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kosher_dill comments

StParareNex 2/27/2013 3:42:30 PM

Every time I think of you/I feel shot right through with a bolt of blue/Every time I see you, no matter what we do/There's a strange reaction/My heart starts missing a beat/Baby, I get chills when I'm with you/Baby, my world stands still when I'm with you/I can feel my love for you growing stronger day by day/I'd live for your smile and die for your kiss/I am sentry to you now, all your hopes and all your dreams/I will hold you to the light/That's what forever means.

muppetburgers 9/8/2012 12:53:59 AM

Seems like in all reality that you're the "f*cking disgrace" seeing as to how you hopped on a gimmick account because you're too cowardly to do so under your normal one. You're afraid of me and it eats you up inside.

pitbosschris 10/4/2011 6:57:50 PM

I like to glare at your profile picture.

gorm_sprunt 10/2/2011 4:32:31 PM

mr. bender is that you

Godfatherofsoul 7/30/2011 11:41:25 AM

They live quote? Hell yeah.