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_d0thack_ comments

RudeBoy 57 days ago

evil_hero 50 days ago f*ck off you bag of herring shit

evil_hero 108 days ago

f*ck off trind you bag of herring shit

skinsuit 111 days ago

You're so very very sad.

Barbara 163 days ago

hit my line dottie

creedforlife 188 days ago

The best, if not one of the best to ever post here. A good friend if you're on good terms.

evil_hero 237 days ago

cute goater and a sweet heart. how has this place not ruined you yet mr "bridge under the water"

evil_hero 247 days ago

_d0thack_ 20 minutes ago Well that's all bridge under the water at this point.

evil_hero 253 days ago

bro you were gonna run the people over in the intersection! you're a psychopathic killer!

skinsuit 348 days ago

f*cking dolt. End it.