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evil_hero 129 days ago


slamburger 2/6/2010 2:36:33 AM

long time, no "go f*ck yourself"

Washington_Mutual 10/15/2009 1:41:47 AM

Did you have a bad experience with us? Call us! Let our customer service representatives help you with any questions or concerns you may have. Whoohoo! WaMu, now part of JPMorgan Chase N.A. *fails*

ryu 10/2/2009 4:25:25 PM

GAYgay IN A pssy BAND

ItStinks 8/15/2009 6:25:35 PM

If it wasn't for slamburger's extreme retardation or withoutashield's swift back-uppage I wouldn't have clicked your profile and checked out your band just now; I owe both of them thanks. Great stuff.

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