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Metal and Hardcore Albums Released in 2021

Find the best metal music and hardcore music released in the selected yearw. While we make no warranty as to the accuracy of our album releases information, we do strive to maintain a reliable database. If you are aware of any inaccurate information or glaring omissions, please let us know.
1/8/2021 Interloper A Revenant Legacy EP Nuclear Blast Records
1/11/2021 Terminal Bliss Brute Err/ata EP Relapse Records
1/13/2021 Gatecreeper An Unexpected Reality Closed Casket Activities
1/22/2021 Asphyx Necroceros Century Media Records
1/22/2021 Ektomorf Reborn Napalm Records
1/22/2021 Nervosa Perpetual Chaos Napalm Records
1/25/2021 Altered Dead Returned to Life Memento Mori
1/25/2021 Devotion The Harrowing Memento Mori
1/25/2021 Dipygus Bushmeat Memento Mori
1/29/2021 Accept Too Mean To Die Nuclear Blast Records
1/29/2021 Eximperitus Šahrartu Willowtip Records
1/29/2021 Harakiri For The Sky M?re AOP Records
1/29/2021 Portrayal Of Guilt We Are Always Alone Closed Casket Activities
1/29/2021 The Body I've Seen All I Need To See Thrill Jockey Records
1/29/2021 Tribulation Where the Gloom Becomes Sound Metal Blade Records
1/29/2021 Werewolves What A Time To Be Alive Prosthetic Records
2/5/2021 Angelus Apatrida Angelus Apatrida Century Media Records
2/5/2021 Colossus Degenesis Comatose Music
2/5/2021 Cult Of Luna The Raging River Metal Blade Records
2/5/2021 Deiquisitor Humanoid Dark Descent Records
2/5/2021 Korpiklaani Jylhä Nuclear Blast Records
2/5/2021 Sarin You Can't Go Back Prosthetic Records
2/5/2021 Terrordome Straight Outta Smogtown Selfmadegod Records
2/7/2021 Loathe The Things They Believe SharpTone Records
2/12/2021 Abiotic Ikigai The Artisan Era
2/12/2021 Camera Obscura Two D.O.D. Selfmadegod Records
2/12/2021 Crystal Viper The Cult Listenable Records
2/12/2021 Demon King The Final Tyranny EP The Artisan Era
2/12/2021 Emptiness Vide Season Of Mist
2/12/2021 Fallstar Sunbreather Facedown Records
2/12/2021 God Is An Astronaut Ghost Tapes #10 Translation Loss Records
2/12/2021 Swampbeast Seven Evils Spawned of Seven Heads Translation Loss Records
2/19/2021 A Scent Like Wolves Mystic Auras We Are Triumphant Records
2/19/2021 Gravesend Methods Of Human Disposal 20 Buck Spin
2/19/2021 Lost For Life Don't Let It Consume You Dead Serious Recordings
2/19/2021 Suffering Hour The Cyclic Reckoning Profound Lore Records
2/19/2021 The Amenta Revelator Debemur Morti Productions
2/26/2021 Age Of Woe Envenom Lifeforce Records
2/26/2021 Architects For Those That Wish to Exist Epitaph Records
2/26/2021 Black Sheep Wall Songs for the Enamel Queen Silent Pendulum Records
2/26/2021 Culted Nous Season Of Mist
2/26/2021 Einherjer North Star Napalm Records
2/26/2021 Forhist Forhist Debemur Morti Productions
2/26/2021 Jarhead Fertilizer Product of My Environment Closed Casket Activities
2/26/2021 Korpse Insufferable Violence Unique Leader Records
2/26/2021 Melvins Working With God Ipecac Recordings
2/26/2021 Of Mice & Men Timeless EP SharpTone Records
2/26/2021 Shadows Shadows EP Agonia Records
3/1/2021 Gulch / Sunami split EP Triple B Records
3/5/2021 A Day To Remember You're Welcome Fueled By Ramen
3/5/2021 Acid Mammoth Caravan Heavy Psych Sounds
3/5/2021 Baest Necro Sapiens Century Media Records
3/5/2021 Bonecarver Evil Unique Leader Records
3/5/2021 Brand Of Sacrifice Lifeblood self-released
3/5/2021 Demon Hunter Songs of Death and Resurrection Solid State Records
3/5/2021 Nightfall At Night We Prey Season Of Mist
3/5/2021 Regional Justice Center Crime and Punishment Closed Casket Activities
3/5/2021 SOM Awake Blood Blast Distribution
3/5/2021 Sullen Nodus Tollens – Act 1: Oblivion Nuclear Blast Records
3/5/2021 Witherfall Curse of Autumn Century Media Records
3/5/2021 Wolf King The Path Of Wrath Prosthetic Records
3/5/2021 Wolfheart Skull Soldiers EP Napalm Records
3/12/2021 Autarkh Form in Motion Season Of Mist
3/12/2021 Bound In Fear Eternal EP Unique Leader Records
3/12/2021 Enforced Kill Grid Century Media Records
3/12/2021 Eyehategod A History of Nomadic Behavior Century Media Records
3/12/2021 Gizmachi Omega Kaleid self-released
3/12/2021 God's Hate God's Hate Closed Casket Activities
3/12/2021 Pupil Slicer Mirrors Prosthetic Records
3/12/2021 Stortregn Impermanence The Artisan Era
3/12/2021 The Crown Royal Destroyer Metal Blade Records
3/12/2021 Values Divinity Stay Sick Recordings
3/12/2021 Varmia bal Lada M-Theory Audio
3/19/2021 Cosmic Reaper Cosmic Reaper Heavy Psych Sounds
3/19/2021 Depths Of Hatred Inheritance Prosthetic Records
3/19/2021 Distant Dusk of Anguish EP Unique Leader Records
3/19/2021 ERRA ERRA UNFD
3/19/2021 Exist Immortal Act II : Gold EP Seek and Strike
3/19/2021 Fuath II Season Of Mist
3/19/2021 LANDMVRKS Lost In The Waves Arising Empire
3/26/2021 1782 From the Graveyard Heavy Psych Sounds
3/26/2021 '68 Give One Take One Cooking Vinyl
3/26/2021 Aara Triade I: Eos Debemur Morti Productions
3/26/2021 As Everything Unfolds Within Each Lies The Other Long Branch Records
3/26/2021 Aziola Cry The Ironic Divide Sensory Records
3/26/2021 Cryptosis Bionic Swarm Century Media Records
3/26/2021 Decline Of The I Johannes Agonia Records
3/26/2021 Eternal Void Serenity in the Black self-released
3/26/2021 Genghis Tron Dream Weapon Relapse Records
3/26/2021 Kings Never Die It's What We Live For EP Upstate Records
3/26/2021 Memoriam To The End Reaper Entertainment
3/26/2021 Sanguisugabogg Tortured Whole Century Media Records
3/26/2021 Stepson Help Me, Help You SharpTone Records
3/26/2021 The Drowned God Pale Home Solid State Records
3/26/2021 Tomahawk Tonic Immobility Ipecac Recordings
4/2/2021 Blue Ox Holy Vore self-released
4/2/2021 Wode Burn In Many Mirrors 20 Buck Spin
4/9/2021 Devil Sold His Soul Loss Nuclear Blast Records
4/9/2021 Horndal Lake Drinker Prosthetic Records
4/9/2021 Purgatory Lawless To Grave Unbeaten Records
4/9/2021 The Lion's Daughter Skin Show Season Of Mist
4/9/2021 Zao The Crimson Corridor self-released
4/16/2021 August Burns Red Guardians Sessions EP Fearless Records
4/16/2021 Bewitcher Cursed Be Thy Kingdom Century Media Records
4/16/2021 Bushido Code The Ronin Upstate Records
4/16/2021 Cannibal Corpse Violence Unimagined Metal Blade Records
4/16/2021 Intonate Severed Within Willowtip Records
4/16/2021 Liquid Tension Experiment LTE3 InsideOut Music
4/16/2021 To The Grave Epilogue Unique Leader Records
4/16/2021 While She Sleeps Sleep Society Spinefarm Records
4/20/2021 Bongzilla Weedsconsin Heavy Psych Sounds
4/23/2021 Altarage Succumb Season Of Mist
4/23/2021 BIG|BRAVE Vital Southern Lord Records
4/23/2021 Bodom After Midnight Paint The Sky With Blood EP Napalm Records
4/23/2021 Body Void Bury Me Beneath This Rotting Earth Prosthetic Records
4/23/2021 Bone Cutter Bone Cutter EP Twelve Gauge Records
4/23/2021 Extinguish Extinguish EP Creator Destructor Records
4/23/2021 From Sorrow To Serenity Trifecta EP Long Branch Records
4/23/2021 Hideous Divinity LV-426 EP Century Media Records
4/23/2021 Left To Suffer On Death EP self-released
4/23/2021 Monasteries Silence EP Seek and Strike
4/30/2021 Demons Privation Spartan Records
4/30/2021 Evile Hell Unleashed Napalm Records
4/30/2021 Gojira Fortitude Roadrunner Records
4/30/2021 Goregäng Long Live The Grime Blood Blast Distribution
4/30/2021 Nekromantheon Visions of Trismegistos Hells Headbangers
4/30/2021 Oceans We Are Nøt Okay EP Nuclear Blast Records
4/30/2021 Oryx Lamenting A Dead World Translation Loss Records
4/30/2021 Tetrarch Unstable Napalm Records
4/30/2021 Trauma Acrimony EP Selfmadegod Records
4/30/2021 Vreid Wild North West Season Of Mist
5/7/2021 Cvlt Ov The Svn We Are The Dragon Napalm Records
5/7/2021 Darko (US) Darko self-released
5/7/2021 Ghost Iris Comatose Long Branch Records
5/7/2021 In Asymmetry Ashes Of Dead Worlds Comatose Music
5/7/2021 Inferno Paradeigma (Phosphenes Of Aphotic Eternity) Debemur Morti Productions
5/7/2021 Kataan Kataan EP Prosthetic Records
5/7/2021 Nordjevel Fenriir EP Indie Recordings
5/7/2021 SETH La Morsure du Christ Season Of Mist
5/7/2021 Sumo Cyco Initiation Napalm Records
5/14/2021 Cadaveric Incubator Nightmare Necropolis Hells Headbangers
5/14/2021 Caliban Zeitgeister Century Media Records
5/14/2021 Canvas Solaris Chromosphere Divebomb Records
5/14/2021 Grave Miasma Abyss Of Wrathful Deities Dark Descent Records
5/14/2021 Mouth For War Life Cast In Glass 1126 Records
5/14/2021 Scar Of The Sun Inertia Napalm Records
5/14/2021 SeeYouSpaceCowboy / If I Die First A Sure Disaster split Pure Noise Records
5/14/2021 Siniestro Vortexx Black Lodge Records
5/14/2021 Subterranean Masquerade Mountain Fever Sensory Records
5/14/2021 The Ember, The Ash Fixation Prosthetic Records
5/21/2021 An Autumn For Crippled Children As The Morning Dawns We Close Our Eyes Prosthetic Records
5/21/2021 Destroyed In Seconds Divide And Devour Deep Six Records
5/21/2021 Fiddlehead Between The Richness Run For Cover Records
5/21/2021 Hanging Garden Skeleton Lake Lifeforce Records
5/21/2021 Hippie Death Cult Circle of Days Heavy Psych Sounds
5/21/2021 Impure Wilhelmina Antidote Season Of Mist
5/21/2021 Kaonashi Dear Lemon House, You Ruined Me: Senior Year Equal Vision Records
5/21/2021 Perversor Psicomoro EP Hells Headbangers
5/21/2021 The Devil Wears Prada ZII EP Solid State Records
5/21/2021 Tooth And Claw Dream of Ascension Good Fight Music
5/21/2021 Vexed Culling Culture Napalm Records
5/21/2021 Yautja The Lurch Relapse Records
5/27/2021 Adarrak Ex Oriente Lux Blood Blast Distribution
5/28/2021 Alluvial Sarcoma Nuclear Blast Records
5/28/2021 Angstskríg Skyggespil Despotz Records
5/28/2021 Burning Witches The Witch Of The North Nuclear Blast Records
5/28/2021 Eminence Dark Echoes Blood Blast Distribution
5/28/2021 Ghastly Mercurial Passages 20 Buck Spin
5/28/2021 Khandra All Occupied by Sole Death Season Of Mist
5/28/2021 Noctule Wretched Abyss Translation Loss Records
5/28/2021 Of Mice & Men Bloom EP SharpTone Records
5/28/2021 Portal Avow Profound Lore Records
5/28/2021 Schismopathic The Human Legacy Selfmadegod Records
5/28/2021 Stormruler Under The Burning Eclipse Napalm Records
5/28/2021 Unfathomable Ruination Decennium Ruinae EP Willowtip Records
5/29/2021 Departed Darkness Reigns Upstate Records
6/1/2021 Hannes Grossmann To Where The Light Retreats self-released
6/1/2021 Love Is Red Darkness Is Waiting EP self-released
6/4/2021 Atreyu Baptize Spinefarm Records
6/4/2021 Flotsam and Jetsam Blood in the Water AFM Records
6/4/2021 Fluids Not Dark Yet Hells Headbangers
6/4/2021 Inhuman Condition Rat God Blood Blast Distribution
6/4/2021 Red Fang Arrows Relapse Records
6/4/2021 Rise Against Generation Nowhere Loma Vista Recordings
6/4/2021 Seputus Phantom Indigo Translation Loss Records
6/4/2021 Winter Eternal Land of Darkness Hells Headbangers
6/11/2021 AFI Bodies Rise Records
6/11/2021 Crypta Echoes of the Soul Napalm Records
6/11/2021 Distant Aeons Of Oblivion Unique Leader Records
6/11/2021 Interloper Search Party Nuclear Blast Records
6/11/2021 Wristmeetrazor Replica of a Strange Love Prosthetic Records
6/18/2021 Alustrium A Monument To Silence Unique Leader Records
6/18/2021 Bossk Migration Deathwish Inc.
6/18/2021 Fear Factory Aggression Continuum Nuclear Blast Records
6/18/2021 Obligatory Human Destruction Obligatory Human Destruction Art Is War Records
6/18/2021 The Day Of The Beast Indisputably Carnivorous Prosthetic Records
6/18/2021 Witch Vomit Abhorrent Rapture EP 20 Buck Spin
6/25/2021 Amenra De Doorn Relapse Records
6/25/2021 Beartooth Below Red Bull Records
6/25/2021 Cathexis Untethered Abyss Willowtip Records
6/25/2021 Cerebral Rot Excretion Of Mortality 20 Buck Spin
6/25/2021 Darkthrone Eternal Hails... Peaceville Records
6/25/2021 Drug Church Tawny EP Pure Noise Records
6/25/2021 ExitWounds Heaven Is Empty (Hell Is In My Mind) EP Seek and Strike
6/25/2021 Hellish Form Remains Translation Loss Records
6/25/2021 Hiraes Solitary Napalm Records
6/25/2021 Iceburn Asclepius Southern Lord Records
6/25/2021 Light The Torch You Will Be the Death of Me Nuclear Blast Records
6/25/2021 Mental Cavity Mass Rebel Infest Creator Destructor Records
6/25/2021 Mindfield Seclusion of Sanity Bullet Tooth
6/25/2021 Pestilence Exitivm Agonia Records
6/25/2021 Scale The Summit Subjects self-released
6/25/2021 The Absence Coffinized M-Theory Audio
6/25/2021 Thy Catafalque Vadak Season Of Mist
6/25/2021 Urne Serpent & Spirit Candlelight Records
6/25/2021 Withered Verloren Season Of Mist
7/2/2021 Anthropophagus Depravity Apocalypto Comatose Music
7/2/2021 At The Gates The Nightmare of Being Century Media Records
7/2/2021 Born Of Osiris Angel Or Alien Sumerian Records
7/2/2021 Mannveira Vitahringur Dark Descent Records
7/2/2021 Noctambulist The Barren Form Willowtip Records
7/9/2021 Domination Campaign Onward To Glory Prosthetic Records
7/9/2021 Eighteen Visions 1996 self-released
7/9/2021 Mayhem Atavistic Black Disorder / Kommando EP Century Media Records
7/9/2021 Structures None of the Above EP self-released
7/16/2021 Bulb Moderately Fast, Adequately Furious 3DOT Recordings
7/16/2021 Cognitive Malevolent Thoughts of a Hastened Extinction Unique Leader Records
7/16/2021 Ophidian I Desolate Season Of Mist
7/16/2021 Times Of Grace Songs of Loss and Separation self-released
7/16/2021 Vouna Atropos Profound Lore Records
7/16/2021 Wizardthrone Hypercube Necrodimensions Napalm Records
7/23/2021 Attila Closure self-released
7/23/2021 Craven Idol Forked Tongues Dark Descent Records
7/23/2021 Erdve Savigaila Season Of Mist
7/23/2021 Krossfyre Rites of Extermination Hells Headbangers
7/23/2021 Kryptan Kryptan Debemur Morti Productions
7/23/2021 Lotus Eater Where the Body Goes Hopeless Records
7/23/2021 Sleep Waker Alias UNFD
7/26/2021 Hexorcist Evil Reaping Death Memento Mori
7/30/2021 Agrypnie Metamorphosis AOP Records
7/30/2021 Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! Gone Are The Good Days Fearless Records
7/30/2021 Dee Snider Leave A Scar Napalm Records
7/30/2021 Ether Coven Language Is the Instrument of the Empire EP self-released
7/30/2021 Expunged Into Never Shall Hells Headbangers
7/30/2021 Ingested The Surreption II Unique Leader Records
7/30/2021 King Woman Celestial Blues Relapse Records
7/30/2021 Know//Suffer The Great Dying Silent Pendulum Records
7/30/2021 Praise the Plague The Obsidian Gate Lifeforce Records
7/30/2021 Section H8 Welcome To The Nightmare Flatspot Records
7/30/2021 The Five Hundred A World On Fire Long Branch Records
8/6/2021 Fake Names Fake Names EP Epitaph Records
8/6/2021 Groza The Redemptive End AOP Records
8/6/2021 Ov Sulfur Oblivion self-released
8/6/2021 Pray U Prey The Omega Kill Selfmadegod Records
8/13/2021 Ænigmatum Deconsecrate 20 Buck Spin
8/13/2021 Afterlife Part of Me Hopeless Records
8/13/2021 Caskets Lost Souls SharpTone Records
8/13/2021 Fleshbore Embers Gathering Innerstrength Records
8/13/2021 Lorna Shore ...And I Return To Nothingness EP Century Media Records
8/13/2021 Quicksand Distant Populations Epitaph Records
8/13/2021 Slaughter To Prevail Kostolom Sumerian Records
8/20/2021 Between The Buried And Me Colors II Sumerian Records
8/20/2021 Bonehunter Dark Blood Reincarnation System Hells Headbangers
8/20/2021 DARE Against All Odds Revelation Records
8/20/2021 Deafheaven Infinite Granite Sargent House
8/20/2021 Necronautical Slain In the Spirit Candlelight Records
8/20/2021 Sacrifixion Shower Me in Death EP Hells Headbangers
8/20/2021 Sodom Bombenhagel EP SPV/Steamhammer
8/20/2021 Wolves In The Throne Room Primordial Arcana Relapse Records
8/27/2021 Ex Deo The Thirteen Years Of Nero Napalm Records
8/27/2021 Jinjer Wallflowers Napalm Records
8/27/2021 Leprous Aphelion InsideOut Music
8/27/2021 Nunslaughter Red is the Color of Ripping Death Hells Headbangers
8/27/2021 Phinehas The Fire Itself Solid State Records
8/27/2021 Spirit Adrift Forge Your Future EP Century Media Records
8/27/2021 Summoner's Circle Chaos Vector Blood Blast Distribution
8/27/2021 The Bronx Bronx VI Cooking Vinyl
8/27/2021 The Hooded Menace The Tritonus Bell Season Of Mist
8/27/2021 Turnstile Glow On Roadrunner Records
8/27/2021 White Stones Dancing Into Oblivion Nuclear Blast Records
8/27/2021 Wormwitch Wolf Hex Prosthetic Records
9/3/2021 Beyond Grace Our Kingdom Undone Prosthetic Records
9/3/2021 Bokassa Molotov Rocktail Napalm Records
9/3/2021 Carnifex Graveside Confessions Nuclear Blast Records
9/3/2021 Earth Groans The Body EP Solid State Records
9/3/2021 Foreign Pain Death of Divinity Good Fight Music
9/3/2021 Iron Maiden Senjutsu Warner Bros. Records
9/3/2021 TRNA Istok Candlelight Records
9/10/2021 Aborted ManiaCult Century Media Records
9/10/2021 April 21st Courage Is Born from Fear EP Eclipse Records
9/10/2021 Hail Spirit Noir Mannequins Agonia Records
9/10/2021 Inferi Vile Genesis The Artisan Era
9/10/2021 Lvcifyre The Broken Seal Dark Descent Records
9/10/2021 Mastiff Leave Me The Ashes Of The Earth MNRK Music Group
9/10/2021 Mehenet Ng’ambu Gilead Media
9/10/2021 Nest Tipping Point self-released
9/10/2021 Silence Equals Death I'll See You On The Other Side Upstate Records
9/17/2021 A Dying Planet Where the Skies Are Grey Lifeforce Records
9/17/2021 Alien Weaponry Tangaroa Napalm Records
9/17/2021 Carcass Torn Arteries Nuclear Blast Records
9/17/2021 Employed To Serve Conquering Spinefarm Records
9/17/2021 Insomnium Argent Moon EP Century Media Records
9/17/2021 Spiritbox Eternal Blue Rise Records
9/17/2021 The Plot In You Swan Song Fearless Records
9/17/2021 The Troops Of Doom The Absence Of Light EP Blood Blast Distribution
9/17/2021 Thrice Horizons/East Epitaph Records
9/17/2021 Vulvodynia Praenuntius Infiniti Unique Leader Records
9/20/2021 Scarecrow Raise the Death's Head EP Relapse Records
9/23/2021 Invent Animate The Sun Sleeps, As If It Never Was EP UNFD
9/24/2021 Cognizance Upheaval Prosthetic Records
9/24/2021 Forgetting The Memories Vemod Long Branch Records
9/24/2021 Judas Knife Death Is the Thing with Feathers Translation Loss Records
9/24/2021 LLNN Unmaker Pelagic Records
9/24/2021 Psycho Vulture Church Selfmadegod Records
9/24/2021 Rivers Of Nihil The Work Metal Blade Records
9/24/2021 Signs Of The Swarm Absolvere Unique Leader Records
9/24/2021 Sleep Token This Place Will Become Your Tomb Spinefarm Records
9/24/2021 Succumb XXI Flenser Records
9/24/2021 Unto Others Strength Roadrunner Records
10/1/2021 Asking Alexandria See What’s On The Inside Eleven Seven Music
10/1/2021 Dying Wish Fragments of a Bitter Memory SharpTone Records
10/1/2021 Enslaved Caravans To The Outer Worlds EP Nuclear Blast Records
10/1/2021 Exist Immortal Act Three - Water EP Seek and Strike
10/1/2021 Four Stroke Baron Classics Prosthetic Records
10/1/2021 Four Stroke Baron Classics Prosthetic Records
10/1/2021 Full Of Hell Garden Of Burning Apparitions Relapse Records
10/1/2021 Ministry Moral Hygiene Nuclear Blast Records
10/1/2021 NecroticGoreBeast Human Deviance Galore Comatose Music
10/1/2021 The Body and BIG|BRAVE Leaving None But Small Birds Southern Lord Records
10/1/2021 Wage War Manic Fearless Records
10/1/2021 Wingless Nonconform Selfmadegod Records
10/8/2021 Antichrist Siege Machine Purifying Blade Profound Lore Records
10/8/2021 Atræ Bilis Apexapien 20 Buck Spin
10/8/2021 Blood Red Throne Imperial Congregation Nuclear Blast Records
10/8/2021 Creeping Death The Edge Of Existence EP MNRK Music Group
10/8/2021 Shy, Low Snake Behind The Sun Pelagic Records
10/8/2021 The Breathing Process Labyrinthian Unique Leader Records
10/8/2021 Trivium In the Court of the Dragon Roadrunner Records
10/13/2021 Knocked Loose A Tear in the Fabric of Life EP Pure Noise Records
10/15/2021 Aeon God Ends Here Metal Blade Records
10/15/2021 Deviant Process Nurture Season Of Mist
10/15/2021 Hate Rugia Metal Blade Records
10/15/2021 Hippotraktor Meridian Pelagic Records
10/15/2021 Ice Nine Kills The Silver Scream 2: Welcome To Horrorwood Fearless Records
10/15/2021 Illudium Ash of the Womb Prophecy Productions
10/15/2021 Misanthur Ephemeris Season Of Mist
10/15/2021 Reaping Asmodeia Darkened Infinity Prosthetic Records
10/15/2021 Snafu Exile//Banishment Housecore Records
10/15/2021 The Agonist Days Before The World Wept EP Napalm Records
10/15/2021 The Lucid The Lucid self-released
10/15/2021 The Silver Ward of Roses Gilead Media
10/15/2021 Upon Stone Where Wild Sorrows Grow EP Creator Destructor Records
10/15/2021 Vildhjarta måsstaden under vatten Century Media Records
10/15/2021 Wrong Move Death Made Swift EP Unbeaten Records
10/22/2021 1914 Where Fear and Weapons Meet Napalm Records
10/22/2021 Angel Du$t YAK: A Collection of Truck Songs Roadrunner Records
10/22/2021 Apparition Feel Profound Lore Records
10/22/2021 Atlas UKKO Long Branch Records
10/22/2021 Circa Survive A Dream About Love EP Rise Records
10/22/2021 Cognos Cognos Willowtip Records
10/22/2021 Cradle Of Filth Existence Is Futile Nuclear Blast Records
10/22/2021 Dream Theater A View from the Top of the World InsideOut Music
10/22/2021 Every Time I Die Radical Epitaph Records
10/22/2021 Massacre Resurgence Nuclear Blast Records
10/22/2021 Necrofier Prophecies of Eternal Darkness Season Of Mist
10/22/2021 Sentinels Collapse By Design SharpTone Records
10/22/2021 Worm Foreverglade 20 Buck Spin
10/22/2021 Waking The Cadaver Authority Through Intimidation Unique Leader Records
10/25/2021 Conjureth Majestic Dissolve Memento Mori
10/29/2021 A Secret Revealed When The Day Yearns For Light Lifeforce Records
10/29/2021 Archspire Bleed the Future Season Of Mist
10/29/2021 Bad Wolves Dear Monsters Eleven Seven Music
10/29/2021 Bastarður Satan's Loss of Son Season Of Mist
10/29/2021 Be'lakor Coherence Napalm Records
10/29/2021 Doedsvangr Serpents Ov Old Debemur Morti Productions
10/29/2021 First Fragment Gloire Eternelle Unique Leader Records
10/29/2021 Ghost Bath Self Loather Nuclear Blast Records
10/29/2021 Goat Torment Forked Tongues Season Of Mist
10/29/2021 Impending Doom Hellbent EP MNRK Music Group
10/29/2021 Kayo Dot Moss Grew on the Swords and Plowshares Alike Prophecy Productions
10/29/2021 Mastodon Hushed and Grim Warner Bros. Records
10/29/2021 Monolord Your Time To Shine Relapse Records
10/29/2021 Sunless Ylem Willowtip Records
10/29/2021 Thulcandra A Dying Wish Napalm Records
10/29/2021 Whitechapel Kin Metal Blade Records
10/31/2021 Limp Bizkit Still Sucks Suretone Records
11/5/2021 Anomalie Tranceformation AOP Records
11/5/2021 Bornholm Apotheosis Napalm Records
11/5/2021 Bullet For My Valentine Bullet For My Valentine Spinefarm Records
11/5/2021 Churchburn Genocidal Rite Translation Loss Records
11/5/2021 Cystectomy Deprive to Hollowness Comatose Music
11/5/2021 Dreameater Cold Famined Records
11/5/2021 Extinction A.D. Chaos, Collusion, Carnage & Propaganda EP Unique Leader Records
11/5/2021 Gaahls The Humming Mountain EP Season Of Mist
11/5/2021 Like Moths To Flames Pure Like Porcelain EP UNFD
11/5/2021 Møl Diorama Nuclear Blast Records
11/5/2021 Mortiferum Preserved in Torment Profound Lore Records
11/5/2021 Omnium Gatherum Origin Century Media Records
11/5/2021 Portrayal of Guilt Christf*cker Run For Cover Records
11/5/2021 SeeYouSpaceCowboy The Romance Of Affliction Pure Noise Records
11/11/2021 Dream Unending Tide Turns Eternal 20 Buck Spin
11/12/2021 All Hail The Yeti Within the Hollow Earth EP Minus Head Records
11/12/2021 Bloodlines Hevel EP Facedown Records
11/12/2021 Bonded Into Blackness Century Media Records
11/12/2021 Darkwoods My Betrothed Angel of Carnage Unleashed Napalm Records
11/12/2021 Eyes Wide Open Through Life and Death Arising Empire
11/12/2021 Hyperdontia Hideous Entity Dark Descent Records
11/12/2021 Silent Planet Iridescent Solid State Records
11/12/2021 Unleashed No Sign of Life Napalm Records
11/12/2021 Vended What Is It/Kill It EP self-released
11/18/2021 Volumes Happier? Fearless Records
11/19/2021 Additional Time Dead End Dead Serious Recordings
11/19/2021 Aephanemer A Dream of Wilderness Napalm Records
11/19/2021 Converge Bloodmoon: 1 Epitaph Records
11/19/2021 Der Weg einer Freiheit Noktvrn Season Of Mist
11/19/2021 Exodus Persona Non Grata Century Media Records
11/19/2021 Khemmis Deceiver Nuclear Blast Records
11/19/2021 Obscura A Valediction Nuclear Blast Records
11/19/2021 Pathology The Everlasting Plague Nuclear Blast Records
11/19/2021 Perveration Perversion In Manifest Disease Comatose Music
11/19/2021 Plebeian Grandstand Rien ne suffit Debemur Morti Productions
11/19/2021 Scowl How Flowers Grow Flatspot Records
11/19/2021 Swallow The Sun Moonflowers Century Media Records
11/19/2021 The Lurking Fear Death, Madness, Horror, Decay Century Media Records
11/26/2021 Archgoat Worship the Eternal Darkness Debemur Morti Productions
11/26/2021 Black Label Society Doom Crew Inc. MNRK Music Group
11/26/2021 Cynic Ascension Codes Season Of Mist
11/26/2021 Eternity's End Embers Of War Prosthetic Records
11/26/2021 Hunters Moon The Great Pandemonium Hells Headbangers
11/26/2021 Hypocrisy Worship Nuclear Blast Records
11/26/2021 Imminence Heaven in Hiding Arising Empire
11/26/2021 Morguiliath Occult Sins, New Unholy Dimension Osmose Productions
11/26/2021 Negura Bunget Zău Prophecy Productions
11/26/2021 Opera Diabolicus Death on a Pale Horse Season Of Mist
11/26/2021 SION SION self-released
11/26/2021 Teeth Finite Translation Loss Records
11/26/2021 Ten56. Downer Part. 1 EP Out of Line Music
12/3/2021 Aquilus Bellum I Blood Music
12/3/2021 Broken Vow Sane Minds End Sunday Drive Records
12/3/2021 Dormant Ordeal The Grand Scheme Of Things Selfmadegod Records
12/3/2021 Failure Wild Type Droid self-released
12/3/2021 Full Bush Movie Night EP Brutal Panda Records
12/3/2021 Genocide Pact Genocide Pact Relapse Records
12/3/2021 No Bragging Rights No Bragging Rights EP Pure Noise Records
12/3/2021 Of Mice & Men Echo SharpTone Records
12/3/2021 Redemptor Agonia Selfmadegod Records
12/3/2021 So Hideous None But a Pure Heart Can Sing Silent Pendulum Records
12/3/2021 The Browning End of Existence Spinefarm Records
12/3/2021 Unanimated Victory in Blood Century Media Records
12/3/2021 Wolftooth Blood & Iron Napalm Records
12/10/2021 Dessiderium Aria The Artisan Era
12/10/2021 Funeral Praesentialis in Aeternum Season Of Mist
12/10/2021 Malignant Altar Realms of Exquisite Morbidity Dark Descent Records
12/10/2021 Pyrexia Gravitas Maximus Unique Leader Records
12/10/2021 Rising Insane Afterglow Long Branch Records
12/10/2021 There's A Light f̶o̶r̶ ̶w̶h̶a̶t̶ ̶m̶a̶y̶ ̶I ̶h̶o̶pe̶? for what must we hope? Napalm Records
12/21/2021 Krolok Funeral Winds & Crimson Sky Osmose Productions
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