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Metal and Hardcore Albums Released in 2020

Find the best metal music and hardcore music released in the selected yearw. While we make no warranty as to the accuracy of our album releases information, we do strive to maintain a reliable database. If you are aware of any inaccurate information or glaring omissions, please let us know.
1/3/2020 Dear Furious One Stone Two Birds New Age Records
1/10/2020 Loma Prieta Continuum b/w Fate EP Deathwish Inc.
1/10/2020 Mark Morton Ether EP Rise Records
1/10/2020 Unreqvited Mosaic II: la deteste et la detresse Prophecy Productions
1/17/2020 Bleed The Sky This Way Lies Madness Art Is War Records
1/17/2020 Bonded Rest In Violence Century Media Records
1/17/2020 Ether Coven Everything Is Temporary Except Suffering Century Media Records
1/17/2020 Odious Mortem Synesthesia Willowtip Records
1/17/2020 Prospective All We Have Long Branch Records
1/24/2020 Annihilator Ballistic, Sadistic Silver Lining Music
1/24/2020 Blasphemer The Sixth Hour Candlelight Records
1/24/2020 Caspian On Circles Triple Crown Records
1/24/2020 Defiled Infinite Regress Season Of Mist
1/24/2020 Hazzerd Delirium M-Theory Audio
1/24/2020 Higher Power 27 Miles Underwater Roadrunner Records
1/24/2020 Kirk Windstein Dream in Motion MNRK Music Group
1/24/2020 Konvent Puritan Masochism Napalm Records
1/24/2020 Midnight Rebirth by Blasphemy Metal Blade Records
1/24/2020 Nero Di Marte Immoto Season Of Mist
1/24/2020 Novelist C'est La Vie SharpTone Records
1/24/2020 Thy Catafalque Naiv Season Of Mist
1/27/2020 End It One Way Track EP Flatspot Records
1/31/2020 Berzerker Legion Obliterate The Weak Listenable Records
1/31/2020 Bodysnatcher This Heavy Void Stay Sick Recordings
1/31/2020 Clint Lowery God Bless The Renegades Rise Records
1/31/2020 Deathwhite Grave Image Season Of Mist
1/31/2020 Kause 4 Konflikt Fornication Under Control Of King Deadlight Entertainment
1/31/2020 Leeched To Dull The Blades Of Your Abuse Prosthetic Records
1/31/2020 Lorna Shore Immortal Century Media Records
2/3/2020 Space of Variations XXXXX EP Napalm Records
2/7/2020 Envy The Fallen Crimson Temporary Residence Ltd.
2/7/2020 God Dethroned Illuminati Metal Blade Records
2/7/2020 Karg Trakat AOP Records
2/7/2020 Krosis A Memoir Of Free Will Unique Leader Records
2/7/2020 Loathe I Let It In And It Took Everything SharpTone Records
2/7/2020 Napalm Death Logic Ravaged By Brute Force EP Century Media Records
2/7/2020 Orthodox Let It Take Its Course Unbeaten Records
2/7/2020 Sepultura Quadra Nuclear Blast Records
2/7/2020 Sylosis Cycle of Suffering Nuclear Blast Records
2/7/2020 The Spirit Cosmic Terror AOP Records
2/13/2020 Black Sabbath Black Sabbath Warner Bros. Records
2/14/2020 Blaze Of Perdition The Harrowing Of Hearts Metal Blade Records
2/14/2020 Brian Posehn Grandpa Metal Megaforce Records
2/14/2020 Ensnared Inimicus Generis Humani Dark Descent Records
2/14/2020 Godthrymm Reflections Profound Lore Records
2/14/2020 Great American Ghost Power Through Terror MNRK Music Group
2/14/2020 Ihsahn Telemark EP Candlelight Records
2/14/2020 Kvelertak Splid Rise Records
2/14/2020 Necrowretch The Ones From Hell Season Of Mist
2/14/2020 Psychotic Waltz The God-Shaped Void InsideOut Music
2/14/2020 Suicide Silence Become The Hunter Nuclear Blast Records
2/20/2020 Reflections Willow self-released
2/21/2020 Horseneck Fever Dream self-released
2/21/2020 Ozzy Osbourne Ordinary Man Epic Records
2/21/2020 Polaris The Death of Me SharpTone Records
2/21/2020 Raspberry Bulbs Before the Age of Mirrors Relapse Records
2/21/2020 Saturnalia Temple Gravity Listenable Records
2/21/2020 Saving Vice Hello There self-released
2/21/2020 Sightless Pit Grave of a Dog Thrill Jockey Records
2/21/2020 The Amity Affliction Everyone Loves You… Once You Leave Them Pure Noise Records
2/28/2020 Beneath The Massacre Fearmonger Century Media Records
2/28/2020 Dark Fortress Spectres from the Old World Century Media Records
2/28/2020 Dead Man's Chest Dear God Upstate Records
2/28/2020 Drown Subaqueous Prophecy Productions
2/28/2020 Four Year Strong Brain Pain Pure Noise Records
2/28/2020 Insect Ark The Vanishing Profound Lore Records
2/28/2020 Intronaut Fluid Existential Inversions Metal Blade Records
2/28/2020 Neaera Neaera Metal Blade Records
2/28/2020 The Acacia Strain D EP Rise Records
2/28/2020 Today Is The Day No Good To Anyone The End Records
2/28/2020 Tombs Monarchy of Shadows EP Season Of Mist
2/29/2020 Banisher Degrees Of Isolation Selfmadegod Records
2/29/2020 Violent Hammer Riders of the Wasteland Hells Headbangers
3/6/2020 Azure Emote The Third Perspective Selfmadegod Records
3/6/2020 Body Count Carnivore Century Media Records
3/6/2020 Crematory Unbroken Napalm Records
3/6/2020 Downswing Good Intentions Stay Sick Recordings
3/6/2020 Earth Rot Black Tides of Obscurity Season Of Mist
3/6/2020 My Dying Bride The Ghost Of Orion Nuclear Blast Records
3/6/2020 Psychonaut Unfold The God Man Pelagic Records
3/6/2020 Silverstein A Beautiful Place To Drown UNFD
3/6/2020 Trauma Ominous Black Selfmadegod Records
3/6/2020 Viscera Obsidian Unique Leader Records
3/13/2020 Achilles It Doesn't Get Easier, It Just Changes EP self-released
3/13/2020 Afterbirth Four Dimensional Flesh Unique Leader Records
3/13/2020 Aronious Perspicacity The Artisan Era
3/13/2020 Code Orange Underneath Roadrunner Records
3/13/2020 Crimson Shadows The Resurrection EP Napalm Records
3/13/2020 Fotocrime South Of Heaven Profound Lore Records
3/13/2020 Human Impact Human Impact Ipecac Recordings
3/13/2020 Huntsmen Mandala of Fear Prosthetic Records
3/13/2020 Invent Animate Greyview Tragic Hero Records
3/13/2020 Lychgate Also sprach Futura Debemur Morti Productions
3/13/2020 Ruin Lust Choir Of Babel 20 Buck Spin
3/13/2020 Svetlanas Disco Sucks Demons Run Amok Entertainment
3/13/2020 Verbal Razors By Thunder And Lightning Deadlight Entertainment
3/20/2020 Art Of Shock Dark Angeles Century Media Records
3/20/2020 Heaven Shall Burn Of Truth and Of Sacrifice Century Media Records
3/20/2020 High Tone Son of a Bitch Lifecycles: EPs of HTSOB Tee Pee Records
3/20/2020 Hyborian Volume II Season Of Mist
3/20/2020 Medico Peste The Black Bile Season Of Mist
3/20/2020 Neck Of The Woods The Annex Of Ire Pelagic Records
3/20/2020 Nite Darkness Silence Mirror Flame Creator Destructor Records
3/20/2020 The Acacia Strain E EP Rise Records
3/20/2020 White Stones Kuarahy Nuclear Blast Records
3/27/2020 Aodon 11069 Willowtip Records
3/27/2020 Candlemass The Pendulum EP Napalm Records
3/27/2020 Deranged Deeds Of Ruthless Violence Agonia Records
3/27/2020 Disbelief The Ground Collapses Listenable Records
3/27/2020 Igorrr Spirituality And Distortion Metal Blade Records
3/27/2020 Imonolith State Of Being self-released
3/27/2020 In This Moment Mother Roadrunner Records
3/27/2020 Irist Order of the Mind Nuclear Blast Records
3/27/2020 Moon Destroys Maiden Voyage Brutal Panda Records
3/27/2020 Nox Formulae Drakon - Darshan - Satan Dark Descent Records
3/27/2020 Omega Infinity Solar Spectre Season Of Mist
3/27/2020 Parkway Drive Viva The Underdogs (soundtrack) Epitaph Records
3/27/2020 Solothus Realm Of Ash And Blood 20 Buck Spin
3/27/2020 The Beautiful Mistake You're Not Broken. I Am. EP Wiretap Records
3/27/2020 The Suicide Machines Revolution Spring Fat Wreck Chords
3/27/2020 Wake Devouring Ruin Translation Loss Records
3/27/2020 WuW Rétablir L'Eternité Prosthetic Records
3/31/2020 Zous Pandemicon self-released
4/3/2020 Aara En Ergô Einai Debemur Morti Productions
4/3/2020 Ad Infinitum Chapter I: Monarchy Napalm Records
4/3/2020 August Burns Red Guardians Fearless Records
4/3/2020 Cabal Drag Me Down Long Branch Records
4/3/2020 Loviatar Lightless Prosthetic Records
4/3/2020 Testament Titans of Creation Nuclear Blast Records
4/3/2020 WVRM Colony Collapse Prosthetic Records
4/10/2020 Azusa Loop of Yesterdays Solid State Records
4/10/2020 Barrens Penumbra Pelagic Records
4/10/2020 Benighted Obscene Repressed Season Of Mist
4/10/2020 By The Thousands Dead Matter Stay Sick Recordings
4/10/2020 Calligram The Eye Is The First Circle Prosthetic Records
4/10/2020 Drain California Cursed Revelation Records
4/10/2020 Gaytheist How Long Have I Been On Fire? Hex Records
4/10/2020 Grayscale Season Everything Hurts We Are Triumphant Records
4/10/2020 Kingsmen Revenge. Forgiveness. Recovery. SharpTone Records
4/10/2020 Like Rats Death Monolith Hibernation Release
4/10/2020 Myth of I Myth of I The Artisan Era
4/10/2020 Perchta Ufång Prophecy Productions
4/10/2020 Rotting Out Ronin Pure Noise Records
4/10/2020 Stay Inside Viewing No Sleep Records
4/10/2020 Symbolik Emergence The Artisan Era
4/10/2020 Witch Taint Sons Of Midwestern Darkness Tee Pee Records
4/10/2020 Wolfheart Wolves Of Karelia Napalm Records
4/17/2020 Aborted La Grande Mascarade EP Century Media Records
4/17/2020 Abysmal Dawn Phylogenesis Season Of Mist
4/17/2020 Cadaver D.G.A.F. EP Nuclear Blast Records
4/17/2020 Czern Zgliszcza Selfmadegod Records
4/17/2020 Foes American Violence EP Glacier Recordings
4/17/2020 Holding Absence Gravity/Birdcage EP SharpTone Records
4/17/2020 Khemmis Doomed Heavy Metal Nuclear Blast Records
4/17/2020 Masterpiece Machine Masterpiece Machine EP Triple B Records
4/17/2020 Oranssi Pazuzu Mestarin kynsi Nuclear Blast Records
4/17/2020 The Acacia Strain C EP Rise Records
4/17/2020 The Black Dahlia Murder Verminous Metal Blade Records
4/24/2020 (0) SkamHan Napalm Records
4/24/2020 Auroch Stolen Angelic Tongues 20 Buck Spin
4/24/2020 Barishi Old Smoke Season Of Mist
4/24/2020 Cirith Ungol Forever Black Metal Blade Records
4/24/2020 Dance Gavin Dance Afterburner Rise Records
4/24/2020 Glenn Danzig Danzig Sings Elvis Cleopatra Records
4/24/2020 Hegemony Enthroned by Persecution Hells Headbangers
4/24/2020 Helfró Helfró Season Of Mist
4/24/2020 I Am Abomination Passion Of The Heist II self-released
4/24/2020 I Am Destruction Nascency Unique Leader Records
4/24/2020 Katatonia City Burials Peaceville Records
4/24/2020 Kill The Kong Dead Spirit (Part One) Seek and Strike
4/24/2020 Mantric False Negative Solid State Records
4/24/2020 Nest Nest self-released
4/24/2020 Total Fucking Destruction ...to be alive at the end of the world Translation Loss Records
4/24/2020 Trivium What The Dead Men Say Roadrunner Records
4/24/2020 Ulcerate Stare Into Death And Be Still Debemur Morti Productions
4/24/2020 Unmerciful Wrath Encompassed Willowtip Records
4/24/2020 VAR The Never-Ending Year Spartan Records
4/24/2020 Warbringer Weapons of Tomorrow Napalm Records
4/24/2020 Werewolves The Dead Are Screaming Prosthetic Records
4/24/2020 Witchskull A Driftwood Cross Rise Above Records
4/29/2020 Mindforce Swingin Swords, Choppin Lords EP Triple B Records
5/1/2020 Aether Realm Redneck Vikings From Hell Napalm Records
5/1/2020 An Autumn For Crippled Children All Fell Silent, Everything Went Quiet Prosthetic Records
5/1/2020 Havok V Century Media Records
5/1/2020 Icon Of Evil Icon Of Evil EP Selfmadegod Records
5/1/2020 Killswitch Engage Atonement II B-Sides For Charity self-released
5/1/2020 River Cult Chilling Effect Tee Pee Records
5/1/2020 Umbra Vitae Shadow Of Life Deathwish Inc.
5/1/2020 Vader Solitude in Madness Nuclear Blast Records
5/1/2020 Witchcraft Black Metal Nuclear Blast Records
5/8/2020 Bear Propaganda Pelagic Records
5/8/2020 Fake Names Fake Names Epitaph Records
5/8/2020 Naglfar Cerecloth Century Media Records
5/8/2020 Sojourner Premonitions Napalm Records
5/8/2020 Winterfylleth The Reckoning Dawn Candlelight Records
5/15/2020 ACxDC Satan Is King Prosthetic Records
5/15/2020 Asking Alexandria Like a House on Fire Sumerian Records
5/15/2020 Binary Code Memento Mori self-released
5/15/2020 Devangelic Ersetu Willowtip Records
5/15/2020 Horisont Sudden Death Century Media Records
5/15/2020 Okkultokrati La Ilden Lyse Southern Lord Records
5/15/2020 Paradise Lost Obsidian Nuclear Blast Records
5/15/2020 Shrapnel Palace For The Insane Candlelight Records
5/15/2020 The Acacia Strain A EP Rise Records
5/15/2020 Voices Of Ruin Path To Immortality M-Theory Audio
5/22/2020 Caligula's Horse Rise Radiant InsideOut Music
5/22/2020 Crossfaith Species UNFD
5/22/2020 Die Kreatur Panoptikum Napalm Records
5/22/2020 Mountaineer Bloodletting Lifeforce Records
5/22/2020 Old Man Gloom Seminar IX: Darkness of Being Profound Lore Records
5/22/2020 Old Man Gloom Seminar VIII: Light of Meaning Profound Lore Records
5/22/2020 Revenge Strike.Smother.Dehumanize Season Of Mist
5/22/2020 The Weapon Repugnant Turn Of Events self-released
5/29/2020 Alestorm Curse Of The Crystal Coconut Napalm Records
5/29/2020 Astralborne Eternity's End Prosthetic Records
5/29/2020 Behemoth A Forest Metal Blade Records
5/29/2020 Bleed From Within Fracture Century Media Records
5/29/2020 Centinex Death In Pieces Agonia Records
5/29/2020 Deathbreaker Isolate Facedown Records
5/29/2020 Erabella The Familiar Grey Innerstrength Records
5/29/2020 Lesser Glow Nullity Pelagic Records
5/29/2020 Palaye Royale The Bastards Sumerian Records
5/29/2020 Xibalba Años En Infierno Southern Lord Records
6/5/2020 -(16)- Dream Squasher Relapse Records
6/5/2020 156/Silence Irrational Pull self-released
6/5/2020 Covet technicolor Triple Crown Records
6/5/2020 Currents The Way It Ends SharpTone Records
6/5/2020 Darko Dethmask self-released
6/5/2020 END Splinters From An Ever-Changing Face Closed Casket Activities
6/5/2020 Exhumed / Gruesome Twisted Horror split EP Relapse Records
6/5/2020 The Ghost Inside The Ghost Inside Epitaph Records
6/12/2020 Aversions Crown Hell Will Come For Us All Nuclear Blast Records
6/12/2020 Behold The Arctopus Hapeleptic Overtrove Willowtip Records
6/12/2020 BPMD American Made Napalm Records
6/12/2020 Justice For The Damned Pain Is Power Greyscale Records
6/12/2020 Lightworker Fury By Failure Solid State Records
6/12/2020 Living Gate Deathlust Relapse Records
6/12/2020 The Acacia Strain Y EP Rise Records
6/12/2020 Ulthar Providence 20 Buck Spin
6/19/2020 Cro-Mags In The Beginning Mission Two Entertainment
6/19/2020 Enterprise Earth Foundation Of Bones EP MNRK Music Group
6/19/2020 Firstborne Firstborne EP self-released
6/19/2020 Hail Spirit Noir Eden In Reverse Agonia Records
6/19/2020 Lamb of God Lamb of God Epic Records
6/19/2020 Machine Head Civil Unrest EP Nuclear Blast Records
6/19/2020 Make Them Suffer How To Survive A Funeral Rise Records
6/19/2020 Mushroomhead A Wonderful Life Napalm Records
6/19/2020 Trash Talk Squalor EP self-released
6/19/2020 Vile Creature Glory, Glory! Apathy Took Helm! Prosthetic Records
6/26/2020 Acherontas Psychic Death - The Shattering Of Perceptions Agonia Records
6/26/2020 Bell Witch / Aerial Ruin Stygian Bough Volume I Profound Lore Records
6/26/2020 Brujeria COVID-666 Nuclear Blast Records
6/26/2020 Carach Angren Franckensteina Strataemontanus Season Of Mist
6/26/2020 Emmure Hindsight SharpTone Records
6/26/2020 Exocrine Maelstrom Unique Leader Records
6/26/2020 Falconer From a Dying Ember Metal Blade Records
6/26/2020 Inexorum Moonlit Navigation Gilead Media
6/26/2020 Pyrrhon Abscess Time Willowtip Records
6/26/2020 Shed the Skin The Forbidden Arts Hells Headbangers
6/26/2020 The Third Kind Man vs Earth self-released
6/26/2020 Unborn Suffer Commit(ment To) Suicide Selfmadegod Records
6/26/2020 VoidCeremony Entropic Reflections Continuum: Dimensional Unravel 20 Buck Spin
6/26/2020 Voodus Open the Otherness Regain Records
7/3/2020 American Arson A Line in the Sand Facedown Records
7/3/2020 Boris NO self-released
7/3/2020 Bury Tomorrow Cannibal Sony Records
7/3/2020 Mora Prokaza By Chance Season Of Mist
7/10/2020 Aseitas False Peace Translation Loss Records
7/10/2020 Ensiferum Thalassic Metal Blade Records
7/10/2020 Inter Arma Garbers Days Revisited (covers) Relapse Records
7/10/2020 Lantern Dimensions Dark Descent Records
7/10/2020 Sharptooth Transitional Forms Pure Noise Records
7/10/2020 Skeleton Skeleton 20 Buck Spin
7/10/2020 Voivod The End Of Dormancy EP Century Media Records
7/15/2020 Angel Du$t Lil House EP Roadrunner Records
7/17/2020 Entry Detriment Southern Lord Records
7/17/2020 Kruelty Immortal Nightmare EP Creator Destructor Records
7/17/2020 Zombi 2020 Relapse Records
7/24/2020 Bedsore Hypnagogic Hallucinations 20 Buck Spin
7/24/2020 Defeated Sanity The Sanguinary Impetus Willowtip Records
7/24/2020 Gaerea Limbo Season Of Mist
7/24/2020 Gulch Impenetrable Cerebral Fortress Closed Casket Activities
7/24/2020 Haken Virus InsideOut Music
7/24/2020 Judicator Let There Be Nothing Prosthetic Records
7/24/2020 Primal Fear Metal Commando Nuclear Blast Records
7/24/2020 The Acacia Strain Slow Decay Rise Records
7/24/2020 Valkyrie Fear Relapse Records
7/27/2020 Cardiac Arrest The Day That Death Prevailed Memento Mori
7/31/2020 Drouth Excerpts From A Dread Liturgy Translation Loss Records
7/31/2020 Fall of Messiah Senicarne Holy Roar Records
7/31/2020 Imperial Triumphant Alphaville Century Media Records
7/31/2020 Upon A Burning Body Built From War EP Seek and Strike
8/7/2020 Avatar Hunter Gatherer MNRK Music Group
8/7/2020 Black Crown Initiate Violent Portraits of Doomed Escape Century Media Records
8/7/2020 Death By Stereo We're All Dying Just In Time Indecision Records
8/7/2020 Good Tiger Raised in a Doomsday Cult self-released
8/7/2020 In Hearts Wake Kaliyuga UNFD
8/7/2020 Misery Signals Ultraviolet Basick Records
8/7/2020 Onslaught Generation Antichrist AFM Records
8/7/2020 Orbit Culture Nija Seek and Strike
8/7/2020 Stillbirth Revive the Throne Unique Leader Records
8/7/2020 Terminal Nation Holocene Extinction 20 Buck Spin
8/7/2020 Year Of The Knife Internal Incarceration Pure Noise Records
8/12/2020 Within Destruction Yokai self-released
8/14/2020 Ingested Where Only Gods May Tread Unique Leader Records
8/14/2020 Nug Alter Ego Willowtip Records
8/14/2020 Primitive Man Immersion Relapse Records
8/21/2020 Atramentus Stygian 20 Buck Spin
8/21/2020 Be Well The Weight and the Cost Equal Vision Records
8/21/2020 Cytotoxin Nuklearth Unique Leader Records
8/21/2020 Expander Neuropunk Boostergang Profound Lore Records
8/21/2020 Incantation Sect of Vile Divinities Relapse Records
8/21/2020 Reserving Dirtnaps Another Disaster EP War Records
8/21/2020 Reserving Dirtnaps Another Disaster EP War Records
8/21/2020 These Streets Stay Awake Upstate Records
8/21/2020 Tuning Defining The Purpose Indecision Records
8/28/2020 Crafting The Conspiracy The Cosmic Key II Innerstrength Records
8/28/2020 Cultus Profano Accursed Possession Debemur Morti Productions
8/28/2020 Exist Egoiista Prosthetic Records
8/28/2020 Hinayana Death Of The Cosmic EP Napalm Records
8/28/2020 Inner Turmoil Raised Through Aggression Upstate Records
8/28/2020 Metallica S&M2 self-released
8/28/2020 Necrot Mortal Tankcrimes
8/28/2020 Nest Pretense self-released
8/28/2020 Ominous Scriptures The Fall Of The Celestial Throne Willowtip Records
8/28/2020 Pain of Salvation Panther InsideOut Music
8/28/2020 Pig Destroyer The Octagonal Stairway EP Relapse Records
8/28/2020 Spook The Horses Empty Body Pelagic Records
8/28/2020 Venomous Concept Politics Versus The Erection Season Of Mist
9/4/2020 '68 Love Is Ain't Dead EP Cooking Vinyl
9/4/2020 Black Magnet Hallucination Scene 20 Buck Spin
9/4/2020 En Minor When The Cold Truth Has Worn Its Miserable Welcome Out Season Of Mist
9/4/2020 Foretoken Ruin Prosthetic Records
9/4/2020 In Parallel Fashioner EP Wiretap Records
9/4/2020 Oceans of Slumber Oceans of Slumber Century Media Records
9/11/2020 Grid Livsleda Selfmadegod Records
9/11/2020 Ihsahn Pharos EP Candlelight Records
9/11/2020 Skeletal Remains The Entombment Of Chaos Century Media Records
9/11/2020 Spectrum of Delusion Neoconception The Artisan Era
9/11/2020 Theotoxin Fragment : Erhabenheit AOP Records
9/18/2020 Ancst Summits of Despondency Lifeforce Records
9/18/2020 Black Sabbath Paranoid Warner Bros. Records
9/18/2020 Carnation Where Death Lies Season Of Mist
9/18/2020 Dematerialize Omniscience Famined Records
9/18/2020 Fight The Fight Deliverance Metal Blade Records
9/18/2020 Finntroll Vredesvävd Century Media Records
9/18/2020 Fit For A King The Path Solid State Records
9/18/2020 Heathen Empire of the Blind Nuclear Blast Records
9/18/2020 Movements No Good Left To Give Fearless Records
9/18/2020 Napalm Death Throes of Joy in the Jaws of Defeatism Century Media Records
9/18/2020 Plague Years Circle Of Darkness MNRK Music Group
9/18/2020 Sumac May You Be Held Thrill Jockey Records
9/18/2020 Vatican Shadow Persian Pillars Of The Gasoline Era 20 Buck Spin
9/19/2020 Fires In The Distance Echoes From Deep November Prosthetic Records
9/24/2020 Proscription Conduit Dark Descent Records
9/25/2020 Alpha Wolf quiet place to die SharpTone Records
9/25/2020 Deftones Ohms Warner Bros. Records
9/25/2020 Four Stroke Baron Monoqueen Prosthetic Records
9/25/2020 Kataklysm Unconquered Nuclear Blast Records
9/25/2020 Life Force Hope and Defiance New Age Records
9/25/2020 Nasty Menace Century Media Records
9/25/2020 Obsidian Kingdom Meat Machine Season Of Mist
9/25/2020 Realize Machine Violence Relapse Records
9/25/2020 Svalbard When I Die, Will I Get Better? Translation Loss Records
9/25/2020 Vous Autres Sel de Pierre Season Of Mist
10/2/2020 Anaal Nathrakh Endarkenment Metal Blade Records
10/2/2020 Brave The Cold Scarcity Mission Two Entertainment
10/2/2020 Briqueville Quelle Pelagic Records
10/2/2020 Devildriver Dealing With Demons I Napalm Records
10/2/2020 Eighteen Visions Inferno EP self-released
10/2/2020 Enslaved Utgard Nuclear Blast Records
10/2/2020 Gorephilia In The Eye of Nothing Dark Descent Records
10/2/2020 King Mothership The Ritual 3DOT Recordings
10/2/2020 Nachtblut Vanitas Napalm Records
10/2/2020 Six Feet Under Nightmares of the Decomposed Metal Blade Records
10/9/2020 Bloodbather Silence EP Rise Records
10/9/2020 Coastlands Death Translation Loss Records
10/9/2020 Gargoyl Gargoyl Season Of Mist
10/9/2020 Hundredth Somewhere Nowhere self-released
10/9/2020 Inferi Of Sunless Realms EP The Artisan Era
10/9/2020 King Parrot Holed Up In The Lair Housecore Records
10/9/2020 Necrophobic Dawn Of The Damned Century Media Records
10/9/2020 Touche Amore Lament Epitaph Records
10/9/2020 Venom Prison Primeval Prosthetic Records
10/16/2020 Benediction Scriptures Nuclear Blast Records
10/16/2020 Infera Bruo Rites of the Nameless Prosthetic Records
10/16/2020 JeGong I Pelagic Records
10/16/2020 Molassess Through the Hollow Season Of Mist
10/16/2020 Spirit Adrift Enlightened In Eternity 20 Buck Spin
10/16/2020 Wayfarer A Romance With Violence Profound Lore Records
10/23/2020 Chamber Cost of Sacrifice Pure Noise Records
10/23/2020 Defecto Duality Black Lodge Records
10/23/2020 Demonical World Domination Agonia Records
10/23/2020 Earth Groans Waste Solid State Records
10/23/2020 Fever 333 Wrong Generation Roadrunner Records
10/23/2020 Hoaries Rocker Shocker Reptilian Records
10/23/2020 Mörk Gryning Hinsides Vrede Season Of Mist
10/23/2020 Pallbearer Forgotten Days Nuclear Blast Records
10/23/2020 Sevendust Blood & Stone Rise Records
10/23/2020 Undeath Lesions Of A Different Kind Prosthetic Records
10/26/2020 Disrupted Pure Death Memento Mori
10/26/2020 Wombripper Macabre Melodies Memento Mori
10/30/2020 Auðn Vökudraumsins fangi Season Of Mist
10/30/2020 Bliss of Flesh Tyrant Listenable Records
10/30/2020 Carcass Despicable EP Nuclear Blast Records
10/30/2020 Dead End America Crush The Machine Southern Lord Records
10/30/2020 Draconian Under A Godless Veil Napalm Records
10/30/2020 Evildead United $tate$ Of Anarchy SPV/Steamhammer
10/30/2020 Insidious Disease After Death Nuclear Blast Records
10/30/2020 Like Moths To Flames No Eternity In Gold UNFD
10/30/2020 Mr. Bungle The Raging Wrath Of The Easter Bunny Demo Ipecac Recordings
10/30/2020 Nothing The Great Dismal Relapse Records
10/30/2020 Nuclear Power Trio A Clear and Present Rager Metal Blade Records
10/30/2020 Omen OKC Petals EP 1126 Records
10/30/2020 Stälker Black Majik Terror Napalm Records
10/30/2020 Throw The Goat Capitol Hell Combat Records
10/30/2020 Violent Life Violent Death The Color Of Bone Innerstrength Records
10/30/2020 War On Women Wonderful Hell Bridge Nine Records
11/6/2020 Countless Skies Glow Willowtip Records
11/13/2020 Blood From The Soul DSM-5 Deathwish Inc.
11/13/2020 Boundaries Your Receding Warmth Unbeaten Records
11/13/2020 Décembre Noir The Renaissance Of Hope Lifeforce Records
11/13/2020 Ghøstkid Ghøstkid Century Media Records
11/13/2020 Intervals Circadian self-released
11/13/2020 King 810 AK Concerto No. 47, 11th Movement in G Major self-released
11/13/2020 Macabre Carnival Of Killers Nuclear Blast Records
11/13/2020 Of Feather And Bone Sulfuric Disintegration Profound Lore Records
11/13/2020 Scalp Domestic Extremity Creator Destructor Records
11/13/2020 Silence Equals Death Revolution Rising Upstate Records
11/13/2020 Soulburn Noa's D'ark Century Media Records
11/13/2020 Warfect Spectre Of Devastation Napalm Records
11/13/2020 World Be Free One Time for Unity EP Revelation Records
11/20/2020 Contrarian Only Time Will Tell Willowtip Records
11/20/2020 Dark Tranquillity Moment Century Media Records
11/20/2020 Fuck The Facts Pleine Noirceur self-released
11/20/2020 Fuming Mouth Beyond the Tomb Nuclear Blast Records
11/20/2020 ILSA Preyer Relapse Records
11/20/2020 Killer Be Killed Reluctant Hero Nuclear Blast Records
11/20/2020 Lie In Ruins Floating in Timeless Streams Dark Descent Records
11/20/2020 My Dying Bride Macabre Cabaret EP Nuclear Blast Records
11/20/2020 Nader Sadek The Serapeum EP self-released
11/20/2020 Refused The Malignant Fire Spinefarm Records
11/20/2020 Skelethal Unveiling the Threshold Hells Headbangers
11/20/2020 Tombs Under Sullen Skies Season Of Mist
11/22/2020 Hypno5e A Distant (Dark) Pelagic Records
11/27/2020 Azarath Saint Desecration Agonia Records
11/27/2020 Cadaver Edder & Bile Nuclear Blast Records
11/27/2020 Glorious Depravity Ageless Violence Translation Loss Records
11/27/2020 Hatebreed Weight of the False Self Nuclear Blast Records
11/27/2020 Horse The Band Your Fault EP self-released
11/27/2020 Psycroptic The Watcher Of All EP Prosthetic Records
11/27/2020 Scour The Black EP Housecore Records
11/27/2020 Sodom Genesis XIX MNRK Music Group
11/27/2020 Vanguard Rage of Deliverance EP New Age Records
11/27/2020 Within The Ruins Black Heart MNRK Music Group
12/4/2020 Cryptodira The Angel Of History Good Fight Music
12/4/2020 Deafheaven 10 Years Gone (live) Sargent House
12/4/2020 Gama Bomb Sea Savage Prosthetic Records
12/4/2020 Gone Is Gone If Everything Happens For A Reason... Clouds Hill
12/4/2020 Soilwork A Whisp Of The Atlantic EP Nuclear Blast Records
12/4/2020 Undergang Aldrig i livet Dark Descent Records
12/4/2020 VRSTY Cloud City EP Spinefarm Records
12/11/2020 Boris / Merzbow 2R0I2P0 Relapse Records
12/11/2020 Cro-Mags 2020 EP Mission Two Entertainment
12/11/2020 Deeds Of Flesh Nucleus Unique Leader Records
12/11/2020 Folterkammer Die Lederpredigt Gilead Media
12/11/2020 Heretical Sect Rapturous Flesh Consumed Gilead Media
12/11/2020 Yashira Fail To Be Good Fight Music
12/18/2020 Akhlys Melinoë Debemur Morti Productions
12/18/2020 Children Of Technology Written Destiny Hells Headbangers
12/18/2020 Grayceon Mothers Weavers Vultures Translation Loss Records
12/18/2020 Pillory Scourge on Humanity Unique Leader Records
12/25/2020 Dira Mortis Ancient Breath Of Forgotten Misanthropy Selfmadegod Records
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