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Amber comments

blkmtl 12/8/2008 12:33:15 PM

Cursed III is awesome. If you're a guy, you're just stupid. If you're a girl, you're stupid, but I can accept that.

this_place_sucks 11/17/2008 10:47:05 PM

You are the BIGGEST gay on this board.kill yourself

I_AM_FUCK 11/14/2008 1:09:55 PM

You bring meaning to this message board.

ronald_reagan 10/26/2008 2:32:33 AM

woahhh amber is the color of your energy

ed_moneY 10/13/2008 3:16:23 PM

die you dizzy bitch

evil_hero 5/13/2008 4:47:32 PM

oh, everything i want.. he gives it to me.

SONIC_THE_HEDGEHOG 4/11/2008 4:19:48 PM


GirlScoutCookies 4/5/2008 12:51:58 AM

girl or guy, you = shithole gay f*ck, go drink some tea nancy f*ck

danx 3/31/2008 1:17:44 AM

persistent duder

carve 5/12/2007 6:14:03 AM

without a doubt the biggest gay on the internet

gollum 4/30/2007 1:44:46 AM

thanks for the starkweather dude

carrion 4/27/2007 2:58:41 AM

I went to school with a kid named Amber, but she was a girl.

hannah 4/21/2007 3:32:19 PM

*heart flutters momentarily* http://i65.photobucket.com/albums/h221/hannahzoe/34ybszl1.jpg

writteninwaters 4/10/2007 12:17:28 PM

sorry, I got a boner before I realized you were a dude

thad7 3/13/2007 10:26:10 PM

hey bro...is there anyway u can send me those BBTS tracks???....seriously...please let me know

rochtv 2/25/2007 7:41:34 PM

Amber gave me pills. Pills in my stomach.

foojahis 2/25/2007 3:06:08 AM

closet case homosexual.

LEX_LUGER 2/23/2007 10:29:23 PM

Haha if that's really JTF

magic_johnson_has_aids 2/20/2007 1:43:34 AM

By: magic_johnson_has_aids on 2/20/2007 1:36:43 AM his dck has a hoodie.

OMFGITSRASH 2/8/2007 5:46:06 AM

youre intelligent and I like that.

AndyFaint 2/8/2007 3:34:20 AM

What are you doing later? I was thinking about trying to stop by. I don't have shit goin on after work, so call me. I was thinking lucky dragon for dinner and I'll buy.

skammy 2/1/2007 3:22:52 AM

the official lambgoat mascot.

Godfatherofsoul 1/29/2007 5:24:30 AM

I can't contain myself when I'm around you.

justhaveheart 1/28/2007 10:20:50 PM

e-romeos? only gays and sailors say that shit...

ipecac 1/26/2007 11:31:25 PM

you've been bjorked!