Pattern Rebirth self-released
2/10/2023 Ad Omega Aphelic Ascent self-released
2/10/2023 Aphyxion Ad Astra self-released
2/10/2023 Atomwinter Sakrileg Trollzorn Records
2/10/2023 Besatt Hjemkomst self-released
2/10/2023 Big Laugh Consume Me Revelation Records
2/10/2023 Bosco Scaro Gem Avantgarde Music
2/10/2023 Cadaver Shrine Benighted Desecration Chaos Records
2/10/2023 Carnosus Visions of Infinihility self-released
2/10/2023 Ciconia Animal Chapters self-released
2/10/2023 DDent Ex Auditu EP self-released
2/10/2023 Dead Sun Rising A Soft Decay self-released
2/10/2023 Deviser Evil summons Evil Hammerheart Records
2/10/2023 Distant Heritage Century Media Records
2/10/2023 Dragoncorpse The Drakketh Saga EP self-released
2/10/2023 eMolecule The Architect InsideOut Music
2/10/2023 FLUB Dream Worlds EP The Artisan Era
2/10/2023 Fredlös Fredlös Threeman Records
2/10/2023 Frozen Dawn The Decline of the Enlightened Gods Transcending Obscurity
2/10/2023 Honest Crooks The Sound of Hell EVP Recordings
2/10/2023 In Flames Foregone Nuclear Blast Records
2/10/2023 Klone Meanwhile Kscope
2/10/2023 Nameless Mist Lifeless self-released
2/10/2023 Narrow Head Moments Of Clarity Run For Cover Records
2/10/2023 Negative Blast Echo Planet self-released
2/10/2023 Oak Disintegrate Season Of Mist
2/10/2023 Pierce The Veil The Jaws Of Life Fearless Records
2/10/2023 Primal Horde Blood River EP Dismal Fate Records
2/10/2023 Stormo Endocannibalismo Prosthetic Records
2/10/2023 Terrestial Hospice Caviary to the General Ancient Dead Productions
2/10/2023 The Last Reign Endangered Pieces Vol.1 Csquared Music
2/10/2023 Thin Dusk Twelve Gauge Records
2/10/2023 Veilcaste Precipice Wise Blood Records
2/10/2023 View From The Soyuz Immaculate EP DAZE Records
2/10/2023 Villainous Temple Fill Creation With Abuse self-released
2/10/2023 Wounds of Recollection Warm Glow of the End of Everything Trepanation Recordings
2/13/2023 Despised Scorched Earth Kvlt and Kaos Productions
2/13/2023 Vampire Squid Plasmic self-released
2/14/2023 Age of Ruin Thieves EP self-released
2/14/2023 Lucifer Jones Doom Generation self-released
2/14/2023 Misanthropik Torment Ecdysis self-released
2/14/2023 Viscerot Ectopia Cordis self-released
2/14/2023 Wand Fight Things Changed When They Started to Follow EP self-released
2/15/2023 Future Corpse Worldwide Slum self-released
2/15/2023 Nox Ignis Nox Ignis self-released
2/15/2023 Theophonos Nightmare Visions Amor Fati Productions
2/15/2023 Vortesvin The Beauty of Extinction self-released
2/16/2023 AGLO Into The Maze Gutter Prince Cabal
2/17/2023 Afterdusk Fatalize self-released
2/17/2023 Anoxia Languish In Suffering EP Bitter Loss Records
2/17/2023 Avatar Dance Devil Dance self-released
2/17/2023 Beast Mode Seventh Solstice self-released
2/17/2023 Child Vitriol EAT Heavy Records
2/17/2023 Dead Soul Alliance Spiralling To Lunacy self-released
2/17/2023 Depravation IV:LETVM Lifeforce Records
2/17/2023 Distressor Momentary self-released
2/17/2023 Dysmorphobic Finis Hominum self-released
2/17/2023 Enisum Forgotten Mountains Avantgarde Music
2/17/2023 Graphic Nature A Mind Waiting To Die Rude Records
2/17/2023 Gravehuffer Depart From So Much Evil Black Doomba Records
2/17/2023 Hail The Void Memento Mori Ripple Music
2/17/2023 Half Me Soma Arising Empire
2/17/2023 Hellripper Warlocks Grim & Withered Hags Peaceville Records
2/17/2023 Hexer Abyssal Crawling Chaos
2/17/2023 Horrible Earth Weakened By Civilization Claw Hammer PR
2/17/2023 Iselder Cynefin UKEM Records
2/17/2023 Kishi Khaos self-released
2/17/2023 Kromheim Journey to Divinity self-released
2/17/2023 Last Legion Metall, Blod & Aska Grind To Death Records
2/17/2023 Man Must Die The Pain Behind It All Distortion Music
2/17/2023 Mourning Ashes Chapter V: Ruin self-released
2/17/2023 Nothgard Symphonia Deorum EP self-released
2/17/2023 Owl Geomancy Earsplit PR
2/17/2023 Parasitario Everything Belomgs To Death FDA Rekotz
2/17/2023 Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Land Of Sleeper Missing Piece Group Records
2/17/2023 Sarpa Mauta Tala EP Claw Hammer PR
2/17/2023 Scars of Oblivion Misanthropy self-released
2/17/2023 Schizma Upadek Piranha Music
2/17/2023 See You Next Tuesday Distractions Good Fight Music
2/17/2023 Sepolcral Scourge Time To Kill Records
2/17/2023 Setanera Equilibrium Volcano Records
2/17/2023 Shell Beach Solar Flare Wild Thing Records
2/17/2023 Shrezzers Sex & Sax self-released
2/17/2023 Siege Of Power This Is Tomorrow Metal Blade Records
2/17/2023 Skinflint Hate Spell Into Records
2/17/2023 Street Tombs Reclusive Decay Carbonized Records
2/17/2023 The Abbey Word Of Sin Season Of Mist
2/17/2023 The Black Moriah Desert Hymns & Funeral Grins Folter Records
2/17/2023 Tithe Inverse Rapture self-released
2/17/2023 Tramalizer Fumes of Funeral Pyres Soulseller Records
2/17/2023 Tulus Fandens Kall Soulseller Records
2/17/2023 Ulthar Anthronomicon 20 Buck Spin
2/17/2023 Ulthar Helionomicon 20 Buck Spin
2/17/2023 Vision of Choice Second Sight self-released
2/17/2023 Winds of Tragedy Hating Life Imperative PR
2/17/2023 Wizards of Hazards Supernatual Inverse Records
2/18/2023 Gutted A Path To Ruin Coyote Records
2/21/2023 The Design Abstract Transhuman Ascendant Sliptrick Records
2/22/2023 Crowning/Eyelet Split Ep self-released
2/22/2023 Old Audrey's Funeral Old Audrey's Funeral self-released
2/23/2023 Coffinborn Cadaveric Retribution self-released
2/23/2023 Crown of Madness Elemental Binding self-released
2/23/2023 Methchrist Pestilential Warfare of the Black Flame Crypt of Atonement
2/23/2023 They Grieve To Which I Bore Witness Silent Pendulum Records
2/24/2023 Praetor Praetor self-released
2/24/2023 7 H. Target Yantra Creating Claw Hammer PR
2/24/2023 Adversor Portrait of a Wasteland Time To Kill Records
2/24/2023 Anatomy of a Habit Black Openings self-released
2/24/2023 Anthropic End of the Bloodline CDN Records
2/24/2023 Asylence Endanger Us All self-released
2/24/2023 Azaghal Alttarimme on Luista Tehty Immortal Frost Productions
2/24/2023 BIG|BRAVE Nature Morte Thrill Jockey Records
2/24/2023 Bodyfarm Ultimate Abomination Edged Circle Productions
2/24/2023 Bone Weapon Thrive Or Starve EP Transylvanian Recordings
2/24/2023 Brain Tourniquet ...An Expression In Pain self-released
2/24/2023 Dark Embrace Dark Heavy Metal Massacre Records
2/24/2023 El Supremo Acid Universe self-released
2/24/2023 Endlevel Weekend War Violent Creek Records
2/24/2023 Festerdecay Reality Rotten To The Core Everlasting Spew Records
2/24/2023 Funeral Winds Stigmata Mali Osmose Productions
2/24/2023 Hammerhedd Nonetheless self-released
2/24/2023 Host IX Nuclear Blast Records
2/24/2023 Hypno5e Sheol Pelagic Records
2/24/2023 Icestorm The Northern Crusades self-released
2/24/2023 Idolatrous Sorrow on Midgard Wormholedeath
2/24/2023 Illmatic Watching The World Burn Upstate Records
2/24/2023 Insomnium Anno 1696 Century Media Records
2/24/2023 Isolant Drain Ep Sentient Ruin Laboratories
2/24/2023 Kauan ATM Revisted Artoffact Records
2/24/2023 King Abyss Snake Oil Imperative PR
2/24/2023 Küntsquäd Küntsquäd Wormholedeath
2/24/2023 Le Mur Caelum Invictus Maldito Records
2/24/2023 Megaton Sword Might & Power self-released
2/24/2023 Merlock Onward Strides Colossus Csquared Music
2/24/2023 Molitoth You Csquared Music
2/24/2023 Morphetik Proclamation of War Witches Brew
2/24/2023 Morwinyon Wastelands Naturmacht Productions
2/24/2023 Mythraeum Halls of Mythras EP self-released
2/24/2023 Naut Hunt Season Of Mist
2/24/2023 Necro Weasel Obey, Suffer, Die self-released
2/24/2023 No Spill Blood Eye of Night Svart Records
2/24/2023 Omega Infinity The Anticurrent Season Of Mist
2/24/2023 Ontborg Following The Steps Of Damnation Black Lion Records
2/24/2023 Pist The Bleak Unrest self-released
2/24/2023 Sarcoptes Prayers To Oblivion Transcending Obscurity
2/24/2023 Satanika Horde of Disgust Osmose Productions
2/24/2023 Sleep Terror Railroad to Dystopia self-released
2/24/2023 To The Grave Director's Cut Unique Leader Records
2/24/2023 Total Hate Marching Towards Humanicide Eisenwald Records
2/24/2023 UPCDONWNC Duel Trepanation Recordings
2/24/2023 Uzkost For Property or Profit EP self-released
2/24/2023 Venomous Concept The Good Ship Lollipop self-released
2/24/2023 Vrani Volosa Woods Mountains Skies self-released
2/24/2023 Wanderer Indulgence of the Unreal EP self-released
2/24/2023 Wolves In Winter The Calling Quiet Argonauta Records
2/24/2023 Wound Man Human Outline self-released
2/24/2023 Wretched Fate Carnal Heresy Redefining Darkness
3/3/2023 .GIFFROMGOD Digital Red Prosthetic Records
3/3/2023 71TonMan Of End Time Transcending Obscurity
3/3/2023 ALTAR OF I Human Resources Art Gates Records
3/3/2023 Barren Heir Died Down self-released
3/3/2023 Bastard Sword Bastard Sword self-released
3/3/2023 Beneath My Feet In Parts, Together Noble Demon Records
3/3/2023 Bong Coffin The End Beyond Doubt self-released
3/3/2023 Can't Swim Thanks But No Thanks Pure Noise Records
3/3/2023 Carcaricass Afterworld Great Dane Records
3/3/2023 Carma Ossadas Monumental Rex
3/3/2023 Carrion Morbid Nailgun Necropsy Wormholedeath
3/3/2023 Caustic Waves Full Circle Sole Hitman Records
3/3/2023 Colpocleisis Elegant Degradation Reality Fade Records
3/3/2023 Disminded The Vision self-released
3/3/2023 Dream Upon Tombs Palaces Of Dust Sleeping Church Records
3/3/2023 Earth Groans Tongue Tied Solid State Records
3/3/2023 Echushkya Twilight Murmuration EP self-released
3/3/2023 Enslaved Heimdal Nuclear Blast Records
3/3/2023 Entheos Time Will Take Us All Metal Blade Records
3/3/2023 Fury Of Five Half Past Revenge EP Upstate Records
3/3/2023 Haken Fauna InsideOut Music
3/3/2023 Hamasaari Ineffable Season Of Mist
3/3/2023 Kold Intet Mere Er self-released
3/3/2023 Lost Brethren Dimensional Rift EP Grindscene Records
3/3/2023 Majesties Vast Reaches Unclaimed 20 Buck Spin
3/3/2023 Moyra Omen DTMG
3/3/2023 Munt Pain Ouroboros EP self-released
3/3/2023 Necropanther Betrayal self-released
3/3/2023 Nomad The Mountain self-released
3/3/2023 Nuclear Holocaust Sailing The Seas Of Nuclear Waste Earsplit PR
3/3/2023 Ocean of Grief Pale Existence Personal Records
3/3/2023 Phantom Fire Eminente Lucifer Libertad Edged Circle Productions
3/3/2023 Plague Bearer Summoning Apocalyptic Devastation Earsplit PR
3/3/2023 Primitive Man/Full of Hell Suffocating Hallucination EP Closed Casket Activities
3/3/2023 Rodtgod Graveside Service EP self-released
3/3/2023 Skrying Mirror Omnimalevolence I, Voidhanger Records
3/3/2023 Stoned Jesus Father Light Season Of Mist
3/3/2023 Symbiotic Tomorrow All That's Gone EP self-released
3/3/2023 Temptress See Csquared Music
3/3/2023 Threnodist Make The Class War The Last War self-released
3/3/2023 Vanishment No More Torture Dead Sage Records
3/3/2023 Verminoth Grotesque Manifestation EP self-released
3/3/2023 Viscera Carcinogenesis Unique Leader Records
3/3/2023 Witch Ripper The Flight After The Fall Magnetic Eye Records
3/3/2023 Witchthroat Serpent Trove of Oddities at the Devil’s Driveway Heavy Psych Sounds
3/3/2023 Yaaroth The Man In The Wood I, Voidhanger Records
3/3/2023 Zulu A New Tomorrow Flatspot Records
3/10/2023 Asphagor Pyrogenesis MDD Records
3/10/2023 Astriferous Pulsations from the Black Orb Me Saco Un Ojo Records
3/10/2023 Bastard Grave Vortex of Disgust Pulverised Records
3/10/2023 Bloodjob Metastasis EP Lethal Scissors Records
3/10/2023 Burden of Ymir Heorot Flowing Downward
3/10/2023 Cripta Blue Rather With The Devil EP self-released
3/10/2023 Demon King Vesania The Artisan Era
3/10/2023 Depraved Murder Unethical Terrestrial Collapse Comatose Music
3/10/2023 Dirge Dirge Immersive Sounds
3/10/2023 Discordant Meditation Interface EP self-released
3/10/2023 Dissentient Labyrinth self-released
3/10/2023 Duel Live at Hellfest self-released
3/10/2023 Fagus Inter self-released
3/10/2023 Fange Privation Throatruiner Records
3/10/2023 For The Fallen Dreams For The Fallen Dreams Arising Empire
3/10/2023 Genocidal Rites Exsanguination of the Gods EP self-released
3/10/2023 Giant Brain Grade A Gray Day Earsplit PR
3/10/2023 Goat Explosiion Threatening Skies self-released
3/10/2023 God Disease Apocalyptic Doom Gruesome Records
3/10/2023 Gorod The Orb Earsplit PR
3/10/2023 Handgemeng Ultraritual Ripple Music
3/10/2023 Ice Age Waves Of Loss And Power Laser's Edge
3/10/2023 Ignominy Imminent Collapse Transcending Obscurity
3/10/2023 Isole Anesidora Hammerheart Records
3/10/2023 Judiciary Flesh + Blood Closed Casket Activities
3/10/2023 Killing Capacity Shattered Souls EP self-released
3/10/2023 Minenwefer Feuerwalze Osmose Productions
3/10/2023 Periphery V: Djent Is Not a Genre 3DOT Recordings
3/10/2023 Prediction The Unholy Flame Doomentia Records
3/10/2023 Qwalen Syvä hiljaisuus Time To Kill Records
3/10/2023 Sacrificium Oblivion Nordic Mission
3/10/2023 Santo Rostro Despu​é​s No Habrá Nada Discos Macarras Records
3/10/2023 Sir Your Star Will Collapse Sun and Moon Records
3/10/2023 Straight Hate Slaves of Falseness Earsplit PR
3/10/2023 Suicide Silence Remember... You Must Die Century Media Records
3/10/2023 The Convalescence Harvesters of Flesh and Bone self-released
3/10/2023 The Human Race Is Filth Cognitive Dissonance EP self-released
3/10/2023 Unfelled Pall of Endless Perdition Season Of Mist
3/10/2023 Winter's Breath Stories Left Behind self-released
3/17/2023 {Stomb} Massive Disturbed Meta Art self-released
3/17/2023 4ARM Pathway to Oblivion self-released
3/17/2023 All Against The Day of Reckoning Amazing Records
3/17/2023 Anarkhon Obiasot Dwybat Ptnotun Debemur Morti Productions
3/17/2023 Ardent Nova Ardent Nova Wise Blood Records
3/17/2023 Chelsea Grin Suffer In Heaven self-released
3/17/2023 Contrarian Sage of Shekhinah Willowtip Records
3/17/2023 Death Reich Disharmony Non Serviam Records
3/17/2023 Death Vanish Hermitic Fire EP Eternal Death
3/17/2023 Desolate Realm Legions self-released
3/17/2023 Die Like Gentlemen Hard Truths Drink This Music
3/17/2023 Downfall of Gaia Silhouettes Of Disgust Metal Blade Records
3/17/2023 Embryo A Vivid Shade on Misery Rock Shot Records
3/17/2023 Entropia Total Agonia Records
3/17/2023 Expunged Visions of Agony self-released
3/17/2023 Foretoken Triumphs Prosthetic Records
3/17/2023 Gideon More Power. More Pain. Equal Vision Records
3/17/2023 Green Yeti Necropolitan self-released
3/17/2023 Grey Stag Call of the Mountain self-released
3/17/2023 Harboured Harboured self-released
3/17/2023 Ikarie Arde self-released
3/17/2023 Imperial Sin Reality Denied self-released
3/17/2023 Invent Animate HEAVENER UNFD
3/17/2023 Jaodae Chimera EP self-released
3/17/2023 Kruelty Untopia Profound Lore Records
3/17/2023 Late Night Venture V: Bones of the Extinct self-released
3/17/2023 Litost Pathos Blood Fire Death
3/17/2023 Mystic Circle Erzdämon Fireflash Records
3/17/2023 Necrovescent Ruiner Untouchable Faith Decay self-released
3/17/2023 Nordic Frost To Make The Acquaintance Ov Death Rebel Pyro Musik
3/17/2023 Pressure Points The Island Art Gates Records
3/17/2023 Redemption I Am The Storm AFM Records
3/17/2023 Sarin Reaper Noxious Black Vomit self-released
3/17/2023 Sepulcrum Lamentation of Immolated Souls Chaos Records
3/17/2023 Sidewinder War Tapes Vol. 1 self-released
3/17/2023 Suotana Ounas I self-released
3/17/2023 The Atomic Anomic Empty Vessel self-released
3/17/2023 The New Death Cult Super Natural self-released
3/17/2023 Treedeon New World Hoarder Earsplit PR
3/17/2023 Ulfud Of Existential Distortion Dark Descent Records
3/17/2023 Verminous Serpent The Malign Covenant Amor Fati Productions
3/17/2023 Wilt Into Nothingness self-released
3/20/2023 Kella Sin H@rd K@ndy self-released
3/24/2023 Acid King Beyond Vision self-released
3/24/2023 Alex Nunziati Black Space Void Moribund Records
3/24/2023 Angerot The Profound Recreant Redefining Darkness
3/24/2023 Aphotic Abyssgazer Nuclear Winter Records
3/24/2023 August Burns Red Death Below SharpTone Records
3/24/2023 Black Rabbit Hypnosomnia self-released
3/24/2023 Catacombs When The Stars Are Right self-released
3/24/2023 Choir Songs For A Tarnished World self-released
3/24/2023 Control The Devastator Dark Rift self-released
3/24/2023 Cruachan The Living and The Dead self-released
3/24/2023 Dawn of Extinction From Tears to Vengeance EP Art Gates Records
3/24/2023 Dawn Ray'd To Know The Light Prosthetic Records
3/24/2023 Discreation Iron Times Massacre Records
3/24/2023 Fatal Embrace Manifestum Infernalis Black Lion Records
3/24/2023 Forcefed Horsehead Monoceros Owlripper Recordings
3/24/2023 Guts Decay self-released
3/24/2023 Hanging Garden The Garden Agonia Records
3/24/2023 Hatesphere Hatred Reborn Scarlet Records
3/24/2023 Ihsahn Fascination Street Sessions EP Candlelight Records
3/24/2023 Ill Omen March of Decay self-released
3/24/2023 Iron Walrus Tales Never Told Apotasy Records
3/24/2023 Keep of Kalessin Katharsis Back On Black Records
3/24/2023 Kosm Vacancies EP self-released
3/24/2023 Liturgry 93696 Thrill Jockey Records
3/24/2023 Mariana's Rest Auer Napalm Records
3/24/2023 Maze of Sothoth Extirpated Light Everlasting Spew Records
3/24/2023 Mean Green Mean Green self-released
3/24/2023 Morass of Molasses End All We Know Ripple Music
3/24/2023 Mork Dypet Peaceville Records
3/24/2023 Motstand Motstand Duplicate Records
3/24/2023 Ne Obliviscaris Exul Season Of Mist
3/24/2023 Nihilism Codex Nihilistic Exhumed self-released
3/24/2023 Ov Sulfur The Burden Ov Faith Century Media Records
3/24/2023 Shores of Null The Loss of Beauty Spikerot Records
3/24/2023 Sophist Avenger​.​.​. Liberator​.​.​. self-released
3/24/2023 The Rhubarb Symptom of Failure Milky Bomb Records
3/24/2023 Throne of Flesh Dust EP Great Dane Records
3/24/2023 Void of Light Enshroud EP Trepanation Recordings
3/24/2023 Whore of Bethlehem Ritual of Homicide Comatose Music
3/24/2023 Woe Unto Me Along the Meandering Ordeals, Reshape The Pivot of Harmony self-released
3/24/2023 Xalpen The Curse of Kw​á​nyep Black Lodge Records
3/24/2023 Xpus Sepulchrum Christi Kvlt and Kaos Productions
3/24/2023 Zorormr The Monolith self-released
3/31/2023 Aara Triade III: Nyx self-released
3/31/2023 Allfather A Violent Truth self-released
3/31/2023 Anathematize Bizarre Tales from the Past and the Future Awakening Records
3/31/2023 Angelic Desolation Orchestrionic Abortion self-released
3/31/2023 Angstskrig Angstskrig Despotz Records
3/31/2023 Arrogant Destruktor Written In Blood From The Blade Awakening Records
3/31/2023 Blaze of Sorrow Vultus Fati Eisenwald Records
3/31/2023 Bury Tomorrow The Seventh Sun Music For Nations
3/31/2023 Crucial Rip Violent Retribution self-released
3/31/2023 Darkhold Tales From Hell Ghost Record Label
3/31/2023 Dead End Finland Victory Inverse Records
3/31/2023 Decorpsetated Human Words self-released
3/31/2023 Demonstealer The Propaganda Machine Black Lion Records
3/31/2023 Desert Storm Death Rattle APF Records
3/31/2023 Diablation Par Le Feu Osmose Productions
3/31/2023 Ellereve Reminiscence Eisenwald Records
3/31/2023 End Hunter Cult of Parthenope
3/31/2023 Flatulence Deficit Coyote Records
3/31/2023 Gel Only Constant Convulse Records
3/31/2023 Grieve Wolves of the Northern Moon self-released
3/31/2023 Haliphron Prey Listenable Records
3/31/2023 Heezer Sungrinder self-released
3/31/2023 Hellion The Magic Within Awakening Records
3/31/2023 Hot Graves Plaguewielder self-released
3/31/2023 Invicta Triumph and Torment Sublevel Records
3/31/2023 Isaak Hey self-released
3/31/2023 Kommand Death Age 20 Buck Spin
3/31/2023 Lotan Lotan Uprising Records
3/31/2023 Megalith Levitation Obscure Fire self-released
3/31/2023 Necronomicon Ex Mortis Necronomicon Ex Mortis self-released
3/31/2023 Nervochaos Chtonic Wrath self-released
3/31/2023 Netherlands Severence Svart Records
3/31/2023 Of Spite Riddle Redemption Inverse Records
3/31/2023 Ohhms Rot Church Road Records
3/31/2023 Old Forest Sutwyke Soulseller Records
3/31/2023 Olde Throne In The Land of Ghosts self-released
3/31/2023 Oracle of Worms Frost Falls EP self-released
3/31/2023 Rotten Sound Apocalypse Season Of Mist
3/31/2023 Sermonsound Of Golden Verse Prosthetic Records
3/31/2023 Silence Before The Storm V: The Dead Eyes of Eternity self-released
3/31/2023 Smallpox Aroma Festering Embryos of Logical Corruption self-released
3/31/2023 Sorcier Des Glaces Sous La Lune Noire self-released
3/31/2023 Spirit Possession Of The Sign... Profound Lore Records
3/31/2023 Swan Valley Heights Terminal Forest Fuzzo Records
3/31/2023 The Device East EP self-released
3/31/2023 The Evil Seven Acts To Apocalypse self-released
3/31/2023 The Ongoing Concept Again Solid State Records
3/31/2023 Thron Dust Listenable Records
3/31/2023 Tilintetgjort In Death I Shall Arise Dark Essence Records
3/31/2023 Unpure Prophecies Ablaze self-released
3/31/2023 Viledriver VILEDRIVER II : The Rest are Prey CDN Records
3/31/2023 Void Chapter Humanity self-released
3/31/2023 Voidscape Odyssey of Spite EP Nefarious Industries
3/31/2023 Vredensdal Sonic Devotion To Darkness self-released
3/31/2023 Wyndrider Wyndrider self-released
3/31/2023 Yotuma Otherworldly Incarnate self-released
4/6/2023 When Plagues Collide An Unbiblical Paradigm self-released
4/7/2023 (Un)worthy Where Light Divide Rottweiler Records
4/7/2023 Anthropophagous Abuse of a Corpse Headsplit Records
4/7/2023 Asystole Siren To Blight I, Voidhanger Records
4/7/2023 Atemporal Thorn Genesis I, Voidhanger Records
4/7/2023 Ayyur Prevail Hidden Room Recordings
4/7/2023 Bloodrust At Glory's End Archaic Sound
4/7/2023 Bonjour Tristesse Against Leviathan Supreme Chaos Records
4/7/2023 Born Through Fire Purify and Refine Seek and Strike
4/7/2023 Children Of The Reptile Heavy is the Head self-released
4/7/2023 Cineastre Cineastre Northern Silence
4/7/2023 covet catharsis Triple Crown Records
4/7/2023 Cursebinder Drifting self-released
4/7/2023 Dark Flood Illusion of Light self-released
4/7/2023 Devangelic Xul Willowtip Records
4/7/2023 Ecdysis Hex self-released
4/7/2023 Enduring Revery Carriers self-released
4/7/2023 Ernte Albsegen Vendetta Records
4/7/2023 Exdestrier Glorious Barbarism self-released
4/7/2023 False Gods/Abiuro Split Ep self-released
4/7/2023 Fit For An Autopsy/Thy Art Is Murder/Malevolence The Aggression Sessions Nuclear Blast Records
4/7/2023 Godsleep Lies To Survive Ouga Booga and the Mighty Oug Records
4/7/2023 Graysea Weight In The Water self-released
4/7/2023 Grin Black Nothingness self-released
4/7/2023 Grottos Ч​Е​Р​Е​З Т​О​П​И self-released
4/7/2023 Headwreck Reflection Room self-released
4/7/2023 Healthyliving Songs of Abundance, Psalms of Grief self-released
4/7/2023 Heathen Foray Oathbreaker Massacre Records
4/7/2023 Heretic Plague Context is a Stumbling Corpse Self Made God Records
4/7/2023 I Miss You, C...... Catalina self-released
4/7/2023 Imperial Demonic Beneath the Crimson Eclipse Black Lion Records
4/7/2023 Karner Berg Wocht self-released
4/7/2023 Larvae Entitled To Death Fucking Kill! Records
4/7/2023 Lesotho Through The Dying Light self-released
4/7/2023 Lethvm Winterreise Dunk!Records
4/7/2023 Lo! The Gleaners Pelagic Records
4/7/2023 Lotus Thrones The Heretic Souvenir Seeing Red Records
4/7/2023 Lucifer's Fall Children of the Night self-released
4/7/2023 Lurk Aegis Transcending Obscurity
4/7/2023 Malicious Merciless Storm self-released
4/7/2023 Mast Year Knife Grimoire Records
4/7/2023 Maudiir Soliloque self-released
4/7/2023 Messa Live at Roadburn Svart Records
4/7/2023 Nekus Sepulchral Divination Sentient Ruin Laboratories
4/7/2023 Okkultist O.M.E.N Alma Mater Records
4/7/2023 Omnicidal The Omnicidalist Non Serviam Records
4/7/2023 On The Loose Dark Emotions self-released
4/7/2023 Ossaert Offerdier Argento Records
4/7/2023 Paraphilia The Memory of Death Given Form self-released
4/7/2023 Raider Trial by Chaos self-released
4/7/2023 Ruadh 1296 Northern Silence
4/7/2023 Savage Hands Rock Bottom EP SharpTone Records
4/7/2023 Scowl Psychic Dance Routine Flatspot Records
4/7/2023 Shredhead I Saw You Burn self-released
4/7/2023 Sijjeel The Concurrent Cycle Comatose Music
4/7/2023 Sins of Magnus Secrets of the Cosmos self-released
4/7/2023 Stillbirth Homo Deus Distortion Music
4/7/2023 Stormhaven Blindsight self-released
4/7/2023 Sunmass There's Nothing Here self-released
4/7/2023 Sunrot The Unfailing Rope Prosthetic Records
4/7/2023 The Crooked Whispers Funeral Blues Ripple Music
4/7/2023 The Golden Grass Life Is Much Stranger Heavy Psych Sounds
4/7/2023 The Grifted Doomsday & Salvation Personal Records
4/7/2023 THECODONTION/CEREMENTED Split Ep I, Voidhanger Records
4/7/2023 Thysia Islands in Cosmic Darkness Chaos Records
4/7/2023 Tide Harvester Palemoon Spelltome self-released
4/7/2023 Tir Awaiting The Dawn Brilliant Emperor Records
4/7/2023 Tribulation Hamartia Century Media Records
4/7/2023 Utilitarian Gaslights self-released
4/7/2023 Valensorow Shorestank self-released
4/7/2023 Where Mermaids Drown Reminisce self-released
4/7/2023 Wolfspider VI self-released
4/10/2023 BLACK:I Kimah Elenu Su’ati Bahlu self-released
4/10/2023 Elysian Tyrant Axenocality self-released
4/10/2023 Exhumacion Profana La Parca Sadistic Domain
4/10/2023 Galleiria Loner self-released
4/10/2023 Hatalom In Situ self-released
4/10/2023 Out of the Mouth of Graves Shrines to Dagon Vargheist Records
4/10/2023 Sacrifix Killing Machine Thrash or Death Records
4/11/2023 Impaled Divinity Feculent Mutation Sevared Records
4/11/2023 Indistinct Monument for Nothing self-released
4/11/2023 Morgues Dismembering Corpses Infinitive Putrefaction Productions
4/12/2023 Anthems Of Gomorrah Deathplague self-released
4/12/2023 Ashrain Requiem Reloaded Metalville
4/12/2023 MuN Nhemis Piranha Music
4/13/2023 Edoma Buried by Permafrost Petrichor
4/13/2023 Godmorgon Out of Spite self-released
4/13/2023 Withdraw Contemplation self-released
4/14/2023 1782 Clamor Luciferi Heavy Psych Sounds
4/14/2023 Alase A Matter of Time Inverse Records
4/14/2023 All Hell All Hail the Night Terminus Hate City Records
4/14/2023 Altari Kröflueldar Svart Records
4/14/2023 Archon Angel II Frontiers Music SRL
4/14/2023 Askheimr Askheimr self-released
4/14/2023 Atarka The Mountain EP self-released
4/14/2023 AthanaTheos Cross. Deny. Glorify. Lavadome Productions
4/14/2023 Atreyu The Hope of a Spark EP Spinefarm Records
4/14/2023 Black Oak Egolution self-released
4/14/2023 Black Orchid Empire Tempus Veritas Season Of Mist
4/14/2023 Cave Moth Paralytic Love self-released
4/14/2023 Chat Pile / Nerver Brothers in Christ Split Reptilian Records
4/14/2023 Crownshard Awareness self-released
4/14/2023 Deathgrave It's Only Midnight self-released
4/14/2023 Despite The Reverence Stress of Evolution self-released
4/14/2023 Dimentianon Chapter VI: Burning Rebirth Paragon Records
4/14/2023 Dødheimsgard Black Medium Current Peaceville Records
4/14/2023 Eridu Enuma Elish self-released
4/14/2023 Extermination Order The Siege of Ascalon War Anthem Records
4/14/2023 Faerie Ring Weary Traveler King Volume Records
4/14/2023 From Fall To Spring Rise Arising Empire
4/14/2023 FrostSeele D​ä​mon The Liquid Sun
4/14/2023 Hex A.D. Throwing Down The Gauntlet Apollon Records
4/14/2023 Infecting The Swarm Pulsing Coalescence Lacerated Enemy Records
4/14/2023 Initiate Cerebral Circus Triple B Records
4/14/2023 Jesus Piece ...So Unknown Century Media Records
4/14/2023 Kaal Nagini Refracted Lights of a Blind God Iron Bonehead Productions
4/14/2023 Kalt Klt Supreme Chaos Records
4/14/2023 Mesmur Chthonic Solitude Productions
4/14/2023 Metallica 72 Seasons Blackened Recordings
4/14/2023 MMXX The Next Wave EP Candlelight Records
4/14/2023 Moon Oracle Ophidian Glare Signal Rex / Bestial Burst
4/14/2023 Moribund Mantras .​.​.​Of Fathomless Depths Argento Records
4/14/2023 New World Depression Interment of Sins Fucking Kill! Records
4/14/2023 Night Fishing Live Bait EP Brutal Panda Records
4/14/2023 Overkill Scorched Nuclear Blast Records
4/14/2023 Putrid Yell Consuming Abberation Pulverised Records
4/14/2023 Rotpit Let There Be Rot War Anthem Records
4/14/2023 Sever At Midnight, By Torch Light Iron Bonehead Productions
4/14/2023 Spirit Tomb The Lotus of Dahlia Apollon Records
4/14/2023 The Harvest Trail Spree self-released
4/14/2023 The Hellfreaks Pitch Black Sunset Napalm Records
4/14/2023 Vale A Senseless Procession self-released
4/14/2023 Veiled The Black Rite EP Seek and Strike
4/14/2023 VoidCeremony Threads of Unknowing 20 Buck Spin
4/14/2023 Wild Beyond Wild Beyond self-released
4/14/2023 Witte Wieven Dwaallicht Babylon Doom Cult
4/14/2023 Zeit Ohnmacht self-released
4/14/2023 Zozobra Savage Masters Brutal Panda Records
4/15/2023 Aetherius Obscuritas A sors sz​ü​rke pora Grimm Distribution
4/15/2023 BlacKNetiC Darkness Falls self-released
4/20/2023 Bandit Siege of Self GURKHA COMMANDO BLAST TEAM
4/20/2023 Bonginator The Intergalactic Gorebong of Deathpot Barbaric Brutality
4/20/2023 Cave Grave Unfurling Putridity Hand of Death Records
4/20/2023 Heartkiller EKMO Inverse Records
4/20/2023 Nebulae Come Sweet De Lumi​è​re self-released
4/20/2023 Nerve End The Cycle self-released
4/20/2023 Nokturnal Frost Echoes Of The Last Wind self-released
4/20/2023 Portrayal of Guilt Devil Music Run For Cover Records
4/20/2023 Touch deliverance EP Solace Music
4/21/2023 Anthem Crimson & Jet Black Nuclear Blast Records
4/21/2023 As Everything Unfolds Ultraviolet Long Branch Records
4/21/2023 Astral Sleep We Are Already Living In The End Of Times Saarni Records
4/21/2023 Atavistia Cosmic Warfare Blood Blast Distribution
4/21/2023 Bell Witch Future’s Shadow Part 1: The Clandestine Gate self-released
4/21/2023 Birdflesh Sickness In The North Everlasting Spew Records
4/21/2023 Brand of Sacrifice Between Death and Dreams self-released
4/21/2023 Bunker Gritos de Inocentes self-released
4/21/2023 Caedeous Malum Supplicium Black Sunset
4/21/2023 Car Bomb Live in Santa Cruz Solid Grey
4/21/2023 Century The Conquest of Time Electric Assault Records
4/21/2023 Cropsey Malfeasance 1054 Records
4/21/2023 Dawn of Ouroboros Velvet Incandescence Prosthetic Records
4/21/2023 Daydream Flights The Garnet Bracelet Casus Belli Musica
4/21/2023 Decipher Arcane Paths To Resurrection Transcending Obscurity
4/21/2023 Dimwind The Futility of Breathing self-released
4/21/2023 Dope Skum Gutter South self-released
4/21/2023 Dorthia Cottrell Death Folk Country Relapse Records
4/21/2023 Dozer Drifting in the Endless Void Blues Funeral Recordings
4/21/2023 EDKH Conspirashit Horror Pain Gore Death Productions
4/21/2023 END. Misery Eternal self-released
4/21/2023 Enter Shikari A Kiss For The Whole World So Recordings
4/21/2023 Eternal Faceless Evil Raw Skull Recordz
4/21/2023 Fall From Earth From The Ashes self-released
4/21/2023 God Emperor Undrask self-released
4/21/2023 Grave Pleasures Plagueboys Century Media Records
4/21/2023 Gyrdleah Spellbinder Black Lion Records
4/21/2023 Hämärä Ivory Tower self-released
4/21/2023 Heretic Cult Redeemer Flagellum Universalis self-released
4/21/2023 Margarita Witch Cult Margarita Witch Cult Heavy Psych Sounds
4/21/2023 Mezzrow Summon Thy Demons Fireflash Records
4/21/2023 Neverus Burdens of the Earth NFLS Records
4/21/2023 Oath of Cranes The Unsung Mantras Klang Machine Records
4/21/2023 Pestifer Defeat of the Nemesis Debemur Morti Productions
4/21/2023 Picturesque IYKYK Equal Vision Records
4/21/2023 Predatory Void Seven Keys To The Discomfort Of Being Century Media Records
4/21/2023 Pusboil Ancient Stories of Suffering and Disease Realityfade Records
4/21/2023 Sign Language Madison & Floral Sunday Drive Records
4/21/2023 Signs of Chaos Blindsided self-released
4/21/2023 Since My Beloved One Day Away EP DAZE Records
4/21/2023 SLUGCRUST/SWAMP Bind EP Terminus Hate City Records
4/21/2023 Smoulder Violent Creed of Vengeance Cruz Del Sur Music
4/21/2023 Soulcarrion Soulcarrion Godz ov War Productions
4/21/2023 Tanith Voyage Metal Blade Records
4/21/2023 The Eating Cave The Miscalculation self-released
4/21/2023 The St Pierre Snake Invasion Galore Church Road Records
4/21/2023 These Beasts Cares, Wills, Wants Magnetic Eye Records
4/21/2023 Through Fire Devil's Got You Dreamin' Sumerian Records
4/21/2023 Ulvedharr Inferno XXXIII Scarlet Records
4/21/2023 Undrask God Emperor self-released
4/21/2023 Vorna Aamunkoi Lifeforce Records
4/21/2023 Wolfnaut Return of the Astronoid Ripple Music
4/22/2023 Sick Sinus Syndrome Swarming of Sickness Bizarre Leprous Production
4/24/2023 Exit Catacomb No Escape From the Catacomb self-released
4/24/2023 Pustilence Beliefs of Dead Stargazers and Soothsayers Memento Mori
4/25/2023 Basalto Purga self-released
4/26/2023 Twitching Tongues Sleep Therapy Redux Closed Casket Activities
4/28/2023 Austere Corrosion of Hearts Prophecy Productions
4/28/2023 Bastard Cröss Beasts of the Night Unchained Tapes
4/28/2023 Brave The Sea Lady Death self-released
4/28/2023 Bullet Biter You Should've Never Kissed The Dead self-released
4/28/2023 Burial Extraction A Shadow Of Things To Come The Charon Collective
4/28/2023 Cadaveric Crematorium Zombology Punishment 18 Records
4/28/2023 Chrome Waves Earth Will Shed Its Skin M-Theory Audio
4/28/2023 Clarion Knell Abyss of Fear self-released
4/28/2023 Contaminated/Fistula Apex C​.​h​.​u​.​d/Nigromancer Split Blood Harvest Records
4/28/2023 Cradle of Filth Trouble And Their Double Lives Napalm Records
4/28/2023 Crown The Empire DOGMA Rise Records
4/28/2023 Danava Nothing But Nothing Tee Pee Records
4/28/2023 Dead Sea Apes Rewilding Feeding Tube Records
4/28/2023 Defiled The Highest Level Season Of Mist
4/28/2023 Elephant Rifle Broken Water Learning Curve Records
4/28/2023 Enchantya Cerberus Inverse Records
4/28/2023 Enforced War Remains Century Media Records
4/28/2023 Erdling Bestia Out of Line Music
4/28/2023 Fardeaux The Den Has Become An Abyss Drowning in Chaos Records
4/28/2023 Fiat Nox Opium to Insidious Slumber Crawling Chaos
4/28/2023 Fimbulvet Portale self-released
4/28/2023 Fires In The Distance Air Not Meant Prosthetic Records
4/28/2023 Flitcraft House at the Centre of the Universe Pitch Black Records
4/28/2023 fromjoy fromjoy self-released
4/28/2023 Fugitive Maniac 20 Buck Spin
4/28/2023 Giöbia Acid Disorted Heavy Psych Sounds
4/28/2023 Graugiest Heaven Denies EP Kvlt and Kaos Productions
4/28/2023 Hammerfall Crimson Thunder (20th Anniversary Edition) Nuclear Blast Records
4/28/2023 Hypnos Deathbirth EP self-released
4/28/2023 Ignea Dreams Of Lands Unseen Napalm Records
4/28/2023 Ironmaster Weapons Of Spiritual Carnage Black Lion Records
4/28/2023 Jaded Black Vitriolic Awakening self-released
4/28/2023 Kaal Akuma Turiya Nuclear Winter Records
4/28/2023 Lucifuge Monoliths of Wrath Dying Victims Productions
4/28/2023 Lunar Chamber Shambhallic Vibrations 20 Buck Spin
4/28/2023 Lux Nigrum Omnia Ab Uno, Omnia Ad Unum Azermedoth Records
4/28/2023 Massacre Submergence: Live Beyond 2019 Nuclear Blast Records
4/28/2023 Mismatched Imperium/Plaga self-released
4/28/2023 Mistral In the Throes of Losing Love Onism Productions
4/28/2023 Nadir Possessed By Grandeur self-released
4/28/2023 Numeron Road to Valhalla self-released
4/28/2023 Ocular Trauma The Dissection Of Tragedy Wormholedeath Records
4/28/2023 Orphans of Dusk Spleen Hypnotic Dirge Records
4/28/2023 Redshift Laws Of Entropy Pale Wizard Records
4/28/2023 Runemagick Beyond the Cenotaph of Mankind Hammerheart Records
4/28/2023 Sanctuarium Into The Mephitic Abyss BlackSeed Productions
4/28/2023 Sentinel Sirens Orbithon Wave Chaos Records
4/28/2023 Sleepsculptor Divine Recalibration Silent Pendulum Records
4/28/2023 Spotlights Alchemy For The Dead Ipecac Recordings
4/28/2023 Terranoct Icon of Ruin self-released
4/28/2023 The Stone Eye Fata Morgana Talon Records
4/28/2023 Twisted Illusion Upstairs to Optimism self-released
4/28/2023 Unborn Prophecy Waking Our Ancient Memories Wormholedeath Records
4/28/2023 Vadiat Spear of Creation Redefining Darkness Records
4/28/2023 Vamachara No Roses On My Grave Closed Casket Activities
4/28/2023 Wallowing Earth Reaper Church Road Records
5/1/2023 Ancient Settlers Transition Crusader Records
5/1/2023 Balmog Covenants of Salt Eisenwald Records
5/1/2023 Clones Of Sirius Clones Of Sirius self-released
5/1/2023 Extort Reset self-released
5/1/2023 Grief Collector In Times of Woe Petrichor
5/1/2023 Velaraas Pantheon self-released
5/1/2023 Virulent Genesis Introduction to Misrule self-released
5/5/2023 Abolish ...From The Depths self-released
5/5/2023 All We Leave Behind Through The Styx And Beyond self-released
5/5/2023 Aphonic Threnody When Death Comes Again Serpentine Music
5/5/2023 Arae The Mightless One self-released
5/5/2023 Aridus Serpent Moon Eisenwald Records
5/5/2023 Bloodgutter Death Mountain Trollzorn Records
5/5/2023 Burning Witches The Dark Tower Napalm Records
5/5/2023 Concilium Sky Bvrial self-released
5/5/2023 Countless Skies Resonance – Live From The Studio Willowtip Records
5/5/2023 Currents The Death We Seek SharpTone Records
5/5/2023 Dave Lombardo Rites Of Percussion Ipecac Recordings
5/5/2023 Dawn of Existence Ancient Arts Csquared Music
5/5/2023 Dead Chasm Sublimis Ignotum Omni F.D.A. Records
5/5/2023 Deadline Vitriol Inc self-released
5/5/2023 Death Goals A Garden of Dead Flowers Prosthetic Records
5/5/2023 Deathstars Everything Destroys You Nuclear Blast Records
5/5/2023 Deathvoid Diurnal Cloak Xenoglossy Productions
5/5/2023 Desekryptor Curse of the Execrated Caligari Records
5/5/2023 Detriment UK Between Two Evils self-released
5/5/2023 DieHumane The Grotesque WURMgroup
5/5/2023 Draconian Reign Tragedy Eternal Seek and Strike
5/5/2023 Drain Living Proof Epitaph Records
5/5/2023 Enforcer Nostalgia Nuclear Blast Records
5/5/2023 Extermination Dismemberment Dehumanization Protocol Unique Leader Records
5/5/2023 F A U N S Surcease self-released
5/5/2023 Finality Technocracy self-released
5/5/2023 Gangrened Ambient Doom Dream self-released
5/5/2023 Godslut Procreation Of God Selfmadegod Records
5/5/2023 Haunt Golden Arm Iron Grip Records
5/5/2023 Heimland Forfedrenes Taarer Edged Circle Productions
5/5/2023 Hexenschorf Certain Rapture Fiadh Productions
5/5/2023 Hyeena Freedom From The Default Innerstrength Records
5/5/2023 Iron Hearse Super Heavy Incendiary Transmissions Snake Mountain Records
5/5/2023 Jeromes Dream The Gray In Between Iodine Recordings
5/5/2023 Krysaor Foreward self-released
5/5/2023 Live It Down Thy Kingdom Come Triple B Records
5/5/2023 Muskeg Charnel Decomposition Part 3: Rigor Mortis HPGD Productions
5/5/2023 Nadir Extinction Rituals self-released
5/5/2023 Nightmarer Deformity Adrift Total Dissonance Worship
5/5/2023 Phrenesy Fears Apocalypse Wormholedeath Records
5/5/2023 Rest In Filth Atonement self-released
5/5/2023 Shodan None Shall Prevail Time To Kill Records
5/5/2023 Smellcorpses Slaughter Still Continues Inhuman Assault Productions
5/5/2023 Sovereign Council World On Fire Dark Moon Productions
5/5/2023 Spinebreaker Cavern Of Inoculated Cognition Creator-Destructor Records
5/5/2023 StartTheMonkey Urban Psyche Electric Talon Records
5/5/2023 Sunburster Trudging to Extinction Knife Hits Collective
5/5/2023 Symbiontic The Sun And The Darkness Apostasy Records
5/5/2023 TEETH A Biblical Worship Of Violence Nuclear Blast Records
5/5/2023 The Devil Wears Prada Color Decay (Deluxe Edition) Solid State Records
5/5/2023 Turn Cold Chew Glass self-released
5/5/2023 Ugly Autograph Satanik Royalty Records
5/5/2023 Undead Putrefactio Redefining Darkness Records
5/5/2023 Unearth The Wretched; The Ruinous Century Media Records
5/5/2023 Vintersea Woven Into Ashes M-Theory Audio
5/6/2023 Meet The Mailman Never Walk Alone self-released
5/8/2023 Human Abomination Dismal Foreshadowing self-released
5/8/2023 Ocean Districts Phantom Islands self-released
5/12/2023 Aelvica Lichdragons Spewing Gloom self-released
5/12/2023 Ascended Dead Evenfall Of The Apocalypse 20 Buck Spin
5/12/2023 Astrodeath Vol. 2 Heavy Psych Sounds
5/12/2023 Battle Born Blood, Fire, Magic And Steel Prosthetic Records
5/12/2023 Burial Clouds Last Days of a Dying World Church Road Records
5/12/2023 Cattle Decapitation Terrasite Metal Blade Records
5/12/2023 Chained To The Bottom Of The Ocean Obsession Destruction Redscroll Records
5/12/2023 Cronos Compulsion Malicious Regression Caligari Records
5/12/2023 Dead Shape Figure The Sworn Book Rolling Records
5/12/2023 DevilDriver Dealing With Demons Vol. II Napalm Records
5/12/2023 Duskwood The Last Voyage Ripple Music
5/12/2023 Emphasis Lazaret Geenger Records
5/12/2023 Esoctrilihum Astraal Constellations of the Majickal Zodiac self-released
5/12/2023 Exitium Imperitous March For Abysmal Glory Time To Kill Records
5/12/2023 Genophobic Perversion Malodorous Emanations Cursed Oath Records
5/12/2023 Godsnake Eye For An Eye Massacre Records
5/12/2023 Gonemage Astral Corridors self-released
5/12/2023 Grave Desecrator Immundissime Spiritus From Deepest Records
5/12/2023 Hasard Malivore self-released
5/12/2023 Hex A.D. Delightful Sharp Edges Fresh Tea Records
5/12/2023 Hollowed Soulkiller self-released
5/12/2023 Ifryt P​ł​uca Godz ov War Productions
5/12/2023 Impetuous Ritual Iniquitous Barbarik Synthesis Profound Lore Records
5/12/2023 Industrial Puke Born Into The Twisting Rope self-released
5/12/2023 Iron Budda Raze​/​/​Repose self-released
5/12/2023 Left To Suffer Feral OneRPM
5/12/2023 Moonreich Amer Les Acteurs de l’Ombre Productions
5/12/2023 Never Ending Game Outcry Triple B Records
5/12/2023 Non Est Deus Legacy Noisebringer Records
5/12/2023 Omnerod The Amensal Rise self-released
5/12/2023 Parity Boot Fast Forward self-released
5/12/2023 Profeci Ub​ó​stwo Godz ov War Productions
5/12/2023 Pronostic Chaotic Upheaval self-released
5/12/2023 Subterfuge Philosopher Pure Steel Publishing
5/12/2023 Thanatomass Hades Living Temple Records
5/12/2023 The Acacia Strain Failure Will Follow Rise Records
5/12/2023 The Acacia Strain Step Into The Light Rise Records
5/12/2023 The Amity Affliction No Without My Ghosts Pure Noise Records
5/12/2023 The Cimmerian Sword & Sorcery Vol I self-released
5/12/2023 The Dark Side Of The Moon Metamorphosis Napalm Records
5/12/2023 There Were Wires There Were Wires Iodine Recordings
5/12/2023 They Watch Us From The Moon Cosmic Chronicles, Act I: The Ascension self-released
5/12/2023 Veriluola Cascades Of Crimson Cruor Nameless Grave Records
5/12/2023 Wilczyca Magija self-released
5/12/2023 Worth Worth Wormholedeath Records
5/13/2023 Forced Hand War self-released
5/19/2023 A Horrible Death To A Horrible Man Days Gone By self-released
5/19/2023 Age of The Wolf A Pilgrimage to Nowhere Aural Music
5/19/2023 Bird's View Red Light Habits Drakkar Entertainment
5/19/2023 Blindfolded And Led To The Woods Rejecting Obliteration Prosthetic Records
5/19/2023 Boiling Point Humanize self-released
5/19/2023 Botanist VIII: Selenotrope Prophecy Productions
5/19/2023 Charonyx Persistent Soul self-released
5/19/2023 Chronicle Where Chaos Thrives Mighty Music
5/19/2023 Craving Call of the Sirens Massacre Records
5/19/2023 Dark Age of Ruin False Messiah and the Abstract Selvajaria Records
5/19/2023 Decayer Sonoran Death Seek and Strike
5/19/2023 Elitium Wrong Gruesome Records
5/19/2023 Ephemeral Tower of Silence DAZE Records
5/19/2023 Frozen Soul Glacial Domination Century Media Records
5/19/2023 Ghost Phantomime Loma Vista Recordings
5/19/2023 Gozu Remedy Metal Blade Records
5/19/2023 Gumm Slogan Machine Convulse Records
5/19/2023 Heretoir Wastelands AOP Records
5/19/2023 Horizon's End The Great Destroyer Steel Gallery Records
5/19/2023 Inferion Inequity Horror Pain Gore Death Productions
5/19/2023 Legacy of Brutality Travellers to Nowhere Chief Records Limited
5/19/2023 Lone Pilgrim As the Sparks Fly Upward self-released
5/19/2023 Morgengrau Sehnen der Finsternis self-released
5/19/2023 Nexorum Tongue Of Thorns Non Serviam Records
5/19/2023 Omen Astra The End of Everything self-released
5/19/2023 Pa Vesh En Martyrs Iron Bonehead Productions
5/19/2023 Radien Unissa Palaneet Svart Records
5/19/2023 Ring Of Gyges Metamorphosis ViciSolum Productions
5/19/2023 Roadwolf Midnight Lightning Napalm Records
5/19/2023 Shadows Out For Blood Sentient Ruin Laboratories
5/19/2023 Sleep Token Take Me Back To Eden Spinefarm Records
5/19/2023 Sporae Autem Yuggoth ...However It Still Moves Personal Records
5/19/2023 The Ocean Holocene Pelagic Records
5/19/2023 The Sign of Evil Millennium No Remorse Records
5/19/2023 The Used Toxic Positivity Big Noise
5/19/2023 Thulcandra Hail The Abyss Napalm Records
5/19/2023 Umbilichaos Mourning Carnivals From Now On Time To Kill Records
5/19/2023 VHS Quest For The Mighty Riff Wise Blood Records
5/19/2023 Vomitheist NekroFvneral Transcending Obscurity
5/19/2023 Voul Concrete Cult Abstract Emotions
5/19/2023 Yakuza Sutra Svart Records
5/22/2023 Cactus Cathedral Suspending All Belief self-released
5/22/2023 Distorted Force Angelic Bloodshed Soman Records
5/22/2023 Elohims Sterne Seraphim self-released
5/22/2023 Evil Brain Taste Number Two self-released
5/23/2023 Anarchÿ Retching Necropolis self-released
5/23/2023 Breath of Wind Sunset Rays self-released
5/25/2023 Cenobite Torment Your Flesh and Explore the Limits of Experience Svanrenne Music
5/25/2023 Formalist We Inherit a World at the Seams Brucia Records
5/26/2023 :BOLVERK: Svarte Sekunder Wormholedeath
5/26/2023 A Pretext To Human Suffering Endless Cycle Of Suffering Reality Fade Records
5/26/2023 Ancient Ruins Hexahedron Wormholedeath
5/26/2023 Armagh Serpent Storm self-released
5/26/2023 Arrival Of Autumn Kingdom Undone Nuclear Blast Records
5/26/2023 Bosparans Fall G​ö​tterspiel: Dunkle Zeiten MDD Records
5/26/2023 Church of the Dead Beyond Death Redefining Darkness Records
5/26/2023 Cloak Black Flame Eternal Season Of Mist
5/26/2023 Convictors Tartaros Kernkraftritter Records
5/26/2023 Delyria III; Oracles And Tentacles Great Dane Records
5/26/2023 Elegant Weapons Horns For A Halo Nuclear Blast Records
5/26/2023 Ethereal Void Gods Of A Dead World Abstrakted Records
5/26/2023 Garoted Bewitchment Of The Dark Ages Lavadome Productions
5/26/2023 Ǥứŕū Nova Lvx Les Acteurs de l’Ombre Productions
5/26/2023 Hate Manifesto Α​Π​Ο​Σ​Τ​Α​Τ​Η​Σ (Apostate) Regain Records
5/26/2023 Heart Attack Man Freak of Nature self-released
5/26/2023 Immortal War Against All self-released
5/26/2023 Incendiary Change The Way You Think About Pain Closed Casket Activities
5/26/2023 JAAW Supercluster Svart Records
5/26/2023 Kalmah Kalmah self-released
5/26/2023 Kings Never Die All The Rats Metalville Records
5/26/2023 Kostnatení Úpal Willowtip Records
5/26/2023 Liquid Flesh Dolores Time To Kill Records
5/26/2023 Mesarthim Arrival self-released
5/26/2023 Metal Church Congregation Of Annihilation Rat Pak Records
5/26/2023 Mournful Congregation The Exuviae Of Gods - Part II 20 Buck Spin
5/26/2023 Nattverd I Helvetes Forakt Soulseller Records
5/26/2023 Oceanlord Kingdom Cold Magnetic Eye Records
5/26/2023 Olkoth At The Eye Of Chaos Everlasting Spew Records
5/26/2023 Ondfodt Det Österbottniska M​ö​rkret Black Lion Records
5/26/2023 Open Kasket Blood Moon self-released
5/26/2023 Phlebotomized Clouds Of Confusion Hammerheart Records
5/26/2023 Rainbows Are Free Heavy Petal Music Ripple Music
5/26/2023 Reasons Behind Architecture Of An Ego Scarlet Records
5/26/2023 RUÏM Black Royal Spiritism - I.O Sino Da Igreja Peaceville Records
5/26/2023 Sarvekas Woven Dark Paths Soulseller Records
5/26/2023 Sirenia 1977 Napalm Records
5/26/2023 SOM Faith Sonic Ritual
5/26/2023 Speedwhore Visions of a Parallel World self-released
5/26/2023 The Silent Rage Nuances Of Life Scarlet Records
5/26/2023 Unfair Fate Into The Abyss Wormholedeath
5/26/2023 Usnea Bathed in Light Translation Loss Records
5/26/2023 Vexing Grand Reproach self-released
5/26/2023 Victory Over The Sun Dance You Monster To My Soft Song! self-released
5/26/2023 Vomitory All Heads Are Gonna Roll Metal Blade Records
5/26/2023 Vorder False Haven self-released
5/26/2023 Whythre Impregnate My Hate self-released
6/2/2023 Aeffect Theory of Mind self-released
6/2/2023 Akilla The Gods Have Spoken self-released
6/2/2023 Anubis Gate Interference Nightmare Records
6/2/2023 Atlases Between The Day & I Lifeforce Records
6/2/2023 Avenged Sevenfold Life is But A Dream... Warner Bros. Records
6/2/2023 Blemish Omnipresence Frozen Screams Imprint
6/2/2023 Bongzilla Dab City Heavy Psych Sounds
6/2/2023 Buggin Concrete Cowboys Flatspot Records
6/2/2023 Burnt Skull Daylight Mutilation self-released
6/2/2023 Cosmic Burial Far Away From Home Purity Through Fire Records
6/2/2023 Death Dies Stregoneria Time To Kill Records
6/2/2023 DIETH To Hell And Back Napalm Records
6/2/2023 Einar Solberg 16 self-released
6/2/2023 Foo Fighters But Here We Are self-released
6/2/2023 Gloryhammer Return To The Kingdom Of Fife Napalm Records
6/2/2023 Halflighted Obloquy Wormholedeath
6/2/2023 Heldscalla Two Cathedrals self-released
6/2/2023 Hemplifier The Stoner Side of Doom Electric Valley Records
6/2/2023 Isua Abandon Crucible Records
6/2/2023 Koningsor Death Process Silent Pendulum Records
6/2/2023 Kvad So Old Purity Through Fire Records
6/2/2023 Lacerated The Beauty of Agony self-released
6/2/2023 Moral Collapse Divine Prosthetics Subcontinental Records
6/2/2023 Necrofier Burning Shadows In The Southern Night Season Of Mist
6/2/2023 Omnium Gatherum Slasher self-released
6/2/2023 Order of Decay Mortification Rites self-released
6/2/2023 Pupil Slicer Blossom Prosthetic Records
6/2/2023 Rancid Tomorrow Never Comes Epitaph Records
6/2/2023 Red Cain Näe'bliss self-released
6/2/2023 Risin Sabotage Macarbe Interstellar Smoke Records
6/2/2023 Saint Karloff Paleolithic War Crimes Majestic Mountain Records
6/2/2023 Scarnival The Hell Within Kernkraftritter Records
6/2/2023 Spy Satisfaction Triple B Records
6/2/2023 Thantifaxath Hive Mind Narcosis Dark Descent Records
6/2/2023 The Kryptik A Journey To The Darkest Kingdom Purity Through Fire Records
6/2/2023 Tigercub The Perfume Of Decay Loosegroove Records
6/2/2023 To Descend Mindless Birth Horror Pain Gore Death Productions
6/2/2023 Tortured Demon Rise of the Lifeless self-released
6/2/2023 Uncured My Design Pavement Entertainment
6/2/2023 Unfurl Ascension self-released
6/2/2023 Visions From Beyond Portal to Inertia Brutal Cave Productions
6/2/2023 Void ov Nihility Above The Stars of God self-released
6/2/2023 World I Hate Years Of Lead War Records
6/4/2023 Misty Grey Visions After Void Topillo Records
6/5/2023 Isvara XXV: Cerebrospinal Fluid self-released
6/9/2023 All Life Ends Miscreation Black Sunset
6/9/2023 Aodon Portraits Willowtip Records
6/9/2023 As We Suffer Fear Pillars Wormholedeath
6/9/2023 Black Rainbows Superskull Heavy Psych Sounds
6/9/2023 Brahmashiras Brahmashiras Caligari Records
6/9/2023 Burial Hordes Ruins Transcending Obscurity
6/9/2023 Cancer Christ Satan Is A Bitch self-released
6/9/2023 Carry The Torch Delusion Black Lion Records
6/9/2023 Claustrum Claustrum Avantgarde Music
6/9/2023 Conjuring Vis Naturae Kernkraftritter Records
6/9/2023 Cynic ReFocus Cynical Sphere
6/9/2023 Dead Quiet IV self-released
6/9/2023 Desecrate Lights of Contradiction Sleaszy Rider Records
6/9/2023 Dioivo Cara Os Ceios Incrementes Sleaszy Rider Records
6/9/2023 Envy Of None That Was Then, This Is Now Kscope
6/9/2023 Exnun Nutshell Studies of Unexplained Death Time To Kill Records
6/9/2023 Geld Currency//Castration Relapse Records
6/9/2023 Glass Casket Glass Casket Silent Pendulum Records
6/9/2023 Godflesh Purge Avalanche Recordings
6/9/2023 Grant The Sun Voyage Mas-Kina Records
6/9/2023 Halls of Oblivion Eighteen Hundred And Froze To Death Metalapolis Records
6/9/2023 Imperishable Come, Sweet Death Hammerheart Records
6/9/2023 Jesus Chrüsler Supercar Rising Vön Hell Records
6/9/2023 Kaksonen Universumin Kuningas self-released
6/9/2023 Kill Division Thoughts And Prayers self-released
6/9/2023 King Howl Homecoming Electric Valley Records
6/9/2023 Legion Of The Damned The Poison Chalice Napalm Records
6/9/2023 Max Enix Far From Home Wormholedeath
6/9/2023 Miasmes R​é​pugnance Les Acteurs de l’Ombre Productions
6/9/2023 No Lights Dream Eraser The Ghost Is Clear
6/9/2023 Ray Alder II InsideOut Music
6/9/2023 Rise To Fall The Fifth Dimension Noble Demon Records
6/9/2023 Scar Symmetry The Singularity (Phase II - Xenotaph) Nuclear Blast Records
6/9/2023 Snake Healer Oblatio Wormholedeath
6/9/2023 The Arcane Order Distortions From Cosmogony Black Lion Records
6/9/2023 The Bleeding Monokrator Redefining Darkness
6/9/2023 The Donner Party Cutting Class self-released
6/9/2023 Torture Rack Primeval Onslaught 20 Buck Spin
6/9/2023 Voidhaven Lithic Ardua Music
6/9/2023 Vortex The Future Remains In Oblivion self-released
6/9/2023 Waxen Die Macht Von Hassen Moribund Records
6/10/2023 Pile of Death Introducing Our Impending Doom Jawbreaker Records
6/13/2023 Decimate Our Kind In the Name of Our Republic self-released
6/14/2023 Sunami Sunami LP Triple B Records
6/15/2023 Fleshbound Wounded self-released
6/16/2023 A.M.E.N. The Book Of Lies - Liber I I, Voidhanger Records
6/16/2023 alt. Abeyance SharpTone Records
6/16/2023 Altar of Oblivion Burning Memories EP From The Vaults
6/16/2023 Arkona Kob Napalm Records
6/16/2023 AVKRVST The Approbation InsideOut Music
6/16/2023 Church of Misery Born Under a Mad Sign Rise Above Records
6/16/2023 Creeping Death Boundless Domain MNRK Music Group
6/16/2023 Devoeverie Accipimus Dolorem self-released
6/16/2023 Diesomnia Pray for the Flood self-released
6/16/2023 Disillusive Songs for the Non-Existent Wormholedeath Records
6/16/2023 Elder Devil Everything Worth Loving Prosthetic Records
6/16/2023 Endeavour For The Time Being self-released
6/16/2023 Fifth Angel When Angels Kill Nuclear Blast Records
6/16/2023 Geist of Ouachita Imprisoned in the Graven Wood Signal Rex
6/16/2023 Grebbeberg Sammath Hammerheart Records
6/16/2023 Holy Death Neck Wound Session self-released
6/16/2023 Infinite Spectrum Cage self-released
6/16/2023 KHNVM Visions of a Plague Ridden Sky self-released
6/16/2023 King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard PetroDragonic Apocalypse; or, Dawn of Eternal Night: An Annihilation of Planet Earth and the Beginni KGLW
6/16/2023 Lanayah I’m Picking Lights in a Field... Anima Recordings
6/16/2023 Memorrhage Memorrhage Big Money Cybergrind
6/16/2023 Methedras Human Deception self-released
6/16/2023 Nargathrond Killing Season Wormholedeath
6/16/2023 Oculus Of Temples and Vultures Duplicate Records
6/16/2023 Orchid's Curse The Decay self-released
6/16/2023 Plaguewielder Burning Death EP self-released
6/16/2023 Queens Of The Stone Age In Times New Roman... Matador Records
6/16/2023 Reaping Flesh Abyss of Existence Redefining Darkness Records
6/16/2023 Rise To The Sky Two Years of Grief self-released
6/16/2023 Ritual Awakening Yokai self-released
6/16/2023 Roseneath Nowhere Safe self-released
6/16/2023 Royal Thunder Rebuilding The Mountain Spinefarm Records
6/16/2023 Sammath Grebbeberg self-released
6/16/2023 Sarmat Determined To Strike self-released
6/16/2023 Sarmat Determined To Strike I, Voidhanger Records
6/16/2023 Saturnus The Storm Within Prophecy Productions
6/16/2023 Sifting Silent Acquiescence Eclipse Records
6/16/2023 Sigh Live: The Eastern Force of Evil 2022 Peaceville Records
6/16/2023 The Fals Beyond the Grave of the Moon TeufelsZeug Records
6/16/2023 The Sigil Argante self-released
6/16/2023 Thy Catafalque Alf​ö​ld Season Of Mist
6/16/2023 Thymayta Embraced By Death Adirondack Black Mass
6/16/2023 Torn From The Womb Apocryphtic Preludes & Lugubrious Epoch Narcoleptica Productions
6/16/2023 Varmia Nie Nas Widze M-Theory Audio
6/16/2023 Vile Ritual Caverns Of Occultic Hatred Sentient Ruin Laboratories
6/16/2023 Vulture Industries Ghosts From the Past self-released
6/16/2023 Witch Skull The Serpent Tide Rise Above Records
6/16/2023 Wooden Shadow Eternal Land Of Wrath And Mourn Inverse Records
6/16/2023 World Eater An Insidious Remedy Horror Pain Gore Death Productions
6/16/2023 Yawning Man Long Walk Of The Navajo Heavy Psych Sounds
6/19/2023 Darkest Escort Feast in Time of Plague self-released
6/20/2023 Abused Majesty Proxima Inferni self-released
6/20/2023 Angel Of Suicide Rooms Of Expectations self-released
6/20/2023 Asphalt E.P. self-released
6/20/2023 Autumn Woods Blade Runner self-released
6/20/2023 Søppelskaler Miasmic Wildfire Shadow Speculum Productions
6/21/2023 Night Mother In Beautiful Sorrow self-released
6/23/2023 ADVERSVM Vama Marga Moribund Records
6/23/2023 Autonomie No Peace, Only Violence Fysisk Format
6/23/2023 Black Eucharist Inn of the Vaticide Stygian Black Hand
6/23/2023 Chaos Reborn Dreams of Grey self-released
6/23/2023 Crepitation Monstrous Eruption Of Impetuous Preposterosity Vicious Instinct Records
6/23/2023 DeathCollector Death's Toll Prosthetic Records
6/23/2023 Degrees Of Truth Alchemists Scarlet Records
6/23/2023 Deinonychus Bleak & Vile My Kingdom Music
6/23/2023 Endless Ruin Conquered Trinity self-released
6/23/2023 Fear Factory Re-Industrialized Nuclear Blast Records
6/23/2023 Fore Skin Blood Blast Distribution
6/23/2023 Graf Orlock End Credits Vitriol Records
6/23/2023 Haradim Death of Idols Trust No One Recordings
6/23/2023 High Priest Invocation Magnetic Eye Records
6/23/2023 Infernal Curse Revelations Beyond Insanity Iron Bonehead Productions
6/23/2023 Infinity The Untamed Hunger Immortal Frost Productions
6/23/2023 Jag Panzer The Hallowed Atomic Fire Records
6/23/2023 Jernlov Resurrection Nordic Mission
6/23/2023 Krigsgrav Fires in the Fall Wise Blood Records
6/23/2023 Mental Cruelty Zwielicht Century Media Records
6/23/2023 Militarie Gun Life Under The Gun Loma Vista Recordings
6/23/2023 Mirakler How I Became the Devil Reptilian Records
6/23/2023 Mothman and The Thunderbirds Gazer self-released
6/23/2023 Nocturnal Breed Carry the Beast Dark Essence Records
6/23/2023 Off Road Minivan May This Keep You Safe From Harm Tooth & Nail Records
6/23/2023 Ominøs The Everlasting Pain Void Wanderer Productions
6/23/2023 Onheil In Black Ashes Black Lion Records
6/23/2023 Outlanders Outlanders earMUSIC
6/23/2023 Perracide Underdog Emanzipation Records
6/23/2023 Phantom Corporation Fallout self-released
6/23/2023 Pylar L​í​myte Cavsas Records
6/23/2023 Sculforge Intergalactic Battle Tunes (...Stories from Behind The Dark Side Of The Moon To The Milky Way... Sculforge Records
6/23/2023 Seek Kokyou De Shinu Otoko Silent Pendulum Records
6/23/2023 Snorlax The Necrotrophic Abyss Brilliant Emperor Records
6/23/2023 Soul Grinder Filth Encrusted self-released
6/23/2023 Sphaèros Possession Tee Pee Records
6/23/2023 Stinking Lizaveta Anthems and Phantoms Exile on Mainstream Records
6/23/2023 Structural Decrowned ViciSolum Records
6/23/2023 The Anchoret It All Began With Loneliness Willowtip Records
6/23/2023 Tomb The Dark Subconcious Iron Bonehead Productions
6/23/2023 Trophy Eyes Suicide And Sunshine Hopeless Records
6/23/2023 Tsjuder Helvegr Season Of Mist
6/23/2023 Tyrants Blood Into the Kingdom of Graves Vice Records
6/23/2023 Vacant Voice Cathartic Beauty self-released
6/23/2023 VEXED Negative Energy Napalm Records
6/23/2023 Xasthur Inevitably Dark Lupus Lounge
6/24/2023 Beltfed Weapon Darkened Demise self-released
6/24/2023 Gangrenous Flesh Consumption Vile Ingurgitation of Suppurated Limbs Lord of the Sick Recordings
6/24/2023 Miserere Luminis Ordalie Sepulchral Productions
6/24/2023 Sacrenoir Comme des Revenants Parmi les Ruines Sepulchral Productions
6/24/2023 Subterranean Disposition Individuation Hypnotic Dirge Records
6/24/2023 Trépas Les Ombres Malades Sepulchral Productions
6/27/2023 Thornafire Leprosario Lazareto Great Dane Records
6/28/2023 Blackning Awakening Rage Black Lion Records
6/29/2023 Mortal Blood Fate's Overture self-released
6/30/2023 AASAR From Nothing To Nowhere Seek and Strike
6/30/2023 Aathma Dust From A Dark Sun Ardua Music
6/30/2023 All Consumed Hallowed Violence self-released
6/30/2023 Anima Tempo Chaos Paradox Famined Records
6/30/2023 Another Black Autumn Resplendent Apparitions at the Dawn Fiadh Productions
6/30/2023 Antigod Messtery self-released
6/30/2023 Antirope Amnesia Eclipse Records
6/30/2023 Astrophyte 2192 MDD Records
6/30/2023 Avdagata The Faceless One At Dawn Records
6/30/2023 Bastard Noise Incineration Prayer / Self Righteous Suicide Armageddon Label
6/30/2023 Before The Dawn Stormbringers Napalm Records
6/30/2023 Beneath Purgatory The Martyr Approach Upside Underground Productions
6/30/2023 Cache Cache EP self-released
6/30/2023 Coffin Mulch Spectral Intercession Memento Mori
6/30/2023 Death Ray Vision No Mercy From Electric Eyes Metal Blade Records
6/30/2023 Deathbed Obsolete Natural Composition Iron Blood and Death Corporation
6/30/2023 Demonized Abyss Vanguard MLP self-released
6/30/2023 Disaffect / Sanctus Iuda F*ck All Borders Armageddon Label
6/30/2023 Divide and Dissolve Systemic Invada
6/30/2023 Divine Solitude Lamentations of the Lost self-released
6/30/2023 Dowhanash Promethium 61 self-released
6/30/2023 Dusk Spectrums Wormholedeath
6/30/2023 East Of The Wall A Neutral Second Translation Loss Records
6/30/2023 Eiter Gewalt self-released
6/30/2023 Grafvitnir Into The Outer Wilderness Shadow Records
6/30/2023 Grotesqueries Vile Crematory Caligari Records
6/30/2023 Hateful Agony Home Sweet Hell Punishment 18 Records
6/30/2023 Hellwitch Annihilational Intercention Listenable Records
6/30/2023 Khanate To Be Cruel Sacred Bones Records
6/30/2023 Loma Prieta Last Deathwish Inc.
6/30/2023 Melted Bodies The Inevitable Fork Vol. 2 self-released
6/30/2023 Night Legion Flight Or Fall Massacre Records
6/30/2023 None Invevitable Hypnotic Dirge Records
6/30/2023 Oceanica UK Panta Rhei self-released
6/30/2023 Ofnus Time Held Me Grey And Dying Naturmacht Productions
6/30/2023 Omicida Sacrifice The Bastard Son Punishment 18 Records
6/30/2023 Orelisk The Underworld Obscura Northern Spire Productions
6/30/2023 Oxblood Forge Cult Of Oblivion self-released
6/30/2023 Paroxysmal Force Feeder CDN Records
6/30/2023 Raven All Hell's Breaking Loose Silver Lining Music
6/30/2023 Razgate Born To Rot in Hell Punishment 18 Records
6/30/2023 Revenge Beast Revenge Beast Upstate Records
6/30/2023 Rise Above For Better For Worse WTF Records
6/30/2023 Serpent Of Old Ensemble Under The Dark Sun self-released
6/30/2023 Slow Wake Falling Fathoms Argonauta Records
6/30/2023 Spine Raíces Convulse Records
6/30/2023 Static Abyss Aborted From Reality Peaceville Records
6/30/2023 Systemik Violence Negative Mangel Attitude Doomed Records
6/30/2023 Throw The Fight Strangeworld Long Branch Records
6/30/2023 Venomous Echoes Writhing Tomb Amongst the Stars self-released
7/1/2023 Benthic Realm Vessel self-released
7/1/2023 Ixias Compulsive Trance self-released
7/1/2023 Profane Elegy When All Is Nothing self-released
7/3/2023 Eigenstate Zero Machinery Of Night self-released
7/4/2023 The Holy Ghost Tabernacle Choir Heartland Attack Big Money Cybergrind
7/7/2023 A Life Divided Down The Spiral of a Soul AFM Records
7/7/2023 Anomaly On the Cursed Wings of Stolas EP self-released
7/7/2023 Anti-Sapien Calculating Obsolescence self-released
7/7/2023 Atomic Symphony Nemesis self-released
7/7/2023 Better Lovers God Made Me An Animal SharpTone Records
7/7/2023 Blackbraid Blackbraid II self-released
7/7/2023 Blackscape Suffocated By The Sun Massacre Records
7/7/2023 Butcher Babies Eye For An Eye... Blood Blast Distribution
7/7/2023 Chepang Swatta self-released
7/7/2023 Crypts Necropolis EP This Charming Man
7/7/2023 Deathroll Japanese Extreme Metal Art Wormholedeath
7/7/2023 Demolizer Post Necrotic Human Mighty Music
7/7/2023 Ectoplasm Land of Thieves Ghastly Music
7/7/2023 Eternity Mundicide Soulseller Records
7/7/2023 Eudaemon Inhuman Flourishing EP self-released
7/7/2023 Fen Monuments to Absence self-released
7/7/2023 Feuerschwanz Fegefeuer self-released
7/7/2023 Froglord Sons of Froglord self-released
7/7/2023 Gutslit Carnal self-released
7/7/2023 Hazing Over Tunnel Vision 1126 Records
7/7/2023 Human Decomposition Through The Omnipotent Implosions Amputated Vein Records
7/7/2023 Jaodae Nest of Veins Csquared Music
7/7/2023 Just Before Dawn ...Of The Battlefields self-released
7/7/2023 Latrogenia Compulsive Pathological Carnifexia Amputated Vein Records
7/7/2023 Lockjaw Relentless self-released
7/7/2023 Lycanthropy On The Verge Of Apocalypse Horror Pain Gore Death Productions
7/7/2023 Malicious Merciless Storm EP self-released
7/7/2023 Mammuthus Imperator self-released
7/7/2023 Metide Erebos Black Lion Records
7/7/2023 Mystical Porn Heroes Mystical Porn Heroes Go Down Records
7/7/2023 Nasty Surgeons Anatomy Lessons self-released
7/7/2023 Nita Strauss The Call Of The Void Sumerian Records
7/7/2023 Nuclear Dudes Boss Blades Modern Grievance Records
7/7/2023 Pains Smoldering Willows/The Suffering Is The Point self-released
7/7/2023 Plagues Dystopian Misanthropy Vol. 1 EP self-released
7/7/2023 Putridity Greedy Gory Gluttony Willowtip Records
7/7/2023 Rêvasseur Talisman self-released
7/7/2023 Serpent Corpse Blood Sabbath self-released
7/7/2023 Servant Aetas Ascensus MDD Records
7/7/2023 Seyr 27 Million EP self-released
7/7/2023 Snuffed On Sight Smoke Creator-Destructor Records/Maggot Stomp
7/7/2023 Temple of Void The First Ten Chaos Records
7/7/2023 The Cross Requiescit in Pace Frater Noster EP Pitch Black Records
7/7/2023 The Hate Project Blessed With Malevolence Seek and Strike
7/7/2023 The Raven Age Blood Omen Sony Records
7/7/2023 The Scars In Pneuma Woebegone, Raised By Wolves self-released
7/7/2023 Tortured Genetically Engineered Monstrosity Comatose Music
7/7/2023 Truth Decayed Faded Visions II EP self-released
7/7/2023 Uamh At The Edge of Loch EP self-released
7/7/2023 Voidmilker Labyrinthical self-released
7/7/2023 Widow's Peak Claustrophobe self-released
7/7/2023 Will Haven VII Minus Head Records
7/7/2023 Winter Age Nekyia Scarlet Records
7/7/2023 Wizard Master Ablanathanalba Electric Valley Records
7/7/2023 Yawning Balch Volume One self-released
7/14/2023 A Dark Halo Omnibus One self-released
7/14/2023 Aetherian At Storm's Edge Lifeforce Records
7/14/2023 AmongRuins Land Of The Black Sun Theogonia Records
7/14/2023 Ascend The Helix Spiral Of Reflection self-released
7/14/2023 Astrophyte 2192 MDD Records
7/14/2023 Auralayer Thousand Petals King Volume Records
7/14/2023 Baited Cutting Teeth EP self-released
7/14/2023 Borgarting Beist Dusk Tone
7/14/2023 Calligram Position | Momentum Prosthetic Records
7/14/2023 Cavalera Bestial Devastation Nuclear Blast Records
7/14/2023 Cavalera Morbid Visions Nuclear Blast Records
7/14/2023 Cavern Deep Part II - Breach self-released
7/14/2023 Cel Damage No Volume Silent Pendulum Records
7/14/2023 Cerulean Carrion Angel EP self-released
7/14/2023 Chamber A Love To Kill For Pure Noise Records
7/14/2023 Constant Hell Constant Hell self-released
7/14/2023 Corrupt Art of Torture self-released
7/14/2023 Crown Magnetar Everything Bleeds Unique Leader Records
7/14/2023 Cutthroat Fear By Design Demons Run Amok Entertainment
7/14/2023 Dehiscence Colony Blood Harvest Records
7/14/2023 Deitus Irreversible Candlelight Records
7/14/2023 Desekryptor Vortex Oblivion Blood Harvest Records
7/14/2023 Djinn Ghul Opulence Vicious Instinct Records
7/14/2023 Dripped Rituals of the Red Sun Ungodly Ruin Productions
7/14/2023 Edenfall To Gaze Longer at the Earth self-released
7/14/2023 End Reign The Way Of All Flesh Is Decay Relapse Records
7/14/2023 Evile The Unknown Napalm Records
7/14/2023 Exsanguination Burial Rites Horror Pain Gore Death Productions
7/14/2023 Fallstar Sacred Mirrors Facedown Records
7/14/2023 Green Inferno Crown The Virgin self-released
7/14/2023 Inhumed Feasted Upon Like Carrion self-released
7/14/2023 Izrod Sarajevski Odisej Signal Rex
7/14/2023 Kim Dracula A Gradual Decline In Morale Order Of The Snake
7/14/2023 Lanzerrath Metagalactic Domination self-released
7/14/2023 Lesath A Beautiful Dream self-released
7/14/2023 Moodring Your Light Fades Away UNFD
7/14/2023 Nuclear Remains Dawn Of Endless Suffering Maggot Stomp
7/14/2023 Preacher Blur self-released
7/14/2023 Progenitor Eldritch Supremacy self-released
7/14/2023 Pukewraith Banquet Of Scum Blood Harvest Records
7/14/2023 Quiet Man The Starving Lesson Cursed Monk Records
7/14/2023 Radiant Knife Pressure self-released
7/14/2023 Scaphoid Echoes of the Rift self-released
7/14/2023 Sludge Keeper Slough of Despair Self Made God Records
7/14/2023 Somniate We Have Proved Death Lavadome Productions
7/14/2023 The Mighty Fall Filmed On Location self-released
7/14/2023 The Pit Of Madness And Evil Whispers Personal Records
7/14/2023 Various Artists Superunknown (Redux) Magnetic Eye Records
7/14/2023 Various Artists Best of Soundgarden (Redux) Magnetic Eye Records
7/14/2023 Vendetta Black As Coal Massacre Records
7/14/2023 Voyager Fearless In Love Season Of Mist
7/21/2023 10 To The Chest Split The Fuck Open EP self-released
7/21/2023 A Dying Soul Inside Notions self-released
7/21/2023 Ageless Summoning Corrupting the Entempled Plane Dark Descent Records
7/21/2023 Agriculture Agriculture self-released
7/21/2023 Ancestral BLood Forgotten Myths and Legends - Chapter 1 Wormholedeath
7/21/2023 Ancient Crown Ancient Crown self-released
7/21/2023 Bloodletter A Different Kind of Hell Wise Blood Records
7/21/2023 Cadaver The Age Of The Offended Nuclear Blast Records
7/21/2023 Carthus Images of Tyranny self-released
7/21/2023 Cerebral Invasion A Story of Death self-released
7/21/2023 Clot Grief Tethers Terminus Hate City Records
7/21/2023 COFFIN NAIL/MALTHEIST Split EP self-released
7/21/2023 Crypts Necropolis EP This Charming Man
7/21/2023 Cultist Slow Suicide Facedown Records
7/21/2023 Darkened Lord of Sickness and Bile EP self-released
7/21/2023 Disimperium Grand Insurgence upon Despotic Altars Sentient Ruin Laboratories
7/21/2023 Embodied Torment Archaic Bloodshed EP self-released
7/21/2023 Gateway Galgendood Transcending Obscurity
7/21/2023 Inhuman Condition Panic Prayer EP Listenable Insanity Records
7/21/2023 Johnny Booth Moments Elsewhere Booth Records
7/21/2023 Mizmor Prosaic Profound Lore Records
7/21/2023 Nuclear Winter Seagrave self-released
7/21/2023 Onyria X EP self-released
7/21/2023 Outer Heaven Infinite Psychic Depths Relapse Records
7/21/2023 Oxbow Love's Holiday Ipecac Recordings
7/21/2023 Pelican The Fire In Our Throats Will Beckon The Thaw (Deluxe Edition) Thrill Jockey Records
7/21/2023 Rannoch Conflagrations Willowtip Records
7/21/2023 Remission Impermanence self-released
7/21/2023 Restraining Order Locked In Time Triple B Records
7/21/2023 Saint Agnes Bloodsuckers Spinefarm Records
7/21/2023 Salem Trials Nocturnal Creation EP Seek and Strike
7/21/2023 Soil Restoration Cleopatra Records
7/21/2023 Somnuri Desiderium MNRK Heavy
7/21/2023 Sorcia Lost Season Olde Magick Records
7/21/2023 The Zenith Passage Datalysium Metal Blade Records
7/21/2023 Thunder Horse After The Fall Ripple Music
7/21/2023 Vaegon The Particle Eclipse EP self-released
7/21/2023 Viral Tyrant Vultures Like You Ripple Music
7/21/2023 Voivod Morgöth Tales Century Media Records
7/21/2023 Vulnere Toothed Lines EP self-released
7/25/2023 Dissonant Seepage The Darkness Will Swallow You Whole Inherited Suffering Record
7/27/2023 Awful Noise A Peaceful Death With Pretty Flowers Grindhead Records
7/28/2023 Blackning Awakening Rage Black Lion Records
7/28/2023 Abaddon Statues of Sorrow MDD Records
7/28/2023 Alghol Night Eternal self-released
7/28/2023 Ashtar Wandering Through Time Eisenwald Records
7/28/2023 Astralborne Across The Aeons Prosthetic Records
7/28/2023 Atonement Sadistic Invaders Dying Victims Productions
7/28/2023 Augur Omen self-released
7/28/2023 Black Sorcery Deciphering Torment Through Malediction Eternal Death
7/28/2023 Black Spell Walpurgis Night self-released
7/28/2023 Blood Runs Cold Blood Runs Cold DAZE Records
7/28/2023 Bloodmouth Carnist Industrial Complex self-released
7/28/2023 Chaos Altar Where The Ashes Now Reign EP Void Wanderer Productions
7/28/2023 Contrarian Demos & Oddities 1995-1999 self-released
7/28/2023 Dead Heat Endless Torment Triple B Records
7/28/2023 Decoherence Order Sentient Ruin Laboratories
7/28/2023 Eave Fervor Bindrune Recordings
7/28/2023 Eyemaster Conjuration of Flesh EP Caligari Records
7/28/2023 From Ashes To New Blackout Better Noise Music
7/28/2023 Lokust Infidel self-released
7/28/2023 Machinations of Fate Celestial Prophecies Redefining Darkness Records
7/28/2023 Mairu Sol Cultus Trepanation Recordings
7/28/2023 Mutoid Man Mutants Sargent House
7/28/2023 Mutual Hostility Inhuman Anguish Lethal Scissors Records
7/28/2023 Nekrotisk Apraxia II: The Forlorn Continuum EP self-released
7/28/2023 Nuclear Power Trio Wet Ass Plutonium Metal Blade Records
7/28/2023 Organ Dealer The Weight of Being Everlasting Spew Records
7/28/2023 Panzerchrist Last of a Kind Emanzipation Productions
7/28/2023 Porta Nigra Weltende Soulseller Records
7/28/2023 Raze Pyrography One Eyed Toad Records
7/28/2023 Sadistic Vision Destroyer Of All Dreams Boris Records
7/28/2023 Saul This Is It... The End Of Everything Spinefarm Records
7/28/2023 Seel Fur Peeling Daggers Predacious self-released
7/28/2023 Sevendust Truth Killer self-released
7/28/2023 Signs Of The Swarm Amongst The Low & Empty Century Media Records
7/28/2023 Spellsword Night of the Grail Nox Liberatio Records
7/28/2023 Starer Wind, Breeze, or Breath self-released
7/28/2023 Takalation Mindfection Rockshot Records
7/28/2023 The Glorious Dead Cemetery Paths Bindrune Recordings
7/28/2023 The Gorge Mechanical Fiction Pelagic Records
7/28/2023 The Suns Journey Through The Night Wordless Church Road Records
7/28/2023 Thra Forged in Chaotic Spew self-released
7/28/2023 Tongues Forml​ø​se Stjerner I, Voidhanger Records
7/28/2023 Trocar/Jesus Wept White Room Torture Split EP Redefining Darkness Records
7/28/2023 Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats Slaughter On First Avenue Rise Above Records
7/28/2023 Viserion/Teloch Voven The Iron Age of Kali Yuga SPLIT self-released
7/28/2023 Wyrgher Panspermic Warlords self-released
7/29/2023 Aleister Cowboy RELENTLESS REPUGNANCE self-released
8/1/2023 Körgull the Exterminator Built to Kill self-released
8/3/2023 Crown Solace Animus self-released
8/4/2023 Acid Magus Hope is Heavy self-released
8/4/2023 Amon Amarth Heidrun EP Metal Blade Records
8/4/2023 An Autumn For Crippled Children Closure Prosthetic Records
8/4/2023 Ancient Torment/Haxen The Howling Gale split EP self-released
8/4/2023 Aprilmist Homesick self-released
8/4/2023 Architects of Dissonance Totenkvlt Rising Nemesis Records
8/4/2023 Ars Moriendi Lorsque les coeurs s'ass​è​chent self-released
8/4/2023 Asklepeion I: Basilisk Meuse Music Records
8/4/2023 Besta Terra Em Desapego Lifeforce Records
8/4/2023 Blight House Blight The Way self-released
8/4/2023 Chaos Descent The Blurry End of an Era Fetzner Death Records
8/4/2023 Chupacabra Fortified With Ashes EP self-released
8/4/2023 Crypta Shades Of Sorrow Napalm Records
8/4/2023 Declination Anscestry Devour self-released
8/4/2023 Devin Townsend Devolution Series #3 - Empath Live In America Hevy Devy Records/InsideOutMusic
8/4/2023 Dun Ringill Where The Old Gods Play - Act 1 The Sign Records
8/4/2023 Dymna Lotva The Land Under The Black Wings: Blood self-released
8/4/2023 Eminentia Tenebris Rise of a New Kingdom self-released
8/4/2023 Exiled Hope The Summoning self-released
8/4/2023 Haar Ouroboros self-released
8/4/2023 Hallucinate Bowels Of The Earth Caligari Records
8/4/2023 Humanity's Last Breath Ashen Unique Leader Records
8/4/2023 Kult Et Morte Decadence and Descent self-released
8/4/2023 Left To Suffer Noah EP self-released
8/4/2023 Moose Cult Moose Cult self-released
8/4/2023 Old Skin V/H/Death EP self-released
8/4/2023 Old Yarnham Savage History self-released
8/4/2023 Repentance The Process of Human Demise Noble Demon Records
8/4/2023 Skindred Smile Earache Records
8/4/2023 Sonic Moon Return Without Any Memory Olde Magick Records
8/4/2023 Teenage Wrist Still Love Epitaph Records
8/4/2023 Temple of Dread Beyond Acheron Testimony Records
8/4/2023 Temple of Katharsis Macabre Ritual self-released
8/4/2023 The Crawling All Of This For Nothing Grindscene Records
8/4/2023 Thumos Musica Universalis EP self-released
8/4/2023 Tumulation Haunted Funeral Creations Hammerheart Records
8/4/2023 Ulveheit Upon Celtic Lands self-released
8/4/2023 Voidclaw Transmissions from a Neanderthal Space Age self-released
8/8/2023 Sorrow Death of Sorrow self-released
8/11/2023 Anarazel Our Dark Lord & Saviour Adirondack Black Mass
8/11/2023 Begravement Horrific Illusions Beckon self-released
8/11/2023 Behaviour Rex Imbecilic self-released
8/11/2023 Caskets Reflections SharpTone Records
8/11/2023 Claret Ash Worldtorn: Anemoia EP Hypnotic Dirge Records
8/11/2023 Copse Old Belief/New Despair EP Church Road Records
8/11/2023 Cunabula Rex Imbecilic self-released
8/11/2023 Cystic Palace of Shadows Chaos Records
8/11/2023 Dead and Dripping Blackened Cerebral Rifts self-released
8/11/2023 Death Follows Closely Drug Free Crew self-released
8/11/2023 Dismal Crux The Hope of Things To Come self-released
8/11/2023 Distention Nothing Comes From Death The Artisan Era
8/11/2023 Hail The Sun Inner Tension Equal Vision Records
8/11/2023 Hekser Sigils of the Abyss self-released
8/11/2023 Hemina Romancing the Ether self-released
8/11/2023 Kataklysm Goliath Nuclear Blast Records
8/11/2023 Kind Close Encounters Ripple Music
8/11/2023 King Mountain Wrath of the Gods self-released
8/11/2023 Kita Tyhjiö self-released
8/11/2023 Kobold Chaos Head self-released
8/11/2023 Megaherz In Teufels Namen Napalm Records
8/11/2023 Move Black Radical Love Triple B Records
8/11/2023 Necronomicon Ex Mortis Silver Bullet EP self-released
8/11/2023 Rezn & Vinnum Sabbathi Silent Future EP self-released
8/11/2023 Runespell Shores of Náströnd self-released
8/11/2023 Rytmihairio Surmacore Sakara Records
8/11/2023 Silverburn Self Induced Transcendental Annihilation self-released
8/11/2023 Slugchild Wounds Untold self-released
8/11/2023 Stench of Death/Crown of Madness/Entity ...Of Madness and Death Split EP self-released
8/11/2023 The Mystical Hot Chocolate Endeavors A Clock Without A Craftsman Massacre Records
8/11/2023 The Rite The Astral Gloom Iron Bonehead Productions
8/11/2023 To Kill Achilles Recovery Arising Empire
8/11/2023 URNE A Feast On Sorrow Candlelight Records
8/11/2023 Werewolves My Enemies Look and Sound Like Me Prosthetic Records
8/17/2023 Sargassus King of the Sun Inverse Records
8/18/2023 After Earth The Rarity of Reason self-released
8/18/2023 Aggrieved​/​Cold Case Split EP Upstate Records
8/18/2023 Atreyu The Moment You Find Your Flame Spinefarm Records
8/18/2023 Atria Ground Zero EP self-released
8/18/2023 Bat Sabbath Masters Of Duality Bat Skull Records/New Damage Records
8/18/2023 Bees Made Honey in the Vein Tree Aion Magnetic Eye Records
8/18/2023 Borracho Blurring The Lines of Reality Kozmik Artifactz
8/18/2023 Creak Depth Perception Prosthetic Records
8/18/2023 Cyhra The Vertigo Trigger Nuclear Blast Records
8/18/2023 Dead Talks Veneration of the Dead Apostasy Records
8/18/2023 Dripping Decay Festering Grotesqueries Satanik Royalty Records
8/18/2023 Fall of the Albatross Rite self-released
8/18/2023 Fiddlehead Death Is Nothing To Us Run For Cover Records
8/18/2023 Flo Long Way Down Horror Pain Gore Death Productions
8/18/2023 Godthrymm Distortions Profound Lore Records
8/18/2023 Horrendous Ontological Mysterium Season Of Mist
8/18/2023 Imperial Tide Existence in Crisis - EP Mascot Records
8/18/2023 Invultation Feral Legion Sentient Ruin Laboratories
8/18/2023 Milking The Goatmachine Neue Platte self-released
8/18/2023 Movements Ruckus! Fearless Records
8/18/2023 Nott Hiraeth Silent Pendulum Records
8/18/2023 Oblivion Protocol The Fall Of The Shires Atomic Fire Records
8/18/2023 Orbit Culture Descent Seek and Strike
8/18/2023 Oxx The Primordial Blues Nefarious Industries
8/18/2023 Princess Alice Manor Outer Demons self-released
8/18/2023 Pyrkagion The Katechon And The Unending Fire EP Earsplit PR
8/18/2023 Ringworm Seeing Through Fire Nuclear Blast Records
8/18/2023 Skálmöld Ýdalir Napalm Records
8/18/2023 Slipknot Live At MSG Roadrunner Records
8/18/2023 Something Is Waiting Absolutely Learning Curve Records
8/18/2023 Spirit Adrift Ghost At The Gallows Century Media Records
8/18/2023 The Circle Of Awakening AOP Records
8/18/2023 The Sleeping I Feel Like I'm Becoming A Ghost self-released
8/18/2023 Unblessed Divine Portals To Darkness Massacre Records
8/18/2023 Warmen Here For None Reaper Entertainment
8/18/2023 Witness Chamber True Delusion DAZE Records
8/18/2023 Worm Shepherd The Sleeping Sun Unique Leader Records
8/24/2023 3rd War Collapse Catastrophic Epicenter Lethal Scissor Records
8/25/2023 Anti-God Hand Blight Year self-released
8/25/2023 Asking Alexandria Where Do We Go From Here? Better Noise Music
8/25/2023 Asphodelus Sculpting From Time Hammerheart Records
8/25/2023 Astral Construct Traveling a Higher Consciousness self-released
8/25/2023 Atoll Human Extract Unique Leader Records
8/25/2023 Augurium Unearthly Will self-released
8/25/2023 Blut Aus Nord Disharmonium – Nahab Debemur Morti Productions
8/25/2023 Born In Blood Can't Save Us All Shattered Earth Records
8/25/2023 Bottomless The Banishing Dying Victims Productions
8/25/2023 Celestial Sanctuary Insatiable Thirst For Torment Church Road Records
8/25/2023 Colony Drop Brace For Impact Nameless Grave Records
8/25/2023 Complete Snake Red Hog EP self-released
8/25/2023 Course of Fate Somnium Rock of Angels Records
8/25/2023 Cryophilic Damned and Decayed CDN Records
8/25/2023 Cvinger Doctrines by the Figures of Crnobog Via Nocturna
8/25/2023 Dethklok Metalocalypse: Army Of The Doomstar (Original Soundtrack) WaterTower Music
8/25/2023 Endstille DetoNation Van Records
8/25/2023 Exmortus Necrophony Nuclear Blast Records
8/25/2023 Filter The Algorithm Golden Robot Records
8/25/2023 Fleshvessel Yearning: Promethean Fates Sealed Xenoglossy Productions
8/25/2023 Grand Cadaver Deities Of Deathlike Sleep Majestic Mountain Records
8/25/2023 GraveRipper Seasons Dreaming Death Wise Blood Records
8/25/2023 Heirloom Romanticize Judge and Jury Records
8/25/2023 Holding Absence The Noble Art Of Self Destruction SharpTone Records
8/25/2023 Hypomanic Daydream Image self-released
8/25/2023 Incantation Unholy Deification Relapse Records
8/25/2023 Iōhannēs Vindicta Hominis self-released
8/25/2023 Joliette Luz de Bengala self-released
8/25/2023 Kaira Viimeinen Valo EP self-released
8/25/2023 Kallias First Ascent self-released
8/25/2023 Knife Heaven Into Dust Napalm Records
8/25/2023 Lions At The Gate The Excuses We Cannot Make self-released
8/25/2023 Livekill The Crown self-released
8/25/2023 Marc Hudson Starbound Stories Napalm Records
8/25/2023 Massen Gentle Brutality Apostasy Records
8/25/2023 MDMA Organic Reality Fade Records
8/25/2023 Monasteries Ominous Seek and Strike
8/25/2023 Moon Coven Sun King Ripple Music
8/25/2023 Nixil From The Wound Spilled Forth Fire Prosthetic Records
8/25/2023 Nomadic People Just Leave EP self-released
8/25/2023 Nordicwinter This Mournful Dawn Naturmacht Productions
8/25/2023 Noveria The Gates of the Underworld Scarlet Records
8/25/2023 Of Darkness Missa Tridentina Personal Records
8/25/2023 Orphalis As The Ashes Settle Transcending Obscurity
8/25/2023 Prime Creation Tell Freedom I Said Hello Rock of Angels Records
8/25/2023 Rotten Casket Zombicron Supreme Chaos Records
8/25/2023 Shepherds Reign Ala Mai Golden Robot Records
8/25/2023 Sik Salvation Overdeath EP self-released
8/25/2023 Sinheresey Event Horizon Scarlet Records
8/25/2023 Sisters Leecheater self-released
8/25/2023 Spanish Love Songs No Joy Pure Noise Records
8/25/2023 Tegmentum Evolvement M-Theory Audio
8/25/2023 The Absolution Sequence Voidform EP self-released
8/25/2023 The Armed Perfect Saviors Sargent House
8/25/2023 The Death Wheelers Chaos And The Art Of Motorcycle Madness Riding Easy Records
8/25/2023 The Salt Pale Collective A Body That Could Pass Through Stones And Trees self-released
8/25/2023 The W Likes II self-released
8/25/2023 The Word Alive Hard Reset Thriller Records
8/25/2023 Till The Dirt Outside The Spiral Nuclear Blast Records
8/25/2023 Triple Kill Blackened Dawn self-released
8/25/2023 Utilize The Remains Psychotic Abyss self-released
8/25/2023 Vision Master Sceptre self-released
8/25/2023 Wooden Throne Eternal Wanderer of the Night Sky self-released
8/25/2023 Wrathrone / Spiral Wounds / Necrodium Back To 90​’​s Old​-​School Death Metal Split EP Great Dane Records
8/26/2023 Culak Dreamforge self-released
9/1/2023 Arcas Where the Light Once Shone Northern Silence Productions
9/1/2023 Asidie Inside a Restless Mind self-released
9/1/2023 Belial's Throne Forgotten Land of the Lost Souls self-released
9/1/2023 Blessed Black Seasons: Vol I EP Csquared Music
9/1/2023 Boréalys L'h​é​ritage Northern Silence Productions
9/1/2023 Converge The Dusk In Us (Deluxe Edition) Epitaph/Deathwish Inc.
9/1/2023 Crestfallen Melancholia self-released
9/1/2023 Crucible of Hate The Unknown Path self-released
9/1/2023 Cursed to Occult Diary of a Broken Man Crawling Chaos
9/1/2023 Dead/Awake Feral EP self-released
9/1/2023 Demoniac Nube Nega Edged Circle Productions
9/1/2023 Diesect Shadows Follows EP self-released
9/1/2023 Dikasterion Chaos as a New World EP Amor Fati Productions
9/1/2023 Dying Wizard Artefact self-released
9/1/2023 Egregore Synchronistic Delusions Sentient Ruin Laboratories
9/1/2023 Empire State Bastard Rivers Of Heresy Roadrunner Records
9/1/2023 Escape The Fate Out of the Shadow Big Noise
9/1/2023 Gendo Ikari Rokubungi self-released
9/1/2023 Giant Dwarfs and Black Holes In a Sandbox Full of Suns Heavy Psych Sounds
9/1/2023 Glae Deception self-released
9/1/2023 GWAR Battle Maximus (10th Anniversary Edition) Pit Records
9/1/2023 Hån Conquering Magnificent Halls Northern Silence Productions
9/1/2023 Heads For The Dead In The Absence of Faith EP Pulverised Records
9/1/2023 Immortal Blade All Who Suffer EP self-released
9/1/2023 Imperial Crystalline Entombment Ancient Glacial Resurgence Debemur Morti Productions
9/1/2023 Intent Sins of the Past EP self-released
9/1/2023 Labyrinth Spell Walking Through The Fire Fetzner Death Records
9/1/2023 Lord of Shadows Echoes of Yore self-released
9/1/2023 Marduk Memento Mori Century Media Records
9/1/2023 Mind Swell Hands of Fire EP Csquared Music
9/1/2023 Mind/Knot Esigenza Time To Kill Records
9/1/2023 Mother Superior Until The Dark Consumes Us self-released
9/1/2023 Nashgul Oprobio self-released
9/1/2023 Outergods A Kingdom Built Upon The Wreckage Of Heaven Prosthetic Records
9/1/2023 Phantom Druid The Inner Landscapes Of Death self-released
9/1/2023 Phil Campbell And The Bastard Sons Kings Of The Asylum Nuclear Blast Records
9/1/2023 Polaris Fatalism SharpTone Records
9/1/2023 Primal Fear Code Red Atomic Fire Records
9/1/2023 Primal Horde/Scorching Tomb Primal Tomb Iron Fortress Records
9/1/2023 Pterodactyl King Pterodactyl King EP self-released
9/1/2023 Repentance The Process of Human Demise Noble Demon Records
9/1/2023 Road Pig Still The Future Is Bleak Horror Pain Gore Death Productions
9/1/2023 Silent Skies Dormant Napalm Records
9/1/2023 Smoke The Light The Great Never Ending self-released
9/1/2023 Soen Memorial Silver Lining Music
9/1/2023 Spider Kitten A Pound For The Peacebringer APF Records
9/1/2023 Stitched Up Heart To The Wolves Century Media Records
9/1/2023 Strike Master Tangram Apocalypse self-released
9/1/2023 Symbiotic Tomorrow Rise Of The Pharaoh self-released
9/1/2023 The Last Oblation ÆSIR self-released
9/1/2023 The Sound That Ends Creation Exactly What You Thought, But Worse Than You Imagined self-released
9/1/2023 Time Child Blossom & Plague Target Records
9/1/2023 Ulamog The Hungriest Of The Old Ones self-released
9/1/2023 Vak The Islands self-released
9/1/2023 Weald and Woe For The Good of The Realm self-released
9/1/2023 Weird Tales Second Coming, Second Crucifixion Interstellar Smoke Records
9/1/2023 Worn Condensing Flesh self-released
9/2/2023 Zubzero Frostbite Big Bad Wolf Records
9/8/2023 Allamedah Alma Uprising Records
9/8/2023 ANGEL DU$T Brand New Soul Pop Wig Records
9/8/2023 Antipod Eveil Wormholedeath Records
9/8/2023 Art Of Shock Shine Black Light Century Media Records
9/8/2023 As Friends Rust Any Joy End Hits Records
9/8/2023 Bio-Cancer Revengeance Hammerheart Records
9/8/2023 Conquer Divide Slow Burn Mascot Records
9/8/2023 Cryptopsy As Gomorrah Burns Nuclear Blast Records
9/8/2023 Damnation Plan The New Horizon Inverse Records
9/8/2023 Dantalion Fatum Non Serviam Records
9/8/2023 Dark Reflection Everlasting Night self-released
9/8/2023 Death Shroud Parhelion Wormholedeath Records
9/8/2023 Domkraft Sonic Moons Magnetic Eye Records
9/8/2023 Dying Fetus Make Them Beg For Death Relapse Records
9/8/2023 Egokills Egokills Inverse Records
9/8/2023 Ethereal Tomb When The Rivers Dry Csquared Music
9/8/2023 Excarnated Entity Mass Grave Horizon Nuclear Winter Records
9/8/2023 Finsterforst Jenseits EP AOP Records
9/8/2023 Fire Down Below Low Desert Surf Club Ripple Music
9/8/2023 Fossilization Leperous Daylight Everlasting Spew Records
9/8/2023 Gory Blister Reborn From Hatred Eclipse Records
9/8/2023 Gross Reality Return to Ruin Divebomb Records
9/8/2023 Hanging Fortress Suspended In Torment self-released
9/8/2023 Hawthorne Heights Lost Lights Pure Noise Records
9/8/2023 Headcleaner The Extreme Sound of Truth self-released
9/8/2023 Hiems Stranger in a Wasteland Agonia Records
9/8/2023 Kvelertak Endling Rise Records
9/8/2023 Nasty Heartbreak Criminals Century Media Records
9/8/2023 Pain Of Truth Not Through Blood DAZE Records
9/8/2023 Peeling Flesh Slamaholics Vol. 2 Unique Leader Records
9/8/2023 Satsuriku Robot No Thrash Metal, No Life! Wormholedeath
9/8/2023 Shunyata The Dark Age Black Lion Records
9/8/2023 Sielunvihollinen Helvetinkone self-released
9/8/2023 Sleep Maps Reclaim Chaos Lost Future Records
9/8/2023 Slomatics Stronium Fields Csquared Music
9/8/2023 Sodomisery Mazzaroth Testimony Records
9/8/2023 Sylosis A Sign Of Things To Come Nuclear Blast Records
9/8/2023 Terminalist The Crisis as Condition Indisciplinarian
9/8/2023 Uada Crepuscule Natura Eisenwald Records
9/8/2023 UnityTX Ferality Pure Noise Records
9/8/2023 Valravn The Awakening Primitive Reaction
9/8/2023 With Honor Boundless Pure Noise Records
9/12/2023 Lark Antarctica Sliptrick Records
9/13/2023 Flapjack Sugar Free Stage Diving Club
9/13/2023 The Fluffy Kitty Cats Cuddles self-released
9/15/2023 Alkaloid Numen Season Of Mist
9/15/2023 Altarage Worst Case Scenario Doomentia Records
9/15/2023 Baroness Stone Abraxan Hymns
9/15/2023 Blackened Halo Extinction Inbound EP self-released
9/15/2023 Blind Equation Death Awaits Prosthetic Records
9/15/2023 Blood Incantation Luminescent Bridge EP Century Media Records
9/15/2023 Blood Oath Lost In An Eternal Silence Caligari Records
9/15/2023 Bolt Gun The Tower Avantgarde Music
9/15/2023 Brujeria Esto Es Brujeria Nuclear Blast Records
9/15/2023 Chorosia Stray Dogs Grazil Records
9/15/2023 Contorsion The Children of the Snake EP self-released
9/15/2023 Corey Taylor CMF2 Decibel Cooper/BMG
9/15/2023 Damnation's Hammer The Devil And His Wicked Ways Massacre Records
9/15/2023 Deadly Carnage Endless Blue Earsplit PR
9/15/2023 Dig Me No Grave Tales of the Bloody Moon EP Metal Race Records
9/15/2023 Earth Altar/Sun Below Inter Terra Solis Split EP Csquared Music
9/15/2023 Eerie The Delirium of the Believers self-released
9/15/2023 Escape The Hive This is Gonna Sting Vanity Music Group
9/15/2023 Explosions In The Sky End self-released
9/15/2023 Fabricant Drudge To The Thicket Profound Lore Records
9/15/2023 Fâché Fâché Horror Pain Gore Death Productions
9/15/2023 Flesher Tales of Grotesque Demise Redefining Darkness Records
9/15/2023 Fulanno Ruido Infernal self-released
9/15/2023 Gnashing Thieves & Tyrants EP self-released
9/15/2023 Gotland Rise Earth and Sky Productions
9/15/2023 Great Falls Objects Without Pain Neurot Recordings
9/15/2023 Gridlink Coronet Juniper Willowtip Records
9/15/2023 Hillsboro Hillsboro self-released
9/15/2023 Huronian Beyond Frozen Heights Gruesome Records
9/15/2023 Hyro The Hero Bound For Glory Better Noise Music
9/15/2023 Infernal Throne Caelum Et Infernum Theogonia Records
9/15/2023 Integrity Closure (Deluxe Edition) Relapse Records
9/15/2023 Integrity Seasons In The Size Of Days (Deluxe Edition) Relapse Records
9/15/2023 Magnitude Of Days Renewed... Triple B Records
9/15/2023 Mayhem Daemonic Rites (Live) Century Media Records
9/15/2023 Molybaron Something Ominous InsideOutMusic
9/15/2023 Mondo Drag Through The Hourglass self-released
9/15/2023 Mortuary Ghoul Friends With The Dead Dismal Fate Records
9/15/2023 My Dearest Wound The Burial self-released
9/15/2023 Night Verses Every Sound Has A Color In The Valley Of Night: Part 1 Equal Vision Records
9/15/2023 No Sun Rises Harmisod self-released
9/15/2023 Old Ruins Always Heading East self-released
9/15/2023 Otep The God Slayer Cleopatra Records
9/15/2023 Patriarch Demonic Heart Wormholedeath Records
9/15/2023 Piece Ancient Greed self-released
9/15/2023 Polywhy Wanton Psalms Idiotski Internat
9/15/2023 Psygnosis Mercury Season Of Mist
9/15/2023 Quasarborn Novo oru​ž​je protiv bola Metal Message
9/15/2023 Radux It's Going To Be a Great Day Golden Core Records
9/15/2023 Resolve Human Arising Empire
9/15/2023 Rising Sun Quest For Absolution self-released
9/15/2023 Roots of the Old Oak The Devil And His Wicked Ways Hammerheart Records
9/15/2023 Serration Simulations Of Hell DAZE Records
9/15/2023 Shade Empire Sunholy Candlelight Records
9/15/2023 Shadowstrike Traveler's Tale self-released
9/15/2023 Shining Shining Napalm Records
9/15/2023 Slave Steel In Fieri Wormholedeath Records
9/15/2023 Smokeheads All In Wormholedeath Records
9/15/2023 Son of Deni Sporty EP self-released
9/15/2023 Static Dress Rouge Carpet Disaster (Deluxe Edition) Roadrunner Records
9/15/2023 Storm of Darkness Inevitable Blasphemous Attack Records
9/15/2023 Tar Pond Petrol Prophecy Productions
9/15/2023 Tesseract War of Being Kscope
9/15/2023 Thallium Punitive Desire EP Hellfire Records
9/15/2023 The Chronicles of Father Robin The Songs & Tales of Airoea – Book 1 self-released
9/15/2023 The Coffinshakers Graves, Release Your Dead Svart Records
9/15/2023 Thorn Evergloom Transcending Obscurity
9/15/2023 Tideless Eye of Water Chaos Records
9/15/2023 To The Grave Offcuts EP Unique Leader Records
9/15/2023 Tomb Mold The Enduring Spirit 20 Buck Spin
9/15/2023 Torpor Abscission Human Worth Records
9/15/2023 Tumultuous Ruin An Abscess on the Heart of the State Vita Detestabilis Records
9/15/2023 Violent Life Violent Death Break.Burn.End Innerstrength Records
9/15/2023 War Of Ages Dominion Facedown Records
9/15/2023 Widow and the Son Negation EP self-released
9/15/2023 YOB Elaborations Of Carbon Relapse Records
9/20/2023 Mythologik Mythologik Ardua Music
9/22/2023 3TEETH EndEx Century Media Records
9/22/2023 Abominated Traumatic Putrefaction Godz ov War Productions
9/22/2023 Acausal Intrusion Panpsychism I, Voidhanger Records
9/22/2023 Acid Mass Agonizer Morbid and Miserable Records
9/22/2023 Angel Rising Afterlife Wormholedeath Records
9/22/2023 Anima Hereticae Descended from the Mountains self-released
9/22/2023 Anna Pest/Argento Catgirl in the House of Evil...and Other Stories Split self-released
9/22/2023 Annisokay Abyss Pt. 1 Arising Empire
9/22/2023 Apostolica Animae Haeretica Scarlet Records
9/22/2023 Ash Prison Future Torn Sentient Ruin Laboratories
9/22/2023 Bekor Qilish The Flesh Of A New God I, Voidhanger Records
9/22/2023 Bergrizen Orathania Purity Through Fire Records
9/22/2023 Brainscanner Slow Evolution self-released
9/22/2023 Cannibal Corpse Chaos Horrific Metal Blade Records
9/22/2023 Chaver Of Gloom BDHW Records
9/22/2023 Choice To Make Nature of Mortality From Within Records
9/22/2023 Conspiracy Of Blackness Pain Therapy Wormholedeath Records
9/22/2023 Dayshell Pegasus self-released
9/22/2023 Deadspace Unveiling the Palest Truth Immortal Frost Productions
9/22/2023 Death Dealer Union Initiation Napalm Records
9/22/2023 Destabilizer Violence Is The Answer! Horror Pain Gore Death Productions
9/22/2023 Dungeon Into The Ruins Dying Victims Productions
9/22/2023 Dying Embers Of Things To Come self-released
9/22/2023 Earthblood Primal Fury Inverse Records
9/22/2023 Exorcizphobia Spiritual Exodus Doomentia Records
9/22/2023 Farscape Purged and Forgotten Dying Victims Productions
9/22/2023 Feral/Crawl Made As Those Who Are No Longer Alive SPLIT Transcending Obscurity
9/22/2023 Final Gasp Mourning Moon Relapse Records
9/22/2023 Freya Fight As One Upstate Records
9/22/2023 Gøren Summon The Swamp Records
9/22/2023 Grim Ravine Upon The Darkest Shores Cursed Monk Records
9/22/2023 Guilt Trip Severance MLVLTD
9/22/2023 Hammerfilosofi The Desolate One self-released
9/22/2023 Haurun Wilting Within Small Stone Records
9/22/2023 Heart of a Coward This Place Only Brings Death Arising Empire
9/22/2023 Iron Mind Assume Your Ultimate Form Flatspot Records
9/22/2023 Kal-El Moon People EP self-released
9/22/2023 KEN Mode VOID Artoffact Records
9/22/2023 Kerrigan Bloodmoon High Roller Records
9/22/2023 Kings Rot At the Gates of Adversarial Darkness Hypnotic Dirge Records
9/22/2023 Magnitudo Scotoma self-released
9/22/2023 Mercenary Soundtrack For The End Times self-released
9/22/2023 Misanthropic War Utter Human Annihilation Godz ov War Productions
9/22/2023 My Lament The Season Came Undone Ardua Music
9/22/2023 Neckbolt Dream Dump Born Yesterday Records
9/22/2023 Necrotted Imperium self-released
9/22/2023 Noctomb Noctomb self-released
9/22/2023 Orbiter Hollow World Argonauta Records
9/22/2023 Ôros Kaù Thanatos I, Voidhanger Records
9/22/2023 Overt Enemy Official Live Thunder In the Hill Country Confused Records
9/22/2023 Permutation Transience Apostasy Records
9/22/2023 Porkfarm Disfiguring Humanity self-released
9/22/2023 Profanatica Crux Simplex Season Of Mist
9/22/2023 Sincere Engineer Cheap Grills Hopeless Records
9/22/2023 Skardus Stormriek Einheit Produktionen
9/22/2023 Son ov Leviathan Lvcifugium self-released
9/22/2023 Spurv Brefj​æ​re Pelagic Records
9/22/2023 Starlit Melancholy To Wilt Beneath the Stars self-released
9/22/2023 Subsignal A Poetry of Rain Golden Core Records
9/22/2023 Suffer Yourself Axis of Tortures self-released
9/22/2023 The Moth Frost Exile on Mainstream Records
9/22/2023 Thy Art Is Murder Godlike Human Warfare
9/22/2023 Torture Squad Devilish Time To Kill Records
9/22/2023 Traindodge The Alley Parade Spartan Records
9/22/2023 Traitor Teutonic Slaughter (Live) Violent Creek Records
9/22/2023 Tyranex Reasons for the Slaughter self-released
9/22/2023 Uhritulet Uhritulet self-released
9/22/2023 Vengeance Sewer Surge Dying Victims Productions
9/22/2023 Wolves at the Gate Lost in Translation Solid State Records
9/22/2023 Wormhole Almost Human Season Of Mist
9/22/2023 Zvylpwkua The Outlying Entities Centipede Abyss
9/23/2023 Bad As Fight The Demons Wormholedeath Records
9/23/2023 Hertz Kankarok Gothic Materialism self-released
9/23/2023 Imperium When Kings Meet self-released
9/23/2023 Solipnosis Sintesis Silenciosa විරූපි Propaganda
9/29/2023 '68 Yes, And... Pure Noise Records
9/29/2023 Ashbringer We Came Here To Grieve Translation Loss Records
9/29/2023 Asinhell Impii Hora Metal Blade Records
9/29/2023 Atropine Sanity Desecration Via Nocturna
9/29/2023 Besra Transitions self-released
9/29/2023 Blencathra II - On These Shores Where Nothing Now Stands​.​.​. Naturmacht Productions
9/29/2023 Blood Command World Domination Hassle Records
9/29/2023 Broken Vow Anthropocene Triple B Records
9/29/2023 Caged From Roving About The Earth Translation Loss Records
9/29/2023 Code Orange The Above Blue Grape Music/Code Orange LLC
9/29/2023 Columbarium The Morbidious One self-released
9/29/2023 Dark The Sun Raven And The Nightsky Inverse Records
9/29/2023 Disguised Malignance Entering The Gateways Prosthetic Records
9/29/2023 Dismal Aura Imperium Mortalia Avantgarde Music
9/29/2023 Filth Is Eternal Find Out MNRK Heavy
9/29/2023 Flooding Silhouette Machine The Ghost Is Clear
9/29/2023 Grails The Burden Of Hope (Reissue) Neurot Recordings
9/29/2023 Graveyard 6 Nuclear Blast Records
9/29/2023 Grove Street The Path To Righteousness UNFD
9/29/2023 Harms Way Common Suffering Metal Blade Records
9/29/2023 Haunt The Woods Ubiquity Spinefarm Records
9/29/2023 Helve To Be Forgotten Ripcord Records
9/29/2023 I Am Low Úma Majestic Mountain Records
9/29/2023 Iron Altar Promethean self-released
9/29/2023 Just Before Dawn A War Too Far Raw Skull Recordz
9/29/2023 Karras We Poison Their Young M-Theory Audio
9/29/2023 Koyo Would You Miss It? self-released
9/29/2023 Moonlight Sorcery Horned Lord of the Thorned Castle self-released
9/29/2023 Nervosa Jailbreak Napalm Records
9/29/2023 Ngana Phthisis EP Csquared Music
9/29/2023 Night In Gales The Black Stream self-released
9/29/2023 Obsidian Tide The Grand Crescendo self-released
9/29/2023 Of Virtue Omen Arising Empire
9/29/2023 Omnivortex Circulate self-released
9/29/2023 Primordial How It Ends Metal Blade Records
9/29/2023 Rat King Psychotic Reality Satanik Royalty Records
9/29/2023 Rocky's Pride & Joy All The Colours Of Darkness Electric Valley Records
9/29/2023 Rorcal Silence self-released
9/29/2023 Ruin Lust Dissimulant 20 Buck Spin
9/29/2023 Sacred Dawn Dismal Swamp Qumran Records
9/29/2023 Sacrifire The Art of Decay self-released
9/29/2023 Seven)Suns One Of Us Is The Killer Silent Pendulum Records
9/29/2023 Sleep Theory Paper Hearts Epitaph Records
9/29/2023 Svartkonst May The Night Fall self-released
9/29/2023 Taproot SC\SSRS THC Music
9/29/2023 Termina Soul Elegy Termina Productions
9/29/2023 Terra Builder Solar Temple Transcending Obscurity
9/29/2023 The Hirsch Effekt Urian Long Branch Records
9/29/2023 Thlurm Botched Sacrifice self-released
9/29/2023 Tides of Sulphar Apathy Chasm APF Records
9/29/2023 Transilience Nervesaw Alone Records
9/29/2023 Trivas Eloah Burns Out Cult Never Dies
9/29/2023 Waldgefluster Unter bronzenen Kronen EP self-released
9/29/2023 Woe Legacies Of Frailty Vendetta Records
9/29/2023 Wolves In The Throne Room Crypt Of Ancestral Knowledge self-released
10/6/2023 Another Day Dawns Finding Peace Through All The Noise Century Media Records
10/6/2023 Apotheus Ergo Atlas Black Lion Records
10/6/2023 Auriferous Flame Ardor for Black Mastery self-released
10/6/2023 Awakening Sun I Am More Seek and Strike
10/6/2023 Azimut Dans Les M​é​andres self-released
10/6/2023 Backbone Voices of the Void EP self-released
10/6/2023 Barbarian Swords Anti-Dogma Megaforce self-released
10/6/2023 Capra Errors Metal Blade Records
10/6/2023 Carnifex Necromanteum Nuclear Blast Records
10/6/2023 Citizen Calling The Dogs Run For Cover Records
10/6/2023 Death File Red Inhumanitarian EP self-released
10/6/2023 Decapitated Christ Glorious Tyrannizing of Human Rats FDA Rekotz
10/6/2023 Dopelord Songs For Satan Blues Funeral Recordings
10/6/2023 Eradikated Descedants Indie Recordings
10/6/2023 Essence of Datum Radikal Rats self-released
10/6/2023 Fires in the Distance Air Not Meant For Us (Instrumental) Prosthetic Records
10/6/2023 Ghorot Wound self-released
10/6/2023 Goatburner Fatal Time To Kill Records
10/6/2023 Gore Grave Pain self-released
10/6/2023 Gravity Thieves Voiceless Infinity self-released
10/6/2023 Hastspark Ostiarius inferni Ozium Records
10/6/2023 Heretior Nightsphere Northern Silence
10/6/2023 Impure Wilhelmina Dead Decades Season Of Mist
10/6/2023 King Ov Wyrms The Womb Ov Borealis self-released
10/6/2023 Left To Rot Breath Of The Tomb Southern Death
10/6/2023 Linus Klausenitzer Tulpa AOP Records
10/6/2023 Michael Abdow S​é​ance In Black self-released
10/6/2023 Morag Tong Grieve EP self-released
10/6/2023 Nihilium Fusion/Defusion EP self-released
10/6/2023 October Tide The Cancer Pledge Agonia Records
10/6/2023 Of Mice & Men Tether SharpTone Records
10/6/2023 Patriarchs in Black My Veneration MDD Records
10/6/2023 Plog Eucharist self-released
10/6/2023 Prong State Of Emergency SPV/Steamhammer
10/6/2023 Putrascension Forever Below Horror Pain Gore Death Productions
10/6/2023 Rave The Reqvium Ex-Eden Out of Line Music
10/6/2023 Restless Spirit Afterimage Magnetic Eye Records
10/6/2023 Salacious Gods Oalevluuk Hammerheart Records
10/6/2023 Sand Into Glass Slopes of Doubt self-released
10/6/2023 Shrapnel Storm Silo Great Dane Records
10/6/2023 Solnegre The Spiral Labyrinth self-released
10/6/2023 Spider God Blackened: Pink EP self-released
10/6/2023 Svalbard The Weight of the Mask Nuclear Blast Records
10/6/2023 Tabahi Thrash For Justice self-released
10/6/2023 The Blood Brothers ...Burn, Piano Island, Burn (20th Anniversary Edition) Epitaph Records
10/6/2023 The Keening Little Bird Relapse Records
10/6/2023 The Negative Bias The Seven Seals Of Saligia self-released
10/6/2023 Third Storm The Locust Mantra Chaos Records
10/6/2023 Torn The F*ck Apart Kill. Bury. Repeat. Gore House Productions
10/6/2023 Uranium Pure Nuclear Death Sentient Ruin Laboratories
10/6/2023 Wolf Prayer Spell Of The Crimson Eye Barhill Records
10/6/2023 Xorsist At The Somber Steps To Serenity Prosthetic Records
10/13/2023 A Mourning Star A Reminder of The Wound Unhealed DAZE Records
10/13/2023 Aiwass The Falling self-released
10/13/2023 All Its Grace To What End? Bastardized Recordings
10/13/2023 Årabrot Of Darkness and Light Pelagic Records
10/13/2023 Arborescence Of Wrath Inferno Transcending Obscurity
10/13/2023 Beartooth The Surface Red Bull Records
10/13/2023 Beastwars Tyranny of Distance Destroy Records
10/13/2023 Body Void Atrocity Machine Prosthetic Records
10/13/2023 Catafalque DYBBUK Aural Music
10/13/2023 Comaniac None For All self-released
10/13/2023 Corrosive Wrath of the Witch self-released
10/13/2023 Crosses (†††) Goodnight, God Bless, I Love U, Delete. Warner Bros. Records
10/13/2023 Death Fate: The Best of Death Relapse Records
10/13/2023 Decembre Noir Your Sunset | My Sunrise Lifeforce Records
10/13/2023 Electrocutioner False Idols self-released
10/13/2023 False Fed Let Them Eat Fake Neurot Recordings
10/13/2023 Felonie De S​è​ve et de Sang Csquared Music
10/13/2023 Fleshworks Diabolus Ex Machina Apostasy Records
10/13/2023 Free Throw Lessons That We Swear To Keep self-released
10/13/2023 Gevaudan Umbra self-released
10/13/2023 Gods of Gaia As Daylight Dies Wormholedeath
10/13/2023 Gravestone Hollow Be Thy Grave Raw Skull Recordz
10/13/2023 Krieg Ruiner Profound Lore Records
10/13/2023 Modern Technology Conditions of Worth Human Worth Records
10/13/2023 Mondo Generator We Stand Against You Heavy Psych Sounds
10/13/2023 Mors Subita Origin of Fire Out of Line Music
10/13/2023 Ohmwork In Hindsight self-released
10/13/2023 On Thorns I Lay On Thorns I Lay Season Of Mist
10/13/2023 Overthrow Ascension of the Entombed EP Redefining Darkness Records
10/13/2023 Privatemind The Truth You See Triple B Records
10/13/2023 Sadistic Force Midnight Assassin Horror Pain Gore Death Productions
10/13/2023 Silent Revenants The Withering of the Blue Flower Wormholedeath
10/13/2023 Sour Times Awaken The Voiceless EP self-released
10/13/2023 Stortregn Finitude The Artisan Era
10/13/2023 Sulphur Aeon Seven Crowns and Seven Seals Van Records
10/13/2023 The Answer Lies in the Black Void Thou Shalt Burning World Records
10/13/2023 The Lion's Daughter Bath House self-released
10/13/2023 The Voynich Code Insomnia Unique Leader Records
10/13/2023 Vanishing Kids Miracle of Death self-released
10/13/2023 VCTMS Vol. V The Hurt Collection self-released
10/13/2023 Venera Venera Ipecac Recordings
10/20/2023 Afterbirth In But Not Of Willowtip Records
10/20/2023 Aldaaron Majestic Heights, Melancholic Depths self-released
10/20/2023 Angelus Apatrida Aftermath Century Media Records
10/20/2023 Appalooza The Shining Son Ripple Music
10/20/2023 Archangel Total Dark Sublime Scarlet Records
10/20/2023 Asagraum Veil of Death, Ruptured Edged Circle Productions
10/20/2023 Askesis Beyond the Fate of Death Time To Kill Records
10/20/2023 Baring Teeth The Path Narrows I, Voidhanger Records
10/20/2023 Bloodred Hourglass How's The Heart? Out of Line Music
10/20/2023 Cirith Ungol Dark Parade Metal Blade Records
10/20/2023 Cult Burial Reverie of the Malignant Csquared Music
10/20/2023 Death Pose Midnight Society self-released
10/20/2023 Death Pose Midnight Society Brutal Panda Records
10/20/2023 Denial of Existence Carron​​​ero de la existencia Coyote Records
10/20/2023 Diabolic Night Beneath The Crimson Prophecy self-released
10/20/2023 Display of Decay Vitriol Gore House Productions
10/20/2023 Dog Eat Dog Receptor Metalville Records
10/20/2023 Dreamwell In My Saddest Dreams, I Am Beside You Prosthetic Records
10/20/2023 Edgeflame In Vaulted Halls Entombed self-released
10/20/2023 Elegy Of Madness XI Scarlet Records
10/20/2023 Enigma Ex Machina Blurring Thoughts, Flawless Lies self-released
10/20/2023 Frakasm And So The Blood Was Shed Great Dane Records
10/20/2023 Galloglaigh Realms Unknown self-released
10/20/2023 Game Over Hellframes Scarlet Records
10/20/2023 Go Ahead And Die Unhealthy Mechanisms Nuclear Blast Records
10/20/2023 Helgrindur Helgrindur MDD Records
10/20/2023 Hippie Death Cult Helichrysum self-released
10/20/2023 Hold My Own In My Way DAZE Records
10/20/2023 In A Forest Dark Buried Giant Wormholedeath Records
10/20/2023 Incremate Unexposed self-released
10/20/2023 Lalu The Fish Who Wanted To Be King Frontiers Music SRL
10/20/2023 Marthe Further In Evil Southern Lord Records
10/20/2023 Monosphere Sentience Blood Blast Distribution
10/20/2023 Myrkur Spine Relapse Records
10/20/2023 Noitila Langennut self-released
10/20/2023 Owdwyr Receptor Claw Hammer PR
10/20/2023 Plaguestorm Empty Eyes EP self-released
10/20/2023 Poseydon Through the Gate of Hatred and Aversion self-released
10/20/2023 Sentenced 2 Die Parasitic Infection Maggot Stomp
10/20/2023 Silva Forgotten Sanctuary Black Lion Records
10/20/2023 Solemn Vision Despite The Rise Of The Sun Black Lion Records
10/20/2023 Stagewar Interlude to Self-Destruction EP self-released
10/20/2023 Sylvatica Cadaver Synod Target Records
10/20/2023 The Callous Daoboys God Smiles Upon The Callous Daoboys MNRK Heavy
10/20/2023 Trounce The Seven Crowns Hummus Records
10/20/2023 Unverkalt A Lump Of Death: A Chaos Of Dead Lovers Argonauta Records
10/20/2023 Vertabra Atlantis A Dialogue With The Eeriest Sublime self-released
10/20/2023 War Curse Confession Metal Blade Records
10/20/2023 Within Temptation Bleed Out Force Music Recordings
10/20/2023 Wratheon Becoming Nil Seek and Strike
10/27/2023 Aaron Cravens Regenerate Wormholedeath
10/27/2023 Adzes Inver self-released
10/27/2023 Aegrus Invoking the Abysmal Night Osmose Productions
10/27/2023 Akkadian The Devil Has Evolved EP self-released
10/27/2023 Autopsy Ashes, Organs, Blood And Crypts Peaceville Records
10/27/2023 Bacterial Husk Anthropogenic Ruin self-released
10/27/2023 Bayway World Of Bayway II DAZE Records
10/27/2023 Berzerker Legion Chaos Will Reign Listenable Records
10/27/2023 Botch An Anthology Of Dead Ends (Vinyl) Sargent House
10/27/2023 Broder Skarpretterfossilet Extremely Rotten Productions
10/27/2023 Brutus Unison Life (Anniversary Edition) Sargent House
10/27/2023 Cardinals Folly Live By The Sword Soulseller Records
10/27/2023 Cemetery Urn Suffer The Fallen Hells Headbangers
10/27/2023 Cerulean Carrion Angel self-released
10/27/2023 Crime in Stereo House & Trance Pure Noise Records
10/27/2023 Darkplace About The End Of The World Icons Creating Evil Art
10/27/2023 Dead Man Risen Alien self-released
10/27/2023 Dead Serenity When Worlds Turn to Gray Inverse Records
10/27/2023 Doro Conqueress - Forever Strong And Proud Nuclear Blast Records
10/27/2023 Efraah Enhsikaah One Thousand Vultures Waiting To Be Fed Osmose Productions
10/27/2023 END The Sin Of Human Frailty Closed Casket Activities
10/27/2023 Endseeker Global Worming Metal Blade Records
10/27/2023 Ershetu Xibalba self-released
10/27/2023 Eternal Evil The Gates Beyond Mortality Listenable Records
10/27/2023 Exhumed Gore Metal (25th Anniversary Edition) Relapse Records
10/27/2023 Falling Stars Lonely No More Tee Pee Records
10/27/2023 Farsoth Morbid Symphonies Black Lion Records
10/27/2023 Flesh of the Stars The Glass Garden self-released
10/27/2023 Freakshow So Shall It Be Eonian Records
10/27/2023 Ghosts of Atlantis Riddles of the Sycophants self-released
10/27/2023 Glacier Eater Tempest self-released
10/27/2023 Gravesend Gowanus Death Stomp 20 Buck Spin
10/27/2023 Haissem A Sleep Of Primeval Ignorance self-released
10/27/2023 Hollow Front The Fear Of Letting Go UNFD
10/27/2023 Howling Giant Glass Future Magnetic Eye Records
10/27/2023 Ignited Cradle Of The Wicked self-released
10/27/2023 Iku-Turso Ikuinen Kirous Purity Through Fire Records
10/27/2023 Impalement The Dawn of Blackened Death self-released
10/27/2023 In This Moment God Mode BMG
10/27/2023 Kill The Con Man Militant Minority self-released
10/27/2023 Lightlorn At One With The Night Sky Black Lion Records
10/27/2023 Lowest Creature Witch Supreme self-released
10/27/2023 Lucid Sins Dancing In The Dark self-released
10/27/2023 Mangled Carpenter Salvation Syndrome Rottweiler Records
10/27/2023 Matriphagy Abyss of Time EP self-released
10/27/2023 Mourning Mist Amen Moribund Records
10/27/2023 Mouth For War Bleed Yourself MNRK Heavy
10/27/2023 Nebelkraehe Ephemeral TCC Records
10/27/2023 Nebula Livewired In Europe Heavy Psych Sounds
10/27/2023 Noidva Lappish Shatanism Purity Through Fire Records
10/27/2023 Obscura A Celebration I - Live In North America Nuclear Blast Records
10/27/2023 One of Nine Eternal Sorcery Argento Records
10/27/2023 Peine Kapital Peine Kapital self-released
10/27/2023 Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Live In New York Missing Piece Group Records
10/27/2023 Poppy Zig Sumerian Records
10/27/2023 Psicosfera Summa Negativa Lavadome Productions
10/27/2023 Ramage, Inc Humanity Has Failed self-released
10/27/2023 Rile Pessimist Church Road Records
10/27/2023 Robes of Snow Fall's Resplendence self-released
10/27/2023 Sentinels In Limbo SharpTone Records
10/27/2023 Sepulchral Curse Abhorrent Dimensions Transcending Obscurity
10/27/2023 Sevendust Seven Of Sevendust Box Set BMG
10/27/2023 Shadowspawn Blasphemica Emanzipation Records
10/27/2023 Show Me The Body Live & Loose In The USA Loma Vista Recordings
10/27/2023 Sky Empire The Shifting Tectonic Plates of Power – Part One ViciSolum Records
10/27/2023 Sorceror Reign Of The Reaper Metal Blade Records
10/27/2023 Stubora Ecorché vif self-released
10/27/2023 Suol Suol self-released
10/27/2023 Taking Back Sunday 152 Fantasy Records
10/27/2023 Thanamagus Lie In Wait Carbonized Records
10/27/2023 The Plague Erosion of Gods Brilliant Emperor Records
10/27/2023 Theosophy Bleeding Wounds of the First and the Last self-released
10/27/2023 Three Eyes of the Void The Atheist Folter Records
10/27/2023 Throat We Must Leave You Svart Records
10/27/2023 Tortuga Iterations Napalm Records
10/27/2023 Vokonis Exist Within Light EP self-released
10/27/2023 VRSTY Levitate Spinefarm Records
10/27/2023 Wargasm Venom Republic Records
10/27/2023 Wayfarer American Gothic Century Media/Profound Lore
10/27/2023 White Tundra White Tundra self-released
10/27/2023 Witching Incendium Translation Loss Records
10/27/2023 Year Of The Knife No Love Lost Pure Noise Records
10/27/2023 Yellow Eyes Masters Murmur Sibir Records
11/3/2023 Acid Force World Target in Megadeaths Jawbreaker Records
11/3/2023 Adversaion Dejection of the Malign Tabernacle self-released
11/3/2023 Angra Cycles Of Pain Atomic Fire Records
11/3/2023 Atreyu A Torch In The Dark Spinefarm Records
11/3/2023 Axioma Primal Descent EP Earsplit PR
11/3/2023 Bad Wolves Die About It Better Noise Music
11/3/2023 Below a Silent Sky Walls of Light self-released
11/3/2023 Briqueville IIII Pelagic Records
11/3/2023 Carnal Tomb Embalmed In Decay Testimony Records
11/3/2023 Carnation Cursed Mortality Season Of Mist
11/3/2023 Carthage Third Punic War EP Amputated Vein Records
11/3/2023 Ch'Ahom Knots of Abhorrence Sentient Ruin Laboratories
11/3/2023 Cirkeln The Primitive Covenant self-released
11/3/2023 Closet Witch Chiaroscuro Moment of Collapse Records
11/3/2023 Cosmitorium Broken Archetypes self-released
11/3/2023 Crimson Caliber Destined For Delusion EP self-released
11/3/2023 Darkness Ablaze It All Shall Burn self-released
11/3/2023 Degrave Volume Horror Pain Gore Death Productions
11/3/2023 Detoxen Dead Man's Weapon self-released
11/3/2023 Dying Wish Symptoms of Survival SharpTone Records
11/3/2023 Faidra Militant : Penitent : Triumphant Northern Silence Productions
11/3/2023 Fuming Mouth Last Day Of Sun Nuclear Blast Records
11/3/2023 Gozer The Path Always Leads To The End EP self-released
11/3/2023 Green Lung This Heathen Land Nuclear Blast Records
11/3/2023 Infinity Ritual II EP Viral Propaganda
11/3/2023 Insomnium Songs Of The Dusk Century Media Records
11/3/2023 Jord Tundra Hammerheart Records
11/3/2023 Katholik Entropic Evolution Amputated Vein Records
11/3/2023 Killsorrow Wasteland Chronicles self-released
11/3/2023 Kontrust Madworld Napalm Records
11/3/2023 Kraanium Scriptures Of Vicennial Defilement Unique Leader Records
11/3/2023 Manipulator Drawing Secret Circles self-released
11/3/2023 Melancholia Book Of Ruination Brutal Panda Records
11/3/2023 Morne Engraved With Pain Metal Blade Records
11/3/2023 Mortuary Drape Black Mirror Peaceville Records
11/3/2023 Mugshot Cold Will Pure Noise Records
11/3/2023 Nahasheol Serpens Abyssi WOH Records
11/3/2023 Necroticgorebeast Repugnant Comatose Music
11/3/2023 Nightmarer Deformity Adrift: Reformed self-released
11/3/2023 Paint It Black Famine Revelation Records
11/3/2023 Penitence Onrique Nature Mort self-released
11/3/2023 Sea Mosquito Igitur self-released
11/3/2023 Serenity Nemesis A.D. Napalm Records
11/3/2023 Sexless Marriage This Is Not Love Protagonist Music
11/3/2023 Silent Planet SUPERBLOOM Solid State Records
11/3/2023 Spiritbox The Fear Of Fear Rise Records
11/3/2023 Strigoi Bathed In A Black Sun Season Of Mist
11/3/2023 Suffocation Hymns From The Apocrypha Nuclear Blast Records
11/3/2023 Tetragrammacide Typho-Tantric Aphorisms From The Arachneophidian Qur'an Iron Bonehead Productions
11/3/2023 The Convalescence Harvesters Of Flesh And Bone Cleopatra Records
11/3/2023 Thronehammer Kingslayer Supreme Chaos Records
11/3/2023 Till Lindemann Zunge self-released
11/3/2023 Totenmesse Fiktionlust Pagan Records
11/3/2023 Veruta Forked Tongue of Fire Transylvanian Recordings
11/3/2023 Vesperian Sorrow Awaken The Greylight Black Lion Records
11/3/2023 Vulnificus Inextricable EP self-released
11/3/2023 Warcrab The Howling Silence Transcending Obscurity
11/3/2023 Watain Die In Fire - Live in Hell Nuclear Blast Records
11/3/2023 Witches Hollow Grimoire IBD
11/3/2023 XOTH Exogalactic Dawnbreed Records
11/3/2023 Yatsu It Can't Happen Here The Ghost Is Clear
11/3/2023 Zornheym The Forgotten Inmates EP Noble Demon Records
11/10/2023 Aeolian Echoes of the Future self-released
11/10/2023 Aeons Abyss Insidious Truth EP self-released
11/10/2023 Aglo Build Fear self-released
11/10/2023 Athiria Conjure The Beast Kvlt and Kaos Productions
11/10/2023 Autarkh Emergent Season Of Mist
11/10/2023 Bazooka Troopaz Bombs, Babes and Bazookas self-released
11/10/2023 Burn Ritual Grave Watcher self-released
11/10/2023 Cave In Heavy Pendulum: The Singles - Live At BBC's Maida Vale Studios Relapse Records
11/10/2023 Dissona Dreadfully Distinct EP self-released
11/10/2023 Ex Everything Slow Change Will Pull Us Apart Neurot Recordings
11/10/2023 Extinkt Trinity Redux Ossuary Records
11/10/2023 First Flame Beneath The Surface Geenger Records
11/10/2023 Gama Bomb Bats Prosthetic Records
11/10/2023 Halvar State of the Nation MDD Records
11/10/2023 Helmet Left earMUSIC
11/10/2023 Highborne Spectral Seances self-released
11/10/2023 Hinayana Shatter and Fall Napalm Records
11/10/2023 Holy Wars Cult Classic Pale Chord Records
11/10/2023 Hypaethral Hypaethral self-released
11/10/2023 Incendiary Device Incendiary Device Bridge Nine Records
11/10/2023 L.S. Dunes Lost Songs: Lines And Shapes Fantasy Records
11/10/2023 Left Cross Upon Desecrated Altars Profound Lore Records
11/10/2023 Left Eye Perspective Conundrum Argonauta Records
11/10/2023 Locket Superluminal Fearless Records
11/10/2023 Lower 13 Deception EP Claw Hammer PR
11/10/2023 Marsh of Swans Heartwood self-released
11/10/2023 Mephorash Krystl​-​Ah Regain Records
11/10/2023 Meshuggah Chaosphere (25th Anniversary Edition) Atomic Fire Records
11/10/2023 MouthBreather Self Tape Good Fight Music
11/10/2023 Night Crowned Tales Noble Demon Records
11/10/2023 Night Hag/Burial Utterances From Below EP Rotted Life Records
11/10/2023 No Cure The Commitment to Permanence self-released
11/10/2023 Passage Oblique self-released
11/10/2023 Phantom Winter Her Cold Materials This Charming Man
11/10/2023 Plague Rider Intensities Transcending Obscurity
11/10/2023 Pyrolatrous Inveterate Gilead Media
11/10/2023 Rivers Ablaze Omnipresence self-released
11/10/2023 SÂVER From Ember And Rust Pelagic Records
11/10/2023 Sherpa Land of Corals Subsound Records
11/10/2023 Shylmagoghnar Convergence Napalm Records
11/10/2023 Sons of Sound Seven El Puerto Records
11/10/2023 The Mosaic Window Plight Of Acceptance (Reissue) Willowtip Records
11/10/2023 The Ritual Aura Heresiarch The Artisan Era
11/10/2023 Vantage Point Against Myself Triple B Records
11/10/2023 Vastum Inward To Gethsemane 20 Buck Spin
11/10/2023 Verilehto Kuoleman Siipien Havina Inverse Records
11/17/2023 Aeternus Philosopher Agonia Records
11/17/2023 Akersborg Feelantropicoco Viral Propaganda
11/17/2023 Alchemy of Flesh By Will Alone Redefining Darkness Records
11/17/2023 Altars of the Moon The Colossus and the Widow Earsplit PR
11/17/2023 Amalekim Avodah Zarah Avantgarde Music
11/17/2023 Bloodphemy Dawn of Malevolence Non Serviam Records
11/17/2023 Bull Elephant The Long War self-released
11/17/2023 Celeste Epilogue(s) Nuclear Blast Records
11/17/2023 Ceremonial Bloodbath Genesis of Malignant Entropy Sentient Ruin Laboratories
11/17/2023 Chained To The Dead Discography Of Debauchery Horror Pain Gore Death Productions
11/17/2023 Condemned Daemonium Unique Leader Records
11/17/2023 Cruel Fate Destin Cruel Personal Records
11/17/2023 Cynic Uroboric Forms (Reissue) Season Of Mist
11/17/2023 Deafheaven Sunbather (10th Anniversary) Deathwish Inc.
11/17/2023 Deliquesce Cursed With Malevolence DAZE Records
11/17/2023 Deviants Legion EP Chaos Records
11/17/2023 Dogma Dogma MNRK Heavy
11/17/2023 Draconicon Pestilence self-released
11/17/2023 Dyssebeia Garden Of Stillborn Idols Transcending Obscurity
11/17/2023 Earthside Let The Truth Speak self-released
11/17/2023 Eldritch Innervoid Scarlet Records
11/17/2023 Elitist A Mirage of Grandeur Earsplit PR
11/17/2023 Foetal Juice Grotesque Gore House Productions
11/17/2023 Harmagedon Dystopian Dreams self-released
11/17/2023 Hyperia The Serpent's Cycle self-released
11/17/2023 Infection Code Sulphur Time To Kill Records
11/17/2023 King Fury and Death Soulseller Records
11/17/2023 Litha Litha Viral Propaganda
11/17/2023 Maul Desecration And Enchantment 20 Buck Spin
11/17/2023 Mauvet Mauve Mauvet Mauve Regain Records
11/17/2023 Miara Hungering Inside Inverse Records
11/17/2023 Modder The Great Liberation Through Hearing self-released
11/17/2023 Nail Within Sound Of Demise Massacre Records
11/17/2023 Neurectomy Overwrought Claw Hammer PR
11/17/2023 Nonpoint Heartless 361 Degrees Records LLC
11/17/2023 Obsidyen Litany Of Iah self-released
11/17/2023 Plaguemace Reptilian Warlords Napalm Records
11/17/2023 Post Profit Self Defeater SharpTone Records
11/17/2023 Racetraitor Creation And The Timeless Order Of Things Good Fight Music
11/17/2023 Rank and Vile Worship Earsplit PR
11/17/2023 Ritual Clearing Penitence EP self-released
11/17/2023 Ritual King The Infinite Mirror Ripple Music
11/17/2023 Runemagick Last Skull of Humanity EP Hammerheart Records
11/17/2023 Sadhus Illegal Sludge Viral Propaganda
11/17/2023 Sadus The Shadow Inside Nuclear Blast Records
11/17/2023 Signum Regis Undivided Ulterian Records
11/17/2023 Suffocate Faster This Is The Way Vol. 2 Smartpunk Records
11/17/2023 TEMIC Terror Management Theory Season Of Mist
11/17/2023 Texas In July Without Reason Equal Vision Records
11/17/2023 The Dialectic Crawl To The Throne Seek and Strike
11/17/2023 The Holy Nothing Vol I: A Profound and Nameless Fear EP self-released
11/17/2023 The Last Eon Infernal Fractality Soulseller Records
11/17/2023 The Lore of Gaubert Revelations I and II Witches Brew
11/22/2023 The Hope Conspiracy Confusion/Chaos/Misery EP Deathwish Inc.
11/24/2023 A Hill To Die Upon The Black Nativity Rottweiler Records
11/24/2023 Absque Cor Na zawsze cieniem​.​.​. Godz ov War Productions
11/24/2023 Almost Honest The Hex of Penn's Woods Argonauta Records
11/24/2023 Beyond Grace Welcome to the New Dark Ages, Part 1 self-released
11/24/2023 Burden of Grief Destination Dystopia Massacre Records
11/24/2023 Carnivorous Forest Dogs and Devils self-released
11/24/2023 Convocation No Dawn For The Caliginous Night Everlasting Spew Records
11/24/2023 Cruciamentum Obsidian Refractions Profound Lore Records
11/24/2023 Cultus Interitum Sacrum Funeral Godz ov War Productions
11/24/2023 Deathcode Society Unlightenment Osmose Productions
11/24/2023 Devin Townsend Infinity (25th Anniversary Edition) InsideOut Music
11/24/2023 Farsoth Morbid Symphonies Claw Hammer PR
11/24/2023 Fawn Limbs/Nadja Vestigial Spectra Split self-released
11/24/2023 Fraught Transfixed On Dying Light Argonauta Records
11/24/2023 From North Raven Banner At Dawn Records
11/24/2023 Future Static Liminality Wild Thing Records
11/24/2023 High Spirits Safe on the Other Side High Roller Records
11/24/2023 Infected Chaos Conjuration Overture, Vanity is Dawning Wormholedeath
11/24/2023 Infernal Angels Shrine of Black Fire Immortal Frost Productions
11/24/2023 Maladie For We Are The Plague Apostasy Records
11/24/2023 Masters Call A Journey For The Damned self-released
11/24/2023 Midnight Odyssey Biolume Part 3 - A Fullmoon Madness I, Voidhanger Records
11/24/2023 Morbid Sacrifice Ceremonial Blood Worship Godz ov War Productions
11/24/2023 No Turning Back The Beautiful Lies...The Horrible Truth Triple B Records
11/24/2023 One Master The Names of Power Eternal Death
11/24/2023 Pincer+ Hunting God Tapes Vol 2: Romance EP Greyscale Records
11/24/2023 Sadism Obscurans Hammerheart Records
11/24/2023 Serpents Oath Revelation Odium Records
11/24/2023 Sol The Promethean Sessions self-released
11/24/2023 Swords of Dis Melencholia self-released
11/24/2023 Temple of Doom Funeral Altar Epiphanies Transcending Obscurity
11/24/2023 The Breathing Process Todeskrone Unique Leader Records
11/24/2023 Thronehammer Kingslayer Supreme Chaos Records
11/24/2023 Todalmal A Greater Good Ardua Music
11/24/2023 Valdrin Throne of the Lunar Soul Blood Harvest Records
11/24/2023 Weeping Silence Isle of Lore self-released
11/24/2023 Wet Cactus Magma Tres Electric Valley Records
11/24/2023 Zmarylm Ziemie Ja​ł​owe EP Godz ov War Productions
11/25/2023 Mycelium Mycoticism (Disseminating The Propagules) Blood Harvest Records
11/29/2023 Panopticon The Rime of Memory Bindrune Recordings
12/1/2023 Frontières La Trilogie self-released
12/1/2023 Abduction Toutes Blessent, La Derni​è​re Tue self-released
12/1/2023 Abyssal Rift Extirpation Dirge Sentient Ruin Laboratories
12/1/2023 ACCVSED House of Doubt EP Blood Blast Distribution
12/1/2023 Aggression Frozen Aggressors Massacre Records
12/1/2023 Astray Valley Midnight Sun Art Gates Records
12/1/2023 Atomic Witch Charmed by Darkness Redefining Darkness
12/1/2023 Behind The Throne Tormentor self-released
12/1/2023 Beyondition Abysmal Night Chaos Records
12/1/2023 Bjorko Heartrot Svart Records
12/1/2023 Brojob A Very Deathcore Christmas with Brojob 2 Blood Blast Distribution
12/1/2023 Cash Bribe Escape From New York EP self-released
12/1/2023 Codeseven Go Let It In Equal Vision Records
12/1/2023 Cryptosis The Silent Call EP Century Media Records
12/1/2023 Darknet The Internet EP Blood Blast Distribution
12/1/2023 Deathblood Osteonecrovore EP Iron Blood and Death Corporation
12/1/2023 Demoncy Black Star Gnosis Dark Descent Records
12/1/2023 Demons of Noon Death Machine self-released
12/1/2023 Dethroned A Bridge to Eternal Darkness Dominance of Darkness Records
12/1/2023 Disorientation Survival Mode EP self-released
12/1/2023 Embrace Your Punishment Made of Stone Lacerated Enemy Records
12/1/2023 Extortionist Devoid Unique Leader Records
12/1/2023 Fail Forward Shadows self-released
12/1/2023 Faust At the Dawn of Life Demise EP Black Lion Records
12/1/2023 Full Of Hell And Nothing When No Birds Sang Closed Casket Activities
12/1/2023 Godskill III: Nazerene Sickness TeufelsZeug Records
12/1/2023 Grau Abseits des Lichts Tragedy Productions
12/1/2023 Hated Reigns Awaken the Ancients self-released
12/1/2023 Helfró T​á​lgr​ö​f Season Of Mist
12/1/2023 Krallice Mass Cathexis 2 - The Kinetic Infinite self-released
12/1/2023 Kriegszittern Flamethrower Fucking Kill! Records
12/1/2023 Malicious Merciless Storm EP Invictous Productions
12/1/2023 Mike Shinoda The Crimson Chapter Warner Bros. Records
12/1/2023 Necronemesis Warfield Forever EP Horror Pain Gore Death Productions
12/1/2023 Nonir Skuld Northern Silence Productions
12/1/2023 Orbit Culture The Forgotten EP Seek and Strike
12/1/2023 Oro Vid Vägs Ände Hammerheart Records
12/1/2023 Paradise Lost Icon 30 Nuclear Blast Records
12/1/2023 Reap Born From Plague Self Made God Records
12/1/2023 RüYYn Chapter II: The Flames, The Fallen, The Fury LES ACTEURS DE L'OMBRE PRODUCTIONS
12/1/2023 Somnium De Lycoris In The Failing Hours self-released
12/1/2023 Stengah Downward Mechanic EP Mascot Records
12/1/2023 Surgeon Petunia self-released
12/1/2023 Swansong Awakening Noble Demon Records
12/1/2023 Sylvan Awe Pilgrimage self-released
12/1/2023 The Seafloor Cinema The Seafloor Cinema Pure Noise Records
12/1/2023 Topor Wieczna kaźń Defense Records
12/1/2023 Unprocessed ...And Everything In Between Freeman Promotions
12/1/2023 Varathron The Crimson Temple Agonia Records
12/1/2023 Voice of Ruin Cold Epiphany Viral Propaganda
12/1/2023 Walking Corpse Our Hands, Your Throat Transcending Obscurity
12/1/2023 Within Destruction Rebirth EP Ultra Heavy Records
12/1/2023 Xenocracy Impermancence Kvlt and Kaos Productions
12/8/2023 Aterrima A Name Engraved in Cold Soil Fladh Productions
12/8/2023 Atreyu The Beautiful Dark of Life Spinefarm Records
12/8/2023 Avræ Lvnæ Ntdd Strl Signal Rex
12/8/2023 Azathoth's Dream Nocturnal Vampyric Bewitchment Iron Bonehead Productions
12/8/2023 Bastards Arctic Hardcore – Complete Studio Recordings & Rare Rehearsal Tapes Svart Records
12/8/2023 Bring Me The Horizon Sempiternal (10th Anniversary) Music For Nations
12/8/2023 Dawn of a Dark Age Transumanza self-released
12/8/2023 Devil's Reef The Droste Observer The Artisan Era
12/8/2023 Dimmu Borgir Inspiratio Profanus Nuclear Blast Records
12/8/2023 Dusk Dissolve Into Ash Dark Descent Records
12/8/2023 Dwelling Below Dwelling Below Transcending Obscurity
12/8/2023 EMBR EMBR self-released
12/8/2023 Extomorf Vivid Black AFM Records
12/8/2023 Genus Ordinis Dei The Beginning Eclipse Records
12/8/2023 Ginnungagap Helical Arising Signal Rex
12/8/2023 Inculter Morbid Origin Edged Circle Productions
12/8/2023 Jarhead Fertilizer Carceral Warfare Closed Casket Activities
12/8/2023 Kankar Ascension Eisenwald Records
12/8/2023 Lies! Mind Pollution self-released
12/8/2023 Mars Red Sky Dawn of the Dusk self-released
12/8/2023 Men Eater Men Eater Raging Planet
12/8/2023 Morning Dead Desde el Otro Lado self-released
12/8/2023 Music in Low Frequencies Catharsis Raging Planet
12/8/2023 Nyrst V​ö​ld Dark Essence Records
12/8/2023 Osiah Kairos Unique Leader Records
12/8/2023 Phobocosm Foreordained Dark Descent Records
12/8/2023 Plague of the Fallen Among The Rats self-released
12/8/2023 Polkadot Cadaver Echoes Across The Hellscape Razor To Wrist
12/8/2023 Porcupine Tree Closure/Continuation.Live Music For Nations
12/8/2023 Progeny Of Sun Throne Of Desolation Inverse Records
12/8/2023 Psycho-Frame Automatic Death Protocol EP self-released
12/8/2023 Sublation On The Advancement of Decay self-released
12/8/2023 The Feral Ghosts Black Sun Seeing Red Records
12/8/2023 Unmothered Corridors Csquared Music
12/8/2023 White Death Iconoclast Werewolf Records
12/8/2023 Winterhorde Neptunian Noble Demon Records
12/8/2023 Wrath Of Logarius Necrotic Assimilation Season Of Mist
12/15/2023 Blackflow Seeds of Downfall Personal Records
12/15/2023 Bloedmann Castle Inside The Eclipse Immortal Frost Productions
12/15/2023 Breed History of Tomorrow Metal Message
12/15/2023 Bunker 66` Portraits of Dismay self-released
12/15/2023 Capstan nulla. Fearless Records
12/15/2023 Children Of Bodom A Chapter Called Children Of Bodom (The Final Show in Helsinki Ice Hall 2019) Spinefarm Records
12/15/2023 Crossfire Swtich To Reset Wormholedeath Records
12/15/2023 Crust Dissolution Avantgarde Music
12/15/2023 Cryptworm Oozing Radioactive Vomition Me Saco Un Ojo Records
12/15/2023 Demoncy Diabolica Blasphemiae EP Hells Headbangers
12/15/2023 Empire of Euphrates Echoes Of Ancient Past EP Horror Pain Gore Death Productions
12/15/2023 Endbroken Defeat of Common Sense Great Dane Records
12/15/2023 Evergrey From Dark Discoveries To Heartless Portraits Napalm Records
12/15/2023 Feral Forms Premalignant EP Night Terrors Records
12/15/2023 From Fall To Spring Rise Arising Empire
12/15/2023 Horrifier Horrid Resurrection Personal Records
12/15/2023 Imperialist Quantum Transcending Obscurity
12/15/2023 Inferanal Execrator Diabolatry Pulverised Records
12/15/2023 Revulsed Cerebral Contamination Everlasting Spew Records
12/15/2023 Ringarë Of Momentous Endless Night Avantgarde Music
12/15/2023 Sulfuric Hatred Sulfuric Hatred Sentient Ruin Laboratories
12/15/2023 Therion Leviathan III Napalm Records
12/15/2023 Vargrav The Nighthold Werewolf Records
12/15/2023 Warcoe A Place For Demons Helter Skelter
12/26/2023 Fleshwater Sounds Of Greiving Closed Casket Activities
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