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xirvinexwelshx   posted 8/22/2010 6:12:04 PM
I was the original singer. I actually booked the first SYNT show at the Radnor house.
fsovercrooks   posted 2/24/2010 2:24:09 PM
why are you so gay...unbelievable i tell you!
municipal__gayste   posted 11/18/2009 5:07:43 PM
holy gay taste in music
thevenaedge   posted 10/3/2009 11:58:53 AM
best music taste
xburnfacex   posted 9/27/2009 7:00:39 PM
One of my new best friends.
wookiefan85   posted 9/26/2009 11:51:27 AM
beatles flip
BONER_JAMZ   posted 9/26/2009 4:16:59 AM
my sleeveless flannel and 90's mom haircut says different.
master_of_profits   posted 12/19/2008 4:22:33 PM
i <3 c*nt.
carrion   posted 12/19/2008 8:39:33 AM
see you in a shit f*cking band
drewcifer   posted 7/13/2008 10:09:57 PM
say hi to drew for me, the drew who toured with dead to fall
perilsofreasoning   posted 6/27/2008 1:53:02 PM
i remember that night. i only roll with classy ladies. let's do this tour thing!! we could really go for a big tour and it'd be a lot more fun to hit the road with a band we like/respect lol
bombs_away   posted 12/17/2006 5:06:33 PM
get dead!