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ItStinks comments

spask 11/22/2012 9:22:00 AM

hey man.

HumanSteamroller 1/20/2012 10:11:02 AM

Kismet, Hardy!

Ash_Ketchum 1/19/2012 2:47:37 AM

Hey poop head, you like poopin' heads? yeah. I thought so.

le_cunt 1/6/2012 2:33:55 PM

Wut? Lets hang out soon bro

withoutashield 1/2/2012 4:03:57 PM

Ahh, you drew the stink lines and everything.

Tishalulle 12/31/2011 7:58:27 PM

I own, companion cube, mug, coasters, pint glass, turret, T shirts and have done the ending credits song at karaoke.

TinFINS 7/29/2011 1:38:23 AM

big large butt f*ckery in your mouth ungh

the_smile_that_kills 7/10/2011 1:12:25 PM

hot dog w/american cheese

poop 6/20/2011 1:52:53 AM

You remind me of Bob Ryan yelling "THEY STINK!"

iddqd 12/7/2010 3:34:44 AM

look @ this d00der. what a great d00der.

sacralplexus 7/29/2010 11:50:00 AM

lol poster

coffinworlds 7/28/2010 10:28:37 PM

ItStinks unstinking the palace

honky_adonis 7/17/2010 5:51:22 PM

pretty good dude, all things considered.

crabhat 4/24/2010 10:57:09 PM

pretty awesome goater

i_am_fuck 3/21/2010 12:04:25 PM

You''re not so bad yourself, cutie :)

joeyl666 2/24/2010 4:10:53 AM

Suck my fat pssy gay nig ger.

xbumpx 1/5/2010 6:20:47 PM

yee i went to all the calstate fullertons

posiemofaggotscenekiller 12/22/2009 12:30:49 PM

well its true. unearth dont draw anymore and the other bands dont really draw. you must be in a band on this tour. good luck on your tour. haha

wasted_life 12/10/2009 9:10:50 PM

good man! were you in the band when you guys did the moto tour?

scrigface 11/28/2009 7:17:01 PM

that cali boiiii

xburnfacex 11/15/2009 2:51:52 PM

Me wuv you wong time.

some_kind_of_palsy 11/7/2009 7:10:01 PM

thanks for making me and my profile feel a little more sexy every time i click to see it.

chicken_gang_bang 11/7/2009 7:06:08 PM

butt love baby *mauh*

THEFURYOFCURRY 11/7/2009 6:54:22 PM

i can't help but want to ride motocross and snowboard, bro.

bigbuTTbill 11/7/2009 6:48:51 PM

kg igjijgdjiogdijogdjiogufdgiufdhurhtegehesgth FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF