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Jon 8/4/2011 9:10:24 PM

Dude... Lolololllollok... You are HORRIBLE on the guitar. Do you actually consider yourself musician?!?! Lol. Why do you paint your fingernails? Is that a c-ck n balls tatto on your forearm? Lollllllooolillo. Damn, son.. DAMN

clown_shoes 11/11/2010 3:59:06 PM

holy crap is that picture for real?

scruff_mcgruff 2/27/2010 8:19:16 AM

this kid is a lil bitch

xote 8/19/2009 7:08:35 PM

I really, really, really like your band a lot. I just added you guys my shit is called Man/Woman...

coffinworlds 6/3/2009 6:53:07 PM

If I haven't already posted in your profile, I will now. Sweet dude.

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