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evil_hero 4/7/2022 3:51:25 PM

Amber 8 minutes ago Imagine having your genetic lineage extinguished by a dude who's made 13 threads about Popeye's chicken sandwich in the last 2 years

evil_hero 12/8/2021 12:01:35 PM

Amber 40 minutes ago Dot "I got seven out of eight holes punched on my Planned Parenthood frequenter card" Stephanhack

jimbo 12/3/2021 9:00:12 PM

the Greybeard of LG

evil_hero 11/15/2021 11:46:15 AM

Amber 28 seconds ago I would leave my own wedding to get peed on by her in a cheap hotel room

noaone 11/14/2016 10:48:27 AM

a true hero

godfreyj0nes 11/7/2016 12:18:53 PM

Make Lambgoat Great Again!

flush 10/8/2011 3:03:23 AM

dude done created the game.

crackthemofuckinskye 9/30/2011 5:35:03 PM

Swish! Yo bud my name is George! I'm pretty much new to this place and just looking to have a good time! Can you recommend any good tunes? Maybe get me on the cool side of the regulars? Heyooooooo

NILBOG 7/2/2011 12:35:39 PM


SFThizz 5/17/2011 9:04:39 PM

celine's favorite goat

hussie 4/5/2011 8:50:02 PM

who the f*ck is this retard?

pantheraonca 12/1/2010 11:58:03 PM


manifest 10/19/2010 1:45:40 AM

get at me on aim and ill show you the face

xburnfacex 10/8/2010 2:33:11 PM

Your babies ugly. Should have had an abortion and died with it.

all_legal_xander 7/29/2010 11:44:56 PM

brilliant teenage girl. all cute bi teenage girls should contact her with naked pics.

chris_burk 7/4/2010 2:13:11 PM

id f*ck you in the mouth

raymond 5/28/2010 8:01:29 AM

the REAL Paul Durney

johnny_swindles 5/9/2010 12:02:03 AM

my only friend in this world, and i mean that.

Stay_At_Home_Dad 5/4/2010 10:31:15 PM

I wanted to name my first daughter "Amber". Instead, I named her "Ernie".

LADYGAGA 4/29/2010 5:18:02 AM

Hideous as predicted

plagueis 4/12/2010 11:07:52 PM

holy shit, an actual cool girl on lambgoat!

samsoskeeny 4/4/2010 5:42:37 AM

You are tearing me apart, Lisa!

virus_dot_exe 2/26/2010 3:20:01 PM

thank you for being you.

Loves_Jenkem 2/10/2010 8:56:48 PM

I apologize for offending you.

holodomor 2/5/2010 7:03:21 PM

the fur was my halloween costume. i''m not able to defend anything else.