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themoustachemassacre   posted 1/2/2018 9:04:46 PM
Fun guy right here. We having fun all the time.
the_smile_that_kills   posted 5/30/2017 6:40:07 PM
you don't approve of my pie? i'm white trash all of a sudden? i am. you're right. dang.
unvisitedgrave   posted 12/30/2016 6:59:41 AM
unvisitedgrave 12/30/2016 9:58:33 AM
I dated an asexual once, it didn't work out.
gayboi   posted 7/31/2016 7:22:27 PM
U said draymonds is bigger than yours i wanna see yours
Jemenez_Cricket   posted 2/2/2016 9:31:36 PM
Music rules, we do too right?
d0thack   posted 1/8/2016 12:42:51 AM
I love this guy. Probably my favorite poster.
buzzsaw   posted 10/8/2015 3:29:40 PM
creed4life   posted 9/28/2015 12:45:00 AM
bullethead is a pssy liar
AnalButt   posted 9/27/2015 3:35:32 AM
Why did you tell webby to delete your bullhead account?