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Xithyl comments

Mr_hands 9/1/2009 10:32:53 AM

xote 8/27/2009 2:51:11 PM


vent 8/22/2009 9:27:46 PM

ok u r seriously a gay if u dont like my posting then u can f*ckoff

breakDATback 8/15/2009 12:50:51 PM


iamdrew 7/28/2009 9:29:37 AM

you wanna buy my "f*ck the universe" vinyl, bro??

KsSlasher666 7/27/2009 1:24:24 PM

hey man where can i find that trap them 7in leak??

deadwithfear 7/27/2009 1:27:43 AM

suck all the dcks

cobra_commanDER 7/27/2009 1:18:16 AM

lemme have a look at that penis, mary

plaguestricken 7/27/2009 1:16:30 AM

your profile pic made me LOL. return the favor motherf*cker!

stabmasterarson 7/27/2009 1:16:09 AM

profile comment from irrelevant poster

behran 7/24/2009 9:03:26 AM

Is it okay that when I read the "You came for links. You left with nothing" I think of a Dying Fetus song I can't place immediately. *Thrashes out of profile*

minus 6/21/2009 1:55:42 PM

Awesome dude for sure.

alangreenspan 6/17/2009 5:31:07 PM

A true dude.

huggies 6/7/2009 3:57:31 PM


twadorno 5/29/2009 2:42:12 PM

nothing but love : )

municipalgayste 5/25/2009 4:06:04 PM

do you have the new weekend nachos link yet

pat_the_gates 5/15/2009 2:25:46 PM

Mastodon - Blood Mountain

Towel_Poncho 4/18/2009 10:07:34 PM

You live close to me

rick_tocchet 4/18/2009 11:37:27 AM

ill break your f*cking face you virgin, i never even talked to a girl in my life, dckless gay.

short_gaseous_italian_man 4/2/2009 11:18:49 AM

You a nice young a man.. It makes a me hap.. *farts* .. Mi scusi.. You forgive, no?

check_your_vital_signs 3/30/2009 9:05:38 AM

Likes premier league, hardcore, wrestling & is Canadian.... I haev respect.

shamwow_vince 3/30/2009 8:26:05 AM

*slaps* *chops*

TheFuryOfCurry 3/30/2009 3:12:13 AM


theoneironaut 3/28/2009 12:10:47 PM

I'm sorry, I was mean.

THROWING_BRICKS 3/15/2009 1:05:30 PM

you like hardcore? i like hardcore?