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Metal and Hardcore Albums Released in 2022

Find the best metal music and hardcore music released in the selected yearw. While we make no warranty as to the accuracy of our album releases information, we do strive to maintain a reliable database. If you are aware of any inaccurate information or glaring omissions, please let us know.
1/7/2022 Aethereus Leiden The Artisan Era
1/7/2022 APES Lullabies For Eternal Sleep EP Translation Loss Records
1/7/2022 Infected Rain Ecdysis Napalm Records
1/7/2022 Nocturnal Graves An Outlaw's Stand Season Of Mist
1/7/2022 VoidCeremony At The Periphery Of Human Realms 20 Buck Spin
1/7/2022 Wilderun Epigone Century Media Records
1/14/2022 Enterprise Earth The Chosen MNRK Music Group
1/14/2022 Fit For An Autopsy Oh What The Future Holds Nuclear Blast Records
1/14/2022 Lee McKinney In the Light of Knowledge Sumerian Records
1/14/2022 Pridelands Light Bends SharpTone Records
1/14/2022 Shadow Of Intent Elegy Blood Blast Distribution
1/14/2022 Slowbleed A Blazing Sun, The Fiery Dawn Creator Destructor Records
1/14/2022 Underoath Voyeurist Fearless Records
1/14/2022 Wiegedood There’s Always Blood At The End Of The Road Century Media Records
1/14/2022 Worm Shepherd Ritual Hymns Unique Leader Records
1/20/2022 Great American Ghost Torture World EP MNRK Music Group
1/20/2022 Negative Vortex Tomb Absolute Sentient Ruin Laboratories
1/21/2022 Comeback Kid Heavy Steps Nuclear Blast Records
1/21/2022 Druid Lord Relics of the Dead Hells Headbangers
1/21/2022 SETYØURSAILS Nightfall Napalm Records
1/21/2022 SOM The Shape Of Everything Pelagic Records
1/21/2022 Theodor Bastard Vetvi Season Of Mist
1/21/2022 VRSTY Welcome Home Spinefarm Records
1/28/2022 Aegrus The Carnal Temples EP Osmose Productions
1/28/2022 Celeste Assassine(s) Nuclear Blast Records
1/28/2022 Cloakroom Dissolution Wave Relapse Records
1/28/2022 Earthless Night Parade of One Hundred Demons Nuclear Blast Records
1/28/2022 Krosis E.V.I.L. EP Seek and Strike
1/28/2022 Malefic Throne Malefic Throne EP Hells Headbangers
1/28/2022 The Last Ten Seconds Of Life The Last Ten Seconds of Life Unique Leader Records
1/28/2022 Toxpack Zwanzig. Tausend Volt Napalm Records
2/4/2022 Abhoria Abhoria Prosthetic Records
2/4/2022 Abysmal Dawn Nightmare Frontier EP Season Of Mist
2/4/2022 Circa Survive A Dream About Death EP Rise Records
2/4/2022 Cold Night For Alligators The Hindsight Notes Arising Empire
2/4/2022 Kill Your Idols / Rule Them All split EP Flatspot Records
2/4/2022 Korn Requiem Loma Vista Recordings
2/4/2022 Mass Worship Portal Tombs Century Media Records
2/4/2022 Mystic Circle Mystic Circle Atomic Fire Records
2/4/2022 Persefone metanoia Napalm Records
2/4/2022 Rolo Tomassi Where Myth becomes Memory MNRK Music Group
2/4/2022 Venom Prison Erebos Century Media Records
2/11/2022 Amorphis Halo Atomic Fire Records
2/11/2022 Author & Punisher Krüller Relapse Records
2/11/2022 Cult Of Luna The Long Road North Metal Blade Records
2/11/2022 Dead American New Nostalgia Equal Vision Records
2/11/2022 Hammr Eternal Possession Hells Headbangers
2/11/2022 Hangman's Chair A Loner Nuclear Blast Records
2/11/2022 Napalm Death Resentment is Always Seismic - A Final Throw of Throes EP Century Media Records
2/11/2022 Near Death Condition Ascent from the Mundane Unique Leader Records
2/11/2022 Take Life You Are Nowhere self-released
2/11/2022 The Devils Of Loudun Escaping Eternity The Artisan Era
2/11/2022 Voivod Synchro Anarchy Century Media Records
2/11/2022 WAIT The End of Noise The Artisan Era
2/18/2022 Burn Down Eden Sermonize EP Seek and Strike
2/18/2022 Dagoba By Night Napalm Records
2/18/2022 Hiv The Bright Side Of Everything Selfmadegod Records
2/18/2022 Immolation Acts of God Nuclear Blast Records
2/18/2022 Matt Pike Pike vs. the Automaton MNRK Music Group
2/18/2022 Prayer Group Michael Dose Reptilian Records
2/18/2022 Pure Wrath Hymn To The Woeful Hearts Debemur Morti Productions
2/22/2022 Mountaineer Giving Up The Ghost Lifeforce Records
2/25/2022 Abraham Debris de Mondes Perdus Pelagic Records
2/25/2022 Allegaeon Damnum Metal Blade Records
2/25/2022 Bitter Branches Your Neighbors Are Failures Equal Vision Records
2/25/2022 Darkness Everywhere The Seventh Circle EP Creator Destructor Records
2/25/2022 Deathhammer Electric Warfare Hells Headbangers
2/25/2022 Eight Bells Legacy of Ruin Prophecy Productions
2/25/2022 Embryonic Devourment Heresy Of The Highest Order Unique Leader Records
2/25/2022 Fetal Blood Eagle Indoctrinate Listenable Records
2/25/2022 Hammerfall Hammer of Dawn Napalm Records
2/25/2022 Shape Of Despair Return to the Void Season Of Mist
3/3/2022 Smash Your Enemies Genocide Upstate Records
3/4/2022 Crowbar Zero and Below MNRK Music Group
3/4/2022 Deserted Fear Doomsday Century Media Records
3/4/2022 Endtime Impending Doom Heavy Psych Sounds
3/4/2022 Hath All That Was Promised Willowtip Records
3/4/2022 Midnight Let There Be Witchery Metal Blade Records
3/4/2022 Oh Hiroshima Myriad Napalm Records
3/4/2022 Sabaton The War To End All Wars Nuclear Blast Records
3/4/2022 Shock Withdrawal Shock Withdrawal EP Brutal Panda Records
3/4/2022 Slob Deepwoods Shack Of Sodomy Comatose Music
3/4/2022 Sylvaine Nova Season Of Mist
3/4/2022 Troglodyte The Hierarchical Ecological Succession: Welcome to the Food Chain Blood Blast Distribution
3/4/2022 Vein.fm This World Is Going To Ruin You Closed Casket Activities
3/4/2022 Vio-lence Let The World Burn EP Metal Blade Records
3/11/2022 AngelMaker Sanctum Blood Blast Distribution
3/11/2022 Arkaik Labyrinth of Hungry Ghosts The Artisan Era
3/11/2022 Drug Church Hygiene Pure Noise Records
3/11/2022 Ghost Impera Loma Vista Recordings
3/11/2022 Haunted Shores Void 3DOT Recordings
3/11/2022 Konvent Call Down The Sun Napalm Records
3/11/2022 SYK Pyramiden Housecore Records
3/11/2022 Wolves At The Gate Eulogies Solid State Records
3/18/2022 Aeviterne The Ailing Facade Profound Lore Records
3/18/2022 Agathodaimon The Seven Napalm Records
3/18/2022 Berthold City When Words Are Not Enough War Records
3/18/2022 Breathe Atlantis Overdrive Arising Empire
3/18/2022 Dark Funeral We Are The Apocalypse Century Media Records
3/18/2022 Extinction A.D. Culture of Violence Unique Leader Records
3/18/2022 Hell Militia Hollow Void! Season Of Mist
3/18/2022 Joshua Travis No Rest EP SharpTone Records
3/18/2022 Ritual Earth MMXX Iodine Recordings
3/18/2022 Savage Necromancy Feathers Fall To Flames 20 Buck Spin
3/18/2022 Slaegt Goddess Century Media Records
3/18/2022 Space of Variations IMAGO Napalm Records
3/18/2022 Without Waves Comedian Prosthetic Records
3/25/2022 8 Kalacas Fronteras Atomic Fire Records
3/25/2022 Abbath Dread Reaver Season Of Mist
3/25/2022 Absent In Body Plague God Relapse Records
3/25/2022 Animals As Leaders Parrhesia Sumerian Records
3/25/2022 Bâ'a Egrégore Osmose Productions
3/25/2022 Crown Magnetar Alone In Death EP Unique Leader Records
3/25/2022 Desolate Shrine Fires of the Dying World Dark Descent Records
3/25/2022 Falls Of Rauros Key to a Vanishing Future Gilead Media
3/25/2022 Ignite Ignite Century Media Records
3/25/2022 Lucifer's Child / Mystifier Under Satan's Wrath split Agonia Records
3/25/2022 Nite Voices of the Kronian Moon Season Of Mist
3/25/2022 Soul Glo Diaspora Problems Epitaph Records
3/25/2022 Witchpit The Weight of Death Heavy Psych Sounds
4/1/2022 Centinex The Pestilence EP Agonia Records
4/1/2022 Evil Invaders Shattering Reflection Napalm Records
4/1/2022 Kublai Khan TX Lowest Form of Animal EP Rise Records
4/1/2022 Meshuggah Immutable Atomic Fire Records
4/1/2022 Misfire Sympathy For The Ignorant MNRK Music Group
4/1/2022 Nekrogoblikon The Fundamental Slimes and Humours self-released
4/1/2022 Satan Earth Infernal Metal Blade Records
4/1/2022 Windrunner Tan Famined Records
4/1/2022 Wolf Shadowland Century Media Records
4/8/2022 Destruction Diabolical Napalm Records
4/8/2022 Incite Wake Up Dead Atomic Fire Records
4/8/2022 Mors Principium Est Liberate the Unborn Inhumanity AFM Records
4/8/2022 Skumstrike Deadly Intrusions Selfmadegod Records
4/15/2022 Abstracted Atma Conflux M-Theory Audio
4/15/2022 Analepsy Quiescence Agonia Records
4/15/2022 Atoll Prepuce EP Unique Leader Records
4/15/2022 Cancer Bats Psychic Jailbreak self-released
4/15/2022 Darkher The Buried Storm Prophecy Productions
4/15/2022 Egregore The Word Of His Law 20 Buck Spin
4/15/2022 Greyhaven This Bright and Beautiful World Equal Vision Records
4/15/2022 Hostilities NØ COWARDS Bullet Tooth
4/15/2022 Månegarm Ynglingaättens Öde Napalm Records
4/15/2022 Monuments In Stasis Century Media Records
4/22/2022 Bodysnatcher Bleed-Abide MNRK Music Group
4/22/2022 Corpsessed Succumb to Rot Dark Descent Records
4/22/2022 Huntsmen The Dying Pines EP Prosthetic Records
4/22/2022 Northlane Obsidian Believe
4/22/2022 Primus Conspiranoid EP ATO Records
4/22/2022 Somali Yacht Club The Space Season Of Mist
4/22/2022 Undeath It's Time... To Rise from the Grave Prosthetic Records
4/23/2022 Kirk Hammett Portals EP Blackened Recordings
4/25/2022 Inanna Void of Unending Depths Memento Mori
4/25/2022 Intolerance Dark Paths of Humanity Memento Mori
4/29/2022 Abhomine Demonize Destroy Delete Hells Headbangers
4/29/2022 Candelabrum Nocturnal Trance Hells Headbangers
4/29/2022 Devil Master Ecstasies of Never Ending Night Relapse Records
4/29/2022 Helms Alee Keep This Be The Way Sargent House
4/29/2022 Lament Cityscape A Darker Discharge Lifeforce Records
4/29/2022 Meyhnach Miseria de profundis Osmose Productions
4/29/2022 No/Más Consume/Deny/Repent Closed Casket Activities
4/29/2022 Pyrithe Monuments To Impermanence Gilead Media
4/29/2022 Rammstein Zeit Capitol Records
4/29/2022 Vagrants Be Consumed Equal Vision Records
4/29/2022 Void Of Vision Chronicles II: Heaven EP UNFD
4/29/2022 Watain The Agony & Ecstasy Of Watain Nuclear Blast Records
4/30/2022 Goldilush Fragile Zombies self-released
5/4/2022 Chamber Carved in Stone EP Pure Noise Records
5/6/2022 Christian Death Evil becomes Rule Season Of Mist
5/6/2022 Cosmic Putrefaction Crepuscular Dirge For The Blessed Ones Profound Lore Records
5/6/2022 Demonical Mass Destroyer Agonia Records
5/6/2022 Haunter Discarnate Ails Profound Lore Records
5/6/2022 Ibaraki Rashomon Nuclear Blast Records
5/6/2022 OU one InsideOut Music
5/6/2022 Praise All in a Dream Revelation Records
5/6/2022 Silverstein Misery Made Me UNFD
5/6/2022 Stoner totally... Heavy Psych Sounds
5/6/2022 Terror Pain Into Power Pure Noise Records
5/6/2022 This Is Oblivion This Is Oblivion Silent Pendulum Records
5/6/2022 Tómarúm Ash in Realms of Stone Icons Prosthetic Records
5/6/2022 Ufomammut Fenice Neurot Recordings
5/6/2022 Upon A Burning Body Fury Seek and Strike
5/6/2022 Windwaker Love Language Fearless Records
5/13/2022 Aara Triade II: Hemera Debemur Morti Productions
5/13/2022 Cage Fight Cage Fight Candlelight Records
5/13/2022 Cartilage The Deader The Better Creator Destructor Records
5/13/2022 Cavernlight As I Cast Ruin Upon The Lens That Reveals My Every Flaw Translation Loss Records
5/13/2022 Demiricous III: Chaotic Lethal self-released
5/13/2022 Ecstatic Vision Elusive Mojo Heavy Psych Sounds
5/13/2022 Glassbone Spirals EP Blood Blast Distribution
5/13/2022 Jungle Rot A Call to Arms Unique Leader Records
5/13/2022 Katharos Of Lineages Long Forgotten Willowtip Records
5/13/2022 Master Boot Record Personal Computer Metal Blade Records
5/13/2022 Misery Index Complete Control Century Media Records
5/13/2022 Moon Tooth Phototroph Pure Noise Records
5/13/2022 Primitive Man Insurmountable EP Closed Casket Activities
5/13/2022 Steaksauce Mustache All Juice No Noise Silent Pendulum Records
5/13/2022 Woorms Fatalismo SuperNova Records
5/20/2022 Be Well Hello Sun EP Revelation Records
5/20/2022 Blut Aus Nord Disharmonium – Undreamable Abysses Debemur Morti Productions
5/20/2022 Bog Body Cryonic Crevasse Cult Profound Lore Records
5/20/2022 Cave In Heavy Pendulum Relapse Records
5/20/2022 Come To Grief When The World Dies Translation Loss Records
5/20/2022 D Bloc D Bloc Unbeaten Records
5/20/2022 Evergrey A Heartless Portrait (The Orphean Testament) Napalm Records
5/20/2022 Gronibard Regarde Les Hommes Sucer Season Of Mist
5/20/2022 Helsott Will and The Witch M-Theory Audio
5/20/2022 Imonolith Progressions self-released
5/20/2022 Luminous Vault Animate The Emptiness Profound Lore Records
5/20/2022 Malevolence Malicious Intent Nuclear Blast Records
5/20/2022 Predatory Light Death and the Twilight Hours 20 Buck Spin
5/20/2022 Rottenness Violentopía Selfmadegod Records
5/20/2022 Sadist Firescorched Agonia Records
5/20/2022 Sadistic Ritual The Enigma, Boundless Prosthetic Records
5/20/2022 Septicflesh Modern Primitive Nuclear Blast Records
5/20/2022 Texas Murder Crew Wrapped in Their Blood Comatose Music
5/20/2022 The Dark Alamorté Lunacrium Thepsis Unique Leader Records
5/27/2022 Baest Justitia EP Century Media Records
5/27/2022 Black Void Antithesis Nuclear Blast Records
5/27/2022 Church of Disgust Weakest is the Flesh Hells Headbangers
5/27/2022 Coheed and Cambria Vaxis II: A Window of the Waking Mind Elektra Entertainment
5/27/2022 Decapitated Cancer Culture Nuclear Blast Records
5/27/2022 Healing Magic Volume I: Fire Blood Blast Distribution
5/27/2022 Hollow Front The Price of Dreaming UNFD
5/27/2022 Holocausto Canibal Crueza Ferina Selfmadegod Records
5/27/2022 Mournful Congregation The Exuviae Of Gods - Part I EP 20 Buck Spin
5/27/2022 Sacrifizer Le Diamant De Lucifer Osmose Productions
5/27/2022 Shed The Skin Thaumogenesis Hells Headbangers
5/27/2022 Trollfest Flamingo Overlord Napalm Records
6/3/2022 Artificial Brain Artificial Brain Profound Lore Records
6/3/2022 Astronoid Radiant Bloom 3DOT Recordings
6/3/2022 Bleed From Within Shrine Nuclear Blast Records
6/3/2022 Druids Shadow Work Pelagic Records
6/3/2022 Gwar The New Dark Ages self-released
6/3/2022 Kreator Hate Über Alles Nuclear Blast Records
6/3/2022 Memphis May Fire Remade in Misery Rise Records
6/3/2022 Origin Chaosmos Nuclear Blast Records
6/3/2022 orphantwin Future Classic Solid State Records
6/3/2022 Sijjeel Salvation Within Insanity Comatose Music
6/3/2022 Storm Beautiful Pain EP Indie Recordings
6/3/2022 Temple Of Void Summoning the Slayer Relapse Records
6/3/2022 Terminal Nation / Kruelty The Ruination Of Imperialism 20 Buck Spin
6/3/2022 The Oklahoma Kid Tangerine Tragic Arising Empire
6/10/2022 Berator Elysian Inferno EP Dark Descent Records
6/10/2022 Deathwhite Grey Everlasting Season Of Mist
6/10/2022 Downset Maintain Nuclear Blast Records
6/10/2022 Future Palace Run Arising Empire
6/10/2022 Inanimate Existence The Masquerade The Artisan Era
6/10/2022 Kardashev Liminal Rite Metal Blade Records
6/10/2022 Moodring Stargazer UNFD
6/10/2022 Motionless In White Scoring the End of the World Roadrunner Records
6/10/2022 Rise Against Nowhere Generation II EP Loma Vista Recordings
6/10/2022 Secrets The Collapse Velocity Records
6/10/2022 Severe Torture Fisting the Sockets EP Season Of Mist
6/10/2022 Silent Drive Fairhaven Equal Vision Records
6/10/2022 Soreption Jord Unique Leader Records
6/10/2022 Yatra Born into Chaos Prosthetic Records
6/17/2022 Denouncement Pyre Forever Burning Agonia Records
6/17/2022 Executioner's Mask Winterlong Profound Lore Records
6/17/2022 Exocrine The Hybrid Suns Unique Leader Records
6/17/2022 Inexorum Equinox Vigil Gilead Media
6/17/2022 ONI Loathing Light Ironshore Records
6/17/2022 Tungsten Bliss Arising Empire
6/17/2022 Vatican Ultra UNFD
6/17/2022 White Ward False Light Debemur Morti Productions
6/23/2022 Venom Inc. There’s Only Black Nuclear Blast Records
6/24/2022 Alexisonfire Otherness Dine Alone Records
6/24/2022 Axioma Sepsis Translation Loss Records
6/24/2022 Belphegor The Devils self-released
6/24/2022 Betraying The Martyrs Silver Lining EP Out of Line Music
6/24/2022 Candy Heaven is Here Relapse Records
6/24/2022 Darkane Inhuman Spirits Massacre Records
6/24/2022 Emery Rub Some Dirt on It Tooth & Nail Records
6/24/2022 Fairweather Deluge EP Equal Vision Records
6/24/2022 LIMBS Coma Year EP UNFD
6/24/2022 Philosophobia Philosophobia Sensory Records
6/24/2022 Porcupine Tree Closure / Continuation Music For Nations
6/24/2022 Saor Origins Season Of Mist
6/24/2022 Solipsism Cruelty & Necrospection Hells Headbangers
6/24/2022 Spiritbox Rotoscope EP Rise Records
6/24/2022 Volcandra Border World EP Prosthetic Records
6/24/2022 Werewolves From the Cave to the Grave Prosthetic Records
7/1/2022 Conjurer Páthos Nuclear Blast Records
7/1/2022 Downfall Behind The Curtain Triple B Records
7/1/2022 Horizon Ignited Towards The Dying Lands Nuclear Blast Records
7/1/2022 Kings Never Die The Good Times And The Bad EP Fast Break! Entertainment
7/1/2022 Municipal Waste Electrified Brain Nuclear Blast Records
7/1/2022 The Bearer Chained to a Tree Silent Pendulum Records
7/8/2022 Blackwater Drowning Sonder//Satori Blood Blast Distribution
7/8/2022 End It Unpleasant Living EP Flatspot Records
7/8/2022 Greylotus Dawnfall The Artisan Era
7/8/2022 Left To Suffer And Dying Forever EP self-released
7/8/2022 Lord Elephant Cosmic Awakening Heavy Psych Sounds
7/8/2022 Organectomy Nail Below Nail Unique Leader Records
7/8/2022 Pestilent Hex The Ashen Abhorrence Debemur Morti Productions
7/8/2022 Vomit Forth Seething Malevolence Century Media Records
7/8/2022 Wormrot Hiss Earache Records
7/10/2022 Begrime Exemious Rotting in the Aftermath Dark Descent Records
7/13/2022 Tombs Ex Oblivion EP Season Of Mist
7/15/2022 Antigama Whiteout Selfmadegod Records
7/15/2022 Deathbringer IT Unique Leader Records
7/15/2022 Hissing Hypervirulence Architecture Profound Lore Records
7/15/2022 Mantar Pain Is Forever and This Is the End Metal Blade Records
7/15/2022 Manticore Endless Scourge of Torment Hells Headbangers
7/15/2022 Molder Engrossed in Decay Prosthetic Records
7/15/2022 Rain City Drive Rain City Drive Thriller Records
7/15/2022 Scarcity Aveilut Flenser Records
7/15/2022 Senses Fail Hell Is In Your Head Pure Noise Records
7/15/2022 Xenoglyph Spiritfraud Translation Loss Records
7/21/2022 Oceans Of Slumber Starlight and Ash Century Media Records
7/22/2022 Castrator Defiled in Oblivion Dark Descent Records
7/22/2022 Imperial Triumphant Spirit of Ecstasy Century Media Records
7/22/2022 Karl Sanders Saurian Apocalypse Napalm Records
7/22/2022 Northless A Path Beyond Grief Translation Loss Records
7/22/2022 Palisades Reaching Hypercritical Rise Records
7/22/2022 Panzerfaust The Suns of Perdition, Chapter III: The Astral Drain Eisenwald Records
7/22/2022 Villain of the Story Divided Out of Line Music
7/22/2022 Wailin Storms The Silver Snake Unfolds Gilead Media
7/22/2022 Wake Thought Form Descent Metal Blade Records
7/22/2022 Witchery Nightside Century Media Records
7/25/2022 Rotheads Slither in Slime Memento Mori
7/29/2022 Beach Rats Rat Beat Epitaph Records
7/29/2022 Black Magnet Body Prophecy 20 Buck Spin
7/29/2022 Chat Pile God's Country The Flenser
7/29/2022 Daidalos The Expedition self-released
7/29/2022 Dance Gavin Dance Jackpot Juicer Rise Records
7/29/2022 Ithaca They Fear Us Hassle Records
7/29/2022 Reeking Aura Blood And Bonemeal Profound Lore Records
7/29/2022 Stick To Your Guns Spectre Pure Noise Records
7/29/2022 The Lord Forest Nocturne Southern Lord Records
8/5/2022 Amon Amarth The Great Heathen Army Metal Blade Records
8/5/2022 Disconnected Souls Kintsukuroi self-released
8/5/2022 Ether Coven The Relationship Between the Hammer and the Nail Good Fight Music
8/5/2022 Liminal Shroud All Virtues Ablaze Willowtip Records
8/5/2022 Psycroptic Divine Council Prosthetic Records
8/5/2022 Soulfly Totem Nuclear Blast Records
8/12/2022 Arch Enemy Deceivers Century Media Records
8/12/2022 Aronius Irkalla The Artisan Era
8/12/2022 Boris Heavy Rocks (2022) Relapse Records
8/12/2022 Carrion Vael Abhorrent Obsessions Unique Leader Records
8/12/2022 Norma Jean Deathrattle Sing For Me Solid State Records
8/12/2022 Seventh Storm Maledictus Atomic Fire Records
8/12/2022 Take It To Heart Hymns for the Hopeless Safe Inside Records
8/12/2022 The Halo Effect Days of the Lost Nuclear Blast Records
8/15/2022 Alpha Wolf / Holding Absence The Lost & The Longing EP SharpTone Records
8/15/2022 Constellatia The Language Of Limbs Season Of Mist
8/19/2022 Concrete Ties Unrecognizable Upstate Records
8/19/2022 Dawnwalker House of Sand self-released
8/19/2022 Heilung Drif Season Of Mist
8/19/2022 I Prevail True Power Fearless Records
8/19/2022 Morbid Evils Supernaturals self-released
8/19/2022 Orthodox Learning To Dissolve Century Media Records
8/19/2022 Russian Circles Gnosis Sargent House
8/19/2022 Soilwork Övergivenheten Nuclear Blast Records
8/19/2022 Spirit Adrift 20 Centuries Gone EP Century Media Records
8/19/2022 Spite Dedication to Flesh Rise Records
8/26/2022 Align The Tide Hollow Cleopatra Records
8/26/2022 Becoming The Archetype Children of the Great Extinction Solid State Records
8/26/2022 Bleed Somebody's Closer 20 Buck Spin
8/26/2022 Brymir Voices In The Sky Napalm Records
8/26/2022 Consumption Necrotic Lust Hammerheart Records
8/26/2022 Eaten By Sharks Eradication Clean Kill Records
8/26/2022 fallfiftyfeet Lonely If You Go self-released
8/26/2022 Hierophant Death Siege Season Of Mist
8/26/2022 Machine Head Of Kingdom and Crown Nuclear Blast Records
8/26/2022 Manifest The Sinking Sound Pollution
8/26/2022 Pianos Become The Teeth Drift Epitaph Records
8/26/2022 Red Rot Mal de Vivre Svart Records
8/26/2022 Thoughtcrimes Altered Pasts Pure Noise Records
8/26/2022 Voyager A Voyage Through Time Season Of Mist
8/27/2022 Imperathron Mors Est Veritas Vargheist Records
9/1/2022 Oceans Ate Alaska Disparity Fearless Records
9/2/2022 156/Silence Narrative SharpTone Records
9/2/2022 Blind Guardian The God Machine Nuclear Blast Records
9/2/2022 Defacing God The Resurrection of Lilith Napalm Records
9/2/2022 Mantic Ritual Heart Set Stone M-Theory Audio
9/2/2022 Megadeth The Sick, The Dying… And The Dead! Universal Music Group
9/2/2022 Miss May I Curse of Existence SharpTone Records
9/2/2022 Sunflo'er All These Darlings And More Dark Trail Records
9/2/2022 The Callous Daoboys Celebrity Therapist MNRK Music Group
9/2/2022 Trial (swe) Feed The Fire Metal Blade Records
9/2/2022 Vermin Womb Retaliation Closed Casket Activities
9/9/2022 An Abstract Illusion Woe Willowtip Records
9/9/2022 Bloodbath Survival of the Sickest Napalm Records
9/9/2022 Crippled Black Phoenix Banefyre Season Of Mist
9/9/2022 Demon Hunter Exile self-released
9/9/2022 Electric Callboy Tekkno Century Media Records
9/9/2022 END / Cult Leader Gather & Mourn EP Closed Casket Activities
9/9/2022 Fallujah Empyrean Nuclear Blast Records
9/9/2022 Greber Fright Witout Hibernation Release
9/9/2022 I AM Eternal Steel MNRK Music Group
9/9/2022 Ozzy Osbourne Patient Number 9 Epic Records
9/9/2022 Parkway Drive Darker Still Epitaph Records
9/9/2022 Revocation Netherheaven Metal Blade Records
9/9/2022 Slugcrust Ecocide Prosthetic Records
9/9/2022 Stray From The Path Euthanasia UNFD
9/9/2022 Until I Wake Inside My Head Fearless Records
9/15/2022 Hegemone Voyance Brucia Records
9/16/2022 Aviana Corporation Arising Empire
9/16/2022 Behemoth Opvs Contra Natvram Nuclear Blast Records
9/16/2022 Clutch Sunrise On Slaughter Beach Weathermaker Music
9/16/2022 Confessions Of A Traitor Punishing Myself Before God Does Facedown Records
9/16/2022 Destrage SO MUCH. too much. 3DOT Recordings
9/16/2022 Epoch of Unlight At War With The Multiverse Dark Horizon Records
9/16/2022 Industrial Puke Where Life Crisis Starts self-released
9/16/2022 Irist Gloria Nuclear Blast Records
9/16/2022 Lybica Lybica Metal Blade Records
9/16/2022 Mindforce New Lords Triple B Records
9/16/2022 Phobophilic Enveloping Absurdity Prosthetic Records
9/16/2022 Sinnery Exitus Stratagem Records self-released
9/16/2022 The Devil Wears Prada Color Decay Solid State Records
9/16/2022 Weeping Wound idontbelonghere Blood Blast Distribution
9/16/2022 Wolfheart King Of The North Napalm Records
9/23/2022 Abhor Sex Sex Sex (Ceremonia Daemonis Anticristi) Iron Bonehead Productions
9/23/2022 Cinis Lies That Comfort Me Selfmadegod Records
9/23/2022 Crone Gotta Light? Prosthetic Records
9/23/2022 Eternal Closure At The Centre Of It All - Chapter I self-released
9/23/2022 Gaerea Mirage Season Of Mist
9/23/2022 Invictus Unstoppable MNRK Music Group
9/23/2022 KEN mode NULL self-released
9/23/2022 Kings Of Merica Kings Of Merica Metal Blade Records
9/23/2022 Petbrick Liminal Neurot Recordings
9/23/2022 Razor Cycle Of Contempt Relapse Records
9/23/2022 Talas 1985 Metal Blade Records
9/26/2022 Darko (US) Oni self-released
9/30/2022 Acephalix Theothanatology 20 Buck Spin
9/30/2022 All Else Fails The Incident at Black Lake self-released
9/30/2022 Gutsaw All Lives Splatter self-released
9/30/2022 Lost Society If the Sky Came Down Nuclear Blast Records
9/30/2022 Slipknot The End, So Far Roadrunner Records
9/30/2022 Strigoi Viscera Season Of Mist
9/30/2022 Umbilicus Path Of 1000 Suns Listenable Records
10/6/2022 Greg Puciato Mirrorcell self-released
10/7/2022 Aenaon Mnemosyne Agonia Records
10/7/2022 Armed for Apocalypse Ritual Violence Candlelight Records
10/7/2022 Borealis Illusions self-released
10/7/2022 Charlotte Wessels Tales from Six Feet Under, Vol. II Napalm Records
10/7/2022 Cloud Rat Threshold self-released
10/7/2022 Coffin Torture Blennoid self-released
10/7/2022 Counterparts A Eulogy for Those Still Here Pure Noise Records
10/7/2022 De Profundis The Corruption Of Virtue self-released
10/7/2022 Diabology Father Of Serpents self-released
10/7/2022 Ellefson-Soto Vacation In The Underworld self-released
10/7/2022 Ensanguinate Eldritch Anatomy self-released
10/7/2022 Faith In Jane Axe To Oak self-released
10/7/2022 Faustian Faustian Black Lion Records
10/7/2022 Fucked Up Oberon Tankcrimes
10/7/2022 Get The Shot Merciless Destruction New Damage Records
10/7/2022 Goatwhore Angels Hung From The Arches Of Heaven Metal Blade Records
10/7/2022 Jivebomb Primitive Desires Flatspot Records
10/7/2022 Keiji Haino & Sumac Into this juvenile apocalypse our golden blood to pour let us never Thrill Jockey Records
10/7/2022 King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard Ice, Death, Planets, Lungs, Mushrooms And Lava self-released
10/7/2022 Lamb Of God Omens Epic Records
10/7/2022 Languish Feeding The Flames Of Annihilation Prosthetic Records
10/7/2022 Liturgy As the Blood of God Burst the Veins of Time self-released
10/7/2022 Lost In Kiev Rupture self-released
10/7/2022 Memories Of A Lost Soul Redefining Nothingness self-released
10/7/2022 Midnight Rider Beyond The Blood Red Horizon Massacre Records
10/7/2022 Parius The Signal Heard Throughout Space Willowtip Records
10/7/2022 postcards from new zealand liminal space self-released
10/7/2022 Saving Vice Dichotomy self-released
10/7/2022 Sky Pig It Thrives In Darkness self-released
10/7/2022 Statement Dreams From The Darkest Side self-released
10/7/2022 Terror Cell Caustic Light self-released
10/7/2022 The Antichrist Imperium Volume III: Satan In His Original Glory self-released
10/7/2022 Upon Your Grave Gold & Decay self-released
10/14/2022 Alter Bridge Pawns & King Napalm Records
10/14/2022 Apparition Granular Transformation Profound Lore Records
10/14/2022 Avoid Cult Mentality Thriller Records
10/14/2022 Birds In Row Gris Klein Red Creek Recordings
10/14/2022 Boundaries Burying Brightness 3DOT Recordings
10/14/2022 Catalyst A Different Painting For A New World Non Serviam Records
10/14/2022 Lacuna Coil Comalies XX Century Media Records
10/14/2022 Law Of Power Born Into War EP Flatspot Records
10/14/2022 Lorna Shore Pain Remains Century Media Records
10/14/2022 Majestic Mass Destroys Minds and Rapes Souls self-released
10/14/2022 No Fun At All Seventh Wave self-released
10/14/2022 Rhythm Of Fear Fatal Horizons MNRK Music Group
10/14/2022 Ripped To Shreds 劇變 (Jubian) Relapse Records
10/14/2022 Sleeping With Sirens Complete Collapse Sumerian Records
10/14/2022 Stormruler Sacred Rites & Black Magick Napalm Records
10/14/2022 Varials Scars For You To Remember Fearless Records
10/14/2022 Voivod Ultraman EP Century Media Records
10/14/2022 Vorbid A Swan by the Edge of Mandala self-released
10/14/2022 We Came As Romans Darkbloom SharpTone Records
10/18/2022 Knogjärn Bedövning Indie Recordings
10/19/2022 Rattlesnake Venom Trip Dead Empire self-released
10/21/2022 A Wake In Providence Eternity Unique Leader Records
10/21/2022 Abduction Black Blood Candlelight Records
10/21/2022 Architects the classic symptoms of a broken spirit Epitaph Records
10/21/2022 Avantasia A Paranormal Evening With The Moonflower Nuclear Blast Records
10/21/2022 Avatarium Death, Where Is Your Sting self-released
10/21/2022 Battalions King Of A Dead World self-released
10/21/2022 Black Math Horseman Black Math Horseman Profound Lore Records
10/21/2022 Black Royal Earthbound M-Theory Audio
10/21/2022 Black Veil Brides The Mourning EP Sumerian Records
10/21/2022 Black Widows Among The Brave Ones self-released
10/21/2022 Brutus Unison Life Sargent House
10/21/2022 Cabal Magno Interitus Nuclear Blast Records
10/21/2022 Cassius King Dread The Dawn self-released
10/21/2022 Crooked Royals Quarter Life Daydream 3DOT Recordings
10/21/2022 Exhumed To The Dead Relapse Records
10/21/2022 Flagman Thank You, Come Again self-released
10/21/2022 God Alone ETC Prosthetic Records
10/21/2022 Godspelheim Pandemonium self-released
10/21/2022 Inclination Unaltered Perspective Pure Noise Records
10/21/2022 Invictus Unstoppable MNRK Music Group
10/21/2022 Nighted Absence self-released
10/21/2022 Omegavortex / Pious Levus Split self-released
10/21/2022 OneLegMan Event Horizon self-released
10/21/2022 Orden Ogan Final Days self-released
10/21/2022 Ruby The Hatchet Fear Is A Cruel Master self-released
10/21/2022 Sarcator Alkahest self-released
10/21/2022 Sede Vacante Conium Scarlet Records
10/21/2022 Serj Tankian Perplex Cities self-released
10/21/2022 Talking Balfour Dawn of Polaris self-released
10/21/2022 Wesenwille III: The Great Light Above self-released
10/21/2022 Witch Fever Congregation Music For Nations
10/28/2022 Abyssic Brought Forth in Iniquity Osmose Productions
10/28/2022 Cinderblock Breathe The Fire EP War Records
10/28/2022 Darkthrone Astral Fortress Peaceville Records
10/28/2022 Dead Cross II Ipecac Recordings
10/28/2022 Deadbody The Requiem Closed Casket Activities
10/28/2022 Defleshed Grind Over Matter Metal Blade Records
10/28/2022 Devenial Verdict Ash blind self-released
10/28/2022 Devin Townsend Lightwork InsideOut Music
10/28/2022 Dr. Acula Dr. Acula Silent Pendulum Records
10/28/2022 Fit For A King The Hell We Create Solid State Records
10/28/2022 Ground Habitual Self-Abuse Hibernation Release
10/28/2022 Nostromo Bucephale Hummus Records
10/28/2022 Obsidious Iconic Season Of Mist
10/28/2022 Polyphia Remember That You Die Rise Records
10/28/2022 Show Me The Body Trouble The Water Loma Vista Recordings
10/28/2022 Slaughter The Giant Depravity Hammerheart Records
10/28/2022 Spell Tragic Magic Metal Blade Records
10/28/2022 TEETH 575 EP Nuclear Blast Records
10/28/2022 The Gloom In The Corner Trinity SharpTone Records
10/28/2022 Thotcrime D1G1T4L_DR1FT Prosthetic Records
10/28/2022 Vévaki Fórnspeki Season Of Mist
10/31/2022 Bran Odcházení self-released
10/31/2022 Funeral Harvest Redemptio self-released
11/4/2022 Aurora Borealis Prophecy is the Mold in which History is Poured Hammerheart Records
11/4/2022 Black Anvil Regenesis Season Of Mist
11/4/2022 Dayseeker Dark Sun Spinefarm Records
11/4/2022 Disillusion Ayam Prophecy Productions
11/4/2022 Fleshwater We're Not Here To Be Loved Closed Casket Activities
11/4/2022 Ingested Ashes Lie Still Metal Blade Records
11/4/2022 Johnny Booth Storyteller self-released
11/4/2022 R.A.M.B.O. Defy Extinction Relapse Records
11/4/2022 The Offering Seeing The Elephant Century Media Records
11/4/2022 Tiwanaku Earth Base One Avantgarde Music
11/5/2022 Mara Loka Maer Immortal Frost Productions
11/9/2022 Envy Siemei Temporary Residence Ltd.
11/11/2022 200 Stab Wounds Master of Morbidity Metal Blade Records
11/11/2022 Bonecarver Carnage Funeral Unique Leader Records
11/11/2022 Casket Robbery Rituals of Death Blood Blast Distribution
11/11/2022 Chelsea Grin Suffer In Hell self-released
11/11/2022 City Of Industry Spiritual West No Funeral
11/11/2022 Constellatia Magisterial Romance Season Of Mist
11/11/2022 Durdkh All Belong to the Night Season Of Mist
11/11/2022 Encryptment Dödens Födsel Nuclear Winter Records
11/11/2022 He Is Legend Endless Hallway Spinefarm Records
11/11/2022 L.S. Dunes Past Lives Fantasy Records
11/11/2022 Lamentations Passion Of Depression Willowtip Records
11/11/2022 Reabilitator Mentally Defected Xtreem Music
11/11/2022 Soul Blind Feel It All Around Other People Records
11/14/2022 Disinter Breaker of Bones Pest Records
11/18/2022 -(16)- Into Dust Relapse Records
11/18/2022 Borders Bloom Season Arising Empire
11/18/2022 Candlemass Sweet Evil Sun Napalm Records
11/18/2022 Doomsday Depictions Of Chaos Creator Destructor Records
11/18/2022 Tallah The Generation of Danger Earache Records
11/18/2022 Wolves At The Gate Lowborn Solid State Records
11/22/2022 Heathen Prayer The Devil And The Day Laborer self-released
11/23/2022 Coffin Feeder On The Top - EP self-released
11/25/2022 Alienatör Regrets self-released
11/25/2022 Black Lava Soul Furnace Season Of Mist
11/25/2022 Elder Innate Passage Stickman Records
11/25/2022 High Command Eclipse of the Dual Moons Southern Lord Records
11/25/2022 Judicator The Majesty Of Decay Prosthetic Records
11/25/2022 Karg Resignation AOP Records
11/25/2022 Rocky & The Sweden/Boris Split Relapse Records
11/25/2022 Sword III Massacre Records
11/25/2022 Thy Catafalque Mezolit - live at Fekete Zaj Season Of Mist
12/2/2022 Blame Kandinsky Exlectic Ruiner Venerate Industries
12/2/2022 Call of Charon The Sound of Sorrow - EP Massacre Records
12/2/2022 Destroyer 666 Never Surrender Season Of Mist
12/2/2022 Rabbit Halo of Flies - EP self-released
12/9/2022 Colonial Wound Easy Laugh self-released
12/9/2022 Crosses PERMANENT.RADIANT Warner Bros. Records
12/9/2022 Insanity Alert Mosh Burger (Re-Issue) Season Of Mist
12/9/2022 Lionheart Welcome To The West Coast III Arising Empire
12/9/2022 Ready For Death Ready For Death Translation Loss Records
12/9/2022 Rob Arnold Magnitude self-released
12/9/2022 Woods Of Desolation The Falling Tide Season Of Mist
12/16/2022 Bloodclot Souls Upstate Records
12/20/2022 Greg Puciato 11/11/22 Los Angeles self-released
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